Blonde , Beautiful Michelle

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Ah Michelle, one of my absolute favorites. When I met Michelle, I was 48, and she a mere 33. She was introduced to me by a mutual friend. Michelle lived about 30 miles away, which ultimately was one of the several reasons that it didn’t work out in the end. 

The back story is – a female friend reached out to me one day and said, “Hey, not sure if you’re in the market, but I have a friend who recently split with her husband, no kids, young and fun and awesome.” 

She sent me a pic and I was blown away.

“YES!!!” was how I responded, or something to that effect. She was gorgeous, a 9.5 out of 10 on the pretty scale. Had to be too good to be true.

We met for brunch (not lunch) in a town equidistant from each of us. She was very recently separated and didn’t want to be seen on a date just yet. Her marriage failed when she discovered that her husband had lied about their finances and had basically built a financial house of cards that came crashing down. They lived high on the hog, but it was all borrowed money, because the business he started and claimed to be highly successful was anything but, but he was desperate to not lose his wife, who he clearly didn’t deserve.

To say we hit it off is an understatement. Two hours at brunch flew by, and we spent the afternoon walking around town, shopping, talking, laughing, and thoroughly enjoying each other. At one point I pulled her into a doorway of a closed downtown business and kissed her, and she returned the kiss with fervor. The compatibility was undeniable. We ended up spending the whole day together, finishing with dinner and a movie, and lots more kissing, and roaming hands. The goodbye was hard because I really wanted to spend the night with her.

She lived with her parents while trying to get back on her feet. She came to me the following weekend, and after some more kissing, she explained that she has several medical problems, some yet to be definitively diagnosed. Multiple food allergies, and trouble sleeping through the night without getting up to vomit. Of course my first thought was anorexia or bulimia, but she ate very well when we were together, and there was no throwing up right after eating. She had a healthy appetite, just couldn’t keep it all down overnight. Strange. All this to say, she was very worried about diseases, and as much as she was ready as can be to sleep with me, she insisted that I get tested for STDs first.

I think everyone’s first feeling about such a question is – how dare you!?!? What kind of person do you think I am!?!? And of course this was my first thought, but then I thought about my last few years and thought – yeah, probably not a bad idea. 

Not knowing how long these tests take, I made the first available appointment Monday İstanbul Escort at a local lab. I gave blood, I gave a urine sample, I gave a semen sample, hell I would have given an ear wax sample if they asked, anything to get me in Michelle’s pants as soon as possible. They told me a week to 10 days for full results. 

Michelle came up during the week that week, and we were kissing on the couch. Our hands were roaming, and she was rubbing my dick through my pants. She then straddled me, and I pulled her top off and unhooked her bra. Michelle was of average height, but due to her illness(es) she was very thin. But her tits were magnificent. A C-cup+ with unbelievably small but hard nipples, like pea gravel. 

She was wearing a miniskirt, pantie-less, and I moved her onto the couch next to me and fingered her while I sucked on her tits. She was tight as can be – no kids and probably no sex for a while – and she had a large clit that I could practically grab onto. She was coming on my hand in no time, biting my lower lip painfully as she did so.

Without so much as 30 seconds gone by after she came, she said, “I have to see your dick. It feels so big.”

She worked it out of my pants, and I could tell she wanted to suck it and fuck it, but she behaved. She stroked me with a purpose however, and although I’d never been much for hand jobs, before long she had me squirting all over myself. She giggled at this sight, and it was such a great and genuine laugh. We kissed while she cleaned up our cum with a throw blanket, and she promised there was more where that came from.

The following week, Michelle was away on a week’s vacation with her family, and the week after that, I was scheduled to have some surgery. In the meantime, my test results came back – all clear – but the sex Gods had conspired against us, because after my surgery, I was in bed and instructed to stay there for a week, with no strenuous activity, including sex, for two weeks.

Michelle came to visit on the third day, and was sitting on my bed with me. My sister, who had been there caring for me for the first two days, had left, so Michelle brought me lunch, and then I took my first shower in three days. 

After my shower, I was back in bed, wearing just a pair of workout shorts. I told her about the test results – clean as a whistle! I also mentioned the vasectomy, which pleased her as well, because, in addition to being allergic to latex, she said, “I love the feel of skin on skin inside me.”

Of course she knew that I was under a “no strenuous activity” order, but her hand, and mouth, ultimately found my cock, which had been hard since I stepped out of the shower. Her skills were exquisite, the perfect combination of hand and Kadıköy Escort mouth, tenderness and aggression, tongue and lips. 

