Book 01: A Match Made Ch. 04

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** July 11th **

We met in the lobby Thursday afternoon. There had been some back and forth over the last couple of days as we talked about what we wanted to accomplish today. The first decision had been to not tell Bette that you were coming. I agreed but did so reluctantly. I understood your thinking.

“I don’t want her to have time to prepare a defense. That may be too harsh a word but tough!”

“Okay, I’m not a 100% sure I’m on board with that, but you feel strongly about it, so that’s how we’ll do it.” You got up and paced around the family room.

“Not on board with it?” You stopped in front of me. “Why? After what happened, why would you give her any edge? Any advantage? I want to see her knocked back on her heels.” You leaned in. “I want her to see just how angry I am!” I can’t emphasize how irate Kara was. Her mouth spit fire with every word; her eyes were a brilliant hot blue. Her body was rigid, muscles straining in her face and neck. Those smooth muscles? I saw every last one as she faced me.

I replayed the conversation and the spectacular lovemaking that left me gloriously sore all day on the elevator ride. I felt your smile when I shivered; you squeezed my hand. My eyes had been closed the whole time.

We sat side by side. Neither of us spoke. Leg pressed to leg. A hand held by a hand. My heart pounded. I was wet beyond belief, so much so that I was certain you could smell my arousal. No, I have absolutely no idea why.

“I’m so glad I decided to have you ribbon today, pet.” So much for my ‘no idea why.’ Thanks for ruining it, lover. “I didn’t mention that I ribboned as well.” My moan came out as a shallow squeak. Really mature, Lissy!

The previous occupant came out, gorgeous as ever, eyes on the carpet, and left. He was followed by Bette, who stopped in her tracks. And turned pale, looking from me to you and back. And finally said, “Hello Lissy, hello Kara, I’ll be with you in a few minutes.” And ran back into her office. Well, I’m not sure about that!

You leapt to your feet, locked the door, straddled me, and kissed me.

“Yay us; we did it!! We melted the ice queen.” Ice queen? Please mind, don’t go there!! Your kiss was hot, frantic.

Wars have been fought, won and lost in the time it took for your assault to start and end. I was gasping and positive I was flushed. You were flushed – with victory! And whatever else was coursing through your body. Winkers! I like that word!

The door opened. A calm and collected Bette smiled and waved us into the war room. Kidding!! About the war room.

You’d let Bette apologize and prattle on for a few minutes before saying, “You kissed the woman I love. Are you some kind of fucking moron!! You have a license to practice in this state. Lissy could file a complaint. Yes it would be your word against hers. Do you think your insurance company would keep you after a complaint?” Where did this come from? “What would your practice group think if they were notified a complaint had been filed with the state?” What on earth have you done? Bette looked like she wanted to throw up. “Do you have anything to say?”

Bette’s eyes flicked to me. I’d never seen them so wide, so out of control, such complete panic. Her voice trembling, she said, “Kara, I’ve apologized to Lissy. I’ll apologize to you as well.” Her eyes came back to me. Oh god, please don’t. “I was surprised when my service told me Lissy had called; shocked actually. I’d spent a few days trying to find someone to take her as a patient.” As I suspected. “I was going to leave a message before I left but she called.” Are those tears!!! Bette turned back to Kara; good! “You’re angry; maybe more than that.” A nod. “You should be.” A deep breath. She looked at her fingers, squirmed, and tried to gather herself. “Lissy has done a lot of good work here. I’d like to keep her as a patient, but if either of you object, I’ll bow out with… I’ll bow out. I’ll be gone for a month.” A shrug. “Will that be enough for the three of us? I can’t say. I hope so; I really do!” She had gathered strength; I could tell by the way she sat taller in her chair. She looked from me to you and back. And smiled! “This is a good, healthy, loving relationship.” She stood and smiled. “I think that’s enough for today. I hope you…” She never had a chance to finish. Kara was on her feet in a flash. I could feel the anger radiate from her; it was so palpable it scared me. If I felt it, Bette could as well.

“You’re all smug and pleased with yourself aren’t you? You think you’ve defused things, taken some of the starch out of us… me.” Kara took a few steps forward. Please don’t do anything rash, blondie!! Leaning, fingers on the desk, you said, “She’s not comin’ back. I won’t allow it.” Oh? I was watching blondie, but I saw Bette’s eyes flick toward me for a moment. “So go on your vacation and spend your time worrying about whether a complaint Maltepe Escort will be filed.” You turned to me and said, “Let’s go, baby.”

