Bloody Good Boy

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I stood in his bathroom, brushing my teeth and thinking about how mirrors in California were much larger than on the East Coast. Blake moved into this apartment two days after I arrived for my ten-day visit. It was my input that decided this place and it was based entirely on the abundant wall-to-wall mirrors in the bathroom and bedroom. As a city girl, this is something to kill for though as a Californian it seems as standard as a working sink.

I examined my naked body in the mirror, wondering how he saw me. My face has always been a great asset. I have incredibly large, auburn eyes that angle up on the sides with long, dramatically arching eyebrows. My high cheekbones are splashed with freckles and my thin nose turns up girlishly, just slightly, at the end. My jaw is elegant, with a narrow, heart shaped chin. My mouth is rather small, with full lips that flush and swell with excitement. While my face is rather young looking, my body is entirely womanly. I stand about 5’8 with an exceptionally toned physique. Being physical has always been a theme in my life, from my early sexuality to my almost limitless drive for running, biking and swimming. My body seems to compulsively seek challenge and stimulation. The results are impressively toned arms and shoulders, a tight stomach that curves in around my waist, flared, well-muscled hips and thick, firm legs. I am one of those rainbow children, a progressive blend of West African, British, Central-American Indian, German, Southern Italian and French. My skin is a rich brown with an alluring pink undertone that can be seen in the flush of my cheeks. My dark hair has always been a turn on for men; thick, giant curls and wild manner. The collective is erratic, but each curl is soft and yielding. I usually keep it in a lose knot, up off of my neck but tonight I let it down, cascading over my thin, strong shoulders.

Blake was putting away some of his things in the other cabinets, and giving me sidelong glances. I could see him examining my breasts, watching the way they fell as I bent over slightly to keep the toothpaste dripping from my mouth in the sink. While I am lean, my natural shape is very curvy. My waist is an impressive 25 inches, while my hips stay a womanly 37 thanks to a well-formed ass. My breasts are very full, and extend wide across my small ribs to a pleasant 32DD. For those of you who don’t understand, the letters have to do with the number of inches greater across the breasts than under the breasts, so mine are not unwieldy only full. Because of their size, however, they have a soft, womanly hang to them, which I have found to drive men crazy. I adore watching men’s jaws drop when they realize I don’t wear padded bras and all the size and shape they assess over my clothes is made real in the flesh.

Blake came to stand next to me, looking at me in the mirror and before him, running his large hands down my side. Blake is the youngest guy, in relation to myself, that I have ever fucked. We were both 23 at the time, but I am five months older exactly. A silly thing to be on my mind, but it spurred fantasies that I was an older woman allowing myself to be seduced by this young boy. But Blake was hardly a boy. Standing about six feet tall, he was a prep school dreamboat. Broad shoulders and heavy well proportioned pecs tapered into the tiniest waist I had ever seen. Having spent İstanbul Escort years sailing, his arms rippled with thick, naturally built muscles. This was not a gym rat, but a body built for real strength and agility. His hips were narrow and an achingly beautiful alabaster, giving way to long, well muscled legs and narrow, well formed feet. His cock was heavy and thick, just like his body. It stood strong and firm from his body, above heavy balls of dark pink skin. He gently pressed it into my hips and I could feel the thickness and heat of it as I lazily moved the toothbrush in and out, across my mouth.

Women are not taught to appreciate male beauty in the way men are guided to look at women, but Blake is every aspect of beautiful. On a base level, I ached for him to take me over. I wanted to be overwhelmed by this beautiful sailor. But I also wanted to destroy him. A well-mannered boy, brushing his neat, shinning brown hair, wearing his clean pajama pants and freshly cleared glasses… I wanted to corrupt his sense of order. Blake is extremely orderly, a Mama’s boy. I am decidedly exotic, to be sure, and more than a little erratic. His approach to me early on was respectful, open and honest. Once I knew he was interested in me, I thrust my hand down his pants and bit into his neck. I enjoyed this sense control.

Blake’s eye narrowed as he began to shift his cock slightly into the meat of my hips. He stepped carefully out of his pajama pants, leaving my side for a moment to fold them neatly and place them on the bench. He extended his hands to caress the outside of my hips and looked intrigued at the sight of the little keyhole space between the bottom of my ass and the top of my legs. I bent over just a little to give him a slightly better view of my pussy, already puffy and wet from the sensation of his examination of me.

I had begun my period that day and assumed sex would turn to a compulsive act of release. I was happy that he was at least enjoying my body visually. Blake took one hand and ran the pads of two fingers along the slit visible now from my bent over position. I could feel the mess of wetness and a little blood spread around the outer lips of cunt. I moan and bit down on my toothbrush just slightly. His haunting green eyes caught mine in the mirror and he smirked condescendingly. It was disarming to be put on the defensive by this polite young man. Keeping his eyes locked into my face, challenging me to not look away, he flicked his finger across my clit.

“Do you like that?” He asked, his voice lower than I had ever heard it before. I nodded, and put one hand on the sink to brace myself. I shocked by his suddenly dominating attitude. The pink and white handle of my toothbrush still braced in my teeth, my full lips wrapped around it. “Good,” he said, finally looking down to grab my hips with determination and position his body behind me. Blake took his thick cock in his hand and ran the head around the wet mess he had made of my pussy. There was little thought or purpose, just a swirling motion to spread further the juice and blood. The lips of my pussy moved and folded easily, soaked with anticipation. Soon he was almost diabolically smacking the wetness on my cunt and thighs, challenging me to be a good girl and take his small abuses. I spread open my legs a more for him to get better access Anadolu Yakası Escort and he let out a deep sigh at the feeling of heat released from between my legs.

