Breakfast at Lisa’s

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Aside from the kind of errors that creep in when remembering things that happened a long time ago, this is pretty much as it happened. Not that any of it was monumental in any way. The day just stands out in my mind as typical of a period in our lives when things were just really good and sexual possibilities seemed endless.

And of course, it’s all very mild by today’s standards. Back then there was no Internet so it wasn’t easy to connect to other people with similar interests or even get any feedback on where you fell on the sexual spectrum. There was gay and straight, no shades of grey, no bi. Kink of any kind fell under the general heading of perversion. Even though to all appearances we looked like the well scrubbed couple next door, we thought of ourselves as outliers and took some pride in flaunting conventions while still managing to fly under the radar. Years later the big surprise would be in how typical we actually were.

My wife and I were in the middle of a relationship with a friend that had started in August. This was a first for us and literally the first time we’d had sex with anyone else besides each other since we’d been together, at that point, close to ten years. Summer had faded and the weeks gone by with a succession of marathon fuck sessions, each one hotter and edgier than the one before. Now, on a Saturday morning in October we were at this odd half way point where most inhibitions had fallen away and months of unexplored possibilities still lay ahead.

It was the weekend. By now our pattern had been distilled to David commuting from his job a few towns away on Friday nights followed by a few joints over dinner and our home grown version of a bad porn movie. It was the seventies. I remember bad perms and pubic hair.

This week, Dave had to work late and hadn’t made it over until very late the night before. Instead of the all night sex we’d become accustomed to on Fridays, there had just been time for a quick one before we passed out for the night. Saturday morning found us in the kitchen having breakfast, my wife Lisa nursing a cup of coffee in an old bathrobe that had seen better days. Not much holding it together except for a belt that kept loosening up letting her boobs spill out. We were just starting to make plans for the day when David stumbled in, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, naked as a jaybird sporting a pretty good sized morning hard on.

We both pretended to be shocked. I said something like, “… hey, a little decorum at least, how about throwing some clothes on”.

Not missing a beat, he grabbed a dishtowel and draped it over his cock, just managing to stand at attention with a bit of smirk on his face. Except for the steady up and down pulse of his dick, he would have made a pretty passable towel rack.

He inched closer to Lisa’s face who was trying her best to ignore him. Even on good days, she’s not much of a morning person. Sipping her coffee with one hand as she held her croissant with the other, he tried to edge his cock next to her lips. She rolled her eyes and tried to ignore him but he was nothing if not persistent. In a few minutes she was polite enough to at least give his a cock a perfunctory kiss between bites. For the longest time, she managed to keep up a display of studied indifference while she continued her breakfast.

Dave looked at me a bit hurt, as if to say “really? how long is she going to ignore me?”

She was hungry. And she did tend to get ornery until she finished her first cup of coffee, there was that. But having a cock dangling in front of your face is one of those things that’s tough to ignore. She finally started to pay attention to his cock in earnest. Coffee and croissant still in each hand, eyes closed, mouth stretched, head bobbing slowly back and forth she finally locked her eyes on mine. If she could talk with his cock in her mouth she probably would have said something like, “…sorry, I was really just trying to have a normal breakfast but Dave showed up and shoved his stupid cock in my mouth!”

There was something obscenely perverse about this in ways that the other things we did couldn’t match. For one thing, we were in the sexually neutral ground of our kitchen and more or less fully clothed. Any other week, we’d be in the process of starting what would normally be an average Saturday, planning our day, sharing a crossword puzzle, trying to put a work week behind us.

Instead my wife had her face impaled on my best friends cock as he started to peel off her robe and pinch her nipples.

I was mesmerized. Of course Bostancı Escort we’d done stuff like this before but not nearly often enough that it was anything close to routine. I pulled my own cock out of my shorts, already achingly stiff and started to rub as I watched Lisa wrap her hand around his shaft and lick the head.

My wife’s a petite girl with a sweet, almost tiny mouth. Even with an average sized cock like mine, blowjobs were never that comfortable for her but this morning, even with the unexpected intrusion, I could tell she was starting to get dreamy eyed and lost in the feeling of his cock growing progressively larger in her mouth.

And you have to appreciate the geometry of this. David getting his cock sucked by my wife. My wife making a big deal of explicitly putting herself on display, sucking his cock for my pleasure as much as she did for Dave’s. I’d long gotten past the point of beating myself up over how much I loved the sight of all this. One of the things that made me think of her as a soul mate was that Lisa’s exhibitionist streak seemed to dovetail perfectly with my predisposition as a voyeur. In a mad, chaotic universe why question the one of the few things that seemed to make sense.

Even so, somewhere in the back of my mind a small, shrill voice was trying it’s best to make itself heard. “…uhhh, you realize of course that’s your wife out there, with her mouth wrapped around your friends cock, right? And by the looks of it she’s taking it like a trailer park whore.”

A few minutes later, a different set of voices in my head had gathered into a small mob.

