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Note from the author:


This story contains handholding.

Reader discretion is advised.


“That should be the last one,” Oliver said carrying the box into the room, “Do we unpack everything now, or leave it as it is for now?”

“Let’s leave it,” Chloe answered plugging the microwave into the power outlet, “Or do you have a plan for where to put it once you take it out?”

Oliver looked around their new apartment. It wasn’t big by any means, but it was still more than enough space for both of them to live comfortably. It just looked more spacious right now, since the only thing in the living room was a sofa and stacked cardboard boxes with their belongings.

“Yeah, I think I will keep it all packed,” he placed the last box on the floor, “How is the pizza going?”

“Finishing just now,” she answered, setting up the timer, “Should be ready in five minutes or so.”

“Nice, I am starving.” Oliver walked into the kitchen and hugged Chloe from behind, wrapping his hands around her belly. “Do you want to help me pick the furniture for the living room?”

“Help you?” she spun around, resting her hands on his shoulders. “We agreed that the living room is mine to fit out.”

“No, I clearly remember that you took the kitchen.”

“And the living room. And our bedroom.”

“How is this fair?” he laughed, “What do I get to do then?”

“The bathroom.”

“It’s already done and you know it.”

“That’s good for you, now you can lay back and relax. Besides, you picked this apartment by yourself, so letting me furnish it is the least you can do.”

“Maybe I feel like choosing a bit more, huh?”

“So go ahead and chose the movie for tonight. I will join you when the pizza is ready. But please, no more action movies.” Chloe stood on her tiptoes and placed a kiss on his cheek, cutting any responses from him. “And no complaints mister, I want to relax for once.”


Empty plates stained with tomato sauce and cheese lay on the floor, forgotten as the movie played on. The laptop on top of stacked cardboard boxes served a dual purpose as a home entertainment center, but the couple watching the film didn’t mind the unrefined experience.

Oliver sat reclined against the backrest, while Chloe lay down using his legs as a pillow. They spent the last hour this way, almost absentmindedly staring at the screen, as they focused on each other, instead of the movie.

Oliver took occasional glances down, watching his fiancee, tracing one of his hands from her shoulder to her hip once every while. He smiled watching her fight to stay awake, even as the sun outside of the window lazily went down.

She in turn knew the movie by heart and was snoozing off to the combination of familiar dialogue and the warmth of her partner near her, caressing gently her side. His scent relaxed her, being in his arms was her favorite place to fall asleep.

“Would you like that?” Chloe asked, breaking the long silence.

“Would I like what?” he wasn’t sure what the question was about.

She motioned with her head at the screen, knowing which scene would be coming up. They both watched as the couple on the screen leaned for a kiss.

“Were you waiting for over an hour just to ask that during that scene?”

“Maybe,” she looked up at him, “But that’s not an answer.”

“Have I ever passed an opportunity before?”

“Like, so many,” she snorted, “You miss almost…”

“Your hints do not count.” He stopped her mid-sentence. “We talked about this. I still have no idea how this works.”

“That’s just not fair.” She pouted. “How can I ever get your attention if you ignore my efforts?”

Oliver slipped his hands under her arms and pulled her up, sitting her on his legs. Before she could say anything he leaned down and pressed his lips against hers.

The first kiss was like always, shy and gentle, testing the waters. The next one was long and intimate. Each that came after was even bolder and more passionate, as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, locking them both in each other’s embrace.

Their lips parted only when they both needed a brake to take a breath. Both smiling, both blushing, each time as if it was their first kiss.

“Did I get the hint this time?” Oliver teased.

“Almost,” she pulled her legs up, straddling his own and sitting down on his knees, facing him, “But not quite.”

“What are you talking about?” he had an idea but wasn’t about to push his luck when it came to her hints, and that one would be one massive one.

“Come on, you know.” She bounced on his knees, running her hand up his torso. “We talked about this, but you always said that at first, we have to have our own place. And now we do.”

“You mean…” he looked down at her hips, that now were sliding back and forth on his thighs.

“Yes,” she rolled her eyes, “That.”

“But we decided to wait until after we are married!”

She gave him a long look and an even longer Ataşehir Escort sigh.

“Take a hint, dumbass. Just ask me already.”

