Board Games

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It was one of the better games I’d ever downloaded from the net. I knew that the moment I opened it up. Unlike the usual drivel with no point and no excitement this was a game to play with a close friend or two or three. The object, like in spin the bottle, was to dare someone to do something or to pay the penalty if the dare was not taken. The suggestions proved to be to the point and sex-specific. To be much fun, though, hang-ups and taboos needed to park outside. Fortunately I was pretty sure that Aim and Mike and maybe Cathy would play along, at least for a while.

I’d never gotten quite as close to Aim(ee) as I’d have liked to. She was a five footer with the body of a Penthouse Pet. Fourty plus D cups sat below red hair, brown eyes and a feisty personality. Mike was also about 5’1″ and a bright CPA and Aimee’s beloved. Cathy was what I brought to the table; a one time equally feisty gal who had diminished lately in her sexual attack. This would be a wake-up call. My rod was awakening at the possibilities that my mind was entertaining.

Talking them all into it was the hard part; that accomplished I was curious to see who would drop out and who would play on. The istanbul travesti first few times around the cyber-board brought requests to tickle, taunt, tease or tempt someone else in the game with a variety of cutesy suggestions. Later rounds required massages (a personal favorite) or kisses to ever-more erogenous parts of mostly your own partners body. As the game went on, drinks were required and we all became giddy and, well, drunk. Cleavage that usually remained hidden was now exposed to view.

Tents began to sprout in Mike’s and my own pants. When the requested dares started crossing from partner to others partners the game got going for real. First Mike was dared to kiss a ring around Cathy’s neck. Then Aimee was required to lose her lightest piece of clothing. In a move I couldn’t quite fathom or duplicate, her bra came out and off from under her dress. Yowser! Next I was forced to tell Aimee a secret about myself. I don’t think she was too surprised to hear that it had been a long time dream of mine to ball her brains out.

The words were whispered in her ear and made her face turn as red as her hair. Soon, Mike was dared and complied with a request to istanbul travestileri French kiss Cathy for three solid minutes. I was never much into kissing and watching them both go at it with fervor delighted me and maybe pissed Aimee off a little. When Aim’s turn came she was told to massage the tallest man in the room. Damn, never did 5’7″ feel so tall before. Her touch crackled with electricity. I didn’t even care that it was mostly static electricity, her touch nearly made me cum in my pants, the zipper of which was now straining and starting to pop open.

Level three brought heavier drinking and clothes removal into every round. With us guys in just our shorts and the girls in just their dresses the pile of panties and socks and shoes was getting as high as we were. When Aimee drew the first strip naked card everyone’s eyes turned to her in wonder and awe when, without any of the expected hemming and hawing, her dress was flung off into the corner and she stood there in her birthday suit with just the faintest blush on her face.

The next card required an oral massage of Cathy to be bestowed on whoever she wished and wherever on their body she wished travesti istanbul to do it. Without a second thought she reached over and fished Mikes’ member out of his pants and swallowed him whole. Bringing him just to the verge of climax she slowed down only to notice that her turn had expired and it was now my turn.

When the card said measure your favorite appendage in the warmest spot in the room, I crawled over Aimee and sank Mr. Happy balls deep in her now dripping wet pussy. As I stroked her for all I was worth, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Mike and Cathy were similarly entwining on the bed next to us. I was getting warmer and harder the longer we fucked. And to think we’d barely kissed before the evening had begun. Mike’s screams came just before he did. At about the same time I withdrew from Aimee’s now very warm spot and crawled up to fuck those beautiful titties.

She clamped them around my dick and squeezed them tight while flicking her tongue at the bobbing head of my dick. I came in a wondrous spray of cunt juice, sperm and sweat that covered her neck with a pearl necklace and her lips with a new kind of dental cream. When I finished my young show off friend Mike climbed on top of her for sloppy seconds, while I returned to my spouse for some anal action. I didn’t cum again though until Aimee allowed me to back door her as well. I may be going to hell in a bucket but at least I’m enjoying the ride!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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