Born Again Part one

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We were in love nineteen years old we were married last month Mary was in collage, she wanted to become a grade school teacher. I was in first year collage studying for business and forestry. I wanted to be a ranger all my short life. Marry my bride; we were in love since we were old enough to walk. She lived next door and since we were babies we were together.
My name is Brent. Mary was a beautiful slender girl, nice B size breast just perfect for her frame. Her legs were long and tone as she ran with me most every day since we were fourteen. Her hair was a beautiful auburn brown like her mothers with deep Blue eyes like her father. Her face was smooth as silk and she was my angel. Through school I never even looked at another girl well maybe I looked but no girl ever matched my Mary.

For myself I was in decent shape I played in all the school sports growing up and she was cheering for me at every game.

Since we were kids we used to play together, and as we got curious we even played doctor and nurse. As we grew neither of us were not shy of what we had. I remember the day her first period started and I watched the discharge but in return she watched me jerk off and cum from clear fluid to the day I started my thick cream she watched my first ejaculation.
We never had intercourse sex until we were 18 we both thought that was a taboo.

That is not to say we had fun in the small lake in the back of our property. I loved diving off our rock and swimming between her legs and feeling her tight bikini outlining her camel toe.

She would dive be on the rock we dove off of and her standing there with her perfect forum. When she dove it hardly made a wave in the lake she was so graceful. Years ago when I was twelve we built a tree house together and under a board we pledged our love with a carved heart and our initials. Then nailed it face down that we knew it was there but could never see it. Mary actually hit her thumb hammering her six-penny nail in.

The tree house got lots of use the doctor always had to check out his patient. Yea you guessed it always started with her beautiful tits and ended with her slit with a nub that sent her wild.

Our proms was approaching and the night of the prom Mary could see I was on edge she thought it was me being self conscious having to dance as she new I was not that good but then as teen agers none of us guys were. Dad loaned me his car as my scooter would not do for this occasion. I backed dads car out of our driveway went 20 feet and pulled into Mary’s driveway. I rang the bell all-formal like as that was something I didn’t do I just normally walked in same as Mary did at our home. Mary up at her house and was nervous as a puppy so much so that I couldn’t pin her corsage on her mother had to help me.

We hugged and kissed, I wanted to passionately kiss her but we broke after a few seconds for her parents’ sake. They knew we were in love but we wanted to keep it civil and of course Mary looked so fantastic in that blue gown I was very much aroused as it was.

We arrived at the school everybody was dressed to the nines we were going in when we met up with my good friend Derek we went through school together and played sports together. I guess he was the closest person I had to a best friend. His date was Paula I don’t think they were serious as Derek played the field a lot not sure he had a particular girl.

We went in found a table and listened to the principal give a small speech from the stage then the dance started.

Mary and I were up and dancing we were the first on the floor. Talk about being self-conscious I wanted a hole to crawl into.

We made it through it and half way through the song the floor was full and some guys patted me on the back for getting it going.

We danced until the intermission the last song was a waltz, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’. The song finished and the floor cleared with prerecorded soft music. I held Mary at the middle of the flood light in the center of the dance floor Derek was holding Paula close by so we could walk together. Derek seen me drop to one knee and he pulled on Paula’s arm and with a hastened pace headed for us on a fast walk. Derek seeing me go to one knee figured out what I was up to and he did not want to miss it. Un fortunately other people seen me take a knee and Derek and Paula walking fast towards us so naturally many more couples were closing in on us.

I started my well-rehearsed speech saying, “Mary, I have loved you always and will love you forever my passion for you will survive eternity longer than the oldest tree on our planet or fossil in the earth. Mary, “I profess my love for you and ask now Mary Pincher, will you marry me and be my soul mate for all eternity.”
I pulled the jewelry box from my pocket opened it and let a diamond ring shine at her.

It was only then I realized the spotlights were on us and a crowd was around us. This was something I did not want to me this was a private sacred thing but too late now. Thank god Mary was not introverted she looked at me with tears messing up her mascara.

“Brent my love my soul mate we have loved each other forever and I will love you until the end of time. Yes I will marry you the bigger question is how soon, so we may start our life together as one.”

There was clapping all around girls rushing in to see the ring I place on her finger. Laughing Derek said, “About time you made an honest women out of her,” knowing we were meant for each other.
The girls whisk her away to the washroom and fixed up her face when she returned she looked like an angel I could swear I seen a halo glow over her head.

We dance all the dances for lack of choice most guys danced with her to congratulate her and the girls did the same to me it was a night we shall remember always.

On the drive home Mary was admiring her ring and finally said, “I thought when we got engaged it would be private like our tree house?”

Being a smartass I said, “Well if you like give me back the ring and we can go there.”

With a punch in the arm she said, “Oh you the only way you will get this ring off my finger is if you cut it off my dead body.”

I said, “To be honest I did not think we would draw a crowd I thought this would be a private thing done in a crowded place.”