I waited until we were outside, having left the building, and said, “Was that for show or are you really that angry?”

A gorgeous smile and a hearty laugh were your answer. “You’re pretty amazing, Lissy. I saw the change in her demeanor and I wanted to knock her back a little.” The grin was sheepish. “I think maybe I overdid it a little.” Ya think! “Come on beautiful, let me buy ya a drink.”

Well, we wound up staying downtown and having dinner.

“All that talk about South Haven has me itching to take a vacation.” That certainly came out of nowhere.

“Okayyy; did you have any sort of plan?” Blue eyes twinkled. Uh oh!

“Make mad, passionate love to you tonight.” Impossible! She really is. Kitty was doing handsprings by the way!

“Okay, that would be different.” I had an idea. “Let’s take tomorrow off. Is there anything important at work?”

“I don’t think so, no. Okay; ya know, we could call realtors and get that started. We could go to the beach, swim.” Your eyes got a far away look. “We don’t do that much. Just kind of hang out.” Well, we do. Hmm, maybe we don’t.

“This all started because you had South Haven on the brain. You wanted to talk about a vacation. Any idea when?”

“Soon?” She’s a goof, she’s absolutely adorable, and she’s mine!!

“Brilliant! Let’s pack our suitcases, get in the car, and leave… soon.” You folded your arms and pouted. “What’s the matter?” I should mention we had our drinks and had placed our dinner orders.

“You’re making fun of me.” Add brilliant to that list.

“I certainly am!! Trust me, blondie, you deserve it.” I kissed you. “But you’re so adorable I can’t help but love you.”

Dinner was wonderful. We walked back to blondie’s. We had called and told our respective jobs that tomorrow was a vacation day. We talked as we walked.

“No, this trip will be just for the two of us. While we’re there we can go see realtors and look at properties including the one you stayed at. In other words, we can do something for this year and something for next year.” You turned, looked at me, and said, “In fact, we could stay at a B all of it.” Okay!

We kept walking. “That actually sounds like a good idea. Let’s plan something in August. You said you know the area. Do you want to look up some options?” We were a block away from the loft. Hmm, the skies are darkening; it looks like it might rain.

“It’s July 11th. You keep talking about August. Do we have plans for something I don’t know about?” Yes dammit.

“Yes, there’s something I’ve been keeping from you.” You stopped. I stopped. There were storm clouds in your eyes. “Please, can I keep it a secret? It’s for date night, and I’ve gone to quite a bit of trouble to make it happen.” Your eyes had softened as I talked. The blues had a shimmer of tears.

“Okay baby.” That was followed by a short, soft kiss. “Thank you, whatever it is.” Your smile was gorgeous.

It didn’t rain. We had a quiet night, which was nice. No really!!

It was raining Friday morning. You headed to the bathroom first.

“Do you wanna go make coffee while I use the bathroom and stuff?” Your kiss was warm; your fingers pinching my nipple made kitty purr. I had to hurry to make my plans work. I did.

You’d made four slices of toast and jelly. Neither of us wanted to eat two, so we both ate one, split one and left one.

You reached for the plate and I snapped a handcuff on your wrist… to your shock.

“Do I want to know what you’re doing?”

I turn, my fingers curling around the other cuff that is over my shoulder, and lead you outside, holding the door as you walk, eyes on me in disbelief. “You can not be serious!!” I kiss you and push you down on the Adirondack chair. You fuss against my kiss until my fingers find your sex.

I lift your other wrist over your head and cuff it, making sure both were unavailable to you.

“Why?” Your blues burned; your lips were a thin line.

“Because I can.” I made sure my eyes mirrored yours. “Because I love you. Because it’s Friday. Because it’s July. Do you want me to keep going?” My fingers had been busy teasing as I questioned you. There was no rush, none at all. Especially since the wind shifted and the rain was blowing onto the balcony.

“You love the rain.” I straddled the chair and found a way to have my kitty and yours kiss. No effort at all was needed for your lips and mine to kiss. We have and will do so – wonderfully. This morning, in the rain, would be no different.

“I want you to fuck me in the rain.” I am going to. “I want us to be… oh, I don’t know. Anywhere there’s thunger and lightning.” I laughed at you butchering the word. “I meant thunder and hunger, bitch.” You Maltepe Escort Bayan did not!

