Blood Passion Ch. 04

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A small crowd of people watched the game between the high school squads, boys vs. girls, the A squads versus the B squads. Due to the limited size of the team, some of the players played for both squads, tweeners that Coach Rodriguez wanted to test out more.

Nik ran down the middle of the field, ball dancing at his feet, as he threaded a needle pass to one of his strikers. The striker had zero time to react to the slide that dispossessed him immediately the moment before the ball would have hit his foot.

Up to her feet in a flash, the tall, athletic brunette streaked down a flank, looking for any and all support for a counter-attack. None of the girls could catch up to the speedy defender, and a few of the boys also had trouble as she nutmegged a couple out of arrogance.

Some of the parents cheered at the athletic, Maradonna-esque display, but Nik had other ideas. Unlike the real World Cup moment, where the midfielder just hovered in the background waiting for someone else to get the job done, Nik beelined right for Tiffany. He studied her moves during practice and games, anticipating what she’d do next.

Homing in, he returned the favour by sliding in from a side angle. He got the ball and her feet in the process. She fell over his legs with a hard tumble, rolling over the grass haphazardly. The ref blew the whistle. Tiffany got up quickly and gave Nik a shove, hard enough it pushed him down on his ass. Some of the team gasped in shock while others laughed.

“Fucker, what was that for?” she yelled at him.

“I got the ball first. It is a contact sport, Tiffany. Toughen up, cupcake,” he retorted, getting up.

“Bullshit! It is a fucking exhibition game. You could have snapped my leg in two!”

“Hey, shut it, you two!” Coach Rodriguez yelled from the sidelines. “Get your asses over here, now!”

The two stared daggers at each other as they walked off, being replaced by two subs. The tension couldn’t be cut with a knife; it’d melt before being pulled out of the sheath.

“Seriously, this is an exhibition game. What the shit are you two doing, especially in front of your own folks!?” she not so quietly cursed at the two stars.

In the stands, parents tried to go back to the game, whispering amongst themselves. Veronika looked concerned.

“The coach looks pissed. That Latina blood won’t die down any time soon,” Viktoria commented. “Looks like Nik is in some serious trouble.”

“Why did he have to go and do a stunt like that?” Veronika asked.

“Ask Krystal. He probably got it from watching her on TV. Have you forgotten how insane she was when we were in school?”

“You don’t need to remind me. Mom and dad were livid for a month after she broke that girl’s leg in the semi-finals.”

“Tiffany doesn’t look too hurt, just her pride. This was the girl Nik always hung out with?” Viktoria asked.

“Yep, they used to be so close I had to give him the talk just in case.”

“I don’t think you’ll need to worry about that anymore. I swear if she were a he, Nik would have slugged her on the jaw by now.”

“Hey, what is the big idea with your kid!?” an angry Asian woman said, walking up to the pair.

“Don’t yell at me, Jinny. I didn’t tell Nik to sweep the leg. Besides, he got the ball first,” Veronkia snapped back.

“This is Tiffany’s big year. She has scouts coming to see her during the season. I don’t want your kid fucking it up for her or else my husband will have to take care of things,” Jinny said, angrily.

“Big words, going to hide behind your husband’s pants?” Viktoria goaded her.

“Stop it, Vikky, we don’t need a brawl in the stands as well. Look, Jinny, just take a walk. Your daughter is fine and it is just a game. Don’t make a scene in the stands and make everything worse for your kid. We get kicked out of here, who knows what’ll happen to both our kids on the team.”

Veronika tried to be the voice of reason, even though it got her another tongue lashing before Jinny got her fill and left in a huff to the other end of the stands.

“Someone needs to get laid more,” Viktoria commented. “If Tiffany is anything like her mother, I think even if Nik and her got together, it’d end up as World War 3. The firecracker has still not shut up over there…”

Viktoria poked Veronika on the arm, motioning for them to move to one of the standing areas to keep watching, and keep away from the drama.

“Okay, okay, okay, Tiffany, just shut up. Sit at this end of the bench and Nik go chill out at the guy’s bench. I don’t need this headache right now while I’m trying to coach both teams solo. I’m disappointed in both of you right now,” she lectured them.

Nik went off, still glared at by Tiffany. He found his spot on the bench and riffled through his gym bag. The practice game was done for him, and now he wondered what would happen with the armband he worked so hard to acquire. Giving out a long sigh, Nik looked at the crowd to see how they reacted.

