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For my readers,

This story is bound to have errors as I typed it word for word on my phone. If you can look past I’m sure you’ll find a decent story. Thank you all for giving me motivation to continue to write.

Thanks again and enjoy!

All characters are at least 18 years of age.



17709, or Glen for short, woke up with a chill as he had for the past few nights. The room was pitch black and the only sound was the occasional snore from one of the other boys in his dormitory.

“Men now.” He thought to himself as he adjusted his blanket and pillow. All the boys in his dorm were eighteen of age. How could they sleep with Occupation Day so close, He wondered. In just a few days time they would each be assigned a job. This was his main source of insomnia.

Glen had been anxious and afraid since his sixteenth year. He didn’t quite know where he would fit in. All the paper tests and physical examinations had worn him out. What if he was assigned a job he didn’t like, or wasn’t good at? No, he thought better. The tests are designed to match you to your potential.

Glen sighed.

He wasn’t necessarily strong, but he was quick and agile. Perhaps he would be put in the Security Forces? He would be able to access a lot more areas than most would. Or maybe he could be a builder.

“Or a breeder.” He said in a whisper.

Glen lived in a system of underground complexes. It had been years since the Great War when the surviving humans were forced to retreat underground. Or so everyone was told. He was born in the US—now known as the Underground States, although there weren’t any states, just one system trying to survive.

That’s where the breeders come in. Men and women are separated at birth. They are raised in separate dorms, attend separate schools. Most of the population will never know what the opposite sex looks like. Except breeders.

Breeders are picked not only for their DNA, but other traits, such as resistance to diseases and the like. If you are assigned to be a breeder you will be assigned a mate. You’re only goal is to produce offspring to repopulate the US.

Glen often wondered if he would ever meet a girl. When he was young the older boys spoke about them as if they were ghosts, or perhaps a myth. But was he good enough?

He remembered the medical tests, the poking and prodding. How the doctor examined his penis, and instructed Glen to get an erection. After a few notes the doctor told him to “Go into the other room with the cup and return with a sperm sample.”

It was something he had done before, after seeing other guys do it. No matter how many times he masturbated though, he always felt like something was missing. Something he could never put his finger on.

It didn’t take him long before he filled up the cup and passed it back to the doctor. He wouldn’t know the results until Occupation Day.


Glen worked his way through an assortment of naked men all talking about what was to come. He found an empty showerhead and let the water run over his body. He traced the pipes with his eyes and remembered the lessons about how the most of the water comes from the surface and is filtered through before it reaches the population. Hearing his name snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Glen?! He wants to be a breeder?” A guy named Jacob said laughing in Glens direction. “Like they would take you with a cock that small.”

Several of the nearby boys laughed as Glen blushed. Jacob’s penis was longer and thicker than Glens. He was right, Glen thought to himself. He looked down. It wasn’t that small, but it wasn’t the biggest either.

He shook it off and dressed in the standard gray uniform. Gray was the color of trainees. After today he would be assigned a job and his uniform would change for the rest of his life.

At the mess hall he didn’t eat much. Most of the food was vegetation grown under special lights. Chickens were regularly raised and slaughtered though. Glen liked Chicken.

Finally it was time.

The boys of age all filed in a large room and took a seat. One by one their names were called and each boy went into a separate room to learn their destiny. Glen felt like getting sick. After what seemed like an eternity they finally called his number.

“17709.” The man at the front of the room called.

He walked past boys he grew up with. Meeting eyes of some of his friends. Seeing a thumbs up or two. He made his way into the side room and closed the door.

“Ah, 17709. Glen, you call yourself?” A man in a red jumpsuit asked. Red was the color of authority. “No need to be nervous my boy! This is a great time. You’ll be assigned the best job that suits you and the needs of our community!”

Glen stared at the floor as the man continued to look through his paperwork.

“Looks like you would have made a great builder, but the powers at be chose a different path for you.” The man continued.

“Sir, if you wouldn’t mind?” Glen said with an apologetic Bostancı Escort smile.

“You have the rare honor of being a breeder.” The man said with a smile. “Here, you’ll need your documents. Exit through this door here and head through to rail D. You’re lucky, you know. I would have killed to be in your position.”

