Blaine and Trey – Week 04

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Weeks run Thursday thru Wednesday, as Thursdays are the days the group meets for their weekly updates.

This is not a sex story, but rather a story of two individuals meeting and falling in love.


Thursday (Thanksgiving Day)

Blaine received a few texts through the day from Aimee, Logan, Angela, and Lisa all wishing him a Happy Thanksgiving. He responded to each wishing them the same. He even sent one to Trey, with the same sentiments, but did not receive a response. Blaine wasn’t too concerned; he figured Trey was busy with family. Or, a thought he didn’t exactly relish, too busy with Gage.


Blaine’s plane arrived on time, leaving him about 3 hours before meeting Trey at the library to work on the Business Logistics project. As he was flagging down a cab outside the airport lobby he turned his phone back on. Incoming Text, sent 45 minutes ago, “Call when you get this. Got back yesterday morning. Gage came with me; I want you to meet him.”

Sighing, Blaine called Trey as requested. “I just got in, still at the airport waiting for a taxi now.”

“We’ll come get you. We can be there in about 15 minutes.” Trey stated. He was laughing and Blaine could hear him whispering to someone to “knock it off”.

“Um, you sound busy, I don’t want to interrupt. There’s plenty of cabs here, just gotta wait my turn for one.” Blaine was not anxious to meet Gage.

“Nonsense, Gage can’t wait to meet you. We’re already on our way, so stay put.” Trey demanded. Lowering his voice to almost a whisper he added “I’ve missed you.”

Blaine sighed, resigned to the idea of meeting Trey’s once, and probably current lover. “Okay, I’ll wait for you. See you soon.”

Not 10 minutes later a 4×4 truck came roaring up to the passenger pick up area in front of the airport lobby. Trey jumped out and ran toward Blaine, a large grin on his face. He came to an abrupt stop just inches from where Blaine stood, grabbed Blaine’s bag güvenilir bahis in one hand, and his arm in the other, pulling him toward the car. “Come on, you have to meet Gage.”

Blaine looked toward the car, where a mountain of a man was getting out of the driver’s seat. The guy had to be at least 6’6″, and 210 lbs. His blonde hair was buzzed short. As Blaine got closer he could tell Gage had steely grey eyes that did not look happy to see him. Wow, if that’s Trey’s type I guess he wasn’t kidding when he said he wouldn’t hit on me, Blaine thought as he took a deep breath and walked up to Gage. “Hi, I’m Blaine. I’ve heard a lot about you, Gage. It’s nice to meet you.” Blaine felt like a child as he looked up at Gage.

“Hi.” Gage glanced down at Blaine with a smirk on his face. Quickly redirecting his gaze toward Trey he asked “are we ready to go yet? We’re going to be late.”

“Uh, yeah. Let me just put Blaine’s bag into the back and we’re ready.” Trey pulled Blaine around to the passenger side of the truck. He tossed Blaine’s bag into the back and gently wrapped his arms around Blaine. “I really did miss you.” He whispered before letting go and opening the truck door. Trey scooted to the middle of the bench seat and gestured for Blaine to get in. As soon as the truck door was closed, Gage hit the gas and roared out of there.

“We have dinner reservations in about 10 minutes.” Trey explained to Blaine.

Blaine looked at him blankly, “If you have reservations the restaurant won’t be expecting 3 instead of 2. You should have just let me get a taxi.”

Trey grabbed Blaine’s hand and squeezed as he assured him that they had made the reservations to include him, hoping Blaine would get back in time to meet them. Blaine just awkwardly smiled and shrunk into the seat as much as possible.

When they pulled up to the restaurant, Gage quickly jumped out of the truck and started pacing on the sidewalk near the front door. “Are you alright, Blaine? güvenilir bahis siteleri You seem nervous.” Trey asked as they got out of the truck.

“I’m okay. Shouldn’t you be worried about Gage? He seems agitated about something.” Blaine watched the large man pace as he watched cars enter the parking lot.

Trey sighed, “Gage is fine. It’s you I’m worried about. I haven’t seen you this nervous around someone since our first project meeting. Gage is not gonna hurt you, I won’t let him.”

Blaine looked startled at Trey’s statement. He gulped quietly and responded, “I’m sorry. I’m just real nervous about meeting someone who’s so important to you.”

As Blaine finished stating that, they came up to where Gage was still watching cars come in. As they approached Gage’s eyes started to sparkle and he got a big grin on his face. “He’s here.”

Trey grinned as he watched Gage stride to a car that pulled up to the curb. A tall, thin young man with long blonde hair got out of the passenger seat carrying a backpack. Gage grabbed the backpack and pulled the man close, wrapping his arm around the man’s waist. They walked to Gage’s truck, and after putting the backpack in the bed of the truck, Gage stroked the man’s cheek with his thumb and gently kissed him. The two men stood by the truck talking quietly. A few times the thin man glanced at Trey and Blaine, but for the most part his eyes never left Gage’s face.

Trey looked on with approval while Blaine, obviously missing something, gaped at the scene. “Um, Trey?” Blaine questioned, not quite sure where to start.

Trey grinned, “You thought I got back together with Gage, didn’t you? Actually, we talked and agreed that we have different expectations for our relationships. There’s no way we would work as a couple. Gage was coming up this way to pick up his friend, Bill. They go to the same school, and Gage offered him a ride. Bill’s expectations for a relationship are similar to Gage’s. iddaa siteleri I assume Gage just told him “yes” to the question Bill asked him before the holiday. Bill had asked him out, but Gage felt he had to finalize things with me before he answered.”

“I see… So why did Gage seem so angry at the airport?”

“He was afraid we would be late meeting Bill and he’d take that as a rejection.” Trey replied quickly, seeing Gage and Bill walking toward them.

Dinner went much better than Blaine expected. Gage was friendly and outgoing, engaging Blaine in the conversation as much as possible. The four enjoyed their meal. After, as Gage and Bill were getting ready to leave in the truck, Gage pulled Blaine aside and quietly thanked him for encouraging Trey to speak to him. He’d had some unresolved issues from their past relationship and had been frustrated that Trey wouldn’t take his calls. Blaine just blushed and looked at the ground, as he tried to explain that he really didn’t do that much. Gage put his finger under Blaine’s chin and raised his face until Blaine was looking at him. “You did something none of his friends could do, you convinced him to talk to me even when I didn’t deserve it. Thanks for that.”

As Gage turned toward the truck he quickly hugged Trey and whispered to him “you keep Blaine around, he’s good for you.” Trey glanced at Blaine. “Yeah, I know.” Trey grabbed Blaine’s bag out of the back and leaned in thru the driver’s door to say goodbye to Bill.

The restaurant was just down the street from the college, so Trey and Blaine turned to walk home. Trey glanced at Blaine as they walked quietly toward the campus, “how was your weekend at home?”

Blaine grinned “It was great! I really enjoyed being home with mom and dad. How was yours? It seems to have been very eventful!”

Trey sighed, “Yeah, it was definitely an emotional weekend. I’m glad Gage and I settled things. I’m also glad he found someone.”

After a few hours at the library working on the project, the men called it quits and each went to their own home to get ready for another week of classes. They texted each other often, but didn’t get together again until Business Logistics class on Thursday.

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