As we pulled into the driveway the lights were on at both houses. I said, “Guess they didn’t trust us smiling.” We kissed with tongue in a five-minute passionate kiss when the outside lights flashed.

Mary looked and said, “Really they think were kids.?”

Brent said, “Well lets go face the music I doubt they will be pleased with our timing.”

We walked in and to our shock both sets of parents were there. In unison they said, “Happy engagement night now stand there for pictures.”

After the pictures a cake was brought out saying happy engagement Mary and Brent.

We talked and Dad said, “We all wished we would have waited but it was no surprise to any of us.

Next Mom turned on the television and there to our shock was my whole proposal and Mary’s answer. Both of us hugged each other and realized how dramatic and beautiful it really was but we looked at our parents and said how I mean you didn’t know you couldn’t have. Then I turned to Mary did you know?”

Mary said no my love the first I knew was when you ask me. Our parents teased us for a bit and then mom said, “Brent if you ever intend to keep a secret like a gift make sure you hide the receipt not just the gift leaving a receipt on the floor, is not a good idea.”

They all laughed and Mary said, “My love you keep right on doing that I am noisy and now I know how to find out.”

“Well that explains that but not this film?”

Mom said, “Same thing as I try and keep the dust down in your room papers get left on the floor and under your desk these have to be checked to make sure they are not important and you being meticulous in your actions had your whole plan written on one of these scrap papers so we hired a professional camera man to film your engagement proposal a gift you can have for all time and it was something very few parents get to witness and this one was so beautiful and intense no girl could of said no to it congratulations to both of you.”

We both hugged our parents and they wished us well. The night drew on as wedding plans were made the parents wished we wait and Mary came out and said, “If we wed soon I will be a virgin if we wait I won’t be.”

Wow that was a game stopper and Mary’s mom said, “You waited this long what is a few more years and then you have your whole life ahead of you.”

I said, “We have done well to wait this long 90 % of our school have been active since age fourteen. For us to wait a month more will be hard to be honest.”

Dad said, “Enough lets put on some music, dance and have some cake.” The night went till morning light shown though the windows.

We all crashed and that afternoon we woke. Guess we were all over social media about our engagement and a lot of well wishers commented on the proposal.

The next weekend we went out to the lake. In the evening we had a campfire going she never had the top of her bikini and we were sitting roasting marshmallows. Mary decided she was going to roast a hot dog on a stick.
I joked and said, “My dog is hot enough.”

She laughed and shaking her beautiful 36c tits said, “Maybe I will just eat that.”
The flame flickering of her skin was heavenly to gaze at. Without warning she tripped fell into the fire. It was only a few seconds but long enough for a burning stick to act like a branding iron.
This hot burning ember burnt through her bikini and left an E shape scar where her pubic hair should be.

It was hidden from public view only I and her mother and her doctor knew about it. Within the year her pubic reddish auburn hair covered the scar so she kept her pubic hair long as she was embarrassed about the scar.

Another thing we did since we were kids was locked our baby fingers together after any argument and one of us would say, “I love you,” and the other would say, “I love you more. Even if we were in an argument, that ended it and we kissed and made up.

That summer we were married a simple but to us the best thing ever. We left for a honey moon our lodge was only an hour away. It was on the ocean you could hear the waves crashing on the sandy beach it was warm so the sliding glass doors were open and the full moon lit our room with a pastel glow.

The time had arrived it was time for us as soul mates to join and be one. We stripped each other and I had her flat on the bed as I slowly moved up her calves and blew on her cunt. This we have done many times but we both knew this time was different. This time my cock was going to be penetrating deep inside her, This time my wife becomes a woman and I her man.

After three times of bringing her almost off I started my cock into her pussy feeling the folds of her pussy lips move aside. I pumped shallow thrust going a fraction deeper each time and all of a sudden she went wild twisting turning he legs wrapped around my ass and as she tensed her leg muscles drove me unceremoniously all the way in.

She screamed but was still holding me deep into her I came spurting into her god it was less than a minute but she held me into her squeezing her muscles around my cock.

I was rock hard in minutes we fucked, her on bottom, then on top. We fell off each other and fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning she was standing in the open doorway looking out on the beach. Man the view I had was awesome her tall slender legs with the gap on top and this nice looking ass. As I follower her hourglass frame to her neck and the perm she had put in yesterday was so fantastic I was in awe, I knew I had married a queen.

My god I was hard as a rock again and to top it off I could see what she could the sandy beach and the rolling waves crashing gently on the shore.

Quietly I got out of bed and knelt be hind her and sensually kissed her ass cheeks. As she turned I kept kissing her hip, her thigh and then the prize her pussy. I let my hand slide up the back of her legs to those fantastic butt cheeks holding Kayaşehir Escort her there as my tongue licked her nub and I sunk my tongue into her love hole.

Mary tried to pull away but I had her held fast. “Please Brent my love I need a shower.”

