Boogie Van Ch. 05

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It was 6 months since my maiden voyage, and I was back on the road again. This time, I had a specific destination in mind. I had gotten a call from Jenni, my lady trucker that I had shared a shower with at the T/A truck stop just outside of Nashville. She told me that she and her sexy wife Kat had moved from Texas, and were now living just outside the Seattle suburbs. They had found a wonderful house up in the hills above the city, great neighbors who had no problem with the fact that they were a married same-sex couple. They were not jammed in cheek by jowl as they might be in the city, and the climate was much more livable than the heat of Dallas in the summer. When Jenni asked me if I’d be up to take a cross country excursion to visit them, I eagerly agreed. Kat then took the phone, and the sexy purr of her voice matched the hot picture of her that Jenni carried in her wallet.

I had eagerly agreed to take a road trip across the country, it was 43 hours driving distance to Seattle. I figured it out, make 9, 10 hours a day behind the wheel, and I’d be there in a little more than 4 days.

It was my first day on the road, Noon was coming up, and with a gas stop and lunch needed, I wheeled onto the apron around the pumps of an Exxon just off the interstate, and started to fill up the tank. There was a diner, Al’s Eats, next to the station, and when the Dodge was gassed up, I went in. The waitress was a busty blonde, who gave me friendly smiles and a nice view of cleavage. I was tempted to ask her if she’d like to test the van’s shocks, but when a muscular man walked in, it was clear that he was her boyfriend, I was glad I had not asked.

Time to get back on the road again. Outside, I saw several cars, one that was parked a few slots away, the occupants were in some kind of disagreement. I heard raised voices and saw some guy open the trunk, take out a suitcase, and set it on the ground.

“Fuck off bitch, I’m leaving, and you can get a Greyhound, or hitch-hike your way back home!”

The engine roared to life, he backed out and spun the tires as he gunned it, picking up speed and heading for the onramp to the freeway. I saw the woman pick up her suitcase, and start walking back to the diner’s entrance. She was a short lady, no more than four foot eleven, a mane of jet black hair to the middle of her back, and I could tell from her features that her heritage was Oriental, China, or Japan, maybe Vietnam.

As she walked in front of my van, I caught her eye and smiled, she gave me back a wan smile, and I asked, “Troubles with your traveling companion?”

She sighed, and replied, “Yeah, my boyfriend, or now, I would guess beşiktaş escort my ex-boyfriend. He hates the fact that I can be friendly to other men, his jealousy is enormous. I’m not a slut who’s going to sleep with guys willy-nilly. But in his mind, I can’t even talk to other guys, without him thinking I’m going to cheat on him, and he gets very green. I’m better off without that garbage, I feel sorry for the next woman he pulls that crap on.”

No accent, she sounded like a generation that was born here. I had been surreptitiously sizing her up. Cute face, wonderful oriental features, looked like a wonderful set of perky 34B’s, nice hips, she was wearing a white T-shirt and a set of lime green shorts.

I said, “I hope you don’t have too far to travel, I’ve done a cross country bus tour, once. Once was enough, now I travel in style, with my restored boogie van. I’m Colin, Colin Farrell.”

She smiled again, and said, “Nice to meet you, Colin, I’m Elaine, Elaine Chang. It’s going to be a long haul, I live in Seattle, and here I am, all the way across the country, just outside of Brookville Pennsylvania.”

I winced inwardly, it was only 5 hours from New York, she’d be facing a 38-hour distance to Seattle, plus needing to find the nearest Greyhound stop, and getting to there.

I decided to go for it, and said, “Perhaps I can help out. I am actually on my way to Seattle, if you want, I could take you all the way there. Or, if you’d prefer, we can find the next city that has a dedicated Greyhound stop, and you can catch a bus back home.”

I could see her mulling it over, then she gave me a smile, and said, “Colin, that would be wonderful. I’d love to take a comfortable ride back home, thank you.”

I took her suitcase and lifted it in behind the seats. I helped her up into the passenger door, my gaze enjoyed the smooth, shapely legs, tawny brown and sleek. I closed the door, crossed over, and quickly climbed up into the driver’s seat.

“Seattle or Bust!” she exclaimed and giggled.

On the road, we exchanged the story of our lives. Her heritage was Chinese, she was the second generation, her grandparents had immigrated in 1939, her Mom was first-generation, born a year after they had settled in Seattle. Her dad was also first-generation, they had gotten married 37 years ago, and she was born 2 years after they were wed. They loved Seattle, it was a vibrant, exciting city, and she said she had never considered moving anywhere else. She had just been promoted to upper management of the investment firm where she worked.

“When you’re four foot eleven, you have to work hard, to be taken seriously. şişli escort I’m no China doll, and I drive myself to excel.”

