Blood Passion Ch. 10

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Veronika pranced into the bedroom, pompoms in hand, and the tightest cheerleader outfit that could fit over her hot, voluptuous, supermodel MILF body. Nik could add a few more adjectives to what he saw but his cock did all the talking for him. Biting her lip at the bulge she saw, Veronika bent over at the waist, a few feet away from Nik.

“The star player needs to be able to bed the hot, slutty cheer captain. It is so like the standard,” she giggled, pretending to be an airheaded Valleygirl.

The skirt barely covered the tops of her thighs, and if Nik could see from behind her, he’d see they left little covering for that firm ass as well. The midriff was completely exposed to show off her flat, hard stomach that made all the magazine shoots hot and sexy. Her bust barely kept itself up without a bra, that cheer top subbing in as one. Both parts of the outfit were red and gold, the school colors, although it did not have a name on it. No branding, no team name, just a generic cheerleader outfit. Hot, stunning, but generic.

Nik and his cock cared less. Seeing his mother flaunt, strut and pose for him like a girlfriend turning her stud jock on made the slightest bit of precum slither from the tip of his cock. The massive manhood tented his soccer uniform, so visibly that Veronika could instantly tell she got the effect she wanted to produce.

“My stud turned on right now?” she asked, cooly, as she strutted to the wall.

Placing her hands on the wall, still holding the pompoms, she let one leg bend upwards while looking back at him.

“Are you going to make me do all the work, stud? I got so wet watching you bully that other team around, baby. Come take your reward. No condom this time. You deserve something extra,” she continued, keeping up the roleplay. “Don’t let your bitch mother come home and find us. You know she doesn’t approve of us.”

Biting her bottom lip, she winked at him. Nik could see her slow, sensual breathing. Getting in the uniform turned her on, and pretending to be a teen again turned the crank more. Nik didn’t need another invitation. Standing up, he confidently walked over to his mother and pressed his bulge into her awaiting ass. One hand grabbed another on the wall, while the second reached around to palm at her toned stomach.

“You look so fucking hot right now, Mommy.”

“Shhhh, don’t interrupt the roleplay, baby. Keep calling me Veronika. I’m your cumdump cheerleader girlfriend, so treat me like one. Use me like you’d want to use the hot one on the squad in your school.”

“Right, Veronika, you’ve got me so hard right now. I don’t care if my bitch mother walks in on us, I’m going to keep fucking you until my balls are dry.”

“She is going to smell the hot sex the moment she opens the front door,” Veronika cooed, pushing back against his cock.

Moving from abs to tits to her lips, Nik’s hand enjoyed casually feeling up cheerleader Veronika. His mind went along with the roleplay. It was not like it could get any weirder. One finger rubbed along her hot red lips, slowly pushing inside. Closing down around the second knuckle, she sucked on the finger gently, slowly, building up the passion.


“I’d facefuck you in the shower room after the game, Veronika. You’d come skipping in, happy go-lucky, and then squat down to get me off after a hard game,” he whispered in her ear. “You want to be treated like a cumdump, I’d fuck you like one in the pornos. Any passion would be secondary. It’s not like you’re my mother or ‘Mommy’.”

Veronika extended out a leg, bending it so she could acrobatically pull Nik in closer. Feeling the weight of his body against hers set off an aphrodisiac feeling inside her brain. It felt right, natural, the way they should be. She kept sucking on the finger, lathering it up as if it were a cock, showcasing her slutty skills.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned again.

Lifting up the barely there cheer skirt, Nik noticed what he overlooked in the heat of the moment. She went commando underneath. Grinning, he pulled down the top of his uniform shorts so his cock could spring out and smack against her fine, firm ass. Now feeling the hot, sexual organ resting against her skin, Veronika moaned even louder. Those incestuous instincts ramped up. It could not tell the difference between roleplay and reality.

Her butt pushed against the thick, strong cock, rubbing it with the curve of her ass cheek. Precum glistened along the curvature, planting a flag on the ass he owned. They never put it in those words, happy or otherwise, but inside their primal, vampiric brains, they both knew what it meant when he became the leader of the clan. Veronika was his. His mother. His lover. His girlfriend. His wife. His property. His more. All wrapped into one gorgeous package.

Placing a commanding hand on her hip, he glided his cock along a wet, moist pussy. She dripped so much for him. She needed him inside her.

