Blake’s Bad Decision

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All characters engaging in sexual activities are over the age of 18


College is supposed to be a place where people go to take the next step in their careers. People go there sometimes fresh out of high school and sometimes later in life to gain the knowledge to better their station in life. Blake went as the former. He had graduated high school easy enough and college was going to be the next step in his educational growth.

Blake Morris didn’t consider himself anything special. He worked out, he jogged every morning and he kept himself well groomed. He was a good looking man by the day’s standards and in high school he enjoyed getting to various bases with many of his female class mates. He had shaggy brown hair and strong features, with an attractive square jaw. But the thing that was his true secret weapon was his eyes. It wasn’t just that they were light blue. The looked like they had stars sparkling around the iris. They were captivating. And worst of all he knew how to use them.

But he wasn’t just eye candy. He was a well-rounded individual also. He joined several extracurricular groups and even delved in local theatre since he had excelled in theatre back in his home town. He sought to gain some popularity amongst his peers but unfortunately he gained the attention of the wrong people in the most wrong of ways.

It all started with him taking part in some after school activities of a different variety with one of the cute girls he fancied in his theatre troop. At least that was his best guess. He wasn’t exactly a monogamist, so after seeing this particular girl a couple of times, he found himself interested in a girl in his math class. A couple of right moves and flirting across the class room and he was out on a date with this girl. Two weeks later it was a girl in one of his study groups. The point was Blake was not intending to go steady with any one female and someone took notice. Whatever the case, it was only a month into his freshman year and Blake found himself reading a letter he had found stuffed under the door of his dorm room. It was meant for him and not his roommate, he was sure of this because it was a folded up piece of paper with the name BLAKE written across it and underlined.

The paper was typed and said as follows:




Blake scratched his head and tossed the paper in his desk. He had homework to do.

The next few weeks went by without any incident. He forgot about the letter and continued having a way with getting into the panties of female students across campus.

His roommate was a freshman by the name of Adam. He and Blake got along well enough and Adam never seemed to mind the parade of women that made their way through the living room to Blake’s bedroom. He even wound up dating one of the girls after she took notice of Adam as she was leaving Blake’s room one morning. In her mind she preferred something long term and she could clearly see what herself and Blake were going to be. She thought Adam was cute and hoped a relationship with him might go a little longer than one night.

Blake was nice to her after she turned up in the arms of his roommate. He wasn’t salty about the situation and neither was she. He just walked in one day and they were both cuddling on the couch in the living room watching the main TV.

3 weeks after receiving the first note a second one showed up in an envelope taped to his door. Same as the first it simply had his name underlined on it to show that it was intended for him.




Blake rolled his eyes and threw the note in the trash.

“Fucking weirdos.” He said to himself.

More weeks went by. More sleeping around. Never any intention of doing anything muratpaşa escort long term. Blake felt as though he was living the proper college life.

As finals loomed over the horizon things started to finally look a little bleak for our pal Blake. He was doing well in most of his classes however at the start of the semester he had elected to take one more class than his advisors recommended. He thought that since it was Astronomy it would be easy but the class turned out to be more math and formulas than he had anticipated. He was getting his ass kicked in the class and his GPA was going to be the thing that suffered.

One of his classmates, a girl named Jessica, had noticed all semester that he was struggling. She sat next to him, and while she was attractive, with long curly hair and freckled skin, she wasn’t exactly the type that he went for. Because of his shallow nature, he hadn’t quite noticed that she paid almost as much attention to him as she did to the course material. She was however doing a hell of a lot better in the class than he was.

As he sat in the class, listening to the professor lay out the study guide for the mid-term exam, he wrote and re-wrote the formulas over and over again trying to commit them to memory. As the class ground to a close he stood up and, clearly frustrated, threw his notes in the trash as he exited the auditorium with the rest of the class. He was almost to his car in the student parking lot when Jessica tapped him on the shoulder.

“Astronomy isn’t going to be your best subject this semester huh?” she said as he whirled around.

“Probably not, who are you, the bad news fairy?” He said sounding slightly rude.

“Just someone that WAS going to offer to help until I realized you’re a total asshole.” She said looking at the ground.

Blake saw that he had genuinely hurt her feelings. He immediately back tracked.