Her words fell on deaf ears I continued my assault and she was moaning and soon gave up trying to get way she stood there legs spread as I brought my wife off to a screaming orgasm.

I lapped up all the juices and she pushed me back on the carpet and she lowered her mouth around my cock and started to give me a fantastic blowjob. My wife had hidden talents her tongue was divine to my spongy knob. I was close to cumming and she stopped and said if my husband can be a dirty cunt licker then I will be his dirty cocksucker.

Mary went back on my cock and I exploded into her mouth she swallowed what she could for the first time and the rest drooled out the sides of her mouth and down on her breast.

It was my turn I flipped her up over my shoulder and tossed her on the bed I was on top of her sucking her tits with my cum on them and when it was clean I kissed her giving back what I had in my mouth then my cock back at the ready entered her cunt she just lay there as I fucked her soon she came and lay still as I cum in her.

Mary said, “Oh my love I can not refuse you but I am really sore that big cock has wore me out.”

I got up picked her up walked out on our deck and lowered her into the hot tub. We spent the next four days there mainly in our room making passionate love.

We went to the dinning room and it felt weird when they called us Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. Mary said, “How do you think I feel me not being called Pincher?” We laughed and talked about everything and anything we had a few small arguments but our pinky fingers stopped that. We arrived home not really sure where we were going to live as we both had university in the fall it was local and we both were attending the same one. That was resolved as Mary’s parents had an in-law suite in their basement. This was a wedding gift until we finished school.

Every night we made passionate love and talked about our days events even the small details as we were both so infatuated and in love that even the smallest detail was important to both of us. I for some reason was born with a photographic memory and could remember the most smallest detail told to me even back to when I was young.
Mary was always fascinated and she stayed away from memory games, as she had no chance against me.

My collage course were a breeze I was on the dean’s list. I had offers from different organizations due to my ability but I still wanted forestry that was my passion.
Mary was supportive even though she would have liked me to take the better paying job. Mary new what my goal was and how miserable I would be doing anything else.

Two years after we were married Mary got pregnant even though she was on the pill. We both wanted children but wanted to be through school. However it is what it is and we were going to have a baby.

The pregnancy went well we knew from the ultrasounds it was a girl. The day she went into labor I was at school when I got the call. I jumped on my motor scooter and rushing to the hospital. On the way I heard squeal of brakes and then black.

Next I seen this brilliant light, peaceful never before have I felt so relaxed and such a joyous peace. I could not speak and then darkness fell upon me and I felt like I was drowning in this fluid.

The next thing I knew I was coming out of this cunt and someone slapped my naked ass and I cried. Oh my god I am a baby again. I went to speak but it was a cry. My god what is this and I looked up and seen Mary and I was put in her arms.

This was surreal it can’t be happening she is my wife and now my mother. I started sucking her nipple at least that felt right and I dozed off.

I awoke to screaming the likes of which I never heard. I opened my eyes and I seen my parents Mary’s parents a police officer and Mary screaming.

“Oh my god my husband my soul mate is dead. It can’t be I can’t go on without him.”
She was hysterical and a nurse gave her a needle I listened as the officer explained how a truck had no brakes and hit a car that hit me killing me instantly.

My god I am dead and yet I am here. I spoke saying, “I am here,” but all that came out were cries. Mary’s mom picked me up said there there my grandson it will be alright.

Mary and I were having a girl name Grace after my grandmother. We discussed this for months how can I be a boy hell how can I be here.

Next I woke in a room with a bunch of babies yep I was in a nursery. After a few days I was home and Mary was dressed in black she never wore black she hated it everybody was dressed in suits and I was wrapped. Loretta my mother in-law said, “I could stay home with Brent.”

Mary said, “Brent should be there to say goodbye to his father I know my Brent my husband would want it, don’t ask me how but I know.”

It was weird seeing me lowered into a grave I tried to say something but all that came out were cries. As the months passed my memory of me faded only in my dreams did I see Mary and I like lovers.

By the time I was talking she was mom and I her baby. I was reading early loved working with plants biology was a favorite course. I was in my early grades but as I slept my mind thought of Mary my wife and me. Mary was not my mom but my soul mate.

While asleep my collage courses were also clear and sharp.
My mom was a teacher now at the same school I went to. The other kids thought I was cheating as I was so far ahead of them. It was that far that my grades started advancing by months not years. The government soon seen this prodigy child as an asset and I was offered scholar ships to university at 13 years old.

My nights still had dreams of Mary my love. In the day they were just vague dreams that I could not quite remember but I loved Mom. My Mary as a son but always had this weird attraction to her more than a mother but it just wasn’t clear. I was sixteen when mom went on a date with a guy and that night in my dreams I saw her leaving me and woke up screaming.
Mom came rushing in and I still half awake half asleep said, “Mary I love you don’t leave me my wife I am here and always shall be.”

Mary shocked but her motherly instincts kicked in and rocked me in her arms as I became fully awake and looked up seen the tears in mom’s eyes and said, “Mom I love you don’t cry.