Most of the parents had gone back to watching Bayrampaşa Escort the game, still, there were groups obviously chatting amongst themselves and he didn’t know if it was about the tackle or just general chit-chat. A hot brunette waved at him from the crowd, and a second, instantly making him forget what just happened.

They didn’t look pissed or angry, instead smiling as best he could tell from being so far away. Now he felt regret in the pit of his stomach. Aunt Viktoria watched the game, and it might be the only game she could watch of his. Fifteen minutes into the game and gone.

“I’ve got to make sure we win. I want her to see me win a game. If we make it to the championship, she’ll surely come and watch me,” he thought to himself.

The rest of the practice games went by quietly. Nik and Tiffany kept apart from each other, and never said a word once the games were finished. He sat on the bench, sorting through his gym bag when Zoya walked over to him. The rest of the teams had already bolted in a flash after the coach’s post-game pep talk, wanting to enjoy the rest of their Saturday.

“Nik, I don’t think I need to explain to you the stunt that happened today backfired. Next practice; keep the leg sweeps for the opposing teams.”

“Yes, Coach, I’ll take it down a notch during these games,” he replied.

“Look,” Zoya said, wrapping a comforting arm around Nik, “Shit happens. Tiffany didn’t get hurt, controversy over. I’m hard on you cause you’re going to be the captain. That means the bar has to be set higher for you than anyone else.”

Nik nodded, understanding what she meant. From afar, however, Veronika looked on, shifting in her seat uncomfortably at seeing Zoya wrapped around Nik.

“Damn bitch better get her hands off my boy,” she cursed under her breath.

Zoya held Nik platonically. It appeared no more than a coach comforting a player, despite the gender difference. However, something inside of Veronika couldn’t handle the appearance.

“You say something?” Viktoria asked.

“I said she better not touch him.”

“Chill, sis, she is his coach. I don’t think anything is going to happen, especially not here in public. What has gotten into you all of a sudden?”

Viktoria saw Veronika’s hands were balled up into fists, clenched so tight they looked like she’d cut open her hand with her long fingernails. Finally noticing, Veronika unclenched her hands and shook her head.

“I…I don’t know? I just felt a sudden wave of jealousy at seeing Coach Rodriguez touching Nik.”

“First night you’re conflicted and now you want to knife a bitch…better cool your jets quick,” Viktoria said. “I don’t want you slugging me or Kate.”

“I’d never hurt my family, Vikky. It must have to do with the clan curse.”

“Let’s just say it is a good thing we’re the only two here, and all the other parents took off. I don’t want our family secret to get out so easily. Look alive, Nik is walking back this way.”

Viktoria waved at him. He waved back. Except for a couple of girls waiting for their parents to show, no one else loitered around the school field and bleachers. Gym bag slung over his shoulder, he let out a long sigh, trying to refocus and forget about the game.

“So, stud, you showed her who was boss. Think her pussy will be dripping for you to manhandle her for real?” Viktoria joked.

“Very funny, Aunt Viktoria, I just got an earful from the coach,” he replied.

“We saw, is everything going to be okay?” Veronika asked, jealousy instantly slipping away and her motherly demeanor returning.

“Yeah, at least I think so. I don’t have any delusion that practice for me on Monday will be a lot harder because of this.”

“Just gives mommy here an excuse to rub you down with soothing oil,” Viktoria said, winking mischievously. “If you’re done, how about we get going? I’ve got to catch a flight tomorrow and I want us to have a fun evening. I don’t know the next time I’ll get to enjoy this cock.”

She reached out, rubbing his bulge as she stood, acting so innocently and smooth to the deserted audience. Veronika shook her head but didn’t make a fuss. She wrapped a loving, caring arm around her boy as they head to the car and home.

Sitting in the back of the car, Nik rested his head against the seat. He felt tired, but not from the quick game. A growl in his stomach perked up his relative’s ears.

“Hungry, baby?” Veronika asked. “We can stop and get you some takeout if you want?”

“No thanks, mom, I’m not that kind of hungry. It feels different. I think I need some of your blood.”

“How much did you drink this morning, Nik?” Viktoria asked.

“None, just a normal breakfast and off we went to the game.”

“Too long it seems. We’ll be there soon. Think you can manage?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. I’m not driving or anything. I’m also horny too. I want to fuck you so bad right now too, mommy,” he admitted.

“See, Veronika, you had nothing to worry about,” Bayrampaşa Escort Bayan Viktoria winked.

Veronika huffed at the sisterly jab.

