Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 06

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A month had passed since my wife Amanda and I had spent a weekend with her redheaded friend Anna; a weekend spent fucking and sucking until Anna finally broke down and admitted that sleeping with my wife behind my back was wrong. She also admitted that weekend was the best sexual experience of her life, a fact I planned to keep in my back pocket. Anna was, after all, a firecracker in the sack.

I had spent most of the month trying to finalize our encounter with Jane, the third of my wife’s bridesmaids that had seduced her at the bachelorette party (and before and after).

However, just making contact with Jane was proving difficult. She and Amanda had been playing phone tag for weeks now.

I attributed the root cause of the problem to Jane’s job. Jane had just completed law school, and was a first-year associate at a firm in the city where we had attended college; she, Amanda, and Bonnie at one school, me at another.

So since I didn’t think Jane was fully ‘engaged’ in the conversation, I decided I had to engage her. Which is why I was now walking into the lobby of her firm.

After a stop at the receptionist’s desk, Jane was called to come down and meet me, supposedly a client she needed to see.

I saw her before she saw me, which meant I was treated to her look of confusion. That was not a look I saw often from her.

Jane was no slouch in either looks or intelligence. She was the tallest of the girls, 5’9″, and while the rest of the girls were dancers, Jane was a sprinter, which meant she didn’t share their ‘stick’ figure.

That’s not to say she was fat in the least way. The smartly cut skirt suit she was wearing showed off that she still didn’t seem to be carrying an ounce of fat on her curvy frame, well, except for her D-cups, which were pinned beneath her jacket. That jacket showed off the contrast of her narrow waist and her hips as well, hips that supported an ass that was well toned by miles and miles of running.

The skirt covering that ass was short enough to show off her smooth, brown calves without being high enough to raise eyebrows.

As she approached, I prepared my statement. Here on her turf, I didn’t feel in control of the situation.

There was a lot more chance of this backfiring on me with Jane than the other girls. Jane was the original link between Amanda and I.

Jane and I were from the same hometown and had gone to high school together. In college, we kept in contact in the way that people from the same high school do, not really friends, but willing to share a ride.

It was at Jane’s birthday party where I had met Amanda. Jane and Bonnie were roommates freshman year, and after Amanda and Bonnie became inseparable, the three of them lived together the rest of college.

Amanda had confided to me that it was Jane who was the aggressor with Bonnie and Amanda, and instigated most of the lesbian action that went on amongst the three of them.

So there I was, watching her approach.

“Charlie, what are you doing here?”

“Hi Jane. Is there somewhere private we can talk?”

“Sure.” She motioned into a small conference room off the lobby, and I closed the door behind us.

“We need to talk” once the door clicked shut.

“We’re talking.” She said dismissively. I could see her ‘bitch shields’ were up, just like Anna’s. I wondered if she had been tipped off and that’s why she was avoiding my wife.

“I will be blunt. I know what happened at the bachelorette party, and how you have been sneaking around with Amanda behind my back for years.”

Jane shrugged in response, indicating ‘so?’

“In order to save our marriage, Amanda and I reached an agreement to write her wrongs. That is where you come in.”

“Come in how?”

“My agreement with Amanda is that in order to clean the slate between us, I would experience what she experienced with each of you.”

“You mean have sex.”


“Why would I do that?”

“Because you owe me.”

“None of us owe you anything.”

“Bonnie and Anna came to realize they did. They have already agreed to this arrangement.”

Invoking the other guilty parties gave Jane pause.

“If I did agree, what would we do, just fuck right here on the table?”

I shook my head.

“With Anna, we found a nice weekend out of town worked out well for everyone.”

Jane thought about what I said, then responded.

“Why would Anna, or Bonnie, go along with this?”

“Well, I do have certain leverage.” I handed over my phone with a copy of the photo that showed Jane smiling next to a set of tits.

“Leverage to do what?”

“Share this photo with the world. What would this place think?”

Jane laughed in response. “I am a young, black, female lawyer. I check too many boxes not to get another job.”

I smiled and nodded, respecting her confidence.

“Well, they might be progressive on things like this, but I bet your family wouldn’t be so understanding.”

I had gotten to know Jane’s family over the years, and I knew they were good, conservative , church-going people who would Ümraniye Escort be severely embarrassed by naked photos of their daughter floating around the Internet, especially since that daughter was a lawyer who they bragged about to everyone.

