Boss Lady

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“Blu, you’re late.” I hear my boss Mrs. Turner saying from her office. I’ve worked for Mrs. Turner since college and she has always had a love-hate relationship with me. I think it’s because of her socially conservative views and the fact that I’m the first butch woman she’s had working for her. When her husband hired me, she immediately started giving me a hard time and telling me that I wasn’t doing my job correctly, even though I have been and the company’s numbers keep going up every year because of me. She’s even threatened to fire me a couple of times but she never acts on it. Despite her total bitchy appearance, she is a stunning older Louisiana Creole woman with light eyes, soft light brown skin, flowing sandy red hair with a mixture of gray in it and a petite figure to match.

“Mrs. Turner I’m not late, I came exactly on time.” I reply booting up my laptop for the day before walking into her office.

“On time is late and early is on time, I’ve told you this many times.” Mrs. Turner says looking up at me over the brim of her glasses.

Not wanting to argue, I apologize and head back to my desk to get started on my workload for the day. The rest of the day runs smoothly with the exception of watching some of my coworkers getting their head chewed off Mrs. Turner during lunch over some paperwork reports that were lost. I finish out the rest of my work, clock out and head for the elevators to leave for istanbul travesti the day but before I can even make it, Mrs.Turner stops me dead in my tracks.

“Where do you think you’re going?” She says with a stern look on her face.

“Umm..I’m headed home.” I crack a soft smile, trying not to let my subtle fear show. I think to myself, damn it, what does this old hag want now?

Before Mrs. Turner says another word, I try to slowly turn and walk into the elevator, big mistake. She grabs the back of my collar and pulls me into her office.

“What the hell are you doing lady? Let me go!” I yell.

Once we get into her office she locks the door and pushes me onto her lounge style couch.

“Blu you think you’re in control don’t you? You think you run this whole damn place don’t you? Well guess what, I’m the grande dame and I run this shit do you understand me?” She says almost yelling, positioning herself to stand over me, I shrink down into the couch, almost feeling suffocated.

I don’t speak, I don’t move, all I can manage to do is look in her eyes with confusion.

“I’m going to show you who’s in control!” She rips open my dress shirt sending buttons across the room before demanding that I take off my pants. I quickly follow instructions not wanting to piss the boss off even further. I watch as she starts to remove her soft pink dress coat and dress, to reveal the istanbul travestileri black lingerie she was wearing underneath.

“You see Blu, I’m the boss and whatever I want, I get.” “I watch you walk around this office everyday thinking that you’re such hot shit, making all the other little whores in here run around giggling and blushing all day long!” Mrs. Turner says keeping the same stern look on her face.

The whole time I’ve been working here and I’ve been thinking this woman hates me but the whole time she wants to fuck me, my confusion and fear turns quickly into laughter.

“Awww, the boss lady wants me to fuck her huh?” I mock her, she wants to play games and thinks she can bully me, I’ll show her who really has the control. I stand up from the couch, grab her by the wrist, turning her around and push her onto her massive wooden desk.

“You wanna play old woman? Then let’s play.” I rip off her silk panties and plunge two fingers inside of her already soaking wet pussy, a loud, breathy moan escapes from her lips. I continue to work my fingers inside of her as her moans get louder and louder, her creamy juices quickly covering my fingers. Using my other hand I grab her breast from her bra and start pinching and playing with her nipples. I feel her walls tighten around my fingers as her legs begin to shake, she can barely keep herself bent over the desk.

“You wanna travesti istanbul cum don’t you?” I say with a laugh.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Mrs. Turner says between moans, almost begging.

So I decide to make her beg.

“You wanna cum, you fucking beg me!” I take my fingers out, pressing them on her hard clit.

“Pleaseee let me cum Blu, I wanna cum so bad.” She begins to beg as sweat drips from her body onto the paper reports on her desk.

“I can’t fucking hear you!” I yell.


I watch her legs shaking and the sweaty mess she’s making, laughing evilly.

“I’M NOT YOUR FUCKING BABY!” “You wanna cum? Alright I guess I can make that happen for you “grande dame””. I smack her ass firmly, continuing to laugh like a menace before plunging my fingers back inside making sure to hit her G spot. I work my fingers fast, hitting her G spot with precision, her moans and cries bouncing off the glass picture windows of the office.

“Oh my god, I’m cumming, oh god!” She lets out a shriek and groans before squirting all over my pants and the floor.

“Looks like the boss lady made a mess, but you forgot the most important part.” I place my two fingers in her mouth making her suck them dry of her creamy fluids. “Tastes good doesn’t it?” I ask.

“Mmhmmm” Is all she can manage to murmur. I reach in her desk grabbing some napkins, trying to clean my pants off as best as I can before tossing them onto the sweaty heap of a woman that lies in front of me.

“Clean yourself off grande dame, hubby will be here soon.” I let out a small giggle before grabbing my jacket and briefcase and walking out of the office towards the elevators.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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