Bonnie Ch. 05

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Well, it has been 4 weeks now since Bonnie had our daughter. She is recovering nicely. Day to day life is tough since Bonnie lives about 30 minutes from me. We love that baby though. She is a spitting image of her mom.

Jessie on the other hand has become a handful. Even during her woman time, she is in heat. Do not get me wrong, I fuck her every chance I get. But at 55 years old, I need a break! Her 18 year old motherly body is getting tight with all the aerobic activity her and I engage in plus she is working out some. Her ass is getting a little smaller, which I am sad about, but this is her ass not mine. Her tits on the other hand have not gotten any smaller. In fact, they look even bigger now that she has slimmed down. Perfect for a horny old man.

I had arrived home from dropping the baby off back at Bonnie’s. I had the baby for a few days while Bonnie rested. When I walked in Jessie was sitting in the front room watching TV.

“What’s for dinner Daddy?”

“How about steak? Let’s go out.” I replied.

I grabbed the keys and we were off for a steak.

The restaurant was busy. Good friendly atmosphere. Jessie seemed quite happy she had some time alone with me. I asked her if she Fatih Escort was having a good time? She replied yes and gave me a big smile. We finished eating and had dessert. On our way home, I asked what she planned for the night. She said nothing other than snuggling with me on the couch. I liked that.

We got home and changed into some comfy clothes. I had on shorts and a t shirt. Jessie had one of my t shirts on. Her ass jiggled under it as she walked out and passed me.

I grabbed the popcorn and sat on the couch. She snuggled in and got comfy.

“Extra butter?’ She asked.

“Yup. Just the way you like it.”

She ate a few hand fulls and I felt her buttery hand slide in my shorts. She looked up at me and started rubbing my cock.

“Tonight, Daddy, could you call me Lois when you fuck me?”

“Why?” I pondered out loud.

“Watching you and my mom on that video just makes me so hot. I want you to talk to me like you did to her. I wanna do everything to you she did.”

I was unsure what to do. Here is my beautiful daughter, wanted to me called by her mother’s name during a highly unethical and frowned upon action between her and I.

“Lois, take your Fatih Escort Bayan clothes off and suck my fat cock!” I demanded.

She ripped off her shirt and dropped to her knees. I stood over her, waving my cock in her face. I used it to slap her face a few times. Finally, she grabbed the base and pulled me into her mouth.

“Face fuck me Tim” She gurgled.

I put my hand on the back of her head and started fucking her mouth.

She had skills I did not know about.

After a little trying, she managed to gobble my cock to my balls. Just like her mom.

“God damn Lois. Keep up and I am going to dump my cum in your throat.”

She pulled off my cock gagging for air.

“I want it all. I want all your cum.”

With that she buried her face back on me. Into her throat and back out to the head. Over and over.

Finally, I could not take it anymore. I grabbed her hair and pushed my cock into her throat and started cumming. I emptied everything into her I had. She was amazing.

“You suck cock like a pro Lois. A regular fucking cock sucking pro.”

Panting for air she got up and cleaned my cock with her mouth and tongue.

“How long till Escort Fatih we can go again Tim?” Jessie purred.

“What do you think”, looking at my still hard cock.

“What the hell? You usually soften up for a while Tim. Did you take the blue pill?”

“Well Lois, I knew you can go and go, so I prepared.”

She stood up and grabbed my cock. “Tie me to the kitchen table and fuck me in my ass.”

Her mom loved anal sex, better than vaginal. I blew more loads into her ass than pussy.

I got Jessie tied to the table and lifted her ass up. I stuck 3 fingers in her soaking cunt and rubbed her tight asshole. I slipped my fingers in and stretched her a little. I put my cockhead at the entrance to her hot tunnel. I pushed my head in and she gasped. I slid in slowly and managed to get about 10 inches in her.

“Fuck my asshole Tim, fuck my dirty ass. Make me moan like a whore.” Jessie mumbled.

“You like my cock, don’t you slut? You want me to fill your ass with seed.”

She managed to get a hand free and was rubbing her clit furiously. She was close to cumming. When she started to shake, I pulled my cock from her gaping ass and forced it into her mouth. I came for the second time in her mouth. She was glazed over, eyes had rolled into her head, she was only able to hold her mouth open as I pumped cum into and on her.

“I love you Daddy. I really do.” Jessie said. And she meant it.

“Love you too, baby. Now lets get you cleaned up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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