To make matters worse, exposing that daughter as a lesbian would bring intense shame on them. I had no doubt that Jane’s parents had no idea of her proclivities. Of all the girls, I thought she was most likely to say ‘bye’ to ‘bi’. She had never dated a guy more than a month or two, they were never anything serious, almost as if it was all just a cover. I knew she had used law school as an excuse, and even before I found out the truth I sometimes wondered if Jane played for the other team.

Invoking her family did the trick. Jane’s dark eyes narrowed, and her expression got serious.

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“I would. I even have the email to your dad from an anonymous account ready to go.”

Jane didn’t respond for a second, clearly considering her options. Finally her face relaxed, and she nodded her assent.

“Does that mean you agree to my proposal?”


“Fine. Next Friday, be outside here at 5:00 sharp. We will pick you up, and drop you off at home on Sunday.”

“But I work every Saturday. I can’t leave like that.”

“Tell them you are going to a last-minute wedding. I don’t care. Just be out there.”

I reached for the door handle and paused.

“Jane, I am going to need more than your word. I need proof of your agreement.”

“What, you want a signed document? I am not drafting that.”

“No, something more… visual… would be fine.” I thought for a moment. “Take off your panties.”

“Now you want to have sex here?”

“No, Amanda and I only have sex in front each other now. Take them off and hold them up.”

Jane hesitated, but did as I asked, reaching up under her black, pin-striped skirt to pull off a lacy, purple thong.

“Very nice. You wear stuff like this every day?”

“No, I need to do laundry.” She said it with some venom as she stood there, panties balled in her hands.

“Hold them up”. I pantomimed the position of displaying the panties, and she followed.

As she held the pose, I pulled my phone back out.

“Now smile.”

What I got was more of a sneer, but it worked. When I was done, I stepped over and took the panties from her.

“What are you doing?” Jane said, alarmed.

“Taking them.”

“I can’t go back to work like this.”

“Why not?” I said, and left the conference room, Jane’s panties shoved in my pocket. If something went wrong, they would serve as great proof of our conversation, and given there was a week and a half until we would pick Jane up from the doors I was currently exiting, an attempt to change the terms was a possibility.

On the drive home, as I was idly replaying the conversation in my mind, I had a realization. I had the pictures from the bachelorette party that showed the girls in various states of undress and sexual activities, and I knew Amanda’s original sanitized version of events, but I had never gotten the full story of what had occurred.

When I got home, I relayed a summary of the day’s events to my wife. I hadn’t told her I was going to see Jane, just in case, but I could see Amanda was not that surprised.

Later that night, we were laying in the bed, watching TV. Amanda was curled up against me, covers pulled up to her chest, her upper arm across me.

A beer commercial that took place in a bar reminded me of my earlier musings.

“Hey babe” I said.

“Mmm.” I wasn’t sure if my wife was just content, or if I had woken her up.

“I realized today that I never got the whole story of your bachelorette party. I know what you told me, but not what you didn’t tell me.”

Amanda pulled away now, sitting up.

“Why do you want to know?”

I shrugged. “I guess I still feels like it’s a secret, and I don’t want it to be.”

Amanda nodded, thinking.

“Umm, okay. What do you want to know?”

“Everything, I guess. Just start from the beginning.”

“You know the beginning. Remember?” My wife had a little giggle in her voice now, and when I remembered, I chuckled too.

Flashing back to earlier that year, I remembered Amanda’s bachelorette party began with a bang, literally. It was Friday after work. We had the whole weekend to ourselves, our first in over a month with no wedding planning to take care of. So we decided to do what any young engaged couple should. Call it an early night and have lots of sex.

After some foreplay that progressed from kissing through manual stimulation to penetration, with a quick stop at oral, Amanda was on top of me, riding me, both of us completely naked, my cock buried deep in her. My hands were on her hips, keeping her in place. She was whipping her hips around in circles, grinding her crotch on mine, her small breasts bouncing up and down with her gyrations, her long brown hair splayed over her face and shoulders.

We were both so into it, approaching Ümraniye Escort Bayan orgasm, that we didn’t hear anything until Anna screamed out a loud “Ohmigod you two.”

Amanda and I both panicked, and she pulled off of me and turned towards the sound as both of us attempted to pull the covers up over our naked bodies.