With that she held me tight but that day and every day since there was a different look she gave me.

Yes the motherly love was there but there was another look I could feel it but could not grasp what it was. Mom never went out with a man again and always was questioning me on subtle things.

We played memory games all while I was growing up but I always won she was happy that I won but sad her Brent was gone.

One day Mom and I went back to the lake. I swam at pool in school and have been back here only a few times, usually with Donnie a guy from school. It felt weird some how and when I was diving under the water clarity of mom, Mary my mom and also my wife.

This was the first time with mom she was not happy for some reason but we went to the diving rock and I watched this still beautiful swan dive into the water.

I dove in under her legs and felt her camel-toe with my hand. When I surfaced she was outraged saying, “That was totally inappropriate I moved close to her grabbed her hand and locked our baby fingers and said I love you Mary.”

Mom shocked and she looked at me stunned like she just has been hit by a Taser. Finally she said half crying, “Where did you learn that.”

“In my dreams and the older I get the more pronounced they become. I know you are my mother but I know you are more. I love you like a son loves his mother but I love you as a husband loves his wife.”

Mom said, “It can’t be you are my son.”

“Mom I turned 18 last week and every day things are becoming clearer in my mind I can remember dying remember being reborn my first slap by the doctor as I tried to talk all that came out were cries.”

Mom said, “Brent this cant be you must be imagining this or heard it from some one.”

I dove under the water and when I came up I said, “Mary my love remember falling in the fire over by our tree house and the E scar it left in your pubic area. You let your reddish auburn hair grow out to hide it.”

Mary started to cry and I hugged her standing in the water. She went to pull away and I said, “Do you want me the doctor to explore you in our tree-house.”

She hugged me tight and I held her knowing who I was and for the first time in eighteen years our lips touched in a kiss and as it did the sparks that went through me. It was like yesterday we kissed. Mary let herself go we traded tongues and she was still crying and kissing me with fever of an alcoholic that had not had a drink in days.

“Brent my son my love how can we do this.”

I led her out of the water and up the ladder to that old tree house where I kissed her and removed her top.

“No please we can’t do this,” and as I continued the kiss breaking just long enough to say, “Sorry but Doctor’s orders my wife.” She smiled but moved like a robot out of the water and up into our tree house.

I said, “I remember the summer we built this and you hit your thumb with the hammer and I carved a heart with our initials under this floor board.”

Mary said, “Brent it is you I know it is but how?”

“Mary my love I do not know how maybe it was not my time to go and this is the way I continued I took our daughters place somehow. I don’t have the answers my love other than I am Brent your husband and we must go on from here.”

“Brent I am twenty years older than you how can we or how can I?”

“My love I be trove my love to you for all eternity same as you did to me so age has nothing to do with it we will grow old together.”

“Oh Brent I do love you so not a day went by I never thought of you. It was you being my son that kept me from going insane. Many guys wanted to date me but I only went out with Derek and that felt so wrong like I was betraying my husband some how and now this, it’s you it has to be,” and she lay sobbing as my hand caressed her breast and twisted her nipple like I used to do.

I was propped up on one arm while I played with her breast. I did that anti clockwise twist I used to do as we looked deep into each other’s eyes.
“My wife my love Les go to the lodge that is where I took your virginity and you took mine now you get the honor of taking mine again.”

Mary’s eyes got as big as saucers and said “Brent I am not ready for that, this is all so sudden we can’t or I can’t your still my son as well.”

I got to my knees and put my hands on her bikini bottoms and pulled them down. “Oh no please don’t.”

Mary never stopped me and I moved my tongue in on her nib sucking it for all I was worth, while playing with her tits. Groaning she was saying no oh please no,” and I continued feeling her start to shake I knew she was going to cum I stopped and she didn’t climax after a few minutes I started again like I did in the before time by the third time she was crying, “Take me please fuck me, I need you so much my husband.”

I moved up doing that raspberry to her belly button that she liked so much and soon my virgin seven-inch cock was splitting her cunt lips apart.

I held there waiting and it was only seconds and she lifted her ass sinking my cock deep into her. She gasp and I could of swore I broke her hymen again she winced then I felt her muscles squeeze my cock as I slowly started to fuck her she came within seconds as did I this young body had to learn stamina all over again.

I was hard in seconds and continued to fuck my wife looking deep into her eyes as we melded together again as one our souls were one again. I knew it and so did she. We fucked for over an hour then she played with my cock and then to my surprise went down on me and sucked me off.

I kissed her when she finished tasting my jizz and Escort Bayan I figured she could swallow then I could stand to taste it to. The sun was sinking and the shadows were forming on the lake when we decide to go home.

We went home, our house was bought next to our parents, out of the five million received from the insurance companies. That money was my life insurance plus the other guys insurance. The courts awarded her the maximum due to her being a newly wed with a child. At the house she went to shower and I followed she objected at first and I said, “My wife you don’t want me to clean this sweaty body.”