At one point she grabbed my hand and put it on the back of her head, a clear sign that she wanted me to take a dominant role. I pushed her mouth down on my cock and she took it all the way, effortlessly. Using both hands on her head now, I forced the action – depth and pace, forceful but not violent, and before long I was grunting and coming in her mouth. I didn’t give her a warning, as I had a feeling she’d be fine without one, and she was. 

After she drained me, she let my cock fall from her lips and said, “Wow, that’s a lot of cum,” as casually as if she were commenting on how much food she was being served in a restaurant.

Michelle spent the night with me, and we woke up feeling ornery again. This time though, she was not to be denied. Doctor’s orders be damned, she stroked my cock to its full hardness, and I reached under her nightshirt to finger her soaked pussy.

Without warning she mounted me. She lined up her pussy over my cock and sunk slowly onto it. I was lying dead still – afraid to move under doctor’s orders, but never once did I consider denying her, or myself. It just felt so good, the tightest pussy I had been in since babysitter Linda years before. 

I just laid there, my hands clasped behind my head, and watched this blond beauty have her way with me. She was trying to be careful to protect me, and I was doing my best to take it easy too, and the agony of going slow, when we both really wanted to fuck like bunnies, was killing us. It being our first time, we would have done it much differently under normal circumstances, but we had to take it slow. It was so damn hot.

Finally, much like the ultra-submissive Chrissy had done, Michelle asked, “Can I, please, can I come?”

I don’t normally come myself in this cowgirl position, but she was so tight, and I was so turned on that I was right there with her. I said, “Yes, come on my cock, I’m going to come too.”

She said, “Thank you, oh fuck, I’m coming” and sat all the way down on me, prompting my own load to spring from my dick and deep up inside of her.

She said, “I can feel you throbbing inside me” which didn’t surprise me given how tight she was. It was as intense an orgasm as I’ve had in a long, long time.

Fortunately no stitches popped and I was no worse for the wear. Michelle went home but returned two days later. I still hadn’t eaten her pussy, so before she mounted me again I had her sit on my face. I sucked that big clit into my mouth and bit down on it, and she went nuts. She spun around into a 69 position, which was fine with me, and deep throated my cock while I buried my tongue Ataşehir Escort in and out of her slippery cunt. She came again, and I returned the favor, spurting my load into her mouth a second time.

A few days later the doctor gave me the all clear. Michelle was happy to hear this – she was ready to fuck for real. It was a Friday night, and we went out for dinner first, but that was a bad move because she got sick from her meal – probably an allergen that wasn’t accounted for, and she spent the night throwing up and being restless. 

I woke the next morning to a perky Michelle, who brought coffee to the bedroom and then jumped in my shower. 

The look on her face was different when she came out. The bubbly perkiness was gone, replaced by a hungry woman on a mission. 

Dropping her towel as she walked toward the bed, she climbed up on me and, like the last time, she climbed right onto my face and dropped her bare mound right onto my mouth. I could see her huge clit coming at me like a 3D movie. She ground her pussy on my face for just a minute or two, just to get warmed up. Then she slid back and sunk down on my cock to the hilt.

This was not going to be a gentle ride like the first time. She was intent on fucking me until I was spent, and she was off to a good start. Up and down she went, alternating between laying on me with her tits in my face, and sitting up with her tits in my hands. At one point she squatted over me and rode me like a catcher, then pulled me up to her so we were face to face in the sitting position. 

Michelle was an orgasm machine. That fat clit must have been getting sore. I went to roll her over onto her back, but she had other plans. 

She got on her hands and knees and said, “Please fuck me from behind.”  

As I was lining her up, she said, “I’m not into any anal play,” and I thought “OK, good to know” and proceeded to fuck her from behind.

Michelle’s ass was not her best feature.  I love me a nice round ass, but Michelle, being so thin, had a real boney ass and very thin hips, so it was hard to get a good grip and really pound away. But whatever I was doing was good enough, she came a few more times, vocally, and with a final thrust I sent my load into her again.

We went back to sleep for a bit, and I woke up with her sucking me back to life, then I fucked her missionary for another load. We spent the weekend in bed draining each other.

Michelle and I were together about five months. She had gotten her own townhouse in her town, and we spent weekends there on occasion. Things got tough though, for a few reasons.

First, she had no kids, so she didn’t understand or appreciate that even when my kids were with my ex, I wanted to go to their games or events and watch them, so it interrupted our weekends together. Secondly, she was sick a lot. Eventually she went to a health clinic in the Midwest and was there for several months. She broke it off before she left, out of kindness to me I think. By the time she got back, I had moved on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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