Breaking Love’s Hidden Chains

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She was alone again; her husband Robert’s shore leave only too brief before he had to rejoin his ship; the deployment taking him to a NATO exercise in the Med; exactly where Robert would go he could not tell her; he never did.

There remained so much to be done in their house in Southsea. The promenade was so very near, and their home had its enviable views and a history that was to be seen in the pictures of former Fennell family members, the men all pursuing a career in the Royal Navy; a history begun, she had learned and to her dismay, when the first man in the Fennell line had served on the West Indies station during the Napoleonic War.

Robert’s leave had its moments of tension between them, the disclosure of an ancestor’s relationship with a ‘woman of colour’ setting a destructive series of events in motion. There had been the disclosure that their family were of mixed-race heritage and that his children and heirs carried the genes through to the present day.

‘What’s prompted you to finally tell us all of this?’ she had cried out across the lunch table when all of her children, and partners, had been seated and the tale had finally been told. ‘You and your ancestors have kept the secret from everyone in their lives! It’s unforgiveable!’

‘We live in fractious times…the BLM movement’s seen to that,’ Robert had declared in his deep, commanding voice.

‘And if it hadn’t flared up…what then? Would you have stayed quiet?’ her eldest son had asked, only too directly.

‘I don’t know…I really don’t,’ Robert had answered, on a shrug of his broad shoulders.

He had known what she and the others were thinking. What may not appear in them, could always manifest itself in their children. He had soon changed the subject and turned the conversation to what would happen while he was gone.

Connie thought of it all as she sat at her scrubbed pine kitchen table and gazed about her and sipped, reflectively, on a fruit tea. Robert had agreed to the changes to the room that their architect had recommended and drawn up, all of that before Robert had left again on a deployment. Only, she would be the one to project manage the work. It would be the refashioning the kitchen and extending it into a newly constructed conservatory that would mean a few structural changes. But the inherent, historic character of their home would not be changed. The attic rooms, once servants’ quarters, and where three old sea trunks were kept, remained all but untouched.

Promotion for Robert brought in more money. It also brought his absences, and she had begun to find these only too wearisome and frustrating. She’d had enough of playing the serviceman’s wife. She had filled the days, when they were younger, with tending to their children. They were now gone or lived close-by, or close enough to have them visit, even to stay over. But they were no substitute for Robert’s presence, especially with the work that was being done.

Inevitably, even inexorably, she had become reliant on James Sevier, a gifted prize-winning architect. She had drifted into destructive thoughts of him as she pleasured herself, behaviour that filled her with shame when she thought of it. Robert was only too lustful when he was at home with her. It was just that he was so often away. Her libido did not leave her, drift into hibernation, say, until Robert’s return.

She had wanted distraction from the stresses and strains of living in a house that often felt like she was encamped on a building site.

She became thankful that Jamie was around to help her. He also took her mind off what Robert’s disclosures of the family’s past had aroused. Character was, perhaps, only skin deep and what you chose to have others see of you. She had discovered that the same might be said of her.

Yes, that lunch had become a defining moment for her.


Connie served up an easy to prepare dish of Lasagna, a staple of the family whenever they gathered. She told them to help themselves to the variety of salads that were set at the centre of the table.

She looked at them all, then met Robert’s smile. Seeing it tugged at her conscience, for to hear others speak of the transformation she had wrought only brought to mind the turmoil she had gone through to achieve it, but also who it was that she had relied upon when problems overwhelmed her.

‘I’m here because you’re stuck for help,’ James Sevier, the architect had told her, a soft smile teasing at the corners of his lips. She had met the look of his stilled grey-blue eyes upon her. ‘I can’t leave you to settle the problem on your own…with the contractor, Connie.’

He had said it as they stood amidst the debris that was to be her new kitchen. To span the space had required special load bearing beams, one of which had failed due to a miscalculation by the consulting engineer and that Jamie had spotted.

She remembered the tears Yeşilköy escort of frustration and worry. She also recalled his infatuation with her that this new problem had made her acutely aware of. Jamie had wanted to be of help in so many ways that crashed against her ordered world, even if Robert was so very far away.