With that she laughed and opened the shower door we showered played and kissed until the hot water was all gone. I carried Mary to her room that was now our room once again and made passionate love. Our life picked up where we left off. Our love for each other grew but it was not complete. There were my parents and grandparents. We knew we had to face it so as usual I wrote down what I wanted to say in point forum. While I was writing it Mary was smiling and recording it. The evening came and Mary’s parents and mine were invited over.

Mary started and said, “Brent here is not my son he is my husband.”
Her mother said, “I can’t imagine how you must miss him but after 18 years to get such a notion.” My mom said, “There is know way this does not happen think of the damage you can do to our grandson.”

Dad sa
id to me, “Your not having sex with your mother?”
I turned looking at him and said, “Of course not I would never have sex with Mom, that is gross she is your wife but I am having sex with Mary my wife.”
The house exploded and Mary and I waited until they calmed down.

I then started to speak about remember coming out of Mary’s virgina and the fluid making it hard for me to breath As I grew every night I fell asleep I knew I was her husband and she my wife but it faded when I was awake. Then when I turned 18 we went swimming and while under the water all the recessed memories awoke. I am Brent Mary’s husband and she my wife.”

They were talking saying it was impossible and I spoke of things to mom and dad that were private things in our family that only their son would know.

I spoke of Mary’s Tattoo and dad said, “She could of told you.”
Mary getting upset put on the CD of me writing up what I was going to say and looked at Mom seem familiar my mother in-law?”

I said. ”We both knew this was going to be an almost impossible thing for you to believe so we had this done. Mom do you remember this?” Mom looked at the lock of hair and with a tear in her eye said, “Yes that was a locket of hair from when Brent was a baby I gave it to you when you got pregnant.”

I said, “Mom you also knew we were having a girl the entire test were done but here I am but I am getting off topic. Here is a copy of my DNA And Mary’s DNA. As you can see there is zero DNA of Mary in me and here is a second copy from a different lab with the same result. And here is the DNA test from that locket of baby hair 100% match.”
I am your son and dad is my father and you two are my in-laws.”

Mom started bawling and hugged me Dad had his head buried in his hands and was sobbing.

Mary’s parents were stunned but the evidence was there and there was no denying it I was their son in law.

We now talked I was the center of attention again on how why. Best I could come up with is, “That our love was so pure and that maybe I was taking before my time so I was switched with Grace during labor and when Mary and I have a child we hope it will be our Grace but that is the future.”

Dad said son you cant marry your mother that is incest and the law wont let you.

“Dad, Mary and I have been working on that.”

Mary’s father who has been silent through most of this said, “And how may I ask have you two figured that out? This should be interesting to here.”

Mary and I looked at each other and Mary smiled and said, “Go ahead my husband.”

I said my family it is actually quite simple. We have DNA which proves I am not Mary’s child. Therefore I can legally marry her.”

They all looked said nothing started to speak then stopped they wanted to come up with a negative but there was none Mary and I were right. There was nothing to stop us from being married. Mary was considered a widow and I a young man.

It was getting late and I said, “Before you go you may as well here this:
Mary, I have loved you always and will love you forever my passion for you will survive eternity longer than the oldest tree on our planet or fossil in the earth. Mary, “I profess my love for you and ask now Mary Pincher, will you marry me and be my soul mate for all eternity.”

Mary said, “Yes my love, I will marry you for all eternity and beyond you are my soul mate.

Our parents congratulated us and we said “We will have a simple wedding here at the house with a justices of the piece.”

After some more talk we said our good nights and I said to Mary’s father, “Dad looks like your daughter won’t be a virgin this time.”

For the first time tonight everyone laughed and Mary said, “My husband I may cut you off until our wedding.”

I said, “Sounds like a mommy thing.”
Mary rushes over puts her arms around me and we kiss such a passionate kiss and she says, “My love my soul mate not a day went by I did not miss you and now that you have come back to me we have 18 years to catch up on.”

We kissed again and when we finished the kiss our parents were gone.

We made love there in the living room and next day we were still at it when mom came over.
I was still bare ass when she walked in I ran for a towel she laughed and said, “I changed your diapers as you were a baby and come to think of it I did it twice.”

Mary and Mom laughed and I turned beet red, which made them laugh more. The wife got house coats for us both and mom apologized for interrupting. Mom said next time she will call. Mary said, “Don’t you dare walking in on us only adds to our sex life we older folks got to teach these young pups what fun is.”

Mom just snickered and said, “Might be fun at that.”
Mary said, “Brent fucks one mommy why not both of us.”

Brent red faced said, “Ah come on that’s not fair, you know its every kids dream to fuck their mother.”

Now it was mom’s turn to turn red and stuttering she said, “That’s my cue to leave.”

Mary and I kissed and she said, “You really would want to fuck your mother?”

I didn’t answer I really did not want to go there. Mary said, “Truth my love,” and I knew I was trapped and just said, ”Yes, now lets change the subject.”