“But I don’t have a ring yet!” He started panicking, that was not how he planned it.”

“I don’t care about the stupid ring, just ask me.”


“Ask me!”

They went silent, taking deep breaths, just looking at each other. Oliver swallowed the gulp in his throat which suddenly felt painfully dry. He pulled her hand from his torso and clasped it with both of his hands.

“Chloe,” he started, taking a moment to catch his breath. She looked at him expectingly, her eyes starting to water. He swallowed again.

“Will you marry me?” he finished, looking her straight in the eyes.

She raised her free hand and wiped the tears from her face before answering.

“Yes,” she whispered, but then repeated it louder, “Yes, of course, I will.”

Their next kiss tasted the sweetest of any other they ever had.

“So, do we…”

“Yes,” Chloe stated firmly, “We fuck now.”

“Wow, where did that language come from?”

“What, I can’t swear near my husband?”

“Dad told me that marriage changes the woman, but I didn’t know it would be that fast.”

“Please, can we keep him out of this?”

“And can you please show some respect to your father-in-law?”

“Ugh, I didn’t think this through.”

“No takebacks now.”

She kissed him again. This one was quick, teasing, and enticing.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”

Chloe pushed him back onto the backrest and grabbed her shirt, pulling it over her head and throwing it to the floor. All that was left from her clothes was her bra and shorts, with panties underneath. Oliver took a moment to appreciate the view before him, but she slapped his hand when he tried to touch her.

“Not yet mister, now it’s your turn.”

He didn’t need to be told twice, and a few seconds later his t-shirt joined hers on the floor.

“Better?” he asked, flexing his chest.

“Much better,” she licked her lips, and moved both her hands behind her back, “But I don’t like being outdone.”

Her bra joined the other clothes on the floor, and Oliver did not move this time.


“Come on,” she slapped him playfully, “You have seen them already.”

“Yeah, and each time I see them they look better than I remembered. I mean, wow.”

“I feel like you are making fun of me.” she pouted crossing her arms on her chest.

“No! Of course not!” He recognized that look on her face and knew he had to act fast. “Would you prefer it if I got bored of how you look? Or maybe not react at all when I see you naked?”

“I mean, no…”

“Exactly! And believe me, I want to enjoy it as much as I can every single time.” He smiled. “I may sometimes overreact, but that’s your fault. And hey, the more time I spend looking at you, the less is left to look at other girls.”

“Don’t you dare,” she hissed, “If I catch you…”

“You won’t.” He placed a finger on her lips, silencing her. “I already found the one I love, and no one will ever replace her. And guess what?”


“It’s you.”

Chloe laughed shaking her head.

“That was so corny, I can’t believe it.”

“But it still made you blush all over.”

“You know what will make me blush even more?” she whispered in his ear.


“Seeing you finally get those pants off.”

“Could have guessed, to be honest.”

“Quit stalling,” she moved to the side, getting off of his knees, “And show me the goods mister.”

Oliver stood up and a moment later all that was left were his boxers, as a pile of discarded clothes on the floor grew. He sat back on the sofa, but when Chloe tried to straddle him again he stopped her with a gentle push.

“What now?”

“Not yet miss,” he tried not to smile, “It’s your turn now.”


“Your rules, not mine. Talk to the manager if you want to complain.”

“Fine,” she snorted after he didn’t relent under her stare, “Fair is fair I guess.”

Now she stood up, hooking her thumbs around the waistband of her shorts, but hesitated before pulling them down.

“Could you look away?” she asked quietly, “Or just close your eyes?”

“I mean, I could,” he replied, slowly going over each word, “But you know that seeing each other naked is not even the big deal here?”

“Yeah, it’s just… I don’t know. I just feel…” she couldn’t find a good word, “Please?”

“Sure,” he closed his eyes and tilted his head as far back as the backrest allowed, “Whatever makes you feel more comfortable.”

“Thank you.”

He could hear the soft material of her clothing sliding over her skin, but decided not to peek. Surprisingly, he didn’t even want to. He heard steps, closer and closer until she stopped right in front of him. Then he felt fingers sliding under the waistband of his boxers, and he caught her hands before she could go any further.