“Baby, when we get home, mommy will take good care of you. You can rail me all night and make sure Viktoria has something lewd to dream about on her trip back to the west coast.”

This time Veronika winked, returning the favor. Viktoria smirked, knowing she got one-upped and walked into that one. Head resting against the seat cushion, Nik’s eyes began to close involuntarily. He tried to stay awake but his eyelids felt like someone was pulling them down to the ground.

“What do you think about that, baby? Nik, you okay back there?” Veronika asked, turning to look in the back seat. “I don’t think this is normal, Vikky, he doesn’t look to be breathing properly.”

Nik took small, rapid breathes. He could hear his family talking but he couldn’t reply. Every muscle in his body felt paralyzed. He tried to move his lips, to say anything to allay their fears, but nothing came out. His mind remained active, understood everything, but could not react.

“Park the car,” Veronika said, immediately unfastening her seatbelt.

The car stopped inside a convenience store parking lot. As much as she wanted to just bolt out and help her son, Veronika kept her wits about her and exited the car like nothing unusual happened. People were around and she did not want to arouse any suspicion. Their medical concerns were not normal now and she knew it. Once Veronika entered the backseat, Viktoria drove away quickly.

Slipping into the back seat, she felt Nik’s head and checked his pulse. However, a faint smell invaded her senses, revealing something off, something different than the night before.

“Do you smell that?” Veronika asked.

“Smell what, I don’t smell anything,” Viktoria answered, driving back out of the parking lot.

“Didn’t he have a sweet smell after we had sex with him?” she asked.

“Did he? I’ll be honest, I was too caught up in my own pleasure and condition to notice any smell other than sweat and jizz.”

“I don’t smell anything. When you two were fucking, I could smell a sweet fragrance emanating from the bedroom.”

Veronika sniffed around Nik’s neck and wrist. Nothing, not a scent of anything could be smelled. An idea popped into her head.

“Maybe this will work. Don’t worry, baby, mommy is here to help you,” she said.

She raised her wrist to her lips. Long, sharp teeth extended on command, and she pierced her own flesh to allow the crimson nectar to flow.

“Hey, what the hell? No orgy in the backseat, sis, it’ll cost a fortune to get the stains out.”

“He said he was hungry. I’m going to feed him,” she replied, placing the bleeding wrist at her son’s lips.

Nik couldn’t suck in the nectar of his own accord. It passively slid down his throat and leaked around the corners of his mouth. Strength immediately began to return to his muscles, and he coughed up the blood all over himself and his mother. She did not get angry, instead Veronika laughed at being splattered in her own blood.

“Don’t worry, baby, mommy is here for you. Just drink a little more,” she said, softly, while stroking his hair.

“I felt so weak, mom. I could hear everything and my mind worked fine, I just couldn’t do anything. It frightened me,” he admitted.

“You’re going to need to drink blood on a daily basis, it looks like,” she said.

“What is going to happen to us then?” Viktoria asked. “Why haven’t we gotten weak?”

Veronika shook her head in confusion.

“You’re the keeper of the tome; did it say anything in there about this?”

“Nothing, nothing directly related to this.”

“Mom, I need more, please,” he said, grabbing her wrist to suck on it proactively.

His teeth extended, sinking deep into the vein so he could drink the blood faster, to be rejuvenated by the invigorating vitae. Veronika couldn’t help but get wet and moan from the action, spreading her legs open unconsciously.

“Damn, sis, wait until we get home before you ride him.”

“I can’t help it, Vikky, his feeding feels so good. It makes me wet. My panties are soaked right now,” she moaned out.

Nik ignored the moaning, intent entirely on filling his stomach full. The cloud over his head evaporated, and instead of feeling weak, he felt stronger than ever before. His mind kept note of this.

“Okay, baby, I think that is enough right now. Mommy is feeling light-headed,” Veronika mentioned.

Nik refused to stop sucking, his lips connected like a suction cup to get every single drop of blood into his mouth.

“You need to stop now, Nik, this is too much,” Veronika continued, now slurring her speech a little.

“Shit, better hope no one decides to knock on the window,” Viktoria commented, knowing she’d need to park the car.

A little further down the road she saw a big parking lot. She internally gave a sigh of relief, aiming straight Escort Bayrampaşa for the lot. The hunger inside Nik took over completely. He did not realize how much blood he sucked out of his mother. She couldn’t attempt to push him away though, caught up in both pleasure and her own loss of blood.

