Boat Ho Ch. 28

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She watched her brother as he was standing by the elevator. She noticed he had a bag in his hand. He exhaled a few times before pushing the button. She watched as he waited for the elevator. She couldn’t contain herself anymore; she had to talk to him.

“Skyler,” she let out as her heels clicked on the floor.

“Alex,” he said turning around.

He looked nervous and quickly seized up. He looked at her and thought she was going to attack him or worse. The elevator finally arrived and he walked in. She followed suit. He quickly pressed the button to the 11th floor. He quickly backed into the corner as the doors shut. Alex quickly trapped him in the corner. She placed her hands on the railing and gripped them tight. She leaned closer to his face.

“I love you,” she let out.

“I love you too,” he replied.

She kissed him hard on the mouth.

“Where have you been,” she asked as she pulled away.

“Here and there,” he replied.

“Seriously,” she asked.

“It’s been rough,” he replied, “I was staying at this church shelter but they found out about my….”

“What,” she asked.

“What I do for money,” he let out.

“Prostitution,” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied, “I have a client tonight.”

“Here,” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied, “a couple of Navy guys. They like to videotape it.”

“How old are they,” she asked.

“Older,” he replied, “I think they’re really high up there.”

“Oh,” Alex replied.

“I think one is a Captain. He’s Filipino, I think he’s the commanding officer of some ship,” he said as the elevator door opened.

They got off the elevator. Alex walked with him to one of the rooms.

He slid the card into the door and they entered. Alex sat on the chair as he set up the camera and tripod. He reached into his bag and pulled out a few pairs of handcuffs, lube, a ball gag, and a large bottle of lube. Alex pulled out her phone and checked the time; it was nearly eleven and had to get back to the ship.

“You should get going,” he said as he pulled out his cell phone.

“How much are they paying you,” she asked.

“Two thousand,” he replied.

“Holly shit,” she laughed, “how many times have they done this?”

” About 10 or 11 times,” he replied.

“They record every time,” she asked.

“Yes,” he laughed, “they keep the tapes.”

“I need this one,” she demanded.

“Why,” he said asked while punching buttons on his phone.

“I may know who one is,” she replied.

“Who,” he asked.

“May be my Commanding Officer,” she said in amazement.

“You think so,” he asked.

“Can you get a picture of their ID cards,” she asked as he finished texting.

“Should be able to,” he replied, “he usually takes a shower after he gets done.”

“Good,” Alex replied.

Skyler’s phone vibrated. He looked down at it and looked at her.

“What is it,” she asked.

“He’s on his way,” he replied, “can you hang out downstairs or something? I’ll text you when he finishes up. He usually takes about an hour.”

They quickly exchanged numbers. Alex wasn’t for sure if he’d gotten a new one. Sure enough he had. She quickly ran to the elevator and walked to the hotel bar. She looked at her phone and realized it was inching closer to midnight. She wanted to get back before it got too late. Plus she didn’t want to see Emmitt or Jamie. She ordered a cheap beer and paid with cash. She watched TV as she sipped her beer. She anxiously looked at her phone waiting for a text or call from him. She finished one beer and then another. She was on her third one when she finally got a text from him. She rushed to the elevator and ran to his room. Skyler opened the door and handed her the tape. Alex could hear the shower running.

“Be careful,” he said while letting go of the tape.

“I will,” she replied before kissing him.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love too,” she replied, “I’m so sorry about what happened.”

“It’s fine,” he whispered.

“Call me,” she replied as she walked away from him.

“I will,” he replied quietly.

Alex rushed downstairs and caught one of the final trolleys of the night. She realized she was still wearing the choker when she made it to the front gate. She quickly pulled it off and put it in her back pocket. She flashed her ID to Kıbrıs Escort the gate guard and walked to her ship. She flashed her ID again and saw a black Chief shoot her a dirty look. Alex did the same to him. She made it past the quarterdeck and into her berthing all before 1 a.m. One of the other girls was up watching TV in the berthing.

“Don’t you have video camera,” she asked of the Asian girl on the couch.

“Yeah,” she replied.

“Could I borrow it,” Alex whispered, “I found a tape I forgot I had.”

“Sure,” the Asian replied.

She watched the video of her brother being brutally fucked by the two men. She rewound it to the very beginning. He did what she told him to do. He was able to grab their ID cards and record them. Sure enough one of them was Captain Singsun, the Commanding Officer of the USS Tet Offensive. The other was the African American Weapons Officer Commander Everett. Even worse was that the video showed them exchanging money with her brother. Alex smiled quickly. She ejected the tape and returned the camera to the girl. She finally fell asleep around 2 a.m.

“Both of you are fucked,” Alex said softly as she began to drift off.

She awoke at 0600 and quickly showered. She made it to breakfast, which was surprisingly good for a change, especially for a weekend. She dumped her tray and made her way to the hanger bay for muster. Chief Hiller rambled on about various things; Alex didn’t really pay attention to anything he had to say. He did mention the watch bill was posted and everyone should look at it. They broke for muster and Alex looked it over. She only had one watch, but it was the late one.

