Breaking Point Ch. 03

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Kari Smyth was livid. Her husband Jeffery had done it to her again.

It was not the cheating that pissed her off. After all, she had put up with all of his indiscretions over the years and had recently discovered the satisfaction of having her own adulterous liaisons with a couple of guys her husband worked with. No, it was not the cheating itself, it was the way he went about it.

On numerous occasions in the past he had picked some of the most inopportune times imaginable to indulge in his two-timing dalliances. There was the time he disappeared from her cousin’s wedding for almost an hour, coincidentally at the exact time the young lady working the coat-check who had been flirting with him was nowhere to be found. He came back smelling of perfume and she returned to work with her hair a mess and her blouse missing two buttons. Or there were the numerous times he had excused himself from events thrown by his company that they were attending, amazingly just after one of his big breasted young sales reps took their leave from the party.

Kari could deal with her husband’s cheating ways; she had long ago accepted it as the price she was forced to pay in exchange for the well-off lifestyle he provided for her. It was the thought of other people finding out; of others whispering about the affairs behind her back. She could not stand the notion of his careless approach to his adultery allowing people to look down on them, to judge their marriage, to pity her.

In her mind, she had at least had the prudence to conduct herself in a fairly cautious manner when she had strayed outside of their marriage. True, her decision to sleep with two men that worked with Jeffery may not have been the most prudent choices, but she had at least ensured some level of discretion by doing so in the privacy of her own home. Regardless of the risks associated with taking either man as a lover, she had done so on both occasions not only for her own physical pleasure, but also for the satisfaction that came with the knowledge that they would forever look at her husband with an air of superiority in their eyes.

Now, her husband had once again picked an incredibly ill-timed occasion to satisfy his adulterous ways. The couple had been out this particular evening with Carl and Nathan, two of Jeffery important clients, entertaining the out-of-town pair with dinner followed by cocktails at an upscale jazz club. Everything had been going quite well throughout the night, until just after the foursome arrived at the club.

Before they had even had a chance to order drinks, the group’s idle chit chat was interrupted by the arrival of a buxom young lady named Marina, who worked under Jeffery — and who Kari was fairly certain had been fucking her husband for quite some time. Watching with a mask of politeness on her face and malice in her stare, Kari pretended not to listen to the little slut’s claim of surprise at running into them at that particular club. She smiled graciously as she gritted her teeth at Jeffery’s usual lack of discretion. To anyone looking for it, the telltale signs were glaring. The familiar way they looked at each other, the placing of her hand on his shoulder as they spoke and the stolen glances when they thought no one else was watching.

It was only a couple of minutes later when Jeffery’s cell rang and he had, in Kari’s opinion, one of the worst fake phone conversations in the history of fake phone conversations. After quite emphatically acting surprised and concerned about something that had come up at the office, he complained that it was a bad time since he was out with clients and then proceeded to reluctantly agree to come in and see to the problem personally.

Not that there was any need to after his horrendously bad acting job, but as soon as he hung up, Jeffery informed his wife and clients that unfortunately, he would have to leave right away to handle this big issue that had come up at the office. After apologizing profusely to the two men, he was even nice enough to let them know that he would grab a taxi to his office, leaving them the limousine they had been travelling in that night to get them back to their hotel.

After shaking hands with Carl and Nathan and offering them one last apology for his early departure, he gave Kari a quick peck on the cheek and thanked her for taking care of his two clients the rest of the evening. She smiled sweetly as her husband walked away, the anger burning within her.

‘Oh, I’ll take care of them tonight, don’t you worry honey…’ she thought to herself.

Incensed by her husband’s cavalier actions, it did not take her long to formulate her plan for the remainder of the evening. Looking over her two companions, she quickly surmised that the pair would make more than acceptable lovers.

Carl appeared to be in his mid-fifties and was very distinguished looking. His age was reflected in the grey peppered throughout his full head of dark hair and goatee, as well as the notable lines adorning the corners of his piercing blue eyes. Definitely a man most women her age would consider Ankara escort handsome, his almost six foot frame was slim, and tonight was adorned sharply in a grey pinstriped suit.

Nathan was probably a few years older and a couple inches shorter than his associate, but equally as attractive. His silver hair was thinning a bit, but he still managed to keep it well styled, avoiding any temptation to work a comb-over or other ridiculous cover-up attempt. His sly smile and thin moustache portrayed a certain charm and confidence, as did his tailored black suit.