I told her about myself, how I was living in Queens, and was looking to get away from the crush of the New York metro region. I told her how an inheritance had left me free to pursue my real passion, writing, and it was now a steady stream of income, with no drain on my nest egg.

She blinked sleepily, and said, “I didn’t get enough sleep last night, would it be okay if I went and lay down?”

I replied, “Oh for sure. Just go down the hallway, and stretch out. You can close the sliding door, and get some privacy.”

She picked up her suitcase, and headed back, as she entered the bedroom, she called back, “Wow, what a nice big bed! Looks so comfortable!”

I said, “It is, I assure you. Have a good sleep Elaine, I’ll wake you when it is close to dinner time.”

She called back, “Oh I will. Thank you for being my white knight to rescue the damsel in distress.”

A few minutes later, she must have laid down, I heard an ”ahhhhh” as she felt the pillow-top mattress cuddling her.

As I drove along, I thought of her, in bed. My mind teased me, was she under the covers wearing just a T-shirt and panties? A bra and panties? Just panties? Or was she stark and wonderfully naked? I was hoping I’d get a chance to find out, but I was not going to take her by force. One rape was enough, and I’d been lucky that it had warmed Vanessa up enough that I didn’t get busted. Not being one to press that kind of luck, she would have to be fully willing and eager. I could sleep on the bed the dinette folded down into, no problem. And it was nice to have such an attractive companion to share the journey with.

I wondered if she was horny, and had masturbated quietly before she fell asleep, feeling the wonderful tremors of orgasm sweeping over her. A great natural sleep aid, thinking of her hands tickling at her clit, maybe a dildo had been gently thrust in and out while she played with her clit. Unlikely, I had not heard any noises from behind the door, but she could have been a quiet one, able to orgasm with a minimum of noise. The idea of her playing with herself in my bed while I was at the wheel got my cock perking up again. I shook off my imaginings and concentrated on the highway.

The miles rolled along, we crossed the state line into Ohio, drove through the narrow neck between it and Indiana. As 5:00 PM arrived, I decided it was time to find a place for dinner. We were about 45 minutes east of Elkhart, I was pleased, we’d made some great time, and a billboard advertised Denny’s merter escort 5 miles ahead. That sounded good, and within a few minutes, the van was slotted into the parking lot. I turned off the engine and went towards the bedroom. I couldn’t resist a peek inside, and I eased open the door. Elaine was under the covers, oh man, the quilt was down to just below her shoulders. I could see the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed, under the quilt, I glanced over at the bedside chair, her clothes were placed on it, and I could see a fire engine red bra and matching fire engine red tanga style panties on top of the pile. She was stark and ripely naked in my bed. I trembled at the scene, my earlier imaginings of her naked and masturbating jumped to the fore, wondering what she looked like without the bedsheets covering her, what her body looked like, writhing on the bed, what the expression on her face might look like as she drove herself to climax. I kept myself in check, she may have just been tired and slept nude as a matter of course. I eased the door shut again, and knocked.

“Elaine, wake up, it’s dinner time.”

Her voice, a little blurry from sleep, replied, “Already, what time is it?”

I said, “It’s 5 PM.”

She replied, “My goodness, I must have been really tired, that’s 4 hours I slept! I’ll be out in a jiffy Colin.”

I quickly retreated to the driver’s seat. I didn’t want her to see me hovering by the door.

When she emerged, she looked even more enticing. She’d put on a white blouse, fawn-colored slacks, and her hair, black as a raven’s wing and halfway down her back, was brushed to a shiny gloss.

“Hello Colin, thanks for giving me such a comfortable bed to sleep in.”

“My pleasure Elaine, after dinner, we’ll find a campsite to spend the night in. I like to drive during the daylight, I’m not scared of nighttime driving, I just like to see the land around us clearly.”

“My thoughts exactly, that sounds like a good plan, I’m hungry, let’s go and eat!”

Denny’s was only about half full, we were ahead of the dinner time rush, and I noticed some glances from the guys. A 6-foot white guy with a 4 foot, 11-inch Chinese lady, we must have made quite the entrance. I grinned inwardly as I imagined the thoughts that ran through their heads.

When we were seated, and going through the menu, Elaine asked, “So, how much further would you like to go until we stop for the night?”

I replied, “Well, we’ve made good time today, and I think at the first campground, we can pull in, and spend the night. We won’t have to find a motel, the van’s dinette fits down into a bed, so I can sleep there, while you take the bedroom.”

She did not reply, her face had a thoughtful look, the waitress came by at that moment, and took our orders. After she left, I decided to not press Elaine for what she was thinking about before the waitress arrived.

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