“You actually wanted to help me?” He said trying to sound surprised.

“Well yeah, why not?”

“Because you don’t even know me.”

“Well maybe I would like to.” She said. She looked up at him and for the first time he noticed how big and blue her eyes were behind her non name brand glasses.

He felt a twinge of attraction flutter through his body and he smiled.

They studied for most of the night before she worked up the courage to reach across his kitchen table and touch his palm in an awkward attempt to steer the evening towards something resembling romance. He looked up from his calculation and their eyes met. He then practically leapt across the table as he began to kiss her.

She was inexperienced and was simply excited that she was able to get his attention off of school work and onto her. She had kissed boys in high school but had never been much farther than that. Before she knew what was happening he had led her to the bedroom and was gently going down on her. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She had admired him in class for 3 months and now he was licking her in a place she had only dreamed of letting someone else touch her. She had masturbated of course but this was a whole new level of feeling. She blushed as she reached orgasm with his head between her legs and seemed to thrust her pelvis into his tongue as she came a second time.

Now she was eager to at least attempt to return the favor. She took off his pants and helped him out of his boxers and there she was, with his penis sitting plump and pulsing slightly right in front of her face.

She looked up at him.

“Wha- What do I do?” She asked looking sheepish.

“You could start by licking it.” He said with a smile on his face.

She licked the tip of it like someone licking some sort of vegetable they didn’t like.

He laughed and she recoiled in horror at the thought that she had done something wrong.

“Did you want me to teach you? I didn’t realize we were both going to be getting lessons tonight.”

He had meant it as a joke and had every intention of doing his best to show her a thing or two but instead he watched as she started to cry and began to put her panties and athletic shorts back on.

“I was just kidding, it’s fine if you’re not that experienced.” He said pleading.

She was already halfway out the door by the time he serik escort had said this. She stopped and turned to look at him. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah, there is plenty that we can do that I can take the lead on. It should feel really good for you also.”

She thought about it for a moment. She knew he meant having full on sex but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to go that far just yet. He was certainly her crush, and she had just gone down on him, but she didn’t want to give it all away on the first night. Then she thought about looking at him in class again. Finally she thought about the size of his cock. She wasn’t at all experienced with such things but she realized she had gone to lick it because she was scared she might not even be able to get her mouth all the way around the tip of it the right way. She was certain she could get it into her mouth but what if she did it wrong? All of these thoughts swirled around in her head until she finally just turned around to look back at him.

“Ok but you have to go slow. And be gentle.”

In the morning she woke up and got dressed. She was sore between her legs and it hurt to walk but all in all she was glad she had spent the night with Blake. She kissed him on the forehead but he just rolled over and kept sleeping.

A week later she found herself sitting next to him in the mid-term exams. He was obviously struggling as he had barely even made it through the first question. She was already ¾’s of the way through the exam. She kept on working but her attention quickly began to go back and forth between her exam and her recent sexual partner.

By the time she finished her exam they were halfway through the allotted time. She glanced over and saw he had made it through the first question and was now on question 2. She rolled her eyes and smiled to herself. Her thoughts raced back to a week before. To the feeling she had when he had first managed to get himself inside of her. She could feel the swollen head of his cock, wrapped in a thin condom, press against her entrance. He’d put a small amount of lube on the outside and despite that, at first she felt fearful that her body would rip or tear. But then painfully at first she could feel herself opening as he slid inside.

Her mind snapped back to reality. She grabbed her exam and slid it across the table so that it flew off her desk and into the air. It floated like a feather back and forth and came to rest against his foot. He stopped doodling on his exam and looked down at the papers stapled together that had landed beneath him. He reached down and picked them up, then slowly his eyes looked back at Jessica. Her eyes were glued to him. She had a huge smile across her face.

He started to pick up the papers she had dropped and as he grasped them and began to put them back on her desk her hand reached out and met his. The Proctor at the front of the class was reading some sort of magazine and didn’t seem to be paying attention to anything that was going on in the room. Blake looked up from the exam he was handing back to Jessica and those eyes she absolutely adored were once again locked onto her.

She nodded and pushed the exam back towards him. He looked concerned but she repeated the motion. Then she pointed at his exam and motioned for him to give it to her.