“Fuck me, stud. You’ve got me against the wall. Take me and make me scream in köle escort pleasure so your bitch mother can hear me from down the stairs the moment she walks into the house after work.”

“Against the wall, on the floor, in my bed…in her bed…you’re a bad girl, Veronika.”

The cockhead started pushing against the entrence, easily slipping inside. No resistance, no hesitation, only pleasure as they both moaned in unison from the natural, delightful feeling.

“You always feel so tight, Veronika. I stretch you out after practice every time, but you tighten up again. So good,” he groaned, trying to get hilt deep inside her welcoming pussy.

“Just like that. Fuck me slow, stud. Make me feel every inch inside me. Own my pussy,” she grunted. “Fill me up full, stud. Bully my pussy. I’m your dream girl.”

“Right out of the magazines. So fucking tight right now. I can’t stretch you loose at all. Your cunt keeps re-tightening to get stretched over and over again. Damn,” he grunted in her ear.

He kept their bodies close, slowly rocking his hips to fill that tight pussy full. It edged him badly, coupled with the outfit, making him want to jizz immediately. Veronika could instinctively feel it too by the soft quiver of his voice when speaking.

“Don’t cum too soon, stud. It is like, totally hot and all, but I want you all night long,” she cooed.

“I’ll try. You’re just too damn hot right now, Mommy…Veronika. I don’t want this costume to go away. How did you know?”

“I’m your girlfriend, aren’t I, stud? Why else would you be going out with me other than cause I’m a cheerleader. A jock always matches with a cheergirl. It is, like, nature.”

Veronika tried her best to play up the Valleygirl stereotype but she did have some brains despite being a model. The voice came out weird, unnatural, so she wondered if it turned Nik on or made him laugh.

“Keep talking like that, Veronika, like that Valleygirl from TV. No one around is like that here.”

She got her answer.

“Want me sucking on a lollipop next time too, stud, it’d be so like good practice when your cock ain’t down my throat.”

Nik sniffed Veronika’s neckline. His stomach called out for a different meal than the takeout they just had. The high from winning the game, and the kinky roleplay made his hunger grow. She smelled delectable, divine, ripe like a fine beverage ready for sampling. Vampiric teeth extended on their own, uncontrollable and deadly sharp.

“Heaven, baby,” she gasped out in pleasure, feeling the teeth bite into her open neckline.

Fresh crimson flooded down her body and uniform, dripping to the floor. The erotic sensation made her pussy clench down, dominoing Nik to cum at the same time. They climaxed together from the bite as Nik began drinking her vitae.

Before the pleasure overtook her mind, Veronika pushed against the wall to fall backwards against Nik. Unprepared for the movement, they both spilled onto the floor but it accomplished the mission. His bite broke free. Both laying on the floor, breathing heavily, she rubbed her neck to feel the bite holes slowly seal up as if they never existed to begin with.

“Sorry, mom, my mind went blank from the hot aroma I smelled from your neckline. I needed it,” Nik gasped.

“It’s okay, baby. I’ll be okay. I reacted quickly in case you couldn’t control yourself again.”

She turned over on the floor, snuggling up close again but with an arm on his shoulder to intercept his face in case that primal instinct lost control again.

“You came inside me the moment you bit into my neck. I didn’t think it’d feel that good, baby. I could feel my cunt clamp down on you like a vice.”

“I think I wanted to dominate you again, mom, like the first time. I can smell your blood. It has a distinctive smell but it suddenly changed…sweeter? I had to taste it.”

“I don’t know what changed. The roleplay?” she pondered as she stroked his shoulder.

“Maybe? Fuck, sorry, mom, that I ruined the fun you planned.”

“It is not ruined. You’re done already, baby? This hot, sexy, slutty cheerleader girlfriend is not going to get her stud, star player to toss her on his bed to fill her holes full?”

“What if I lose control ag…”

Veronika interrupted his words by leaning in for a hot, passionate kiss. Shimmying over as they kissed, she allowed her body to slither on top of his prone form.

“If I keep kissing you, I won’t allow you the chance to bite my neck again, baby, but fair is fair.”

Her own vampiric teeth extended, gashing open his lip so she could taste some fresh crimson of her own as they made out. Their hands explored each other, groping and fondling every muscle and appendage the wandering fingers could grab hold of. Mounted atop her handsome son, her knees touched the hardwood flooring as she sat atop his pelvic region. Still, they never took her cheerleader uniform off yet, although the pom poms were spilled out onto the floor from köle escort bayan the push.

