Breeding with Becca

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**This is the next installment of Bunking with Becca.

She stood so close that Jack could smell the sweet scent of her hair. It probably shouldn’t have made him feel as exposed as it did, based on their previous intimacy. Her long ponytail hung at an odd angle from the way she turned her head to gaze out the window. She would have surely lost her balance if it wasn’t for his hips. Becca was watching mom load hyper kids and toys into the car. Upon noticing how tall Kevin was getting, Jack quickly became distracted by the view in front of him. Becca had left her zip up hoodie open just enough that the low-cut top underneath was the only barrier. With his heart beginning to thump, his eyes flicked between her slender neck and cleavage. He was glad he could finally feel her again. Revealing cell phone pics she’d send him were nice, but her touch; her proximity was best. Loose stones crunched as the car pulled away, allowing Becca to return to him. She’d changed her nose ring to a modest diamond stud. Jack found the courage from somewhere to slide his hands around her and pull her even tighter. Her smile morphed into a seductive glare before their mouths met. Theirs was a kiss that was slow and passionate, and long overdue.

“You missed these lips, didn’t you?”

“And much more,” Jack said as he squeezed her waist and sucked her tongue.

Struggling to breathe through her nose, Becca dropped away from the kiss and onto her knees. The carpet forgave her for wearing ripped jeans.

“Nice lips for kissing, aren’t they?” she said, unbuckling his belt.

Jack didn’t answer her rhetorical question. He would have been content to make out for a while longer, though in truth, he’d been fantasising about this moment for weeks. He looked out the window to make sure they were truly alone. It wouldn’t do to be caught in this position; one of his favourites. They didn’t have the cover of trees or the isolation of the back fields now. Cool air greeted his freed cock. Becca really did look beautiful from his elevated perspective. There was something about the top of her cute nose, the way her fringe sat and ponytail swung. Tranquil eyes gazed up at him as she spat saliva onto her palm. He sighed as moist fingers curled around his erection. Stroking him, her breath felt good as she spoke.

“How was work today?”

“Long. Tiring,” he groaned.

Her face felt as good as it looked; and he loved feeling it this way. The nerves of his undershaft fired as his veiny meat rested across her cool skin.

“Well,” she said, manoeuvring and licking away precum. “We have to do something about that.”

Jack gasped as he once again visited Becca’s loving mouth. Thick slippery lips and a busy tongue were a dangerous combination. A technique of Becca’s he had come to know. But that all stopped after his nephews came along. For years afterwards, the pair became ordinary, everyday siblings — family outings, innocent hugs, nothing more. He bent his knees and grabbed her ponytail, feeding her more dick. He wasn’t alarmed by her gagging — after all, she was wearing her choker. She groaned as she kept her rhythm. Strings of fluid drooled from her mouth as she rapidly pleasured him with her hand.

“Cum on my face!”

“In…In your mouth.”

“Soo boring,” she said, half wanking him against mischievous lips.

Her lips were divine and Jack hadn’t cum in many days.

“Oh, Becca!..Fucking lovvveee you!”

A line of white cream splattered below her nose before she quickly sealed his cockhead. Jack resisted the urge to shut his pleasure filled eyes. He gazed down at the pretty face as shot after shot filled her mouth. The diamond nose stud sparkled as she squeezed the final drops from him. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Still on her knees, she looked up and swallowed. ‘What a girl!’

“Yummy! My turn to feed you now.”

Jack offered her a big hand and pulled her to her feet. He thumbed away some persistent sperm from the corner of her mouth and kissed her.


Sitting at the small kitchen table, Jack watched his sister tend to the frying pan. Exotic spices filled both the room and his nostrils. She’d taken off her hoodie, allowing red bra straps to be easily visible through her white tank top. Red highlights in her hair were fading, unlike the black ink marking her arms and slightly exposed lower back. Light blue denims did a great job of displaying her gorgeous ass. Jack tore his eyes away from her enticing figure.

“The yabancı gaziantep escort question you asked me earlier,” he said. “About work – It’s actually going pretty well.”

“Oh yeah?” she said, keeping her attention on the stir-fry.

“Less manual labour and more management duties. Hopefully a fully-fledged project manager by the end of the year, if all goes well.”

“That’s awesome, Jack! She said with a beaming smile. “I’m really happy for you.”

“Food smells great.”

“Thanks, I think it’s turning out ok. You know, someday you’re gonna have to cook for me.”

“Me? Cook?” Jack said. “I’ll take you out for dinner instead. Somewhere real fancy.”

Becca’s choker was visible again as she half turned her head.

“You don’t think that’d be weird? The two of us going out like that. Like a date?”

Jack gazed at her. He stood up and strode up behind her.