Glen couldn’t believe it, even as he made his way to platform D. Some trams were whizzing by. He knew the underground complex was big, he just didn’t know how big it stretched. This would mark the first time he left the training quarters since he was an infant.

He was instructed to wait. He could see other platforms fill up quickly and their tram leave. After a time another guy joined him.

“Please take your seats now.” The attendant directed them, and helped them fasten their restrains. The two boys gave each other a nervous look. The tram itself was made up of multiple pods that were connected to each other. After the door closed they could see the attendant press a button and the tram zipped off.

In reality it didn’t move fast, but neither boy had ever been on transport like this. To them it felt like an incredible speed. They looked through the small window, mostly they saw walls, but every now and then they passed by a station or two.

“This is crazy! I’m 28807. Craig for short. I can’t believe we will be meeting a real life girl!”

Glen nodded. He wondered which stories were true. Some claimed they were fat and hideous to look at. Some boys said they weren’t human at all, that they were a different race that glowed after centuries of living in the darkness. In just a short time, he would know the truth.

Finally the tram pulled to a stop. After exiting the two boys were escorted to another room.

“Please hand over your documents and be seated. We will call you momentarily.”

“28807. Proceed to the next room.”

“Good luck Craig.” Glen said with a handshake.

He couldn’t stand being alone. The nervousness was killing him. He fidgeted with his standard issue shoes, noting he should turn them in for a different pair. He hated the long periods of wait.

“17709. You may proceed now.”

The voice startled Glen as he had sat in silence for quite some time. Again, he made his way to the next room.

The room was bright and Glen noticed an examination bed. Without looking up the doctor behind the desk motioned to a chair. Glen sat down eagerly.

“Please send in 36091.” The doctor called out.

Glen noticed her red hair first. A few freckles sat on her cheeks and nose. She was shorter than him. Glen could tell that she was nervous. She sat down in the chair next to him.

“I am doctor 80971. I will do your in-processing. Welcome to section Delta, or Breeder Bay, as it is called. Look next to you. This is your mate. Your entire goal for the rest of your lives is to produce the next generation. After we finish here you will be escorted to your own living areas, but feel free to explore around. The people here are rather friendly.”

Glen stared at the doctor not wanting to take a peek at the girl sitting next to him.

“What are your chosen names?” The doctor asked. At birth you are given a number, which is officially what you go by. However, most people generally have an actual name that friends call them. They get their name either by a nickname bestowed to them, or in Glens case, it was a name he read off of a wall. He liked it and the name stuck.

“Megan.” The girl spoke. It was a soft voice that made Glen jump. His face turned red and he prayed nobody noticed.

“Gl-Glen.” He stammered.

“Now to get down to business. Until today you both had no clue what the opposite sex looked like. There’s a lot to learn. Most of that learning will just come naturally in your own private quarters. But it’s tradition that we get the ball rolling now. Please stand up and remove your gray jumpsuits.”

Glen shot up immediately pushing his chair back in the process. Megan was more careful as she stood up.

Up to this point nudity was no big deal, he was used to seeing men naked, and men seeing him naked. But this was different. He kicked off his shoes but couldn’t undo any of his buttons. Before he knew it he was looking at his mate. Her eyes were closed and her head was tilted down as she was undoing button after button.

The first thing he noticed was the underwear. That’s a silly piece of cloth, he thought. Until he noticed that she filled it out in ways he never could. That jumpsuit hid a lot of how Megan really looked underneath.

Finally Glen began to unbutton his jumpsuit. In no time at all he was in standing in his underwear. Megan unlatched the silly garment on her chest and for the first time in his life he saw breasts. They were perky and slightly upturned, with a light reddish nipple.

Glen felt his cock stir in his underwear and realized this is what was missing in his life. Like a missing puzzle piece, he finally had a notion of what his Ümraniye Escort cock was really for. Letting his underwear down he felt the air on his hard member as Megan stole another glance. She giggled slightly as she finished removing her underwear.

They both turned to look at each other. He noticed she didn’t have a cock in between her legs but instead he could see the start of a slit in her skin covered by a patch of red hair.

