Breeding Bull Ch. 06

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If you haven’t read this story before, you may want to start at the beginning, just to know what’s going on.

Driving up to my shop, my mind was on a million things as I pulled into my usual spot, about get out.

I had my hand on the door latch, but I hesitated when I noticed a scruffy looking guy hanging around the front door.

He looked pretty rough; dirty shoulder-length hair, ratty beard, old ripped jeans and a beat-up leather jacket with enough holes in it, he had to feel the cool morning breeze blowing right through it. Eyeing him as he paced back and forth nervously puffing on a cigarette, I was tempted to call the cops, since I had no interest in getting mugged before I even got in my shop.

Deciding to see what he wanted first, I put my window down a few inches and called out, “Hey, can I help you with something?”

He nodded, and quickly hustled over to my car. “Are you Damon?”

“Depends. Who wants to know?”

He pulled out his phone, tapped the screen and showed me some pictures of car parts spread out on a blanket on the ground — obviously stolen.

His voice sounded kind of jerky, and I noticed he was twitching, like he was high on something. “Look man, I can give you a really good price if you see anything you can use. And I’ve got loads of catalytic converters too, for all kinds of cars.”

I held up my hand, to stop his shpiel. “Sorry pal, but I never buy anything off the street.”

Just then I looked in my rear-view mirror and muttered, “Aw, shit!” when I saw that the dark blue car I’d noticed parked out on the street, now had a flashing cherry on top.

Of course, the cops were going to think I was involved with this guy. Probably throw us both into the back of their cruiser, take us downtown, and ask questions later.

Eyes wide, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, the guy shoved his phone in his pocket and took off running. Not wanting to get shot, I ducked down in my seat, hoping they wouldn’t notice me, when both cops gave chase with their guns drawn.

As she chased after him, one of them yelled a warning over her shoulder at me, “And you stay right where you are.”

I held up my hands, and nodded to let her know that I wasn’t planning on going anywhere.

Seconds later, a marked police cruiser pulled into the lot with its lights flashing. A young cop, gun drawn, ran after them, as an older heavy-set officer came over to the side of my car, motioning for me to put down my window.

When he asked, I told him who I was and what had happened, and also told him that I’d never seen the guy before. Thankfully, he just took a few notes, nodded and went back to his patrol car.

Once the dust had cleared, and they’d caught the guy and put him in the back of the cruiser, the cop who’d yelled at me, stayed behind to ask me a few questions.

I noticed right away as she stood beside me while I punched in the alarm code to unlock the front door, that she was really pretty. Gorgeous dark brown eyes, lush full lips and good-sized breasts, that were actually kind of straining against the fabric of her dark blue uniform.

Kind of laughing to myself, I was thinking if she wanted to handcuff me, I’d be more than happy to comply.

Once I’d escorted her back to my office, so we could talk in private, she asked if I knew the guy who had been waiting for me.

I shook my head and repeated what I’d told the other officer. “No, I’ve never seen him before.”

“Well, we know there’s at least one chop shop operating around here. I don’t suppose you’d know anything about that, would you?”

I held up my hands. “Hey, I don’t keep track of what goes on around here. All I know is that the guy next door runs a bakery, because we can all smell whatever he’s baking. And occasionally we go next door to grab something for lunch. I think the owner’s name is Al, but he’s the only one around here that I ever talk to. I don’t know anyone else, or what they do, mostly because they keep to themselves.

“Look, I run a legitimate business, and everything I buy, I buy legally. You’re welcome to take a look at my books if you’d like,” I said, nodding at the rows of binders beside my desk. “I’ve got receipts for everything that comes in here. I’d never deal in anything that might have been stolen, or fallen off the back of a truck.”

She wandered over to take a look, and as she bent over my desk to leaf through a few receipts, I couldn’t take my eyes off her spectacular ass.

Finally, Çankaya Escort she closed the binder and came and stood in front of me. Eyebrow cocked, she looked me up and down. “Are you packing?”

I smirked, smiling into her big brown eyes. “That depends on what you mean by packing.”

Obviously unamused, she took a step closer and shocked me when she thrust out her hand, and grabbed my ever-present bulge straining in my jeans.

“So, is this loaded?” she asked, keeping hold of me. Up close, I could see her eyes were sparkling, and realized she was trying to be funny.

Trying to keep a straight face, I shrugged. “What can I say? I’m always loaded and ready for action.”

“Probably hair-triggered too, I bet.”

“No. I can go for a really long time before I…”


I chuckled. “Exactly.”

I noticed her hair had come out of the bun she had at the back of her head, probably when she was running after that skeezy looking dude.

Blowing out an exasperated breath, she took off her hat, set it on my desk, reached back, pulled out some pins, and let her long chestnut hair settle around her shoulders.

Holy smokes. It was like a shampoo commercial come to life, watching her hair cascade down her back. She had to have the most beautiful dark, shimmering hair I’d ever seen. If she wasn’t a cop, I’d have been tempted to reach out and let my fingers slide through it, just to feel how soft it was.

Eyeing me, she sighed, sounding a little flustered. “You’re still as cocky as ever, aren’t you, Damon?”

