Brady Family Tent Swap Pt. 03

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Bent Over

Family Tent Swap Part III

Original Story by Sethp

Revision by CB_Grl_Dani

David Brady was having the best dream. Truth be told, he thought that he might be coming to as he felt a warm wet feeling all over his cock. That serene feeling was suddenly shattered by the sound of Tammy screaming at their mother. David’s eyes fly open and he sees the stunned expression of his mother as she is slowly removing her mouth from his engorged dick. A trail of saliva follows as his pale-looking mother withdraws. David takes in her sexy naked form and then remembers why she is like this.

“How? How could you?” Tammy says. David realizes she is talking to their mother, not him. Tammy doesn’t (yet) realize that he is not completely blameless.


“Stop!” David yells at the pair. “Tammy, mom isn’t completely at fault,” David states not willing to let his mother take the blame for their encounter. He is too much of a man to do that to her.

“David…” Tammy says with a hurt expression on her face.

“Please… sit down,” David pats the spot beside him. Tammy looks at the two and despite the jealousy coursing through her heart, she sits down beside her brother/lover. Brenda found her top and pulls it on to cover her naked top. Brenda sat beside David at his insistence. When everyone was relaxed David sighed. Covering himself up David starts, “It started earlier in the morning…”

An hour later the trio was dressed and sitting at the table quietly having lunch together. Tammy said she needed air and left the tent and went to sit down as she was still hungry for lunch. David dressed and went to sit across from his older sister. He knew there was very little he could say to make her feel better but he did apologize and begged for her forgiveness. Things were tense, to say the least. Tammy was upset with David and pissed at her mother. Despite the fact that her mother was understanding about the nature of her children’s sexual relationship Tammy was less so about her mother having sex with David. She forgave the pair for the early morning indiscretion as between the sleeping pill and David’s sleepy state it could easily have happened to anyone. Neither she nor David bothered to tell her about that little fact, they would cover that later. David had admitted to willingly having sex with their mother and the hurt on his sister’s face at the admission was one that hurt David almost as much as Tammy. Brenda returned to her tent to give her offspring time to work through their issues.

“Why? Wasn’t I enough?” Tammy asks David.

“You are Tammy.” David implores. You are the one that I have always wanted to be with. However… I would be lying if I didn’t say mom was number 2.” David informs his lover. He then goes into his feeling for her, their mom, and even Stacy Wilson. Tammy listens intently and only after David is finished does Tammy say anything.

“Thank you for being honest with me, David.” Tammy states. “I need you to go for a hike. I need to talk with mom and try and work this out.” Tammy states.

David starts to say something but Tammy places her right index finger on her brother’s lips. “I promise, we’re just going to talk.”

David nods his head and kisses his sister’s hand. “Love you.” He then stands and makes his way down the trail to begin his walk to give his sister and mother the time they need to work out their differences. “Bye, mom,” David says as he passes her tent.

Brenda gives her son time to get far enough away before she goes to the table to sit across from her daughter. “Why did you do it?” Tammy asks her mother. “You figured out that we were intimate… so why did you have to fuck him?”

“Honey… I was weak. I know it’s a lousy reason… but I thought I dreamed it at first and then after I realized David was my lover… I had to feel that magnificent cock of his wide awake.” Brenda admitted to her daughter.

“And how did you figure out that David and I…”

“Had sex? He thought I was you. Given how he found me and what he did to me once he was in the tent… well it doesn’t take a genius to realize who he mistook me for.” Brenda explained.

“But why aren’t you freaking out about it? If I were in your place I would be absolutely ballistic at the thought of my children having a sexual relationship.” Tammy stated for the record.

“Honestly… it didn’t bother me because I’ve been having the same thoughts and desires for your brother since he turned 18. Your father has become very difficult to live with. His eyes have been wandering to every young big busted girl of various ages since you turned 18.” Brenda informs her daughter.

“I’ve noticed,” Tammy admits aloud.

“The only reason your father and I have made it this far is because I was waiting for David to turn 18 and go off to college. If your father didn’t change his stripes at that point I was planning to divorce him.”

“Ok… so where do we go from here… and I mean you and I regarding David?” Tammy asks pointedly.