We kissed and she felt my raging hard on as we made our way to the bedroom where I made passionate love to her she pressed me on mom a bit and I said, “Will I am fucking my mommy now am I not?”

With that she went ballistic riding me like a wild horse and she said, “Do I still feel like your mommy?”

I said my love, “I was playing my love, I would not hurt you for the world,” and sobbed outright into her shoulder. Mary hugged me and rocked me, “There and there my son, mommy will take care of you.”

From there I knew she was ok with the teasing and it gave us another level of sexual pleasure to have.

The next day we were naked in our home and my cock was semi hard even after all the sex with my wife. I said I remember as a baby feeding off your breast and I can’t wait to do it again.”

Mary said, “I remember when you were four and I gave your little ass a spanking for that saucy mouth. I now think you deserve another get over here lay across the bed and receive your saucy mouth punishment.”

“Yes mommy,” as I lay across the bed and before I knew it I felt a hard slap on my ass then another and another.
“You best thank your mommy or you are going to have a red ass son.”

I said, “Thank you mommy for correcting your son. Your son loves you mommy.”

My ass cheeks were red when Mary rolled me over she put her knees by my ears and said, “Now mommy is going to lick your popsicle.” She lowered her glistening cunt to my lips and as I licked her pussy she licked my cock and then started bobbing on it. It wasn’t long and she had my cock all the way in. my whole knob was in her throat. We both continued until we seen stars as we cum in such a huge orgasm together.

Mary rolled off me and she fell asleep. I took about a half hour and was ready to go again so I spread her legs and hovering in a pushup position my cock entered her pussy pushing those cunt muscles to the side as I plunged my entire cock all the way in. As I was doing pushups fucking her and keeping my weight off her she was asleep but responding to be aroused and fucked.

Without warning she screamed her arms flung around my neck and she said, “Don’t ever leave me again my husband I missed you so much,” and she started to cry as I was to far gone and I started pumping my jizz deep into her pussy. I could feel her contractions of her cunt muscles on my cock.

I spoke softly but still with a pant to my voice, “Mary my love we are together again and no one will separate us again.”

We finished and drug our bodies to the shower and Mary fell to her knees sucking my cock for a minute but it was dead I needed time to recharge. Mary said, “Now I am your official dirty cocksucker.” I raised her up and was going to lick her pussy and she said, Please your dirty cocksucker is to sensitive right now.”

We showered got dressed Mary made us breakfast. We were both starved we must of drank a gallon of water and a full breakfast to boot. Of course at the end I got up went over picked up the plates set them in the sink went back and kissed her with tongue and when we broke I said, “So whom do I thank for preparing such a great meal.”

Mary without noticed quickly grabbed my belt lowered my zipper and her hand was around my balls in no time. With a slight squeeze she said, “I am now and shall always be your wife so I ask you who made this and every other meal I make for the rest of our lives?”
I was smiling and she squeezed my balls a bit harder and I quickly said, “You made my breakfast my wife.”

She squeezed again and I said, “Ouch shit my wife you make all the meals. Christ be careful or Grace will never be born.”

Mary released her pressure but hung on to my balls as she fished my cock out and sucked me off with me standing there knowing if I moved I would hurt myself. I couldn’t believe the blowjob I got and I blasted into her mouth and she swallowed it all she said. “Fantastic taste my love,” as she released my balls and patted my cock.

I was wasted again and said, “My love you are beyond belief my heart hurts I love you so much.

Mary said, “Brent my love my life was empty without you I raised you and that filled a void but no one could fill the void of you.”

That night Mary and I were invited to Mary’s parents for supper. We went and of course there was a lot of questions that none of us could answer only possibilities we all had the facts we all knew I was truly Brent Johnson and Mary my wife. Dad and mom were invited over I said, “May as well all be here so we don’t cover the same material a million time keep it down to a mere thousand times.”

We talked for a bit Scott Mary’s father brought out the brandy poured everybody a glass but me and said, “Mary can your son have a glass.”

Mary looked at me and said, “My love do you think your old enough to have a glass without getting drunk on us.”

Every one seen that I was being teased and I figured turn around was fair play so I said, “Absolutely I am to young for that yucky stuff but if you lower your breast flap I can suck and get at the good stuff.”

I sat back and watched all the red faces and then the laughter as Scot poured me a full glass.

Dad said, “That is for sure my son his whit is still unparalleled.”

Mary and I were sitting in a love seat her head resting on my shoulder and my hand was around her cupping her breast while her hand was high on my thigh. Our parents I am sure notice but said nothing.

Dad said, “So when are you two tying the istanbul Escort knot for a second time?”

Mary said, “As soon as possible.”
I said, “I need to download the forum if you guys like lets get it out of the way now.”

Dad said, “It is getting late son.”

Mary said, “Looks like your dad wants to delay us getting married so we can keep doing such wonderful incestuous acts.”

Dad red faced said, “Scott can you download the forums?”