Jamie had stood only too close as the looked at some drawings that he had prepared and showed how the problem was to be solved. He had touched her, spoken soft words of endearment and attraction to her. She remembered how her thoughts had spun at what his words and touches might lead to. She had known that she should ask him to go no further in his touches and to move away from her, and for them to concentrate on the problem at hand. But…but the problem had been a plausible reason to be in her company and it gave time, and the opportunity, for her attraction to him to flourish. He became not only the retained architect but also the offeror of some comfort and help.

‘It’s not easy being here with you,’ Jamie had confessed. Her billowy blouse did little to conceal her shapeliness and her blue slacks a stark counterpoint. ‘It has gone way beyond work…what…what I want to do for you.’

His soft words…the pauses as he spoke…his slow touch to her arm…they all dragged at her resolve not to concede to his seducing ways. Jamie’s were touches that would satisfy the ache of hunger that she had begun to feel for him whenever Jamie was nearby. Loneliness, and the problems with the house, had begun to nag at her resolve not to concede and find some comfort with him.

‘And I can’t resist you,’ she had admitted, blushing on feeling him press against her and discovering what he would bring to her if she gave in to her emotions and lust for him. ‘I want to, but I can’t.’

‘One problem’s settled…but…but another is not,’ he had kissed. She remembered him saying it as she looked into his eyes, then answering him in words that still haunted her for their brazenness and the sudden collapse of her resolve.

‘Take me…I want you to be with me…to take me and help me to forget.’

She had known of him on the daybed in Robert’s study. She had lost herself with him and felt the ripples of pleasure course through her body after James had entered her, their cries of dismay and pleasure with all that had been discovered filling the small room until they had shared the climactic rush to shattering fulfilment.

They had coupled whenever the opportunity arose, she feeling dismayed by her actions and how she had tumbled into an unlikely affair. She had begun to feel like a whore whose undoubtedly gifted customer called upon her when circumstances allowed.

‘Are you still with us, Mum?’ Isla, her eldest daughter, called out to laughter. ‘It’s that good, we know.’

‘Yes…I’m sorry,’ she answered sheepishly and taking her time to sip at her wine. Jamie had taken her out of only too ordered ways of life that were the times she shared with Robert whenever he was at home. ‘I was miles away…sorry.’

She met Robert’s wondering look.

It had been a lonely, crazy and utterly reckless time to have gone through with another man. Robert was at home for now, but the Fennell family’s link to the service remained as strong as ever. The pictures and paintings, the photographs and memorabilia, even Robert’s rum tot measure was a testimony to all that had gone before during the family’s connections with the Royal Navy.

As she gazed at him, down the length of the table, and saw how he spoke to all the others, who engaged him in conversation, she knew again that he truly was the only one for her. As mother had once said, when she had been married to Rob for only a few months, ‘he could charm the ducks off the water’.

She wondered how the secret had been kept about his ancestry. It would gnaw at her resolve not to succumb to Jamie when he called by on a ‘routine site inspection’.

The trouble was, he did so after the workman’s day had ended, and she was again alone in the house. She might compound the sense of betrayal she had felt at bearing children who had a genetic link to those she knew nothing of; planters on a West Indian island and the defining marriage of a Fennell whose secret had lain hidden, over the generations, until now.


‘I got your message! Rushed to get back in time!’ she gasped on seeing him fill the doorway. ‘Come in…come in!’

Connie pushed off his jacket and threw it down on a chair; ignored the picture that hung over it; that of a woman who had claimed the love of a Fennell; an undoubtedly beautiful, dusky beauty.

‘I’ve missed you…ache for you now, Connie!’

Jamie gave voice to his hunger for her and drew her into his arms and plunged his tongue into her mouth. He met her answering kisses and heard the sharp intakes of breath as their heads moved, each seeking Yeşilyurt escort bayan an advantage in the flurry of their hot kisses. He squeezed a buttock with one hand and the fulsome, straining swell of her breasts with the other, as she worked on him lustfully, through the fabric of his chinos. Her breaths were hot on his skin, her lips pushed between the edge of his denim shirt as her lips pulled gently on the grey hair on his chest.