“Oh sweetie, I’m not going to come between you two. I love you too much to become a Lefkoşa Escort hindrance to what the two of you are building.” Brenda states.

“Are you sure? You’re not just telling me what I want to hear and then slip me a mickey and fuck his brains out?” Tammy asks. The irony of her statement isn’t lost upon the younger woman as that is exactly what she did to her mother.

“No sweetie. I promise to just be a mom from this moment on and not Brenda.”

Taking her mother at her word, Tammy moved around the table and hugged her mother. The two women were unaware that their entire conversation had been overheard by the head of the family who was hidden in the brush.

When David returned from his short hike he found Tammy exactly where he left her. Tammy patted the spot beside her and David moved in beside her. Tammy wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek so David kissed her forehead.

“So… where did you hide her body?” David playfully asks his sister/lover.

“She’s fine. She went to see Aunt Jane. Dad and his rafting companions were supposed to be back by now so she went to see if she had heard anything.” Tammy states.

“So… did you and mom work out your issues?” David asks with great concern. Tammy and his mother mean the world to him and he would hate to think that his actions ruined their relationship, or his with Tammy.

“I forgave mom. I couldn’t fault her for wanting some of this.” Tammy states putting her hand on her brother’s cock. “I fell for you the first time that I saw it, how could she not.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself when she offered herself to me willingly… but I can promise you, I would never do it again.” David states.

“What if I allowed you to,” Tammy says trying to gauge her brother’s loyalty to her and his feelings for their mother.

“Tammy, I don’t need anyone else. I love you. While I love mom and loved what we did… I would never risk losing you… again.” David states.

Tammy tilts her head up and not caring if anyone is around kisses David passionately out in the open. Despite the heartache from earlier, she believes her brother’s words.

“I love you too Davey,” Tammy says breaking the kiss. “Mom and I had a real heart-to-heart and she is not happy. Dad treats her badly and he has a wandering eye.”

“I know… well about the first part.” David states. He had never noticed his father looking at other women but to be honest, he was usually looking at women so he rarely noticed his father unless the man was talking to him.

As if on cue Tammy and David’s parents returned to camp arguing like they have almost every day for ages. The young lovers rolled their eyes at the pair and Tammy said, “I’ll get the sleeping pills.”

That evening the family had dinner and it was tense as always. Tammy played footsie with her younger brother and her attention was making his dick twitch. David couldn’t wait for the pills that Tammy had slipped into his parent’s drink to take effect. He was going to prove to Tammy how special she was to him. After dinner and the evening cleanup, Tammy and David went about getting ready for their special evening. David memorized the information Tammy gave him and as he had walked almost the entire area he was quite sure that he could find the spot his sister had discovered.

David’s father told him that he wasn’t feeling well and that he was going to go sit in the Suburban and relax. David noticed his mother was less sleepy and more inebriated than he expected her to be. David told Tammy that he would help their mother to her tent and then he would join her for their special time. However, Brenda suddenly felt horrible. David watched as she lost her balance and ran to her side just before she toppled over. His mother was on the verge of tears so David helped her to the restroom where his mother began throwing up the contents of her stomach. David stood beside her and rubbed her back the entire duration.

“David… cn… can you run back to the tent… and get my towel and nt shirt,” Brenda begs her son as her stomach is still queazy.

“Sure mom.” David cursed under his breath as he ran back to the tent to collect his mother’s things. He knew she intended to take a shower as he saw how wet and clammy she got while she was emptying her stomach into the toilet. He knew he would have to help her as she was still wobbly. It might look bad if Tammy were to suddenly appear but he could not in good conscience leave his mom alone until she was laying down on the ground in her tent.

It was dusk, the sun was slowly starting to set and Tammy was sitting beside the rapidly moving river. Tammy had a lot on her mind that she knew she had to tell David but that could wait until afterward. On her way to her secret rendevous, Tammy thought over her weekend tryst. A part of her was worried as she had not brought birth control with her for this trip as she had no intention of having sex with anyone out here. She knew her cycle very well and a part of her was worried because she was at her peak fertility. Girne Escort However, another part of her wondered what it would be like to have a baby with David. The worry was outweighed by the realization that pregnancy didn’t always take the first time for many couples, what were the odds of it happening this time? Still, as she sat listening to the sounds of nature she ran her right hand over her (pregnant) belly and wondered about what might be.