“You still feel hard, baby. Don’t tell me you go through class with this all day. Do I need to milk you in the morning?” she teased.

One hand pressed against his chest, while the other ran fingers through her own hair as she struck a supermodel pose. The cockhead rubbed against her pussy opening while she rocked steadily, teasing it along the wet hole.

“It is a laundry day anyways, so we can make a giant mess of these outfits,” Veronika commented.

As Veronika continued to tease her big boy, Nik took the initiative to reach up and fondle those uniformed tits, playing with them. They looked lonely without a strong pair of hands to grope them as nature intended. He left them inside the cheap material. They fucked so much while naked, he wanted the change of pace.

“Are you going to keep being a tease, Veronika, or are you going to stuff my cock back inside you?”

“It depends, is Mommy going to do the heavy lifting tonight, or is my soccer stud going to take me like a cheerbitch? You don’t want this outfit to go to waste, do you, stud?”

Hearing the choices spurred Nik on to take charge. Planting both hands onto Veronika’s hips, he quickly lifted her up so his cock had the room to spear into the dripping pussy. He could feel the love juices leak down atop the cockhead before he thrust upwards.

“You’re going to do the heavy lifting while I enjoy playing with your large, bouncy tits,” he told her.

Both hands went back to their former positions, groping the luscious mounds with inexperienced vigor. Every time Nik fucked his mother he learned more and more about sex. Much like anything in life, it required practice and training. Unlike almost everything in life, sex legally required two willing participants in order to practice and get better. Looking at her beautiful, stunning face as if she were an angel, she looked happy enough. His form could not be that bad.

Veronika bounced away. Half of his cock slipped in and out of her divine love tunnel, burrowing a hole for its new home. Her pussy muscles stretched to fit the beast inside her. So wet and needy, no resistance prevented the cock from entering and exiting at whim. Still in the supermodel pose, she smiled like an angel. Subtle, slight movements to show off differing angles to get Nik’s imagination going wild for her.

She had one goal, mission, duty, and that was to drain his balls of seed at any and every circumstance. Ever since her transformation, deep inside a need arose. Much more than a desire to breed with her son, although that simmered in the back of her mind. No, something else, something more primal and domineering. She could not put her finger on it yet. However, it always disappeared when his veiny cock slid inside one of her holes, pussy, ass or mouth.

Without any forenotice or words, Nik sat up, grabbing Veronika by the waist. Channeling his powers, he effortlessly stood up from the floor with her tightly wrapped in his arms. Cock still deep inside her warm pussy, he kept her aloft to fuck in the kinky position. In return she wrapped slender arms around that toned waist, heels digging into the tops of his butt cheeks. Partly it helped keep her from falling down, and also partly to give him more oomph with each thrust.

“You want to be my cheerbitch, Veronika? You want to make my fantasy a reality? You know then every time I win the game I get all your holes,” he spoke confidently. “Better make sure the lipstick is fresh too because you’re going to need to glaze me up or your ass will get sorer than usual.”

Leaning in closer, and using all his willpower to not sink his teeth back into her neckline, Nik whispered into his mother’s ear.

“I mean it, Mommy, every time I win a game this season I want to fuck you until I pass out from exhaustion.”

“I expected nothing less, baby,” she moaned in reply.

Her tongue licked along his earlobe, brain barely holding on from the pounding she took in the air. So strong, so dominant, whenever he took charge like this it made her heart and pussy melt. Fingernails dug into the back of his shoulders, digging deep but not enough to pierce the skin yet.

“Every single fucking game. It’ll give me motivation knowing you’re in the stands and this outfit is only a goal away once we get home,” he grunted in her ear.

He held her close, their combined body heat warming up their skin to glisten and drip sweat. Veronika held on tightly too, letting her outfit absorb all the sexual sweat and fluids their bodies exuded.

“Keep fucking me, baby. I’ll drop the roleplay. Fuck your mommy until I can’t do anything but lay on top of you, passed out and cock warming you.”

Strong hands held her ass, allowing all ten fingers to skin into the firm, sculpted flesh. Veins pulsated as supernatural blood pumped just enough power into the muscles to keep her aloft, safe and secure in escort köle his loving embrace.

Nik felt his powers come alive. He had muscles for a soccer player but nothing that could hold his mother up with ease. He jerked off lots before but now he felt something extra come from his cock. An inch here, an inch there, it felt like it changed to make sure not a single drop of sperm would leave her taken womb, sealing it full.