Not sure what she meant, or how she knew my name, I studied her face, wondering if we might have met somewhere before. “Do we know each other?”

That earned me a pretty big eye roll. “I wouldn’t imagine that you’d remember a tubby like me. I went to high school with your sister Anna, and we studied together at your place nearly every night. Your mother usually made me stay for dinner, so we usually ate together, too.”

Then it hit me. Holy shit, this was Dina, sexy, curvy, sweet, innocent Dina. I remember at their high school graduation thinking that she’d blossomed into quite a beautiful young lady, especially since she’d gotten into sports, that really helped slim her down. She was right though, when she was younger, she was a little on the curvy side, though I’d never thought of her as ‘tubby.’

But man, was she ever a knock-out now. Dark flashing eyes, lush full lips, killer body, long silky hair; I was getting hard just looking at her.

“Another rumor I heard floating around was that you’ve been helping a few ladies get in the family way.”

Holy crap, I could feel my eyebrows shoot to my hairline, wondering where she would have heard that.

“Me?” I pointed at myself, doing my best to look confused, because I didn’t think the cops needed to know about my very enjoyable sideline – breeding women. Not that I thought I was doing anything illegal, since the ladies usually sought me out for my services. But I didn’t exactly want to get into the details of my breeding business, with a friend of my sister’s.

I could just imagine what my family would say if they ever discovered that lately I was spending more time getting women pregnant than I was working at my shop.

“So, is it true?” She looked up at me and waited, and I didn’t know what to tell her.

Deciding I’d better say something, I told her about Manny’s wife, Jody. “A few months back, I did help out a friend who had gotten pretty desperate. He and his wife had given up hope of ever having a family.” I shrugged. “And luckily, it worked.”

Slowly, she began to nod her head, once I’d confirmed her suspicions.

Then holy crap, I could feel my eyes pop, as I watched her start to unbutton her shirt as she explained, “I lost my fiancé two years ago in the line of duty, and we’d always talked about having a child together, one day. I’m not interested in getting involved with anyone again, after the pain I went through when I lost him. But if you could help me out, like you helped your friend, I’d be eternally grateful.” She smirked, looking me over. “He looked a lot like you, too. Tall, dark and handsome, nicely built, and just as cocky.”

I could actually feel my cock growing thick in my jeans, as I watched her unzip her fly and step out of her pants and remove her shoes.

Holy fuck, she looked so damn sexy in her sheer black lace bra and Keçiören Escort panties that I almost came in my boxers, just imaging how hot she’d look once I got her naked.

And I had no idea that lady cops wore such naughty things under their uniforms.

I gotta say, her tits were absolutely magnificent, so full and perky, with nice big nipples, that looked hard enough to cut glass.

I reached for her, and she pushed up on her toes, slid her arms around my neck, our lips locked, and we kissed like there was no tomorrow.

Groaning, as my hands wandered down and started kneading her nice round ass, I could feel my cock desperately pulsing, when she lifted her leg and start grinding on my thigh. Fuck, she had me rock hard.

And she was so wet, I could feel how aroused she was, right through my jeans. But of course, for her to be able to take a cock the size of mine, I needed her even wetter.

Startled, her eyes went wide, and she let out a little yelp as I lifted her off her feet and sat her on the edge of my desk.

On my knees, kissing a path over her trembling thighs, I looked up into her eyes as I hooked my thumbs into the sides of her panties and slid them down, till I was staring at her quivering pussy with a dark sexy landing strip, arrowed right at her slit, practically begging me to fuck her.

My cock throbbing, I sprang to my feet and got naked in a heartbeat. Then I smiled at the way her eyes popped when I dropped my boxers and my erection sprang free, giving her her first look at exactly what I was packing.

Leaning up on her elbows on my desk, I loved the way she zeroed in on my solid nine inches, slowly licking her lips, before lifting her gaze to smile her appreciation into my eyes.

“How about you bring that bad boy over here, so I can have a taste,” she murmured on a broken breath, with her luscious breasts enticingly heaving.

Sliding my erection through my fist, I smiled as I imagined those lush, full lips stretched tight around my throbbing friend.

Of course, I was happy to oblige, and did as she asked and stepped close to the side of the desk so she could reach out and get a feel of me. Fisting me in her hand, coyly smiling up into my eyes, she took her time sliding her hot little tongue along the length of me from balls to tip. Softly moaning, she seemed to be getting off on licking all around me. Then she had my eyes rolling back in my head, as she slid me into the heat of her mouth, hungrily suckling on the pulsing crown, before plunging me deep into her mouth.

I could feel a shudder racing through me all the way to my toes, it just felt so insanely good to be able to sink my hands into her thick dark hair. Holy crow, I’d never felt anything like it. As she sank me past her lips and deep into her mouth, and then halfway down her throat, before contracting around me like a pussy, trying to make me come.

Fuck, did she ever know how to give head, like she’d actually invented the concept.

Flexing my hips, I gently pumped into her mouth, as she began sucking me harder and harder, till I knew I was about to come, and coat her throat with one hell of a big load.

