Bonnie Ch. 01

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Double Anal

This is a work of fiction. Names were changed and the story contains explicit sexual language and depictions. All characters in the story are 18 years of age and older.


It had been roughly 18 years since I had seen my daughter’s half sister (same Mom, different Dad). I was going through my usual Facebook afternoon when I got a message from her. She wanted to thank me for taking Jessica when she was so young from her Mom and raising her in a stable home. Their Mom found drugs and alcohol and eventually killed herself with an overdose, but that is not a story for here. I told her it was no problem and I did what any Dad would have done. After some casual chat back and forth she asked me if I wanted to have lunch one day later in the week. I knew she was having issues at home and I did not want to complicate that any. I told her my concerns and she assured me he had moved out and the divorce was waiting final approval. After thinking for a few minutes, I replied that I would. We decided on a Friday afternoon that week.

I spent the next few minutes looking through her pictures on FB. She had grown to be a very pretty woman. She was 18 the last time I saw her at my daughter birth. Not much to look at, at that time.

When Friday came around I did my normal activities for the day. Cleaned up my apartment and got ready for the day. I did not get dressed up because it was a casual lunch meeting. I arrived at the designated restaurant and waited. Bonnie showed up a few minutes later. I knew it was her from the pictures I had looked at. What I was not prepared for was the way she matured. She was about 5’5 and a strawberry blonde. She was wearing a black blouse, jeans and some 3 inch heels. She was packed into her jeans and looked stunning. Her 2 most prominent features were very large. She was not a twig by any standard. Very curvy and full. After I swallowed the lump in my throat and cleared my mind I walked over to her.

“Hi Bonnie!”

She turned and smiled and said hello. We went into the restaurant and sat down. After ordering and some small talk about work and weather, she excused herself to use the restroom.

I could not help thinking about her. She was very smart, well spoken and obviously very hot. I had to put it out of my mind. When she came back to the table, I noticed one of her buttons on her blouse was undone. It was not like that when she left. I wondered if it was on purpose or it just popped from the weight of her breasts. Either way I was getting to see some nice cleavage. What came next I was blown away by.

“I just wanted you to know that I used to watch you and Mom fuck when you would come over.”

I was shocked. Here was a 36 year old woman telling me she watched her mother and I fuck when she was 18 years old. I am sure my face was red. She laughed and saw I was uncomfortable.

“It was where I learned how to have sex. I loved the way you made my Mom cum. Sometime it was soft and others you were so rough. And your size? Wow!”

My face was as red as the sun by now.

“Can we change the subject?” I asked.

She blurted out, “I liked when you fucked her hard!”

Now her face was red. “Oh my, I am so sorry. It will not happen again.”

“It is Eskişehir Escort OK.”

The rest of the lunch “date” spent talking about her kids, life and how she was going through her 3rd divorce. I found out she had 6 kids. Must be where those massive breasts came from I mused. She wanted to move and get closer to her family. I encouraged her to do so and get a fresh start. After we ate and settled the check, I walked her to her car. She hugged me and thanked me for a nice lunch. I could feel her breasts press against me and I felt my cock stir.

“Thanks for a good time Bonnie. We will have to do it again soon.”

“For sure!” And with that she got into her car and drove off.

I thought about what she had said and how she pressed against me all the way home. When I got home I had to release my cock from my shorts. I have to wear underwear that is fairly tight because of “my condition”, as I like to call it. I have a very large cock, almost 12 inches when erect and thick, very thick. The pre cum was glistening on the head. I rubbed the goo around and started to rub my member. I stopped and went to my computer and pulled up a picture of Bonnie. I came thinking about fucking those big beautiful tits.

I went outside and walked to the store. I needed a few groceries and a walk to cool off. I did my shopping and oogled a few women in the store and went back home. I put my groceries away and showered. After dressing and popping a beer I settled onto the couch and flipped on the TV. My phone rang and I did not recognize the number.


“Hi Tim, its Bonnie.”

“Hi!” I said and wondered how she got my number.

“I hope you don’t mind me calling, I got your number from Jessie.”

“That is fine. What can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful day and would like to do it again real soon.”

Feeling my cock stirring again, I said “How about tomorrow?”

“Great! I will be in the city tomorrow, how bout I pick you up and we can save some gas?”

I gave her my address and hung up. Now my mind was in a daze. What was she doing I wondered? Was she as horny as her Mom was? Is she as deviant as her Mom was? I had a million things running through my head.

The next day could not come fast enough. I got up, cleaned my place and showered. I put on a nice shirt and some casual shorts. I thought about going commando but I did not want to expose myself too soon. I had just finished putting on some cologne and my doorbell rang. I opened the door and I am pretty sure my jaw dropped. She was in a gorgeous yellow sun dress and smelled like heaven! Her hair was windblown and absolutely sexy as hell! She had on heels again and her feet were gorgeous. I invited her in because I still had shoes to put on and my teeth to brush. She sat on the couch and crossed her legs. I went into the bathroom and I could feel my cock straining to get free. I brushed my teeth and hurriedly put on my shoes. I came out of the bedroom and she stood up.

“I see nothing has changed about you.” she purred.

“What do you mean?”

She pointed to my growing bulge.

“I am so embarrassed!”

I tried to hide it. Now I knew why Eskişehir Escort Bayan she was here. She lifted her sundress over her head. She had on a yellow bra and matching panties. The bra barely contained her tits. They were massive. I would have guessed 34E.