After class she found him running to catch up to her.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because obviously I didn’t do a good enough job of preparing you for the exam.” She said with a cute little smile on her face.

When he finally looked at her he had to look away. He truly wished that he could have feelings for this girl because he could tell she was going all out to try and gain his favor. He just never once considered himself a relationship type and it was clear that was all that could work for this girl.

“Well….uh. Thanks.” He said. He managed to smile slightly but quickly turned and started to make his way down the hallway towards his next class.

She quickly ran up next to him. “You know what you could do to make it up to me?”

“I suppose I need to take you to dinner or something?” He said this time trying to sound annoyed.

She paused and for a moment her innocent look seemed to wash away from her like the moment a doll becomes possessed by an ibradi escort evil spirit in a horror movie.

“No, you don’t even have to take me to dinner. Just let me come over tonight.”

The proposition surprised him. Everything about this girl screamed innocent book type, but now her behavior was quickly morphing to that of dominatrix librarian. At least that is how things were shifting in his mind.

That night things were completely different. Blake lay on his back as Jessica stood naked over him on top of his bed. He really had no intention of ever bringing this girl back to his dorm again and yet here she was. She dropped to her knees with one knee on either side of his head. His clothes were still on at this point which was surprising to him. Before he could even make a suggestion she pressed her pussy against his face and he dutifully began to lick her.

After she had came several times, pressing his head into her moist lips each time, she then put a condom on him, only unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out of his jeans. She didn’t even allow him to remove his clothes. As soon as he was hard and protected she sat on his cock and began to ride up and down on him.

“You’ve learned a lot more than just how to pass the astronomy exam this week.” He said sounding surprised.

“Yeah well, a week ago, dick was just something I read about in romance novels. You’ve given me a whole new craving.”

“You didn’t really read anything about involving your partner that much did you?” He grumbled.

She laughed as she continued to rock up and down. “Oh this isn’t really for you, Blake Morris. I’ve heard about you and what women mean to you. In one semester you’ve managed to sleep with a new woman almost every other night. Or at least that is your reputation. Well if you don’t seem to care about the feelings involved with having sex then I’m going to treat you the same way you’ve treated all the girls from the past.”

She smiled to herself thinking of how she had probably just dealt a crushing blow to the man she was currently using as a sex toy. But when she looked down he was leaning back watching her pussy slide up and down his fully erect penis. His head rocked back and she could see a smile beginning to form on his face.

She stopped and sat there thinking for a second. Then at once she jumped off of him and started getting dressed.

He sat forward on the bed and looked at her in disbelief. “Woah woah, what are you doing?”

“You’re right. You’re not learning a lesson. You are enjoying this.”

“Well you were having sex with me. Did you think that was going to punish me in some way? You were actually doing pretty well, so you shouldn’t think you’re so bad in bed that it would teach me a lesson.”

“I didn’t…..I mean….that’s not what I…” She was so upset by the previous statement that she was struggling to find the right words to express her intent. All she could come up with was. “You’re so fucking stupid!”

She got dressed and stormed out of the dorm.

Blake stood there in the entrance to his dorm room standing with his naked body hanging out halfway into the common living room he and his roommate shared.

His roommate’s girlfriend walked by. She looked down at his half hard cock with the rubber stretched so tight over the head that it now looked like the frills of the mushroom had been squeezed forward making it look more round and spherical than its normal tapered mushroom shape.

She stared for a little bit and then walked back to the other dorm bedroom. Before she walked in she turned with a confused look on her face.

“I remember you were big but has it always had that weird shape? That’s not how a dick is supposed to look at all.”

Blake looked down at his cock and then quickly pulled the condom off.

“No that’s just the way a dick looks when it is sad. See, now it’s happy again.”

With the condom no longer threatening to suffocate the tip of his junk, Blake’s cock stood tall and proud. The head was thick and meaty and stood out away from his body with a pleasing length. His ex that was now dating his roommate stared at it for a few moments and then looked up at him.

“Yeah, it’s a really pretty dick. Big and girthy too. Just a real shame that it’s attached to you though.”

Blake frowned as she closed the door leaving him still standing naked and alone in the door of his own room.

That was two women that had punched him in the ego today.

“Ah well.” He chuckled to himself. He looked down at his now even more erect penis. “Guess I get to take care of you myself for once.”

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