Tammy moved on to the next thing that bothered her. After the drama earlier in the day Tammy decided she needed to firmly cement her place in her brother’s heart. She knew that she had her mother’s word, but Tammy needed to reassure herself in her own mind and that of David’s as well. while their parents argued while making dinner Tammy gave her brother directions on how to find the special spot she had discovered and with a familial kiss on the cheek, she left to go set things up. Tammy watched the water as it moved down along with the stream. She knew from dipping her feet in the cold water that were she to try and stand in the water, despite it only being about three feet deep, maybe four that the current was so strong she would not be able to plant herself and it would easily sweep her away.

Tammy knows that the sleeping pills she put in her parent’s drinks should have kicked in by now and her brother will be joining her very shortly. The young lovers planned to make love in this clearing and they didn’t care one iota if anyone came wandering by were to see them. Tammy however had another plan for the evening. Knowing that David had fucked their mother in the ass and that was the one thing that they have not done she decided that she was going to give David her ass tonight. Her mother had shared the intimate details of her tryst with David (to placate her daughter). Tammy knew how she wanted David to take her so she could make it even more special than when he had taken their mother.

Tammy removed her scoop neck t-shirt (she bought one for every day of this trip) and then her shorts leaving her in a sexy pair of lace panties and a matching bra. Tammy closed her eyes and listened to the water until she heard footsteps behind her. The footsteps stopped and Tammy smiled as she heard a belt followed by clothes hitting the grass. Next the sound of hiking boots being discarded followed by the sound of something soft landing atop the discarded items.

Tammy shivered when the fingers of the man behind her unfastened her bra. She shrugs off the garment and feels a pair of strong hands take hold of her tits and begin kneading them. “Mmmmm…” Tammy moans.

“How is daddy’s little slut this evening?” Tammy’s father whispers in her ear.

Tammy screams when she hears her father’s voice in her ear. “Holy shit, dad!” Tammy said trying to pull herself away from his grasp. However try as she might, his hands remain glued to her firm breasts. Tammy tries to fight off her father but Bill pushes Tammy down into the grass face first. She is now almost on all fours but her father pulls her arms back and using her bra ties her limbs behind her back.

“You are in for a treat Tammy. I’ve been saving this load just for you. I’m going to break you in and turn you into my woman.” Bill Brady informs his daughter.

“Please daddy…” Tammy screams. She could feel tears welling up in her eyes and as her father rips away at her panties tears began falling down her face. Before Tammy can say anything else Bill shoves her shirt into her mouth until he is done saying what he plans to.

“I know you’ve been fucking your brother, just as I know he fucked your mother. Well, he can have that broken down cunt… but you, you are all mine!”

Tammy moans into her shirt but now that she is naked and positioned to be fucked she knows what is about to happen.

“Relax Tammy, in a short while you won’t miss the feel of your brother’s cock. Soon this will be the only cock you ever want in you again,” he said to her.

Bill had brought lube with him purely for his use, not because he was making this pleasurable for Tammy. He had given up on pleasing his partner decades ago. He applied a small amount to his shaft, just enough so he didn’t hurt himself when he rammed into his daughter’s snatch. He knew that she wasn’t a virgin but he didn’t care. He would break her in and she would learn to love his dick.

Tammy couldn’t breathe as her father pushed down on her back to hold her in place. Her boobs were smashed into the ground and the pressure he was applying was forcing the air from her lungs. She wailed in pain when he pushed his cock into her pussy. Even the most uninitiated of her lovers waited until she was wet or applied lube to her and himself. Her father only put enough that he slipped in with relative ease. Tammy was a bit uncomfortable but that was due more to her rough treatment rather than her father’s size. As she learned from her mother during their heart-to-heart, her father was smaller and not as thick as David was. His dick was the equal of a few of her college lovers, Magosa Escort but not in her brother’s league.

“Uh! Oh god!” She screamed, as his meat entered her pussy. “Please daddy… stop. I won’t tell anyone, I swear.” Tammy pleads.