‘Be with me…come with me!’ she commanded and breaking free of his e embrace upon her.

They rushed up the stairs and stumbled into a guest bedroom. They embraced and kissed hungrily as they tore at each other’s clothes, their claims upon each other fevered and interrupting what they so urgently sought of each other until, at last, they were naked and basked in each other’s body heat.

‘You wonder…you beautiful wonder,’ Jamie whispered against her skin.

She held his head to the tumble of her breasts as he kissed them; felt Jamie’s hands pinch on her buttocks and hold her to him. Se shivered in abject longing once more for him, the man who had broken her dutiful bond to another, his hungering claims what she needed as she felt the press of his penis against her belly.

‘Jamie…Jamie!’ she cried out, her voice shrill in the room, as she became lost in the moment, shivering as he pushed his penis between her legs and rubbed it against her wet folds, the tip pressing and caressing in slow touches her pussy’s lips, lingering as it parted them.

They fell on the bed, wrapped in each other’s arms, Connie’s feet scrambling and thrashing furiously on the covers so that they had room; Jamie pushing her legs apart before his buried his face in her. His tongue soon entered in a rampaging, questing act of homage to her body, Connie’s legs over his shoulders and her feet caressing his back.

‘Bring it all to me…make it real!’ she cried out, throwing her head from side to side in wanton pleasure, pushing her hips up to meet his claims until she had to keep him to her, wrapped his head with her quivering thighs as he lapped up her juices.

She had no need to think of him as she worked herself when alone in her bed.

‘You are…real…so wonderfully real, Connie!’

She pushed him away and made Jamie lie back. She soon had her mouth and fingers on him and claimed that arcing length of trembling flesh. She was in control and moved so that she caressed it wantonly with her breasts. She heard Jamie’s groans of pleasure and met his kisses. She moved down on him, her hair brushing his skin before her mouth circled his penis once more, her nimble fingers working on him.

‘You…you know I can’t hold it back for long when you do that!’

Connie knew it only too well from other times. She had been bathed in the splattering streams of his semen over her body, even her face after he had failed to stem that flow with is hands and spare her that.

She moved to lie on him and felt his penis at her opening, shared in a hungering kiss before she sat up and rested on her knees, guided his tip into her before she settled, Jamie’s flesh opening the way into her. Gasping, she rose and fell, tugged and eased on his wonderful penis as he stretched her. She ignored his fingers as they traced a slow, wondering path over her breasts before they tweaked her proud nipples.

‘I…I love you doing that,’ she groaned on leaning forward and began to slowly ride on him, her fingers digging into his skin.

‘And I love the sound that we’re making,’ he gasped as they squelched. ‘Go on…yeah…yeah…oh yeah!’

Jamie felt that she had taken all of him in her actions and he pushed back; yanked her down on him, wishing to set the tempo that matched the mesmerising sway of her gloriously heavy, still firm, breasts. He loved how she squeezed and eased her muscles on him as Connie sought to really share in the act of loving and not have him just fuck her. He pushed Connie onto the bed without slipping from her hot, wet haven. She pushed on his shoulders and made him look at her.

‘What…not enough for you?’ he grinned, his eyes darting over her. The woman delighted him so in her passionate and uninhibited ways of it.

‘Lick me out, again,’ she demanded in a husky voice, her brazenness a departure from how it had always gone before. She might yet explain.

He knelt between her legs and soon bent to drive his tongue into her slicked, pink, parted lips. He soon heard her moan in delight as he buried his face in her lightly shaved mound, his fingers opening the way to deeper claims.

‘Together as never before, you wonder!’ he kissed, Connie’s pussy juices and taste on his lips as he moved to have Connie share in their kisses. She pushed him down again and squealed in pleasure as he gripped her hips, then buttocks as he moved to kiss the silky smoothness of her thighs before returning to Escort Zeytinburnu then suck on her clit.

‘Yes…oh yes…you wild man!’ she wailed in abandon.

‘Only with you…I’m like this only with you!’