“That was not part of the plan.” he protested, Anadolu Yakası Escort but still kept his eyes closed.

“I think it is exactly the plan,” she responded, “And it’s not the big deal here anyway. Or at least, it won’t be in a couple of minutes.”

He stayed still for a moment, then let her hands go. He tried to find something to say, but his head felt empty. He just waited.

“Not to break the mood here,” Chloe said offhandedly, “But I need you to help me a bit here, lift your hips.”

“Oh, right.” he did as he was told, and felt his underwear slide down, his manhood now standing proud not confined anymore in its soft prison.

Next, he felt two, delicate hands grab his shoulders, then the now familiar feeling of Chloe’s thighs squeezing his own returned, but this time there was also a new sensation, as the tip of his erection was forced down under something soft and wet.

“You can look now,” she whispered.

He did, and for the first time could witness his wife in all of her glory. Even more, than he expected as he looked down and realized, that just like him she was completely naked. Must have taken her panties off with her shorts.

“So?” she tried to not sound anxious, with mixed results, “What do you think?”

“Amazing,” Oliver traced his hands over Chloe’s sides, “You are perfect. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you.”

“In any other situation I would think that you just want to get me naked,” she giggled, “but we are past that point already.”

“I mean it.”

“I know,” she teased, grinding her hips back and forth slightly, “I can feel it.”

Now was Oliver’s time to blush. Chloe raised a little, giving his erection space to stand up again, then reached down with one hand, wrapping it around his shaft.

“God, it feels huge,” she panted, sliding her fingers around, “Just how big are you?”

“About average,” he answered truthfully.


“Nope, women just underestimate how long a single inch is, and when you stack a few of them it just gets worse. Do you want me to bring a ruler?”

“Do you want me to stop?” she asked back, her fingers still playing with his manhood.


That took her by surprise.

“I want you to feel good too,” he continued, “Don’t focus on me so much.”

“Well,” she smiled, not stopping her petting, “Feel free to do something about it. You also have hands, don’t you?”

Oliver reached down, massaging first Chloe’s things, then moved inwards, tracing her outer labia with his fingertips, electing a moan from her. Hearing that his efforts were getting the results he wanted he put even more effort into it, her juices coating his fingers making it easier with each passing second.

Chloe wanted to continue her own endeavors, but quickly got sidetracked. As her arousal spiked with each move of her lover’s hands she could no longer concentrate on reciprocating the pleasure, instead grabbing his shoulders to steady herself. This put her in a position Oliver had to take advantage of.

She felt his lips connecting with her own, creating a second center of pleasure now stimulating her body, and leaned forward to indulge even more, diving for another passionate kiss.

They stayed like this, enjoying each others bodies, the closeness, the intimacy, wanting to outdo each other in expressing their love. Chloe moved back first, breaking the kiss to Oliver’s disappointment.

“Wait, stop,” she grabbed his now slick hand and forced it away.

“Why? What’s wrong?” he sounded genuinely concerned.

“No, nothing’s wrong,” she explained, “I am ready.”

“Are you sure? We can…”

“No,” she said firmly, “I want to do it.”

He just nodded, giving her all the time she needed, but at the same time ready to act if she needed his help.

Chloe rose up, enough for his erection to once again stand up proudly, then some more, for the first time breaking the contact between in and her slit. She reached down, grabbing his manhood and aligning it with her opening, then lowered her hips, just slightly, until she made contact again. The tip of his penis nestled at the entrance of her vagina, now with no other way to go but up.

She breathed heavily, looking into the eyes of her husband, seeing his concern, but there was no backing out now. They were doing it no matter what. She slid down, spreading the first inch of her passage open, a feeling unfamiliar to her until now which forced a gasp from her lips.

She saw Oliver opening his mouth, but she covered it with her hand.

“No, let me do it,” she breathed out, “Just stay still, please.”

He grabbed her hands with his own, wanting to offer any help he could and she accepted, locking their fingers together. Using this additional support she resumed her slow descent, more and more of his length disappearing inside her wet, silky insides.

After passing the halfway point Chloe backed off, rising half an inch before sliding back down further, needing to work Kartal Escort even harder for each fraction of his length now.