We moved to the table and they were straightforward for a normal couple but we were not normal and soon the flags were obvious. They want a copy of my birth certificate. That was a game stopper. We could not use that as it showed Mary as my mother and the deceased me as a father. We talked for an hour and I was deep in thought oblivious to what was going on Mary was crying as were our mothers.

Dad looked over and seen me zone out as he seen me when I was studying for a collage exam.

Dad said, “It is time to go home our son is working on this problem.” Mary looked at me in this catatonic state and also remembered my collage days to. The light was flashed on and off until I came out of it.

We went home and I went to the computer Mary quietly sat by my side and it was late the next morning I was sitting at the office desk with a steno pad doing points the pad was half empty and balled up paper all over the floor.

Mary called my mom over and they quietly gathered up the garbage papers and were reading the start of an ingenious plan to reach Mary’s and his goal.

Mary and my mom Marie became very close over the years they could confide anything with each other. Marie said, “Brent is so meticulous if there is a way he will find it.

Out of the blue Mary said, “You do know Marie that he loves you.”

Marie said, “I love him also the hole that he left when he died I thought I would die to.”

Mary said, “Marie he is sexually attracted to you as well.”

“Oh no I am his mother he couldn’t.”

Marie I am his mother too same as you I brought him up as you did so we are both his mothers but that being said he loves you and said he would like a sexual relationship with you to.”

“You must be mistaken Mary.”

Mary said, “We made a pact years ago not to lie to each other and when I ask him straight out he answered yes.”

Marie said, “But I couldn’t he is your husband.”

Mary said, “I have come so close to you over the years you are more than a mother in-law I so wished many a lonely night we would comfort each other,” and Mary put her arms around mom in a hug and lowered her hands to her ass cheeks.

Marie just hugged her back and sobbed into Mary’s shoulder saying, “I care for you too,” and did not move Mary’s hands away.

When they broke the hug they looked deeply into each others eyes and Marie said, “But I am married.”

“Yes and so am I we are mothers of the same boy and he is my husband and you may be my lover along with my and your son.”

Marie said, “What a world and Mary kissed Marie and Marie after a few seconds opened her mouth as they tongue kissed and both women brought their hands up and fondled each other breast.

The kiss broke and Mary said, “Let’s figure out what my genius or sorry I mean our genius is doing.”

About an hour later I came out of my trance and said, “I have a plan my wife.”

Mary said, “We know we have been reading it. What do you think of using our estate barrister lawyer Stern”

I looked and there was mom with Mary. I got up and hugged Mary cupping her ass cheeks and kissing her with tongue. I didn’t care that mom was there and neither did Mary as she reached around patting my crotch bring me to a raging hard on.
Mom said, “Oh so I am chopped liver not even a kiss.”

Mary said looks like Marie needs a kiss my love.

Hell if I knew what was going on but I was not passing up an opportunity. I went and kissed her and felt her tongue on my lips and as I opened my mouth I felt her tongue penetrate my mouth. She also took her hands reached behind her back and moved my arms down over her ass. I squeezed her buns and she moaned into my mouth.

I looked at Mary and there was a huge cheesier grin on her face and while kissing mom her hand moved to my pants and she was feeling my crotch while her other hand undid my belt.

Mary came over and helped Marie remove my pants and underwear. Mary was massaging my ass cheeks and mom jerking my cock. Was this really happening?

What happened next was Mary removed my shirt I was naked and mom broke the kiss and lowered to her knees engulfing my cock. I moaned in pure ecstasy. Only Mary has ever had her mouth on my cock and now mom was on me licking teasing and sucking.
Mary went to her knees behind mom and removed her blouse and bra letting these nice round orbs with huge aralias free.

I had to reach down cup that tit and twist the nipple. Mom almost screamed as she started moving erratically. I knew that motion well she was having an orgasm.

I picked her up to her feet with Mary on one side and me on the other we went to the master bedroom off the living room Mary and I strip her dress and underpants. I could smell the sex Mary’s and moms. I said, “Mary my wife are you sure?”

This was virgin ground and Mary said now you got two mommy’s to keep you satisfied my love. I kissed Mary while she massaged one breast and I the other.
Mom was gone in her own world as I went between her legs and licked on her clit as I gently bit on her pussy lip and pulled and shook she went off again.

Mary got her knees on the side of her ears and Marie began to lick Mary’s cunt as I entered her with my cock and I fucked her she took all my cock and she whispered, “Hard my love, fuck me harder.” I rammed my cock into her and for the second time I was fucking a hole that I came out from.

I came as she did feeling my hot jizz splash across her cunt walls as I rolled off mom Mary was there sucking my cock keeping me hard Mary shifted her legs to my side and started licking my shaft while mom crawled to her knees and started licking my shaft with Mary.

I was done for I exploded again and Mary and Marie lapped up all my cum. Mary and Marie started kissing passing my cum back and fourth and Marie playing with my cock.