As the trio enjoyed another cocktail and some pleasant conversation, Kari slowly put her plan into action. She could not help but smile to herself when she contemplated how easy it was going to be. Without even trying to seduce either man, she was already well aware of the long, lustful looks both had been shooting in her direction.

No one could blame the two for admiring the view. The 42-year-old was looking as striking as ever that night. Her tight and shapely body was wrapped in a sexy navy blue dress, low cut with skinny straps that cut a seductive silhouette and nicely showed off her cleavage. The dress came to just above her knees, covering the lace tops of her thigh high black stockings, while a pair of deliciously curvy black sling-back peep-toe pumps with chunky heels adorned her feet. Her blonde hair was parted in the middle, allowing the mess of luxurious soft curls cascading down to her shoulders to nicely frame her elegant face while creating a captivating contour of body and texture.

Kari could see the lust for her in their eyes, and the familiar shiver it sent through her body confirmed to her that the adulterous desire was clearly mutual. Watching as Carl pulled out a cigarette; she took a sip of her drink and decided to up the sexual tension if she could.

“Can I steal one of those from you?” She asked, staring him right in his lustful eyes.

“Umm, sure.” He replied as he passed one over to her.

“I didn’t know you smoked Kari.” Nathan chimed in.

“I haven’t in years, but I just feel like having one.” She answered with a smirk. “I’m so bad, I know. Jeffery would kill me if he saw me have one.”

“Well, we wouldn’t want you to get in trouble would we?” Nathan replied, matching her sly smile with one of his own.

“No we wouldn’t. I guess it’ll just have to be our little secret. What Jeffery doesn’t know won’t hurt him… will it Carl?” She half whispered as she brought the cigarette to her lips and leaned in for him to light it for her.

“Um, no… we wouldn’t.” He stammered, clearly affected by her choice of words, as he pulled out his lighter, flicked it to life and held it in front of her.

She half-closed her eyes and slightly parted her red, glossy lips around the cigarette. The warm smoke made her mouth tingle as she took a healthy pull as he lit it for her. Her lips tightened as she inhaled, a guilty feeling of forgotten pleasure washing over her as she filled her lungs. She pulled the cigarette away from her mouth and pursed her lips, a sigh slipping out as she exhaled a long stream of cascading smoke. Her nipples tingled and came to attention, and she almost immediately found herself returning the cigarette in between her lips and taking a second healthy drag, this time French inhaling and then exhaling slow and seductively, almost letting out a moan of satisfaction. Both men stared in awe as they watched her sultry smoking performance.

The three of them continued on with their cocktails and banter, all the while the two men’s eyes locked on Kari’s seductive smoking, the oral fixation clearly turning them both on with each of her inhales and exhales.

After another drink and cigarette, the night was getting late, and the moment to move her plan to the next phase was upon them. Agreeing that it was about time to head out, the trio settled their tab and made their way out of the jazz club and to the limousine waiting for them outside.

Kari made sure to position herself in between the two men as they climbed into the back of the stretch. Her dress rode up her thighs as she sat, exposing the lacy tops of her stockings, much to the enjoyment of her two travelling partners. She knew they were ripe for the picking.

“How long will it take us to get back to the hotel?” She asked the driver.

“At least a half an hour, m’am. Maybe more.” He answered, catching her eye in the rear-view mirror.

“Thank-you.” She replied, then leaned forward and pressed the switch on the control panel to raise the divider between driver and passengers.

Sitting back in between her two targets, Kari slid her ass as she leaned back, ensuring the tops of her stockings remained visible.

“Half an hour?” She playfully pouted. “Whatever can we do to pass the time?”

The two men exchanged nervous glances. Clearly they had not had any opportunity to discuss the behaviour of Jeffery’s wife since his departure, but both were obviously well aware of it, and quite favourably affected by it.

“Well, umm…” Nathan started, Ankara escort bayan looking back and forth from his colleague to her as he tried to find the words.

“What did you have in mind?” Carl jumped in.

“Geez boys, I don’t know…” she teased. “What could two handsome gentlemen like you possibly want to do with a woman like me in the back of a limo?” She quickly shot them both the most seductive ‘fuck-me’ looks she could muster. “Use your imaginations.”

