Bottomed Out on the Roadside

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With a mix of nearly equal parts frustration and hopelessness I stared at the mechanical conundrum that was my car’s engine. I’d been stuck here with my hood up hoping to get some kind of help for hours. Despite my dad’s frequent efforts to teach me, I just didn’t have mechanical skills. The local terrain made my cell phone useless and since the point of my trip was to hike from a very remote and isolated trailhead, I had yet to see a passing car. I was only equipped for a day hike so spending the night here wouldn’t be pleasant and might even have been dangerous. I had to do SOMETHING but what? The nearest town was about twenty miles away!

Finally, exhausted and in total despair I just sat my smooth, small-framed, almost nineteen year old bod down on the road and buried my face in my hands. How could I get out of this mess?

Then I thought I heard something. During brief pauses in the warm summer breeze I thought I heard an approaching vehicle. Maybe it was merely my desperate imagination. Then I heard it again and it was still louder! A vehicle was approaching! I just hoped they could help me.

I waited anxiously as the engine sound grew closer and finally the vehicle rounded the bend and came into view. Trailing a big cloud of dust, an old pickup truck with a camper rolled towards me as I frantically waved my arms for it to stop. Much to my relief, it did.

The rig was probably from the 70s or early 80s and bore the scars of years of heavy use. The driver’s side door creaked open and slammed closed with a reverberating clunk. Then I got my first glimpse of the driver. He was a big, husky, well -built man in his late forties. He wore ragged blue jeans and a sweat-stained T-shirt, along with ample facial hair. His unbridled masculinity contrasted strongly with my annoyingly still boyish frame.

“What can I do for ya?” boomed his deep base voice. I explained my situation and showed him my perplexing engine. “Yeah, I can help ya. Got my tools with me and can help get ya goin again. Just a minute.” he said. He went to his camper, rummaged about for a while and emerged with a very well-used toolbox that seemed quite complete adıyaman escort when he showed me its contents. “So, I can help ya get going but you there’s something I need from you first.” Without thinking at all of the possible implications I said “Absolutely! You got it.” Suddenly his powerful hand dropped to my rear and grabbed my left cheek firmly. “This is what I want! I want to fuck you in the ass boy!” My jaw nearly hit the ground! Surely he was just trying to scare me! Wasn’t he?!

With my very conservative, upbringing I was appalled. “You’re not serious! NO WAY!!! I’m NOT like,… Like…. THAT!!! I emphatically exclaimed. “OK, have it your way, but I know these roads, you’re in for a very long wait! Good luck!” And with that he took his stuff back to his truck, got in, and started his engine.

My mind raced through a flurry of thoughts and feelings as he started to pull away. The lonely hours I had waited before he’d shown up replayed in my mind. What he wanted from me seemed to pale in comparison to the seriousness of my situation. The feelings of total abandonment over whelmed me pushing away all other concerns.

He had only gone a few car lengths when I burst into a run chasing after him while waving my arms and hollering loudly “OK, I’LL DO IT! JUST DON”T LEAVE ME!” The rig pulled over and parked much to my relief… and trepidation.

He got out as I was still approaching, went to the back of his camper, opened the door wide and said “Great, get in. Now don’t worry, you’ll like it.” The camper was a bit dark compared to outside but light streamed through a small window on the right side. My host wasted no time in converting the dining nook into a sleeping area with a mattress. After digging around a bit he tossed a container onto it of some kind of lube.

“Well, we can’t do it fully dressed, take your shoes off.” I sat down on the bed and did as I was told. “Now your shorts and undies, I want to see your butt.” “What about my shirt?” I asked. “It feels more naughty if we aren’t completely naked so leave it.” he replied.

Facing away from him, I nervously lowered them akkent escort over my hips and let them fall to the floor. “WOW! I can hardly wait to get into THAT! Look at those smooth cheeks!” he gushed.

At this, I’m sure I blushed every shade of red! I know it seems weird, but I was genuinely flattered! It was the first time anyone had actually complimented me on my body or even any part of it! Of course, under the circumstances it was a little like a lion complimenting a gazelle on how much lean meat it had on it!

He had me get on the bed and as I did so I noticed he was now naked from the waist down like I was. The musky scent of his body filled the stuffy camper. His legs were powerful, well-muscled and hairy. His penis was already standing up like a flagpole and it was a most intimidating sight! Compared to mine it was very long with bulging veins and a big, succulent, lavender tip already oozing droplets of clear fluid. It was terrifying to think of where he intended to put it!

Next I was ordered to lie on my side with my butt facing him and bend my legs as much as I comfortably could with my dick and balls at the back of my thighs. To my surprise he had me apply lube to my own finger and slide it up my ass as he looked on. I was astonished at how good it felt inside! He watched closely and in time had me add another finger. His hands started roaming over my body especially my thighs, rear, balls and dick. It felt strange having a guy do that but I was starting to get more at ease with this and was even kind of enjoying it. Gently but firmly His hands guided me into a kneeling position with my feet and butt overhanging the edge of the bed. I trembled, knowing I was just a moment away from the inevitable.

“Just take it easy boy, you’ll like this, I promise.” he stated reassuringly as I felt him position his tip against my quivering fleshy hole. His hands now tightly grasped my hips on both sides. Slowly, with gradual but relentless pressure his organ began to make headway and my resisting ring of muscle started to yield. Then there came an abrupt and startling surrender. In a single exquisite gaziantep anal yapan escort motion his penis buried itself deep in the soft, wet, corridor of my rectal passage! Another MALE was fucking me! Intense, forbidden, and totally alien sensations nearly overwhelmed me as they moved through my body! These were amplified even more as he started moving back and forth within me. Once my mind was able to emerge from the maelstrom of carnal feedback I came to a most horrifying and deeply disturbing realization: This felt REALLY GOOD!

Without being truly aware of it, I started sliding my butt back and forth on his cock. “Oh Yeah, told ya you’d like it! I’m gonna fuck your brains out!”

Before long he had me on my stomach with him above me pumping me hard from above. It felt sooooo good as his dick sawed back and forth between my firm buttocks which rippled with each stroke. I was now getting used to this, to having a cock inside me!

He thrust in ever changing ways until his semen burst forth and spewed almost violently into my youthful bottom! The big man on top of me let out a loud grunt, paused as the pulsations of his powerful orgasm trailed off, then slowly pulled his still dripping dick out of my rear!

“There! Now that’s the kind of pleasure only another male can give ya! How’d ya like it?!” he asked in a satisfied voice. Reluctantly, I had to confess I had loved it. As we cleaned up and got dressed he chortled, “Ha, told ya so!”

A few moments later we climbed out of his camper; he grabbed the tools and headed straight to my lame little car. The hood was still up so my view was blocked but he reached in with something from the toolbox and tweaked something. When I caught up to him he said “There that should do it, give it a try.” It had only taken him a minute or two so I wasn’t optimistic when I got in and turned the key in the ignition. To my amazement the engine started right up and purred beautifully! There ya go kid! Thanks for an Awesome Fuck!!!” And with that he went back to his truck, stashed his tools, and drove off.

The experience shook me greatly and my once well-defined sexual boundaries were now seriously blurred. Part of me wanted to forget it had ever happened but it had awakened a yearning in my body that could not go unsatisfied. In the years since, many guys have filled my backside but few have been as exciting as when I lost my anal virginity in that old camper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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