“Where do you want us to do this?” I didn’t need my hands to be anywhere. The rain provided all the slickness that was needed. Everywhere!! In fact, I decided to lower the chair. I slid my legs between yours. Your moan was followed by your legs around my ass.

“Does this morning count as part of your bucket list, blondie?” Your hips lifted. Your head did as well, claiming my mouth. Yeah, that’s interesting, seeing as how you are handcuffed and on your back. Okay, so I bent to kiss you.

“Yes! Now will you please finish what you’ve started?” How can a girl deny a request like that from her girl?

“Yes, of course I will. An offer like that can’t be refused.” I put my arms on the arms of the chair and pushed up. “I’ll be back in a few.” I walked away, ignoring your cries and obscenities.

You may wonder why I would leave. Well, let’s start with the fact that we sleep nude. It makes it easier for one or both to feast upon the offerings of her honey. We do. It also makes it difficult to hide toys and things if you’re going to tease and please your honey. The rain was a bonus this morning. I had other plans for later.

I came out with a handful, roughly speaking, of ‘things.’ And a glass of ice.

“You bitch! You and this thing you have with ice.” I shut you up by shoving ice in your mouth, followed by my tongue. Okay, and my hands on your cheeks. Why? To keep you from drowning as we kissed. You began to giggle and shoved a cube in my mouth – um, which was the plan all along.

I slid south, stopping at your neck. It’s one of your ‘hot spots.’ But not this Friday morning! There was still some ice when I slid further south. Sunny perked up nicely when I paid her a visit! Delight? Well, the ice was gone, but my mouth was still cold, so she was excited that we paid her a visit.

We continued our journey south.



“I didn’t know it was going to rain this morning, but I had plans for us today.” You sighed. “Don’t you want to know what they are?” You shook your head. I pinched your nipples; you moaned. “You do, don’t you?”

Hissed through gritted teeth, you said, “Yes!” I scooted up a bit, leaned, and kissed you.

I felt my chin buckle a bit as I said, “It’s impossible for you to know how much I love you.” You sighed and nodded.

Back to work… so to speak.

“It’s possible we could get separated, so I wanted you to be able to find me.” I watched you; confusion reigned. I reached for my surprise. I pushed it into your pussy; you gasped. I turned it on. I think the only thing that kept your hips on the chair was my hips on yours! I think that worked out just perfectly!

“Are you wondering what’s next?” You moaned. I upped the egg; you squealed. “Care to try again?”

“What’s next, bitch?” Hmm, still resisting eh? I leaned and bit Sunny’s nipple. “Oh my god!” You like this?

“Kara, do you like this?” You shivered but didn’t answer. I bit Delight.

“Yes, alright; I do. Now will you please get on with it? I can’t feel my arms.” You pussy; it hasn’t been that long. You should try being on the door. No, I can’t do that to you.

“I have to leave you there for a few so I can go in the house and find something to bind you to the arms of the chair.”

“Just cuff me behind the chair.” Oh! I hadn’t thought of it.

“You won’t clock me or something.” I looked at you as I spoke.

“Of course not!” There was something in your voice. I wasn’t buying it.

I leaned and took out the next party favor. It was icy hot gel for your clit. I described it to you as I smeared a dab. Um, it goes on cold and heats up very nicely. How do I know? Me: blushing!

Let’s move this along a little.

You’d already had one orgasm. I decided to teach you a lesson. I teased and tortured all the places that I knew would turn you on. I felt your body respond just like I knew it would. You climbed the peak just like I wanted you to. Not once, not twice – not three times. Oh no! This morning, I had you begging, demanding, crying, lifting, seeking, beyond desperate for what I wouldn’t give you.

The nice thing about an egg and a vibe is you can use each of them to tease. If my mouth toyed with your nipples, and I kissed you now and then, it only added to the exquisite torture that my pleasure gave you.

You’d long since abandoned any pretense of control. I wanted to tease you one more time, only this time I wanted you to tumble headlong into a gentle explosion that would wreck you for whatever was left of the morning.

Did I mention rain? I’m smiling. There was a night we’d made love in my yard. I learned that night that rain acted like thousands of lips on your skin. It excited you, drove you wild actually. Yeah, it was better if you were on your back. Escort Maltepe Better still if I was next to you, so every inch of you could be pelted by the driving rain.