In our open doorway were Anna, Jane, and Bonnie. The first two were leaning against the door laughing, while Bonnie looked mortified that they had caught us ‘in flagrante’.

Once Amanda was sure all of her bits were covered, she asked the obvious question:

“What are you guys doing here?”

Jane responded, showing us a pair of handcuffs.

“We came to kidnap you. This is your surprise bachelorette party.”

Anna held up a rope, and Bonnie a stocking cap.

My surprise was waning, and my anger rising.

“A little warning next time. Wait, how did you get in?”

Bonnie spoke up now, her voice barely above a whisper.

“Amanda let me use your spare key once. It was still in the same spot.”

I shook my head in response.

“Fine, you guys can do whatever it is you plan to do. Just get out and give us time to get cleaned up.”

Giggling all the way, they closed the door, and Amanda and I looked at each other.

All we could do was laugh. She made sure I was okay with this change to our plans, and when I consented, she kissed me and we both got out of bed.

I threw on some clothes and went down to formally greet our guests while my wife grabbed a quick shower.

Soon after, the girls left, and I was left with a weekend with nothing (and no one) to do.

That was the last thing I was sure of before Amanda was dropped off Sunday afternoon, hungover and sleepy.

Amanda took her time to fill in the details from there:

“Friday night, we drove out to the country. We were going on that wine tour, and they wanted to get an early start.

On the way there, it was pretty normal, catching up with each other. Anna didn’t know Jane or Bonnie that well, so they learned some things about each other.

So we get to Bonnie’s place, where we were staying the night. Jane had made sure Bonnie’s boyfriend wasn’t there, so we had the place to ourselves. Someone brought a bottle of wine, and that went pretty quickly as we all chatted.

As usual, after two drinks I was done, and Bonnie, who had been stuck driving, wasn’t far behind.

With dickhead out of the picture, I decided I was going to sleep in Bonnie’s bed with her, and Anna and Jane would be out on the sleeper sofa.

Now, at that time, Anna had no idea I had done things with Jane and Bonnie, and vice versa. So while I was aware that everyone in the room was willing to have girl-time, no one else was.

So I put the two bossy bitches in one bed, while I had Bonnie to play with.

Since Bonnie and I were going to bed, Anna and Jane got ready too, though both were grumbling. I think they were both bored with our night.

So after the lights go out, Bonnie and I start cuddling, and pretty soon we were kissing and hands were under shirts.”

My wife sat up from me now to accentuate the next part of the story, while I remembered seeing her tiny, dark-haired friend Bonnie, who had a tight little body that packed decent curves for her size, locked in an embrace with my wife.

“So all of a sudden the light turns on, and there is Anna standing over us.

“I knew it!”

I start giggling, now that the secret is out.

Bonnie is just lying there, my hand up her shirt, grabbing her little titties, our legs intertwined, frozen.

Typical Anna, she just takes charge, diving into my bed, basically forcing Bonnie and I apart as she attacks me.

Jane must have fallen asleep, because she doesn’t come into the room until after that occurred, and she sounded groggy as she asked:

“Wait, you play with her too?”

I nod as Anna and I make out. That was my way of spilling the beans.

Anna got aggressive quickly, and when she went to stick her hand into my shorts, I stopped her.

“Anna, I am tired, and just went a quick play before bed. That’s why I came in here with Bonnie.”

At that point, Bonnie spoke up.

“Wait, we can’t have sex in here. My boyfriend will be back tomorrow, and we won’t have time to wash the sheets before he gets back.”

I sighed, disappointed, and went to roll over.

Anna wasn’t having it.

“Wait, let’s just play out there. We throw the sheets in the washer when we leave, and ta-da, no mess. Just good housekeeping by your guests.”

Bonnie can’t seem to shoot that down, but I do.

“I’m still tired.”

“Mandy, I have just discovered that instead of a boring drunken bachelorette party, I can now spend the weekend having sex with my oldest friend and her two gorgeous playmates. No way I can go to bed now.”

I gave in, and out we went. I saw Anna and Jane sizing each other up, trying to figure out who was the top dog. I hoped they could play nice.

When we got out to the living room, I Escort Ümraniye pulled Bonnie onto the futon, clearly planning to continue what I had started.

Anna wouldn’t allow that. Her excitement was contagious, and Bonnie was giggling too.

“C’mon, Mandy, get off the bed, I want to get to know everyone.”