“Fuck me,” Furlong said as he stood next to her.

“Seriously,” she replied.

“I knew this would happen,” he laughed.

“Yeah,” she replied.

They went to the shop and sat down. One of the First Class Petty Officers was watching TV. They all made small talk. They discussed whether or not there would be a security drill. The First Class said there most likely wouldn’t because Wednesday’s duty section had a rather lengthy drill. The rest of the duty section made their way into the shop. Rocky IV on TV soon transfixed everyone; Alex had watched it a long time ago. She couldn’t remember if she was alive during Reagan’s presidency. She tried not to think about it. The rest of the day dragged on. She didn’t have to take magazine temperatures due to being on watch. Someone else volunteered for that. Plus she didn’t want to get fucked in the magazine again. It seemed to happen every other time she had duty.

She and Furlong got the dreaded 0000-0400 watch, or as it was known balls to four. They wandered up and down the flight deck looking over the various pieces of equipment and machinery. The view of San Diego at night was incredible. They both liked the view, but could agree that being on watch was one of the worst ways to view it. The night dragged on and on. They made small talk about things. Furlong admitted he’d probably be in the Navy for a long time. But he wasn’t one of those gung-ho Navy people, he needed the money. He said his wife might be pregnant again. It was roughly 3a.m. when they noticed something going on near the superstructure.

“The hell is that,” Furlong said as he saw two figures getting in an airplane tractor

They heard some loud yelling coming from that area. They got a bit closer to the area. They walked slowly. Neither of them wanted to deal with any kind of bullshit tonight. They heard the engine start and the tractor took off.

“Call this in,” Furlong said with his teeth clenched.

Alex reached for the radio that was attached to her gun belt. She nearly dropped it. But was able to catch it at the last moment.

“Security,” she started, “this is flight deck rover.”

The tractor took off quickly and slammed into a few barrels.

“Shit,” Furlong yelled as he ran towards the tractor.

“Go flight deck rover,” the female on the radio replied.

“We’ve had an incident by the tower,” she stuttered, “I think someone crashed one of the tractors on the flight deck over.”

“We’re sending backup now,” she replied.

“Copy,” Alex replied.

“Lundz,” he yelled out, “call medical too!”

Alex complied and called medical, and explained the situation.

Alex finally got to the Kıbrıs Escort Bayan tractor and saw Furlong helping someone up from the ground.

“Help her,” he said as he pointed to another person on the ground.

Alex looked down on the ground and bent over. She helped the person up. She helped her up and looked straight into her face.

“Oh my god,” Alex said quietly.

“Alex,” Jamie replied as blood dripped from her forehead.

Suddenly six people from security showed up. The quickly took control and then four people from medical showed up. They quickly took Jamie and the other person from the flight deck. Furlong and Alex gave a quick description of the incident to security. Then Chief Hiller showed up and talked to them. Alex was trying her best to hide her shock. She didn’t want Jamie to say anything stupid or strange when she was in this state. Their reliefs showed up just as Chief Hiller left. Both of them went to the armory and disarmed. They both made it back to the shop and began watching shitty early morning TV.

“Fuck that,” Furlong said.

“I can’t believe they did that,” she replied.

“They were obviously drunk,” he laughed.

“I hope not,” she replied.

“How the fuck do you get a DUI on the ship,” he laughed.

“I have no idea,” Alex replied as she stood up, “I’ll be right back.”

Alex went to the Head and nearly threw up. She looked herself over in the mirror and let out a slight smile.

“The hell,” she whispered.

She quickly went to one of the stalls and peed. She got up and washed her hands and made her way back to the shop. Furlong was still sitting in his chair. A few other Airmen were passed out on the floor. She realized her seat was gone. Someone else had taken it and fallen asleep. She sat on the floor next to Furlong and leaned up against his leg. She gripped it slightly.

“You okay,” he asked as she leaned her head into his knee.

“Yeah,” she replied.

“You sure,” he asked as he looked down at her.

“Could I talk to you?”

“Yeah,” he replied as she let go of his leg.

Alex stood up and walked out of the shop. Furlong followed her. She led him to one of the weapons magazines that had been open due to shipyard work. She looked him over quickly.

“You seem kind of shaken up,” he said quickly.

“Yeah,” she replied, “I…I…fuck…”

“I didn’t think that would happen either,” he replied.

“I guess,” she shot back, “I don’t know….”

“You’ll make it through,” he replied.

Alex looked him over again and bit her lip. She quickly walked up to him and kissed him on the mouth.

“Whoa,” he said pushing her off slowly.

“I’m sorry,” she said in a defeated tone.

“I’m married,” he laughed, “it’s okay.”

She reached out and gave him a hug. She held on to him for a few minutes.

“Let’s go back to the shop,” he said as they let go.

“I’m sorry,” Alex smiled as they walked to the door.