“I know you both will have questions, and everything will be answered in due time. But first, Megan, please lay down on your back on the exam table.”

Megan did as she asked and slowly approached the table. Glen took in the curves of her body, the shape of her ass. The way her breasts seemed to change as she laid down.

The doctor stood up and motioned for Glen to follow. Before he knew it they were both at the foot of the table.

“Megan, do please scoot your bum closer to the edge. Yes just like that. Now spread your legs.”

Glen gasped at the sight. He got a much better look than before, and his cock had never been harder.

“For you Megan, the first time will probably not be enjoyable. But please try to remain relaxed. Ready to put that to good use?” The doctor said, pointing to Glens cock. “This is what it’s all about. Glen, that is her vulva. Take two fingers and spread her lips right there.”

Glen hesitated. Megan’s eyes were closed and it looked like she wasn’t comfortable.

“Now is not the time to be shy! This is your duty. And above all, this is probably one of the most enjoyable careers there is! Go on, inspect her.”

Glen slowly brought his hands to her. Shaking he ran his fingers all over her sex, occasionally pausing to admire the beauty.

“See, no reason to be scared. Now take your penis and gently and stick it inside of her.”

Glen was confused. I’m supposed to do what?! He thought. But instinct took over as his pelvis inched forward.

“There ya go.” The doctor coached.

Glen placed his hands on Megan’s hips. She was softer than anything he imagined. The head of his dick found the entrance to Megan’s vagina and before he knew it he was inching his way in.

Glen realized by the look on Megan’s face she was in pain.. He suddenly stopped and instinctively leaned forward to kissed her on her lips. She opened her eyes and looked into his for the first time. Suddenly they both no longer paid any attention to the doctor, and Megan felt herself nodding at Glen. He took this as a sign and continued pushing forward.

The feeling was indescribable. A warm velvet glove engulfed his cock as he felt himself reach the hilt. A familiar pleasure started to build but this time there was no feeling of emptiness. He pulled out and pushed back in a few times before the sensations became too much. His orgasm hit hard as his seed pumped deep into Megan.

“Congratulations! You two are now mates for life. Leave your old uniforms and please dress in the breeders attire.” The Doctor said, pointing to two stacks of clothes.

Glen looked down at Megan. As he touched her hand she opened her teary eyes. He helped her sit up at the table.

“Here. This is hers.” The doctor handed Glen her clothes.

Glen unfolded it, but was unsure of what to do. This caused Megan to laugh. Just the sound of that put an even bigger smile on Glens face.

“It’s a dress, silly.” She pushed her arms through the bottom and stood up so it fell into place. Glen noticed the white material was thin and see through. His pants and shirt were made of the same material. They wore no underwear.


They walked hand in hand as they were escorted to their new home. Megan, still a bit shocked from her first sexual encounter, kept stealing glances at Glen.

“He looks happy as can be.” She thought to herself. She had been just as nervous as he was, not knowing what to expect. He was taller than her, and his muscles seemed bigger as well. His brown hair was short, and he had hair growing on his chest. The biggest surprise was what was in between his legs though. She couldn’t imagine walking around with something that hard all the time. Life must be difficult for men, she thought.

“This is your new home. Down the way you’ll find your recreational rooms, chow and bathrooms. Welcome to Breeder Bay.” Their escort said, leaving them at their door.

Megan looked up at Glen and he motioned for her to go first. She lead the way into their new quarters.

It was a one bedroom deal, not big but not small. The bed was larger than the one she was used to at the dorms.

“There is only one bed?” Glen asked.

“We are supposed to sleep together.” Megan said, with her quiet voice.

“I just want to say. Thank you? I guess. Should I be thanking you? I feel like I should. For what happened.” Glen rambled, looking at her and the floor.

She looked up at him. “That’s our job now. How do you go about living with that hard thing between your legs?”

It was her turn Kartal Escort to blush. She didn’t mean to ask him that.

Glen was caught by surprise. “No look.” He said, pulling his pants down so she could get a better view. “It’s not always hard.”

At first her head turned away but she slowly looked at his flaccid penis. True to his word, it was much smaller than before.

“I don’t think it would hurt as much if you put that thing in me now. How do you make it hard?”