Finally I said Mom, “Are you alright with what we done.”

She slapped my cock fairly hard making me scream and she said, “NO I am upset with it but Marie is quite alright with it. Your father stopped satisfying me years ago and now if I do get any I am lucky if it last two minutes. I have the right to be satisfied and if he can’t then this thing well do and besides I like Mary so you got competition so you best be on the top of your game whenever we want it.”

I reached over and kissed Marie and said “I love you Marie and I promise to keep you satisfied as much as my Mary will allow it.” All this time I fingered her pussy and she exploded again and this time passed out.

I was hard as a rock so I lay Mary down and my cock entered her pussy and I made passionate love to that cunt ramming her as hard as I could just the way she liked it. When I came I fell asleep when I awoke the sun was shining and Marie was gone and so was Mary.

I woke and staggered into the shower cleaned up and put a robe on to go out and meet the day. As I walked into the kitchen there was Mary in a beautiful sun dress. Her figure stood out and I could feel my cock twitch under my robe. Mary said, “I called the lawyer he will be here in an hour.”

“Great my love good to get this started.”
Jean Mary’s best friend since I had passed said, “Love, you are quite passionate with your mother.”

I laughed and said, “Why of course I love her more than anything in this world.”

Jean satisfied with that let it go and went back to talking about sales and such in town. Jean stayed another half hour and although she was dying to know why the lawyer was coming she left giving me a kiss on the forehead and as she left she said, “Be good stud.”

Mary said, “My love I don’t know how were going to pull this off. Look how hard it was to convince our parents.”

“My love you are my wife and we just will.”

As I finished breakfast I was leaving to get dressed when the lawyer rang the bell. Mary let him in while I dressed.
I came out to the dining room table, which had been cleared, for our meeting. The first part was easy I had the lawyer sign the papers to his firm being our lawyer on record. After that was done I wrote him a check for ten thousand dollars as a retainer.

He said, “You must have some serious issues.”

I said, “Very serious and unbelievable.” I told him who I really was and as expected he laughed saying, “Ridiculous this is a joke you did not bring me out here to waste my time. Please tell me you regard my time more than that.”

“Well at least your answer was very close to what was expected but you are a lawyer and deal in facts. I could tell you about my life since I came out of Mary’s womb but that is only my facts not your fact.
Fact one here is my DNA
Fact two here is Mary’s DNA
Fact 3 here is my DNA as a child the real me
Fact four here is Dad’s DNA
Fact five here is Mom’s DNA
Fact six here are all the ultra sounds of Mary’s pregnancy showing we were having a girl.
Fact seven the moment I was killed I came out of Mary’s womb and even though I tried to speak it came out as a baby cry.”

“Over time being me faded in my waking hours asleep I was Mary’s husband. Now I understand the last bit is not fact according to law but it circumstantially all ties together.”

Now my Lawyer we shall leave you and go get our parents to give you some more circumstantial evidence from the people that knew me best.

Mary and I got up and went next door we got our parents and then headed back. In the dining room lawyer Stern was going over and over the papers in total disbelief.

We all sat down and everybody was introduced. I said, “Lawyer Stern, what say you now?”

“First off my name is Roy and I want to say it can’t be but you have the evidence but what do you need me for?”

I said, “Roy you just got through the easy part,” and I past him the marriage application.

He said, “I am slow in my old age bring me up to speed please.”

Mary said, “Try and fill that out sir.”

Roy started down the application and he said ”Oh…” and then a bit further and said, “No way this is huge.”

I said to Roy simple application eh.

Roy said, “Not so simple why don’t you just live out your lives as husband and wife common law, now a days it is common and an accepted practice.

I said, “I thought of that but when Mary has our girl child Grace, how do we fill out the birth certificate without making my wife to look like a whore or this being a criminal act of incest.”

Roy said, ”You have put a lot of thought into this do you have any ideas?”

“Yes Roy a few but not sure on the legal ramifications.
Number one what about the awards given to my wife on my death if I prove I am alive what happens?”

Roy thought and said, “If your death can be proven your body exhumed and DNA testing done proving it is you along with the police reports from the time so no you and Mary are safe that way.”

Mary and Mom started crying and said, “We buried you once we can’t do it again.”

Roy said, “I am sorry but that is going to be a given under the circumstances. This world is to cynical and they will have to put the hand in the wound as Thomas did and even at that people will think it is a hoax.”

“Roy, I wanted to keep this quiet let this miracle be between the family.”

Roy said, “We can prove that you are not Mary’s biological son that’s relatively easy but then you are left as a non-entity where did you come from. You need a recorded birth certificate and the only legal one is the one from 40 years ago. Brent to bring that up and say you are really forty in your young body is quite impossible thus the paradox.”

Dad said, “plus son we have a death certificate for that body how can we get around that?” Mary went to the door and brought in Chinese food for everybody as it was approaching one thirty. We all took a break and ate our food people would think they had an idea then shake there head no.

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