That was about all Nathan could take. Quickly he leaned in and kissed her, their tongues dancing together as his hand reached around the back of her head and pulled her in deeper.

Not to be outdone, Carl swiftly joined in on the action. Within seconds of her lip-lock with Nathan beginning, Carl’s hands were on her bosom, groping and squeezing her mounds. A minute later, the straps of her dress were sliding down her arms and he had both hands down the top and exploring inside her black strapless bra. Pulling down the thin material, he exposed her tits and his mouth quickly headed to attack her hard nipples. He sucked greedily, alternating from one to the other as he continued to fondle.

As his partner fumbled with her dirty pillows, Nathan slid one of his hands down to her thigh and pulled the hem of her dress up higher. He continued to passionately kiss her as his fingers made their way in between her legs. Kari moaned softly into his mouth, causing him to break their lip-lock.

“You are a bad girl, aren’t you?” He whispered to her, his hand slowly pulling her lace trimmed panties to one side.

“Very bad.” She cooed, a tingle shooting in between her legs as he ran a finger through her pubes.

She squirmed with pleasure as Carl continued his oral assault on her girls while his friend began fingering her pussy with vigour. Her nipples were so hard it almost hurt when he sucked them. The thumping of her heart was deafening in her ears as the two men ravaged her willing body.

Nathan’s fingers pumped in and out of her blisteringly hot beaver, making her increasingly wet and eager for more action.

“I need to see those big hard dicks.” Kari breathed, to neither one directly.

She did not need to ask twice. Instantly, both men pulled their attention away from her flesh and proceeded to promptly undo their respective trousers. Just as swiftly, she repositioned herself onto her knees, directly between her anxious new lovers.

“My, my boys… are we excited?” She asked with a wry grin as they both pulled out their rigid members.

Not waiting for their answers, she took hold of both men’s woodys and began slowly gliding her hands up and down them. She marvelled at watching each of her hands slide up and down a different cock, pleasuring them both at the same time. Carl’s was about six inches long, and quite fat, with a soft fleshy hood, while Nathan’s was bigger and thicker, perhaps nine inches long. It did not take her long to have them both purring like kittens as her skilled hands twisted around them in sharp rapid movements.

Her mouth salivating, her patience dwindled with each stroke. Kari’s eyes focused in on the pre-come forming on the head of Carl’s plump staff. She leaned forward and gently began licking his shaft and balls, the sliding of her tongue across his sensitive skin eliciting a low groan from the satisfied recipient. Her tongue ran up and down repeatedly, followed by her mouth covering his knob in a powerful suck.

From the corner of her eye she registered movement. As her focus shifted to her blow job, her other hand had left Nathan’s crotch, and he was now manoeuvring himself into a new location on the limousine’s rear seat. She felt his hands on her hips and was guided up onto the seat as well, all while maintaining her masterful fellatio on his comrade.

Sporting a throbbing erection of his own, Nathan positioned himself behind her and moved his hands off of her hips, over her firm ass and onto her thighs. Her body shivered as she felt him pull her dress up, once again exposing the lacy tops of her stockings and her matching panties. She could not wait to feel him insider of her. Pulling her mouth away from Carl’s saliva slicked knob, she peeked back over her shoulder with a wanton look in her eye and a wicked smile on her lips.

“Rip off my panties.” She demanded. “Fuck me!”

Not one to keep a lady waiting, Nathan was quick to oblige her. In one swift movement, he grabbed her underwear and ripped it from her, exposing her glistening slit. She moaned in anticipation as her mouth returned to pleasuring Carl, and waited.

Pulling his pants down to his knees, Nathan speedily got into place against her exposed rear. Taking hold of her by the hips, he slid his beefy tool into her sopping hole and immediately started frantically fucking her. In an almost uncontrollable response, she tossed her head from side to side as he banged away, her lips leaving her other lover.

“Yes,” Kari squealed. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Carl did not want to be left out for long and he quickly shot up to his Escort Ankara knees and slapped his wet Johnson across the side of her face. Immediately, she opened her mouth and he pushed in, almost right to the back of her throat. She almost gagged as his hairy balls slapped against her chin.