“Christ, you’re such an asshole for doing this”

“This is so fucking hot…”

“If there’s an afterlife, I wonder what my ancestors are thinking?

*Thank god his cock isn’t bigger than mine”

“I’m probably going to burn in hell for this”

And all I can think is maybe so but why the fuck not? We were well past our 7-year itch. Sex was something sandwiched in between dinner and dishes and episodes of Dynasty. We had a set routine that we’d fallen into, not a bad one as routines go but yeah, something repetitive and predictable. The memories of great sex that we’d had when we first met were seriously starting to fade.

David pulled out his cock and rubbed the head back and forth against her lips. Lisa wrapped her hand around it massaging it from the base to it’s glistening head. She managed an evil smile as she looked right at me, the eye contact sending electric shocks up and down my spine. I became conscious of my own cock throbbing in my hand and I started to rub harder as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth to accept his cock again.

Of course I had to do more than just watch. I slipped a hand to the back of Lisa’s neck and took over the job of maneuvering his cock into her mouth. This was an amazing amount of power; to have her by the nape of her neck and control the speed and depth and direction that her mouth would have to service. I could hold her head perfectly still and masturbate his cock into her mouth until he was just on the edge of cumming or cast iron stiff as he was it was lovely to guide her face slowly back and forth pushing her just to the limits that her mouth could accommodate.

After a few minutes of this I motioned for both of them to follow me into the living room. David, naked of course. Lisa still wearing her bathrobe though now completely open and mostly down around one shoulder. I had the odd feeling of being in complete control but not having the vaguest idea of what I was going to do next. Lisa leaned against the couch and I nudged Dave next to her, his arm around her waist. I think I surprised even myself when I knelt down in front of both of them, arms outstretched and wrapped around their hips to bring them closer together. I’d been watching Lisa sucking cock for so long now I wanted some too. Lisa’s hips bumped me into David’s cock as I started to suck on him. She rubbed the back of my head, stroked my face and looked down in utter amazement as David nuzzled her neck.

I was going to go down on Lisa next but when I tried to make the move she locked her knees together. It wasn’t hard to figure out why. We’d both fucked her the night before, she hadn’t had a chance to shower and if I had to guess, was probably pretty close to overflowing.

“It’s OK. I got this.” I looked at David and told him “Let’s see if we can loosen her up.” He reached down between her legs and started to rub lazy circles around her clit. “It’s soaked down there”. I pushed her down Kadıköy Escort onto the couch and after a few minutes, in spite of some blushing protests, her thighs started to unclench. There were patches of silvery dried cum all over her belly from her navel down to her pubic hair. Her hair was matted and crusted together in spots and a clear stream of liquid ran down the bottom of her vagina covering her asshole. She was splendidly gorgeous.

David was doing an admirable job rubbing her labia together with his fingers, the heel of his hand pressing on her clitoris. Her tension and reluctance from a few minutes before starting to fade and she seemed quite happy to roll her head onto his shoulder and let him telegraph her wave after wave of pleasure. Her asshole was invitingly, soaking wet. “Spread her wider…” not sure if I said it or just thought it. In any event she slid her butt down and opened her legs about as far as they would go. I started with two fingers in her ass and was surprised when I was able to bury them knuckle deep meeting just the barest resistance.

Without too much effort I could suck David’s cock and still do a respectable job fingering my wife’s asshole. I thought… “this is a thing, I’m really happy doing this”.

With my cock now solidly in command, I told Lisa, “climb on top of him… I want to watch you getting fucked”

In all things I ask my wife to do there’s at least a discussion. Want to go to the beach? It’s too cold, how about we wait until the weekend. Feel like seafood tonight? Nah, we had it last week, think I’m in the mood for take out. Nothing is ever simple. Until now. Without uttering the least bit of protest she hopped onto David’s lap and started to guide his cock into her. I had to help even though I knew they would do just fine without me. Somehow watching her hold herself open as I guided him in was a visual I couldn’t pass up. Wet as she was he disappeared right up to his scrotum as she started to rise up and down. I knew they weren’t going to last long like this… at least David wasn’t. I waited for his cock to sink in as far as it could and then told them to stop.

There’s something awesomely beautiful about watching people fuck close up. For most people, porn is only source for that visual but unfortunately, the action usually zips along so fast that most things are reduced to grunts and blurs. It’s only when you take the time to slow things down that the details start to emerge. There is for example, a lovely, thin membrane of skin from the vaginal lips that stretch around the cock to form almost an airtight seal. Thin, flexible, translucent it conforms to every stroke and motion. I’d imagine from an evolutionary standpoint women that had the beginnings of that trait got to retain more of the sperm from their partners and got to reproduce more successfully than those who didn’t. A million years on, there it is. When people fuck it looks like such a perfect union that they were always meant to be that way.

And what is it about the asshole that looks so much like a target? Maybe a visual cue that fires up some specific set of brain cells that are directly wired to the optic nerve. For a male to see that is a signal to release the neurotransmitters that get the penis erect, puts your better judgement on hold and makes you lose control of your credit cards.