Jamie alternated in his ways of claiming her like this; his fingers matching the sucks and licks. He touched her ass as he continued in his massaging of her buttocks, but he soon felt her push up to drive his face to her, Connie’s breathy gasps expelled quicker and quicker until he felt her body spasm. She twisted this way, then that, as his loving claims unleashed her first orgasm.

‘Jamieee!’ she yelled as she gushed; shuddered as he continued sucking and tonguing her body. He basked in her wet heat and was urged on by her grunts that became soft moans of pleasure. ‘Come in me…come in me! Bring me a different kind of torture!’ She met his smile and drew Jamie up to kiss her. ”It’s never been this way before…what you’ve brought is wonderfully different! I love it.’

He languished in her embrace as Connie fumbled for his prick and brought it to her slicked lips. She provoked him into pressing the tip to her and to slowly push down and felt his strong grip to wrap his body with her legs. Connie’s fingers dug into his shoulders, then hips, as she pulled him into her.

‘You are so beautiful,’ he groaned as a pounding rhythm began and she claimed him in her wet heat.

He sucked a nipple into his mouth and tugged on it, then the other; watched in pleasure as her breasts fell back and splayed and left her breastbone exposed to his lips as he bent to her. He kept driving his hips down as he took her in long sinuous, plunging and stretching strokes. They shared in their gasps of pleasure as his penis fully claimed her, the frenzy of shared kisses no distraction.

She felt the clammy heat on his skin and knew it was so between their bodies. She responded to soft words of encouragement as Jamie pushed her legs up, still higher until she gripped her knees, as he sought to find her and go deeper.

‘Soon…it will be soon my love,’ she heard him groan on hot breaths of effort.

Connie met his hooded stare; knew that they were at the edge before their dizzying fall. They eased in their fervour; slowed to a glorying lover’s pace and made gentler and easier love. They kissed, swirled their tongues in their lover’s mouth as fingers dug into enervated flesh.

They acted as if they wanted to take their time in this reunion tryst and to act the patient lover and delay the joy that was soon to overwhelm them.

Connie gave him no respite as the pace of their loving increased once more, the bed rocking and she pulling away the pillows as Janie moved to lei over her and she kissed his chest. She felt impaled on his prick and his closeness made it hard for her to breathe.

‘You’ll break me!’ she yelled.

‘And so much more besides..’ he kissed, his pace never slackening.

The bed shook; the headboard tapped the wall; her legs thrashed on the bed, then caressed his body. Connie shivered as she felt again the jetting surge of his release; her shuddered responses overwhelming. Connie arched her back and kept him to her until his movements became slow and they fell silent in an avowal of what had been shared.

‘You wanted me…I can’t believe how you wanted me,’ she whispered. His body had shivered in uncontrolled release when Jamie had climaxed, his movements seeking to claim every part of her aching body as they reached unbearable heights of shared pleasure.

‘There’s no going back on this, Connie…none at ll. You know that don’t you?’ he asserted on lying down beside her and delighting in Connie’s fulsome body before she pressed against him. The woman brought so much for him to kiss, touch and delight in.

She had never thought to say it to another man. ‘I think I’ve reached that moment too…’

She moved to lie on her side, propped her head in one hand and gazed down at the other man in her life. The house was, and would always remain, a Fennell property. It was entailed for the first male in line and thus a home for those that followed.

The past would never be erased. What Robert had kept from her and the others, her nearest and dearest, determined how life for them all how their lives would now go on.

‘I’ll leave Robert…speak to him about what he disclosed the last time he was home on leave. I cannot do that by letter or when we speak…rare as those moments are when he is deployed. The past haunts me, now….and the present, as it concerns BLM, is closer than I ever thought possible. I’ll tell you about it all when the time is right. Right now…I want to break the chains…want to do that with you.’

Jamie drew her to him. He felt Connie’s breasts press into his skin and her hands offer languid caresses to his body. He had seen a singular beauty in the woman whose portrait hung on the wall in the entrance hall. A deeper secret was there for those who looked closely at more recent family pictures and in Connie’s daughters especially.

She too, like previous generations of Fennell women had sought to be bound by love’s chains but now, and after all that had happened, she would be the first to break them.

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