Veronika felt similar in a womanly fashion. Her pussy moistened quicker, rapidly leaking for her big boy to fill with glee. Her supermodel physique would never be considered ‘strong’, but now her hands and arms held him with passionate vigor to do her part.

“Keep railing me, baby, mommy is your bitch. Use me. Dump that thick jizz into me. I need it so badly,” she moaned in his ear.

“You’re my woman. You’re mine,” he grunted.

Nik felt his cock get more sensitive, his balls tighten as they were about to spill more seed inside her for the second time in the hour.

“I’m so close, Mommy. I’m so close to making you my bitch again,” he grunted more before kissing her.

Their tongues swapped spit with the other. Moans reflected each other, mirroring the intensity as Nik got louder with the first blast and Veronika took it up a notch by orgasming in response. He could feel her orgasmic juices leak all over his shaft as he kept hammering into her.

“Keep fucking me, Nik, keep going. You feel so good.”

Turning around forced Nik to ignore his mother’s request but it took only a few moments for her brain to figure out what he had planned. One moment she stared at the wall, the next she laid on her back on his bed, staring up at Krystalr’s classy magazine poster he strategically positioned on the ceiling. She couldn’t help but smirk through renewed pleasure, laid out in a mating press while Nik resumed his vigorous fucking.

“You’re fucking me like an animal, baby, all while I stare up at my sister.”

“Every time I have sex with you, I don’t want to stop,” he replied.

“Good boy, feed your mommy all that delicious cum. Don’t be afraid to take from me what you want. You started to but then backed off. Ignore what happened in the car. Embrace it,” she encouraged him, legs still wrapped around his athletic waist.

“In the shower. I’ll surprise you in the shower.”

“Won’t be a surprise if you tell me.”

Both of her hands started stroking his locks, running fingers through the matted hair, coated in sexual sweat. Nik’s hips worked overtime, humping into his mother like a dog taking its bitch. Inside his brain a battle raged between instinct and control. The roleplay allowed control to stay in command short-term but once he tasted the sweet, maternal blood, instinct broke open the door.

“I won’t tell you then. I’ll just take you as you asked,” he told her.

They both heard and felt the squelching of cum as he pounded every jet of jizz inside her eagerly awaiting womb. She needed it, to feel bred even if she took a pill every day. She felt complete with his swimmers inside her infernal womb. Even though they would not reach their destination and complete their journey, the subconscious feeling of them swimming in search of those precious, legendary eggs turned her on fiercely.

“Fuck…fuck…fuck…keep pounding me, baby, fuck me harder. Mmmm, just like that. Don’t stop. Don’t stop thrusting into me. Make me shatter your windows with my screams. Fuck, I’m such a slut now.”

“You’re my slut, Mommy, dressed as a cheerleader or not, you’re my slut,” Nik whispered in her ear.

Every time those words penetrated Veronika’s ears, it felt like they were laced with a different tone, a different intent. She heard the words but something in her brain sent a different signal to her mind.

Nik took his hands from under Veronika’s backside, slick with sweat. Both hands ran along the equally sweaty arms of his mother, seeking out their pairs. Fingers rubbed and caressed palms, eliciting a soft moan from the sudden romantic gesture. Nik’s hips did not stop humping away to keep pounding every ounce of seed inside her womb.

Fingers began to interlock, leading the arms above their heads to rest on the bed. Rough but sensual, commanding yet sensitive, he took more control of their passionate lovemaking. Nik pinned her down more so than before, making sure his mother could feel the raw sensuality of her son learning to be a man.

An onlooker would see a man humping into a woman with little form or style but Nik’s instincts made him learn to adapt to his mother’s unique pussy. It could tell the difference between it and Aunt Viktoria, despite how little time he spent inside the sisters. How much of it was natural and how much was improved upon by his clan bloodline, he did not know. Veronika cared little, moaning away, cheeks rubbing against her son’s as an orgasm wracked her gorgeous body.

“I’m going to learn all about your body, Mommy. I need to know all your pleasure centers, your erogenous zones, all the places that will make you tick,” he told her through hot kisses. “I can’t explain it but I need to do this.”

“You’ll get no complaints from me. Don’t stop fucking me like this. Make me feel taken. I said it before but it turns me on. I’m not your aunts. I don’t need to be in control.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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