I left you exposed to the rain as much as I could with what I wanted to give to you. I took one last toy from the bag under the chair. I used the rain and your slickness to lube it.

“I have a surprise, Kara.” You moaned. I pressed the glass to your ass. You moaned. “May I?” You nodded. “I think it’s slim enough. I’ll go slowly.” You nodded. I pushed. You moaned. I pushed. You grunted, then relaxed. I pushed. You sighed and relaxed. I upped the speed of the egg. You moaned; I dialed it down and pushed the glass a little more.

“You beautiful bitch, fuck me, make me scream… turn me inside out.” Hee hee.

“A little like a ride at Great America huh? Enough teasing; it’s time to take you to the big finish.” I pushed. You moaned. I bent to that little bundle of nerves that was part of the center of your pleasure. Your screams were in perfect pitch – loud. I pulled away as quickly as I’d suckled you. You felt my warm breath and hunted me – in vain.

“Please Lissy.” I love you! I licked you. You were leaking. Torture be damned. I love the taste of you. I scooped what I could with my finger and spread it on your nipples, then went back and did it again. As my fingers bathed you, my mouth loved you.

“Why won’t youuuuu….” Cuz it’s not time yet! Up and down the ladder with the egg, plus a lovely nip of a nip.

“What do you need more than anything right now?” My lips pressed to yours with every other word. You moaned, your hips bucking against me.

“I want to live with you, spend my life with you, wake up with you every morning.” I lost it at ‘spend’ and held you as we both cried.

The crying pretty much ruined the moment, the moment being absolutely perfect, just not what I’d intended. It was a good cry; a wonderful one actually. No, of course I didn’t free your hands. Yup, I thought about it. But getting you back into cuffs? Pretty much not happening. The rain meant we didn’t have to bother wiping away tears. It had slowed. It was a good thing we were laying on the chair. Even though it wasn’t cold, we’d both been shivering. So after we stopped crying, after the lovey dovey things we’d murmured to each other had kind of petered out, I kissed you – yes, again, and stood.

“Again you leave me here?” Isn’t she the best? Another of those kisses you hate.

“I won’t be long, lover. I remembered seeing something of yours and I want us to play with it. You’ll understand when you see it.” An overly dramatic sigh was your response. I headed inside, found what I was looking for, and headed out.

You turned bright red and started laughing the moment you saw the toy.

“You found it; I thought I’d hidden it pretty good. Guess I didn’t.” I lifted the chair back to just a little shy of upright.

I suppose I’d better describe this ‘mystery toy.’ You’ve seen them advertised as massagers for those hard to reach muscles. It’s a long white handle with a round ‘ball’ that vibrates on the end. Close enough. It could be used as a toy for one and was ideal for what I wanted. I think you’d figured it out too.

“This is going to be fantastic, Lissy.”

I turned the bitch on and put it between our legs. Oh my god!! It has more than enough to send clitty into orbit rather quickly. I leaned to kiss you; we devoured each other’s mouths. I felt you strain against the cuffs trying for more. I let go of the handle to caress your nipples but the ball slid a little. I scooted closer. You moaned. I think that means we both have the contact we wanted. Your nipples were gloriously hard; you grunted when I pinched them, and shivered.

“Is this good?”

“Mm hmm.”

“Was this a good idea?”

“Mm hmm.”

“Close?” You groaned.

“Should I shut up now?” You growled. “Yes dear.”

I bent to take your nipple in my mouth, making sure to keep the vibrating bitch at your pussy. I felt you shake and heard you scream when I bit it. Your feet on the ground let you push off the chair as your orgasm stormed you. I was torn – wanting to kiss you and wanting to love your breasts. The sounds you made were amazing. I can honestly say I’d never seen your body react the way you did that morning. I think Hedone, the Greek goddess of pleasure, was responsible for the rain picking up again. I backed away and let it bathe you.

Me? It had been my plan for both of us to cum at the same time. This was just too good to be true! Besides, I could get mine and give you another!! I did; we did. It was even better. I arched my back, which pushed the devil against you. It was almost too intense. Almost. When your body is gyrating wildly and the sensations are so intense you feel like… oh my god. I squirted.

I had to turn the damn thing off finally. We were leaning against one another, my arms around you; a head on the other’s shoulder. The rain had slowed to a drizzle. It had been one of the most intense lovemaking moments of our relationship. I have no idea how long it took for us to calm down after the storms that massager thing had given us.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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