“Dina, that feels crazy good, but I gotta pull out, or I won’t have anything to breed you with.”

Softly whimpering, as though she hated to let go, she pressed one last tender kiss to the end of my cock, once I’d pulled it from her mouth.

Feeling a little shaky, after coming that close, I nodded at the desk. “Now, I need you on your knees, so I can go in nice and deep and hopefully get you pregnant.”

Once she was down all fours, she grinned at me over her shoulder as she teased me with a little shake of her luscious ass.

Rolling my eyes at the sight of her, I sat down, grabbed her hips, pulled her in close and slowly traced a path with my tongue from her clit all the way to her tight little back pucker.

“Ooh, wow, that feels good,” she murmured in a throaty purr, as I worked two fingers in and out of her while sliding my tongue up and down her juicy slit.

“Just so you know, I’m clean,” I told her, just to put her mind at ease.

“So am I.” She moaned, thrusting back, anxiously feeding herself to me.

I kept working her, till I could feel her starting to shudder, and really make some noise, letting me know she was just about to climax. I had her so wet, she was gushing, so I knew it was time I got inside her.

Taking Etimesgut Escort hold of her by the hips, I pulled her to the edge of the desk, grabbed my cock, and carefully eased my way into her tight little channel.

The way she was shivering had me smiling, as I relished the feeling of sinking into her nice and deep. “Oh, Damon, that feels sooo good. I’d almost forgotten how incredible it feels to be with a man, it’s been so long.”

I felt bad knowing that she probably hadn’t been with anyone since she lost her fiancé. She was such a beautiful, sexy woman, it seemed like a shame that she’d given up on ever finding anyone else.

Kissing my way up her spine, I whispered, “And you feel like heaven.”

She really did. As I carefully eased my way in a little deeper with each thrust, I loved the way she clenched around me, sucking me in.

Pumping into her nice and steady, it didn’t take long and I could feel the familiar tingle shooting down my spine right to my balls. As her inner muscles rippled around me, she threw back her head as she reached the peak and climaxed.

Grunting, I thrust in deep, till I knew I was right against her womb. Slamming my eyes shut, I exploded in a blinding rush, filling her up with my seed.

“Oh, I can actually feel you pulsing, really hard.”

“Yeah, let’s just hope it works and I’m putting a baby in you.”

She looked back at me and smiled. “Hmm, let’s hope.”

I actually hated to pull out, she just felt so good, clenching around me over and over as I worked my thumb around her clit. I always imagined that the odds of getting a woman pregnant, increased if she was having an orgasm. And the way she was shuddering right to her toes, I could tell I had her coming really hard.

After climaxing nearly to the point of exhaustion, her whole body seemed to collapse and she softly laughed at the way she face-planted on my desk, with me still fully impaled behind her.

“God, I can’t believe we just did that,” she said on a shaky breath, her breasts enticingly heaving.

Neither could I. Not only had I just planted my seed in a cop, but she was also a good friend of my sister’s, who probably wouldn’t think much of me getting busy with her, especially on my desk in my office.

When she finally caught her breath and managed to pull herself together, once I took hold of myself and pulled out, she turned to face me. As I brushed back the hair from her pretty brown eyes and touched my lips to hers, she smiled, and whispered, “Thank you for that, Damon, and I really hope it worked.”

“Well, you know you can always come back, if you need to.”

Her face lit up with a smile, as she stroked my cheek. “You know, I just might.”

I handed her some tissues, and as she cleaned up, she said, “I’m not really sure how this works. Do you normally charge some sort of fee, when you’ve done this kind of thing for other women?”

Since I’d never asked anyone for a single red cent, though quite a few women had been very generous and offered to pay for my services, I told her the truth. “No. I’ve never asked for anything.”

She nodded, got to her feet and started to get dressed, while I did likewise.

Before she walked out, she came over to me, and cradled my face in her hands and gifted me with a surprisingly sweet little kiss, as she smiled and said, “Really good to see you again, Damon.”

Smiling right back into her big brown eyes, I told her the truth. “It was great seeing you again, too, Dina.”

After she left, I went and grabbed a coffee, and took a moment to say good morning to my crew, who were all busy working on the different cars that had come in.

Back in my office, about to fire up my computer and get to work, I decided to take a moment to phone my new lady love, Christy.

After I’d dropped her off at the airport last night, so she could go and visit her mother, who’d had a hip-replacement, I just wanted to make sure that she got there okay.

Thankfully, after she’d kissed me goodbye, she grinned and told me, “And I hope you have a few stories to tell me when I get back, about all the ladies you’ve helped out.”

Before I could call her, my phone pinged with a text. I chuckled when I saw it was the head of the religious group that I’d helped out, when they decided that they needed some new seed introduced into their small tight-knit community.

He wanted to know if I was free one weekend, if I could go and help out with a few more young ladies who needed breeding.

Though I’d probably never tell her about Dina, or how she happened to find her way into my shop and onto my desk. I imagined before Christy got back, that I’d have a few other stories that I could share with her, before I took her to bed, so we could explore a few of our own little fantasies together.

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