“I have always wanted to fuck you, ever since I first saw you banging my Mom. And now I want that big fucking piece of meat in me!”

She walked over to me and dropped to her knees and undid my shorts. She pulled them down and gazed at what was building in my underwear. She rubbed the outline of my cock and started to shake.

“What is wrong baby?”

“I have never seen or felt anything that long or thick! How did my Mom take it all?”

I told her it takes time; she will eventually be able to handle it all.

“Take it out of my shorts!”

When the beast sprang loose it was fully erect and staring her in the eye. The big head was glistening. She wrapped both her hands around it and started to slowly pump it.

“Oh fuck I can’t even get my hands around it!”

I could see the lust in her eyes and she stroked my cock. I made a decision to take it easy on her tonight. She was too fragile and new to this. I pulled her up and gently kissed her mouth. She moaned quietly. I undid the 4 hooks on her bra and let her tits fall out. Her areola were a nice dark shade of pink and her nipples were long and thick. (To give you a size comparison, just stack up 6 pennies. That’s a good comparison.) I took one in both hands and lifted it to my mouth. I sent my tongue across a nipple and felt her tense up.

“That feels so good! Suck them harder!”

My mouth was all over her massive globes. Her nipples were long and hard. She arched her back with each little lick or suck. I took her by the hand and walked her to my bedroom.

I sat her down on the bed and finished taking off my clothes. My cock was like a piece of steel. Standing out as straight as it could. She was fondling her nipples as I watched her. Her body was not a super models body. It had character and she was curvy in all the right places. In my mind she was perfect. I walked to her and knelt between her thighs. She fell back onto the bed and lifted her beautiful ass as I pulled off her panties. She was exactly like her Mom. He mound was covered with hair but it was light and sparse.

I moved closer and smelled her womanly scent. God she smelled good. I kissed her thighs and put my hand on her mound. She groaned with each kiss. Finally she begged me to eat her.

“Eat me.” she moaned quietly.

I spent the next 15 minutes fucking her with my tongue and fingers. I found her G spot and massaged it while I licked her swollen clit. Her juices were flowing as she reached her first orgasm.

“Oh, God, don’t stop! Lick my pussy. Make me cum. MAKE ME CUM!!!”

Who was I to argue? I licked her till she lost control. Her orgasm shook her body to the point she could only manage untellable words. She was panting like a dog when she sat up.

“Give me that fucking cock. I want to suck it and have you cum in my mouth!”

She grabbed my cock with both hands and took as much me into her mouth as she could. She sucked me like I Escort Eskişehir had never been sucked before. She massaged my balls and stroked my shaft. I could feel the pressure building in my balls.

“I am gonna cum Bonnie, I want to cum on your tits.”

“I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to taste you!”

I could take no more, I felt my balls spasm and I fired off the first three or four shots into her mouth. She took the head out and took the rest of my load onto her tits. I had 5 or 6 more thick ropes that I emptied onto her beautiful tits.

“Holy shit, you cum a lot”, Bonnie said.

“I have either been blessed or cursed.” I told her.

“Blessed is what I think!” Bonnie cooed.

Most women thought they could handle me or were scared away after I blasted my load into or on them. Having a large cock and a heavy semen load had been a curse in the past.

She got off the bed and got on her hands and knees on the bed with her glorious ass in the air. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks apart. I could see both of her lovely pink holes.

“This is how I know Mom liked it from you and how I always imagined it when I got off.”

“How did you know that about your Mom?”

“She told me, she always told me everything.”

“Now fuck me.”

I grabbed my recovering cock and rubbed the head against her soaking wet cunt. I pushed my head into her and she moaned.

“Go slow, please baby. It is the biggest thing I have ever had in me.”

Slowly I worked my meat into her. I managed to get about half in and started fucking her with nice even strokes. I slid my thumb in her tight ass.

“Oh fuck, my pussy is filled. I want it all in me.” “FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD!!!!”

“I don’t want to hurt you Bonnie. We have time. We will take it easy for now.”

She did not want to hear that. She begged to be impaled upon my meat. I grabbed her hips and pushed into her, she squealed with each thrust. I was finally into her, balls deep. She was moaning like whore in heat. I was pulling out until my head was stopped by her gaping hole. Then I plunged back in time and time again. My cock head pounded her cervix. I lost count of how many times she came. At least a dozen is what I think. I fucked her long and hard. Finally I could not take it no more.

“I am gonna cum Bonnie, I am going to fill you with my cum.”

“Cum in me Tim…Fill me with your love juice.”

I began shaking and bucking. I shot stream after stream of cum into her. It was dripping from her gaping pussy and down her thighs. I was spent completely. She had made me cum like I had only come with one other woman, her Mom. I pulled my cock from her and she fell onto the bed and reached between her thighs and wiped my cum from her pussy and tasted it.

“Mmmm, so yummy!”

“My god, you are good Bonnie!”

“Thanks baby, it was better than I had ever imagined. I hope we can explore each other more in the coming weeks!”

“My pleasure,” I exclaimed!

“One more thing. Should we have used some birth control?” I asked as an afterthought.

“Of course not, baby”

“Good”, I thought.

“With any luck, you dumping all that cum into me, I will be pregnant soon!”

I felt that lump in my throat again.

“You and I have so much to talk about. I want to tell you all about me, Mom and Jessie(my daughter)”

“I will come over next Tuesday and we have dinner. Will Jessie be home?”

“Uh, yes she will be.”

Good…see you then!

Stay tuned!

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