I sighed and responded:

“Anna, we just spent hours in the car together.”

“Yes, but that was before I knew I could have sex with them.”

With that, her tanktop was up and off and her shorts were down, leaving her in nothing but a pair of pale blue panties and her freckles.”

I nodded, hardening, remembering how gorgeous Anna’s naked body was, her coppery locks contrasting with her pale skin. She was built like my wife, a dancer’s body, with B-cups on top and a fantastic ass and legs underneath.

My wife continued:

“So Anna said:

“C’mere Bonnie, I want to taste your honor.”

She pulled Bonnie to her feet, and smashed their lips together in a passionate kiss.

It was hot, and since i was already horny, I felt it in my pussy.

Bonnie did too, as when they broke, she was blushing, but I could see her legs were rubbing together.

Jane wasn’t as impressed, but I think that was competitive.

“That’s okay, I will take the bride.”

She stripped as she walked over, her big brown breasts coming in full view. I could see the other girls were jealous of them. Hell, our six tits together probably don’t equal her two.”

I nodded. Jane was really cut from a different cloth, as I said. I wondered how our encounter next weekend would go. Could I handle her, or given the fact we knew each other, would she not be willing to cede control?

Amanda continued, the words coming faster now as she described how the night heated up:

“So there are Anna and Bonnie, half-watching us, hands starting to roam each other, as Jane leans down and kissed me. The kiss was just a opening salvo, as she quickly removed my shirt as well.

As she was lifting my thighs to remove my shorts, and dragging my panties with, Anna cut in again.

“Wait! Let me get my camera.”

“Uhh, no cameras” I said.

“Yes! This is probably the only time the four of us will play together, and I want to capture it.”

She grabbed her camera and came back, fiddling with it, ready to shoot pictures of Jane and I.”

My wife stopped now, and was silent for a minute. I could see she was thinking about what she just said.

I nudged her after a minute, and she finally spoke.

“Wow, if I had just stopped her there… I mean, I think it turned out better this way, but what a fucking mistake that camera was.”

I nodded, agreeing with her that a camera at a bachelorette party was a poor choice, and taking pictures of naked attendees compounded the mistake.

Amanda shook her head again, and continued her story:

“So you saw the next couple minutes. Anna made us ‘introduce’ ourselves to each other by sucking each other’s tits, and she or Bonnie took pictures.

So that took like five minutes, and then I was like, ok, I want to have sex.

So I pulled Bonnie back onto the futon, and that’s when Anna snapped the last photo, I guess. All I remember is eating her out, her returning the favor, and then passing out.”

I interrupted now, my curiosity getting the best of me.

“What about Anna and Jane?”

“I honestly don’t know. I was so exhausted that once I came, I passed out. I don’t even know how I got from the futon to Bonnie’s room, but that’s where I woke up.

Well, I know they must have talked, because the next day was completely different.”

“Different how?”

“Well, since they now knew that we would all ‘play’, that was what we did.

Like I said, I woke up the next morning in Bonnie’s bed. She was already up, so I went out in the living room, still naked.

I found my clothes out there, along with the three girls sitting around Bonnie’s kitchen table. Bonnie had her pajamas on, but Jane was topless and Anna was completely naked.

“Good morning, sleepyhead” Jane said. I could hear in her voice they had been conspiring.

The other girls turned and looked at me as I picked up my panties and tshirt and put them on. I left the shorts off. You know I like that look. Heck, you like that look.

“What’s for breakfast?” I asked.

“We are going out” Anna said, smiling. “Let’s get dressed and we will go.”

“And I need to throw those sheets in the wash” Bonnie said. She hustled that way, but Anna followed me back into the bedroom.

I went to put on something comfortable, like a hoodie and yoga pants, but she wouldn’t let me. She gave me one of her dresses, this tight, tight strapless blue cocktail dress that barely covered my ass. She let me wear panties, but no bra. I had a thong, so at least the panties didn’t show.

So the rest of the girls get ready, and they are all wearing what I wanted to, something comfortable. So we all pack up, and head out.

We went to breakfast at a diner, and there I am, dressed like I never went home. I hadn’t showered either. The waitress kept giving me the stinkeye.

The food was great, and we discussed the wineries and hotel and the rest of the day. After we finish eating, Anna asks me to go to the bathroom. It was single user, but we both go in, and she locks the door behind us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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