“Until today, it would just happen.” He started, covering himself back up. Megan noticed his pants weren’t as see through as his shirt, or her dress. “Sometimes at night it would be hard. Or in the mornings. But when I saw you I just knew what the real purpose was for it. You are the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”

“Glen. I’m the only girl you’ve ever seen.” She said, but still blushed from his comment.

“Why is your chest bigger than mine? It’s beautiful. And what was with that underwear on them?” Glen said to her, staring at her cleavage.

This caused Megan to laugh in earnest. “These are called breasts, it’s how girls develop. And that underwear was a bra. Women wear them for support, so they don’t bounce around everywhere. And to be honest, I thought you were funny looking when I saw you didn’t have them.”

Suddenly a knock on their door made both of them jump. Before they could either get to the door to answer it the door opened and in walked a taller girl, a blonde. Trailing behind her Megan noticed a taller man, even more muscular than Glen.

“Hello neighbors!” The blonde spoke first, hugging Glen then Megan. “I’m Jenny and this is Cade. We thought we would come over and introduce ourselves. We know how crazy first days can be. We were actually headed to grab some food. Care to join?”

The new couple agreed and Jenny showed them around. Megan couldn’t help but notice a swell in Jenny’s belly. Dinner was filled with small talk, and Megan couldn’t help but notice all the different men walking about. She was sure Glen was paying attention to the girls as well.

“So how was it in the doctors office?” Jenny asked. They were now back in Megan and Glens quarters. “It’s okay don’t be shy about it either. We have all been through it.”

“It hurt a bit.” Megan confided. “It felt so weird having somebody inside of my body. My most private areas.”

“Yes it will hurt until you get used to it. I bet Glen here had the time of his life.” Jenny said with a smile. “But the sex in the clinical setting always sucks, believe me Megan, it does get a hell of a lot better. Would you like us to show you?”

This peaked Megan’s interest. Before today she had never had sex, and now she could potentially watch another couple do it. She looked at Glen and they agreed, nodding yes.

“Alright! First thing I like to do is get his cock nice and hard.” Jenny pulled down Cades pants, causing Megan to drop her mouth. His cock was already hard and it was a few inches bigger than Glens. She felt sorry for Jenny.

What happened next was a shock to both of them. They watched as Jenny fell to her knees and started licking her mates cock up and down, before putting it in her mouth.

“You can do that?” Megan heard Glen ask.

“I love it, and so does she. It’s just natural.” Cade said with a look of pleasure on his face. The new couple watched Jenny as she tried to take more and more into her mouth.

“Why don’t you try on him?” Megan heard his voice but didn’t realize at first who Cade was talking to. She glanced at Glen who looked back anxiously at her. “Go ahead honey.” Jenny added, before taking Cade back into her mouth.

Megan dropped down in front of Glen and pulled his pants down, revealing his now hard cock. Megan stole a glance at Jenny so she could copy her actions. She placed her hand around his member causing him to shake.

“Are you okay?” She asked, pausing.

“Are you kidding? It feels amazing! Please continue.” She didn’t need any more encouragement. She licked the length of his cock a few times before putting it in her mouth. She slowly started sucking on him, bobbing her head up and down.

“Oh Shit!” Glen said pretty loud, causing Cade to smile.

Suddenly Megan felt him jerk and a hot liquid shot into her mouth. Not knowing what to do she swallowed his whole load.

Jenny had taken a break to watch and she applauded. “Not bad, and swallowing your first time? Nice. But let me show you where it’s supposed to go. So you can get one of these.” She said, rubbing her belly. She removed her dress and Megan admired her breasts. Not only were they bigger they seemed swollen as well.

Jenny laid on the bed as Cade put his face in between her legs, causing her to moan. “Pay attention Glen, this is how you get a girls juices flowing.”

Megan already knew what she was talking about. Ever since they started she felt a tingle inside of her, and her pussy started to become wet. She watched Cades tongue lick Jenny’s most private areas.

Megan noticed Jenny had shaved the hair around her vagina. Glen seemed to be enjoying this as much as she was. She had become memorized watching Jenny squirm and hearing her moan until the touch of a hand broke her spell. Glen led her to the chair and she sat down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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