Kari felt depraved, on her knees and getting fucked from both ends. She imagined Jeffery seeing her like this and could feel herself getting increasingly turned on. Returning her concentration to her blowjob, she sucked and licked Carl’s hard-on with determination as his body shook in response.

Nathan continued slamming into her from behind, fucking her so hard that she almost thought his balls were inside her as well as his mighty penis. His thrusts became harder and harder and one of her hands soon wandered down in between her legs. Her clit was throbbing and it did not take too much of her furious frigging to bring her to a wonderful orgasm. Her body shaking from her release, she released her lip-lock on Carl and turned back to face Nathan.

“I think he needs to get some of that hot cunt, don’t you?” She asked with a lustful laugh, her body craving the feeling of her other lover inside.

Obeying dutifully, Nathan pulled out and watched as his buddy sat back down and awaited his turn. Climbing across to straddle him, she slowly lowered herself onto Carl’s slick pole. His stubby beef stick went in with ease, and after two or three thrusts he leaned forward and buried his face in between her bouncing jugs.

“Oh yes!” Kari moaned. “Fuck me baby!”

She rode him like a woman possessed, and from the corner of her eye saw Nathan stroking his cock beside them as he watched her thrash about on top of this other man. Smiling at him, she flung her head back and groaned. She squirmed atop Carl a he gripped her hips and found a rhythm that he liked.

“You are one dirty little bitch!” Nathan declared, still rubbing his own pork sword. “A real first class slut.”

She squeezed her eyes shut as she revelled in the name calling. Her blonde curls swung from side to side as she gyrated wildly on top of her lover.

“That’s right baby,” she agreed enthusiastically. “I am a dirty slut!”

Carl began fucking her faster and harder with her declaration. Kari knew he would not last much longer, especially if she pressed the right buttons.

“You boys like fucking dirty sluts, don’t you?” She purred. “You like fucking Jeffery’s whore of a wife, don’t you?”

“Fucking right!” Nathan agreed, his hand sliding up and down his schlong faster and faster as he spoke.

“What about you baby?” She asked, looking down at Carl as she bounced up and down on him. “You like fucking Jeffery’s slutty wife?”

“Oh, yes!” He growled, her words and movements too much for him.

He bucked his hips upwards, thrusting hard into her one final time. With a series of grunts, he emptied his balls, filling her with his hot spunk as his head collapsed against her heaving chest.

Pulling herself off of Carl, his thick come trickled down her inner thigh as she turned to face Nathan.

“And what do you need from this dirty little whore?” She queried.

“Suck my dick.” He replied, desperate to join his associate in satisfied bliss.

“Oh c’mon now, you can do better than that.” She taunted, positioning herself in front of him, her lips inches away from the tip of his unit. “Is that how you tell a slut to suck your dick?”

Grinning at her words, Nathan reached down and took a tight hold on a handful of the tangled curls at the back of her head. He thrust his hips forward as he pulled her head towards his crotch at the same time, slamming his manhood against her lips and into her mouth.

“Suck my dick, you filthy slut.” He commanded. “Suck the come outta my cock like the dirty, cheating whore you are.”

Kari did not know who was more turned on by the demeaning orders. As much as she loved the feeling of being treated like a cheap slut, she was fairly convinced by the rigorous face-fucking that he was giving her that Nathan was thoroughly enjoying fucking her like one.

After only a minute or so, he was unable to delay himself any further. He took hold of her blonde mane with both hands and held her head in place as he shot his load into her mouth. His body trembled as his love juice slid over her tongue and down her throat, not a drop spilling out. Finally slipping his shrinking bone from in between her talented lips, Nathan collapsed back into the seat, exhausted and fulfilled.

She glanced over at Carl who had already done his pants back up and was now staring dumbfounded in her direction. She offered him a sly wink and then turned back to see Nathan busy tidying himself up.

For her part, Kari pulled her dress back down over her exposed ass and settled back down in between her two new lovers. Very nonchalantly, she then proceeded to adjust her bra, stuffing her boobs back into their coverings and pulling her dress straps back up and into place. She slid her hands through her messy curls and gave her hair a shake, then breathed out a mighty sigh. Leaning over she gave Carl a quick peck on the cheek and then did the same to Nathan. Then she leaned forward and pressed the switch on the control panel to raise the divider between them and the driver.

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