David must have been reading my mind. With his cock buried deep inside Lisa he took that moment to spread her butt apart about as far as it would go and grabbing her ass he used it to slowly raise and lower her, excruciatingly slowly on his cock. He was careful to put her on the most explicit display, making sure I had the time to take in every single detail. I’d done the same for him other times. He knew that was a view I loved as much as he did.

In a few more strokes he raised her just a bit too high and his cock tumbled out. I couldn’t help thinking I was made for moments like this. I sucked and licked him until he was hard again. Licked my wife from her clit to her asshole; felt her quiver and toes curl then plugged him back in again. Licking her asshole while she got fucked had always been a secret fantasy of mine. Too filthy to ever mention to anyone. And yet… here I was, my tongue buried so deep in her asshole I could feel the pressure of his cock from each stroke.

I have no idea how long that went on for. It’s rare for most people to have the privilege of being so completely in the moment that they can tune out everything else. There’s an odd kind of pride that kicks in for situations like this. Göztepe Escort In every other aspect of our lives I’d always cherished the sweet, modest personality that was one of Lisa’s defining traits. But here now, naked, cum covered and entangled with the two of us, everything was completely different. It had taken months for each layer of inhibition and shyness to peel away. Slowly at first but then, confident and emboldened by the sheer lust and undivided attention she was getting, she was starting to revel in her transformation to becoming a real slut, her body ready to surrender to me, to us for whatever we wanted. For me it was a huge thrill just to put her on display. To be able to spread her legs and show her off… to watch as his cock jumped to attention at the sight of her pussy spread wide. Or just watch him stand there jerking off as he took in the view. Lisa would softly gasp under her breath, her cheeks blushing uncontrollably at the exposure. On her own, she’d never be this obviously lewd. To have her trust me like this… so unconditionally that she’d allow me to do whatever I wanted with her and to her was profoundly moving. I said before it’s an odd kind of pride. It’s all that and more.

David is sitting on the couch. Lisa is straddling him, resting on her knees as she fucks him in time to some endless Doors song. I’m on my knees on the floor behind them licking them both, sucking his cock, burying my tongue in her pussy that now tastes vaguely sweet, salty and metallic from the mix of cum and body fluids.

I have zero jealousy at this point. Somewhere along the line I did the math and figured out that in the years we’ve been together we’ve fucked something like 30,000 times. I’ve always loved fucking her but this put us clearly into another category of intimacy and I’m drunk on the possibilities of exploring this new world.

David pulled her ass apart as far as it could possibly go. Her asshole drum tight against the shaft of his cock now buried inside her. He pulled out, I think for my benefit, just in time to expose long sticky streams of cum shooting everywhere. I stroked his cock and rubbed the head against her asshole making sure that he had every last drop drained from him.

Now it was my turn. David sat up, wrapped his mouth around my cock and swallowed it deeply enough for my balls to nearly bounce off his chin. Lisa joined in, running her lips up and down the shaft, the two of them occasionally stopping for a long, slurpy kiss around the tip. It was all I could do to not cum right then and there. I pulled away for a few seconds and got to watch my cock pulsing up and down, shiny, slick and dripping wet with their spit. I really didn’t want to cum yet, I was having way too much fun. David took the time to scoop some semen from Lisa’s pussy and make a big display of licking it off his fingers. “You slut!” Lisa called him. “That’s was supposed to mine!” Before she could react, he took what was left and smeared it all over her face, where she intercepted his fingers and proceeded to lick them clean. She was really taking to this slut thing nicely I thought. No denying that she had a permanent dirty smile most of the time lately.

I finally regained some control and grabbed both of them by the hair. Uncharacteristic of me to get rough but at the moment we were all feeling it. What an honor and privilege to bury my cock in both of their mouths. Just had to be careful to give them equal time as I took turns fucking one face and then the other. At the last moment, Lisa nudged David out of the way… “I want this for me” she announced and Dave was left stroking my cock into her mouth. I definitely appreciated her new lack of restraint as I came all over her face and spilled out of her mouth.

Almost hidden in all the din, at least one of those voices in my head said. “I think I’m really happy”.

I had to almost stop and listen to myself again… it’s an odd question really. Would you actually recognize being happy if you saw it? I really did love my wife. In all our time together I’d never had much of an inclination to cheat. Nothing we were doing was in any way deceptive or dishonest. We were adults. Consenting. My biggest thrill was in watching her break free from the confinement of her daily rituals and finally get in touch with something ecstatic and divine.

David had taken over, my cock in his mouth, dutifully licking up every last drop of cum before moving on to lick the rest from Lisa’s face. This had become a ritual for him. No matter who dominated at the end he always found his way back to lick us clean. Don’t think he was even aware of it… just something he did as matter of course. I could spend hours on my knees going down on both of them as they fucked but in the end, it was always this submissive side that endeared him to us both.

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