“Uhhh uhhh, Tammy. We’re not stopping until I pack your pussy full of my seed. You’re going to get fucked by a real man, someone worthy of your pussy.”

Tammy’s dad slowly drove his meat all the way inside her and then started pumping her in long, deep strokes. Tammy’s eyes rolled back into her head but in disgust, not pleasure. Bill picked up his pace and Tammy is doing her best to keep from vomiting in the ground her face is currently mashed into. Just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, he stuck his index finger into her ass. Ohhh no. Tammy thought. Tammy whimpered as her dad continued to fuck her mercilessly like he was a machine. Before her father could go any further he is pulled off of her. Bill turns and runs right into his son’s fist.

David had been delayed helping his mom into the big tent. David went to check on his dad and found the Suburban empty. Double-checking the tents he found only his mother which meant his dad was somewhere else… “Tammy!” Fearful that he was right David ran to the meeting point because he quickly realized his father had slipped something into one of his wife’s drinks that made her ill. Bill knew that David would not leave his mother’s side until she was better and guessed that he was planning to have his way with Tammy.

The two male Brady’s threw punch after punch but David was fighting for love while his father was trying to steal his lover. David was able to protect his head and face (as that was his father’s primary target) while David began landing massive body shots damaging his father’s ribs. While this was going on Tammy began working on her bonds and in a short amount of time had freed herself from her bra (without ruining it).

“DADDY!” Tammy yells. Bill turns and his face meets a large rock. The rock crashes into him with a lot more power than even Tammy thought she had. The rock strikes him and the sound is loud and sickening. Bil. Brady crashes to the ground twitching for several moments while his children can only watch.

Tammy runs to David and he envelops his sister in his arms. She cries and sobs into his shirt as he does his best to comfort her. After several long tense moments, Bill’s body goes still. David hears Tammy inhale. “Is… is he…”

David moves towards their father and he checks his pulse. “He’s dead.” David declares.

“I… I didn’t mean to kill him.” Tammy says “Wha… what are we going to do?” Tammy asks. She hadn’t intended to kill him but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t do it again.

David finds the rock that his sister used to kill their father and tosses it into the river. With the murder weapon gone he picks up his father’s body and drags it to the water. He makes the man look normal and then shoves their father into the river.

“Good riddance,” David mumbles to himself.

David returns to his sister who has redressed and the two embrace once again. David knows that Tammy has been through a traumatic event and he will do his best to help her through it. The two walk back to camp so that Tammy can get cleaned up and then he will comfort his sister as only he can.

Bill’s body washed up down river the next day and was found by a group that had come for a family canoe trip. The police arrived and collected Bill’s body. An autopsy revealed he had a large amount of alcohol in his system and his death was ruled an accident. The report given to his widow stated (in lamen’s terms) that Bill was drunk, he hit his head on something and fell into the river. His place and time of death were unknown as the river current had pulled him under several times and his body was lacerated considerably before it floated to a shallow enough spot.

Brenda and her family made arrangements to have his body cremated and scattered along the river. His brother’s family stayed long enough to have a private funeral as John knew Bill was never big on ceremony and would have wanted it this way. David insisted that his Uncle John be the one to give the eulogy and poor Bill’s ashes into the river. After condolences were given everyone helped David pack up the camp and the Brady’s said goodbye to their extended family.

It wasn’t until the family returned to their home that David and Tammy told their mother exactly what had happened that led to Bill’s death. Brenda hugged Tammy as soon as her daughter announced that her father raped her and that is what led to his death. Tammy cried in her mother’s arms as she told her mother exactly what had happened. Brenda understood the trauma her daughter faced as a few times when David and Tammy were very young, Bill had committed spousal rape. Brenda tells her daughter this and she promises now that he is gone he can never hurt her again. Brenda then states that she knows Tammy is a good person who didn’t mean to kill her father. She didn’t ask for the rape and she reminds her daughter that she was defending herself and helping her brother. David left the two for some time so his mother could console her daughter. The family spent the week collecting all of Bill’s things and either gave them away to family and friends, donated them to goodwill, or just tossed them out.

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