Car parked, Viktoria hastily reached into the back seat and stuck her wrist in front of Nik’s face. The awkward flexibility also caused her chest to hang out, looking enticing and enjoyable inside the tight t-shirt.

“Here, Nik, some fresh blood to suck on. Be a good stud and let your mother go. I’ll let you have a taste of mine,” she called out.

She kept her voice calm, alluring, trying not to freak out as she saw Veronika slumped over, twitching sporadically. Nik could smell the blood’s perfume lingering in the air. The decoy worked perfectly. His lips left Veronika’s wrist, and Nik let go of her body to seek out the fresh, untapped source of blood.

“What!?” Nik said, confused as his mother fell unconscious on top of him.

“That solved that. Does she have a pulse?”

“Huh? A pulse? Uh…” he stammered, checking. “Yeah, it is weak but she has one.”

“Good. You’re here up front now. Lay her down so she doesn’t fall off the seat and strap her in.”

Realizing what he just did, Nik hesitated. He held her face up, noticing her soft, weak breathing. Her angelic face beckoned to him, wondering why he’d hurt his own mother?

“Don’t worry about her for now, just do as I say,” Viktoria said, commandingly.

Nik did what she said and then hopped into the front seat. The car sped away back to their house as fast as they could.

“I’m sorry, Aunt Viktoria, I don’t know what came over me. I needed blood and when it touched my lips, I didn’t want to let go. You know I wouldn’t hurt mom, right?” he said, frantic and on the verge of a breakdown.

He held his head in his hands, small tears streaking down flushed cheekbones.

“Shhhh, it’ll be alright. I’m not mad at you. This is one of those uncharted territories we mentioned to you. I’m sure Veronika will just be happy you’re okay when she wakes up. Just let her rest when we get home, and to be safe I’ll take her there. I think I’m strong enough now to lift her up on my own.”

The teenager wiped the tears from his cheek, trying to calm down and put on a brave face. He always tried to put on a brave face for his family, trying to keep any problems to a minimum since he was the defacto man of the house ever since he could remember. Yet, in this instance, he hurt the person he never wanted to hurt.

Viktoria tried to settle him down, placing a comforting hand on his thigh, rubbing it caringly. She couldn’t begin to understand the pressure put upon him in this fucked situation they all got themselves into. The sisters knew the legacy, prepared for it, but all this got sprung on Nik in the span of a couple days.

“We’re almost home. How about wiping those tears and put on a brave face for your aunt?” she asked. “Don’t want to make me pout do you? I’ll end up with wrinkles and you won’t want to fuck me anymore.”

She hoped playing up his masculinity would encourage him, not having much experience in handholding a son. The tactic appeared to work as Nik began to settle down and sheepishly grin, as if more embarrassed than afraid.

“Thanks, Aunt Viktoria, I’m happy you were here to help out.”

“What are big sisters for?” she replied, parking the car in the driveway. “You go on ahead and wash up while I take care of your mother, then come find me, okay?”

He nodded, going on ahead to open up the front door. Viktoria easily lifted Veronika in her arms, like a man would carry a woman on an action poster.

“This vampiric super strength sure is handy,” she commented, carrying her sister all the way to the extra bathroom.

Placing her in the tub, Viktoria took the time to clean all the blood off, making sure each dried spot vanished. She did not want Nik to see any of his shameful handiwork the next time he saw his mother. Once finished, she carried her all the way to the bedroom and laid her on the bed to rest.

“You sure raised yourself a good boy, sis. I can only hope my daughter is caring enough that an accident will make her have a panic attack,” she said, stroking Veronika’s hair. “I think we’ll have no trouble being safe as long as he can control his urges. We won’t end up waiting through another dark age in our family history.”

Veronika breathed steadily, still unconscious but appeared out of any danger. Viktoria rubbed her own head, thinking to herself before heading out to the kitchen. So much happened so fast and she’d need to go back home the next day.

“Dammit, Krystal, why couldn’t you have come and visit? We need an extra set of hands around here for this,” she sighed, speaking aloud to herself.

Inside the kitchen, Nik sat at the table, unwashed, as he drank slowly from one of his favorite mugs. He looked lost in thought as Viktoria walked into the room. A sweet smell hung in the air. Viktoria smelled it, wondering if that was the fragrance Veronika mentioned in the car. It filled her nostrils full and made her weak in the knees. Moisture built up between her legs, forcing her to reach out and balance herself against the kitchen counter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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