Blake let go of his cock for a moment and inserted one strong finger into my cunt. I have always been a tight, narrow girl despite my full thighs and wide hips. “Fuck…” he moaned as he pushed against the muscles on the inside of my body with the length of his forefinger. Every time we fucked, it was a trial to fit his dick into me. The cramps and swelling from my period only intensified this. I looked up at him from the mirror, watching as his face angled down to my crotch and his hand guided his rigid cock towards the tiny, swollen hole between my thighs. I reached to take the toothbrush out of my mouth, which he must have seen from the corner of his eye as he smacked my ass hard in disapproval. “Oh Jesus Christ,” he moaned, forcing the head of his cock through the narrow opening of my pussy. Placing his hands on my waist, wiping blood on my smooth, brown skin, he got ready to push the rest of his body into me.

“Are you ready?” he asked. I saw my cheeks bright pink in the mirror. My eyes watered in pain from the stretching, and my face betrayed a slight embarrassment from my blood beginning to drip down my legs. Biting harder on the toothbrush that Blake would not allow me to remove, the length of his dick pushed apart the flexing muscles inside my body. “Ugh,” he groaned deep and raw, until his pelvis was nuzzled hard into my ass. My knees weak, he moved his hands under the front of my hips to hold me up.

As he drew his cock out, it was coated in blood and brought forth a small spill of bright red. It hit the floor and the sink, and began to spread out just slightly. Seeing this only seemed to spur him on. Blake pushed back inside this time with less consideration, and withdrew fast as if to pull out more blood from my body. As the watery, womanly substance found its way down my legs and onto the sink, Blake seemed fascinated and his excitement and enthusiasm increased.

My even, dark skin was being painted in this taboo ink. My wild hair fell down one side of my body, to reveal the drastic curve of my waist. My mouth flooded with toothpaste, as I tried to keep from gagging at the deep thrusts. Blake found a rhythm, taunting the tight entrance of my cunt with the thick head of his cock and was determined to not just fuck me but to experiment with me.

Suddenly leaned his body over me, cupping my breasts and putting his face into my neck. “Keep still,” he moaned. I had learned that Blake liked to play a game with me where he would physically and verbally attempt to keep me still while I thrashed about. Usually this was playful and set me as the leader but this was not a request, this was an order. He had me vulnerable. I shrieked into my toothbrush, beginning to feel a little suffocated from having to keep my mouth closed around it. “Stop it, Sweetheart…” he said as he rammed his dick as far as he could get it, pushing hard against my cervix and carving out any space he could find. Having discovered this space, he began a pounding that served to remind me who was in charge. I might be alluring and brave, but Blake was stronger.

My thrashing and writhing became fevered and frantic. I was getting nervous about my mouth being Üsküdar Escort full and my pussy was fluttering and aching to cum. Suddenly, Blake leaned back and withdrew his cock allowing another large spill of blood that stopped him momentarily. He could see this little mess of red on the floor, and feel it under his feet. He took my delicate chin in his hand and withdrew the toothbrush. It was a relief although I couldn’t spit with his hand holding my jaw closed. He kissed my closed mouth and picked up my lithe body. “We are going to get you turned around, ok?” He said as he guided my ass to sit on the edge of the sink. “There you go,” he said in a sadistically soothing voice, opening up my legs for a full view of my pussy.

He guided his blood stained cock back into the wet, quivering mess of my pussy, still grippingly tight. I could see his white skin marked with blood. He was getting ready to cum, I could tell. His body tensed and his movements became purposeful. My mouth, filled with white froth, could not stay closed. My small mouth parted and a trace of foam escaped my lips. He drank me in; long, tan, my flat stomach folding just slightly at the waist, my full breasts bouncing with every thrust, my hair falling back behind me, soft tendrils tickling my shoulders and framing my pretty, animalistic face, my strong, lean legs parted and marked up with my own cum and blood. He became faster and faster in his motions, pushing harder and touching the wetness around my cunt with his hands. I angled my pussy towards his fingers, attempting to get some stimulation for my little clit. Slowly, and teasingly, he let his finger find my tiny button. He rubbed it expertly, while massaging it from the inside with the head of his cock.

I bore down, clutching the sink, and allowed him to take me to an orgasm. Leaning back, detached from my jolting movements, he filled and emptied my cunt; forcing it to stretch and tighten up, flutter in excitement from the rubbing and pressing of my clit. The blinding heat of my cum came on quickly and my body flexed hard and he expertly thrust his thickness into my spasming canal – forcing it open when all it wanted to do was tighten up.

I moaned, attempting to wipe my lips of foam and begging him with my eyes to spit it out. Suddenly he grew dark, “Do you want something?” he said as he jammed his cock into me. My eyes widened and I nodded pleadingly. “Well, what do you want? Tell me.” I opened my lips just a little to show the mouthful of toothpaste. “I don’t understand, I can’t hear you.” I whined and opened my mouth further, allowing some to drip down my chin. “Well, if you want something you are going to have to ask for it. I would love to help you but I just can’t understand.” I pouted and tilted my head back, holding in as much of the liquid as possible. Blake kept his eyes on the tediously balanced white stuff and he thrust his cock into me hard and purposeful

I could feel him getting to that last stage of an erection, where his cock is entirely completely solid and his body begins to tense. “You poor girl, you are going to be a mess…” the blood was everywhere and my face was dripping with little bits of white paste. Digging his hands into my hips he pushed into those tight spaces that do not stretch easily and groaned fiercely. In the last moments, he pulled his throbbing, soaked cock from between my legs and let his cum spray my cheeks and hair, down my chest and stomach. I stayed on the end of the sink, legs spread, wet with girl juice, blood, cum and sweat.

“Go ahead and spit that out,” he said as he began to pull some tissues out to clean up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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