“It happens,” he replied.

They made their way back to the shop. Muster went quickly, both she and Furlong had to give statements to security. Both of them were relieved when it didn’t take that long. They both gave similar statements about what happened. Alex made it back to her rack around 0900. She stripped off her uniform and slid into her rack. She quickly slipped off into sleep.

“Huh,” she said as she heard people talking in the berthing.

She looked at her clock and realized it was nearly 1400. She jumped out of her rack and made her way to the head and took a shower. She returned to her rack and changed into some normal looking civilian clothing. She wondered what became of Jamie. She hoped nothing bad had happened to her. She looked at the tape her brother gave her. She didn’t know who to turn it into. She put it in her pocket and left the ship. She took the trolley downtown again. She wandered aimlessly around the mall. She didn’t know what to do with the tape or who to send it to. She found an Internet café after she left the mall. She paid for an hour and sat down.

“Who should I give this to,” she whispered to herself.

She looked up San Diego newspapers but wasn’t for sure they would send it to the right person or whatever. She noticed the NBC building a few times earlier, but decided against them. Suddenly it hit her.

“Admiral Escort Kıbrıs North,” she said softly.

He’d gotten her out of hot water before and was certain he could help Jamie out. It was worth a shot. She searched for his name and found his Command’s website. She scribbled down the address and got up. She asked the people at the front for a sheet of paper. She scribbled down a note explaining the situation best she could. She wasted the rest of the time looking up Ke$ha concert information and other random facts. She left the establishment and found her way to a UPS store. She mailed off the letter and tape. She thought she was doing the right thing. She saw a movie that night and nearly forgot she sent the tape out a few days later. A fact that she was only reminded of when a car with government plates was following her as she left the ship one afternoon.

“Get in,” the male Ensign said as the car pulled along side them.

Alex complied as she heard the doors unlock. She slid in the back right passenger’s seat. She shut the door and sat down. She looked to her left to see Admiral North sitting next to her.

“Good afternoon sir,” she said in a tense tone.

“Drive,” he said to the Ensign.

The car slowly drove off.

“Uh,” Alex stuttered.

“Relax,” Admiral North replied.

“Yes sir,” she replied.

“So how did you find that tape?”

“I’d rather not say, sir.”

“That’s fine,” he laughed, “you can remain anonymous”

“I can?”

“Yes,” he replied, “I never liked my successor. Another minority in power.”

“Will you help my friend though,” Alex asked in a concerned voice.

“Who is your friend,” he asked.

“Jamie Smith,” she replied, “she and a friend crashed a tractor on the flight deck.”

“Yes,” he laughed, “I heard about that. They cost us a lot of money, but…”

“But what sir,” she asked in the awkward silence.

“I like you Seaman Lundz,” Admiral North laughed.

“Thank you sir,” she replied.

“I want to help your friend. I know what she did was stupid. But if she agrees to what the lawyers offer her, she’ll be set. If she doesn’t I’ll talk to her myself.”

“Thank you sir,” Alex replied.

The car came to a stop and Alex got out. She returned to the ship.

Alex didn’t like testifying at Megan Eady’s Captain’s Mast. She told her side of the story she was relieved when she got done. Then Furlong told them what he saw. Both of their stories were pretty much mirror images. The Filipino Captain handed down their sentences. She watched as security hauled them away. She shot Alex a defeated look. Secretly Alex was happy that Megan was going to the brig. Her division didn’t very much like her and they painted her as a manipulative bitch that took control of people and bent them into doing what she wanted. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to get Jamie off the hook. Jamie was sentenced to one month in the brig whereas Megan was recommended for court martial.

“Fuck you,” Alex mouthed as they hauled off Megan.

Alex was relieved when she got to leave the proceedings. She made her way to the hanger bay to and heard an announcement that an Admiral had arrived. She saw Admiral North and his entourage approach her. She shot him a crisp salute. He returned a crisp one as well; the other officers in his group gave various different qualities of salutes. She saw the Commanding Officer walk up to him. She walked farther away from them and found her way back to her berthing.

A month passed and Alex had nearly forgotten about Jamie, and the incident on the flight deck. She didn’t want to think about it that much. The Commanding Officer was relieved a white Captain replaced him: which pleased her. She spent most of her free time in the gym between giving blowjobs in the weapons magazines, she once went from magazine to magazine giving every guy head that she could. She was getting changed in the locker room when her phone vibrated. She looked down and noticed it was from a number not in her contacts. She looked it over and opened the message.

It read: Sorry for not getting to you sooner. Here’s Cindy’s # 757-555-0199

Alex smiled and looked over the message. She quickly changed back into her regular clothing and gathered her backpack and walked out of the gym. She found her way to a bench and scrolled over the number. She pressed talk put the phone to here ear. It rang three times.

“Hello,” a female voice answered.

“Cindy,” Alex asked.

“This is she,” Cindy replied.

“This is Alex,” she replied.

“Oh my god,” Cindy said in amazement.

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