She leaned forward, kissing him, eyes closed with their hands still interlocked now squeezed between their bodies. She never stopped her gentle up-and-down motion, each time managing to slide a little bit further, providing them both with more and more pleasure.

Chloe slowed down once she couldn’t get any more inside, her body weight not enough to get the last inch in, as her thighs rested on his. Frustrated she tried to rock back and forth and even if it felt amazing it did nothing for her actual goal.

“Help me,” she pleaded.

Oliver slipped his hands from her grip, placing them on her hips, taking a good hold before looking back at his lover.


She bit down her lip and nodded.

He pushed down.

They both inhaled sharply, now, for the very first time fully connected. They remained motionless for a while, savoring the feeling, and getting used to it in her case. It didn’t stop there, they had to do even more. Chloe rose up and Oliver pushed her back down, sliding almost to the midpoint of his shaft before she plunged it back in all the way.

Their lovemaking consisted of a combination of gasps, sweet whines, and wet sounds of their hips meeting at the end of each stroke. Each one accented with a soft whimper forced from her each time her clit connected with his pubic area.

“Are you close?” Oliver asked between breaths.

“Yeah,” Chloe moaned, “So close, just a bit more, don’t stop.”

He pushed her down harder, speeding up their movements, bringing them both closer and closer to the edge. The room was filled with their voices and the sounds of their passionate coupling, as one of them was just slightly closer to release.

“Chloe, I can’t…”

“Inside,” she hugged him, pressing her face to his chest, “I want it inside.”

Hearing this was enough to push him over the edge, he wrapped his arms around her smaller body, pushing her down further than ever before as his orgasm hit. His body tensed, as his rigid member ejaculated deep inside her, filling her with its load with each ecstatic spasm.

Chloe was experiencing a peak on her own, her mouth locked open, but no sound came out as she was assaulted with wave after wave of pleasure, rocking her body to the core. If not for Oliver holding her tight she would be writhing in bliss, but now she had to endure the orgasmic spasm locked to the one she loved the most. That thought alone forced another spike of arousal in her brain, extending her orgasm even more.

The ecstasy held them both in its grasp until they run out of breath, but even it had come to an end. Panting, sweaty, and exhausted they both relaxed, slowly coming down from their orgasmic heights.

Oliver moved one of his hands up, running it through her hair, but she snatched it with her own and brought it back between their bodies, locking their fingers together. They stayed like that for a while, neither of them wanting to ruin the afterglow of a great experience.

“Thank you,” Chloe broke the silence.

“Huh? For what?”

“I mean, in general.” She hesitated for a moment. “I don’t know what people normally say after having sex, and I felt like a thank you would work here.”

“I feel like I should be the one thanking you, then.” He answered. “I am so glad we could finally do it. So, how was your first time? Mine was great.”

“Amazing, it was even better than I imagined, and that’s saying something considering how many scenarios of our first time I made up.”

He paused for a second, thinking about what he just heard.

“You were making up scenarios of us having sex?”

“Well, duh.” She snorted. “For the last few months at least, how do you think I managed to hold out this long?”

“I… I never thought about it. Wait, months?”

“You really do suck at picking up my hints.”

“You were daydreaming about us having sex for a few months straight?” he still couldn’t process that information.

“It was either this or going insane. Do you even realize how sexy you look when you prepare breakfast without your shirt on? And then you make me the toasts just how I like them, and tell me to have a good day, and give me a kiss, and act all sweet, while I can barely keep my knees from shaking? You never noticed what you were doing to me?”

Suddenly he felt bad about himself, but at the same time, it was like a whole world of hidden knowledge opened before him.

“Figures.” The silence was all the answer she needed. “So what were you thinking about anyway? Like, last week. Or even the last few days.”

“Honestly? How to furnish a living room.”

She looked up at him, trying to see if he was faking that smile.

“You are kidding me, right? Tell me you are.”

“Nope, not at all. I already have some ideas.”

“The living room is mine.”

“No, it’s not. I obviously have better taste than you, so I will do it.”

“What?” she snapped, “Who told you this lie?”

“Well, just compare the husband you chose to the wife I chose. Who’s got better taste, huh?”

She tried not to laugh. Tried some more. Then failed.

“Doofus,” she lay back down on his chest.

“I love you too, Chloe.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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