“No,” he said. “But I guess this would be.”

He slid his hands up her top and felt the stiff material of her bra cups. He gently squeezed the meat within. It brought back a pleasant memory. The origin of their sin. It was some distant summer vacation, after a day at the beach. Mom and dad had left them in the hotel room and headed down to the bar. Jack remembered his sister teasing him about how he’d been staring at her bikini all day. Jack couldn’t help it. Though his sister, she was still a hot eighteen year old in a tight, little bathing suit. ‘You can feel them if you want to?’ was her unbelievable offer. It didn’t take long before Jack was physically worshiping her young breasts. Having driven him wild with her chest, Jack appreciated how Becca mercifully relieved him with her hand. Things would never be the same after Ibiza.

Leaning back into him, her butt swivelled against his groin.

“How are you hard again so soon?”

“I have a very hot sister.”

Continuing to work her soft denim butt, Becca seemed to enjoy his words.

“I still turn you on after all these years?”

“Of course. Only difference is now you’re a milf.”

“Crap!” she said, sliding back to the other sweating meat.

She brought the spoon up over her shoulder after blowing it cool.

“Taste it for me.”

His hands now on her oval belt buckle, he lowered his head and swallowed the food.


Becca playfully slapped his hands away from her loosened belt. She faced him and rubbed his crotch.

“Time to refuel. Go set the table and I’ll dish this up for us.”


“I can’t! It’s not ladylike,” Becca said as she sipped orange juice.

“Come on, we always used to see who could do it the loudest!”

Becca stared at him for a second before letting out the slightest of burps.

“Terrible. Truly terrible,” Jack said, grinning.

Becca shrugged her shoulders.

“Well, that’s all you’re gonna get from me. So, what’s the verdict on my cooking? Don’t be nice just because we’re family.”

“It was great. Don’t stress, Bec,” he said, leaning over to squeeze her hand. His tone turned serious. “We have a couple of hours left.”

“I know. Hey, wanna relax and watch a movie? Something really gory.”

“Actually, I was thinking we could take off our clothes and have sex.”

“I haven’t satisfied you enough already?” she said, teasingly.

Becca quickly rose from her seat as he came towards her.

“Not even close,” Jack said.

Cutlery bounced as he spun her around and bent her over the table.

“What have I created,” Becca whispered.

“Wait!” she shouted, as he yanked at her jeans – half exposing her pasty white ass.

She pushed back towards him and grabbed his hairy arm.

“You don’t just fuck a girl on the kitchen table after she cooked for you. She started grinding him slowly.

“C’mon, you’re the kind of girl who’d like it,” he said, pulling her knickers down farther.

Her chest pressed flat to the table in a subdued posture, she muttered,

“Surely you can think of somewhere more comfortable?”

Conceding, Jack took her hand and led her to the bedroom. Freshly made, the bed looked smaller than he remembered. Becca also seemed a bit off.


A naked Jack sat on the end of the bed and stroked his cock as she stripped. He hadn’t let the lack of manual labour affect his physique. Light hairs covered his broad shoulders and solid pecs. The hairy trail continued down the centre gaziantep yabancı escort of his hard abdomen. The bush became most pronounced around his cock, before lightly coating his thick thighs.

“I leave my top on. Remember?” Becca said.

He grabbed her hips, and turned her ass to his face. The red thong accentuated her bouncy ass. He gently kissed each cheek before turning her around again. Hooking fingers into her thong, he rolled it down her inky legs. He gazed up at her.

“I don’t believe that a woman who dresses and takes care of herself like you do, really wants to watch a fucking movie.”

“Calling me a whore?”

Becca moaned and squeezed his shoulders as he kissed her pussy. Clasping her ass, he pulled her closer. She was soon thrashing and ruffling his hair as he tongued her clit. Jack liked how she tasted — foamy, salty, bloodless. It wasn’t long until her floodgates opened and her screams filled the room.

“That beautiful cock,” Becca said as she collapsed on weakened knees and took him in her mouth in a single motion.

Jack lay back on the bed, and enjoyed the pleasure of her mouth once more. She worked it almost too well as the tingle in his testicles warned. He’d already finished between those lips today, however. He reached down, and dragged Becca up his body. He kissed her as her shaved cunt glanced his cock. Feeling around the small of her back, he scrunched lumps of cotton in each fist.

“What’s the point in wearing sexy lingerie, if I can’t see it.”

His triceps bulged and the white garment split apart, soon to be a crumpled mess on the floor. The face above him seemed almost shocked. Red panties, a red bra, and now flushed red lips — she looked beautiful to him.

“Much better! I fucking love your body, and I want all of it.”

Her red lips fell onto his as her shaved twat grinded his cock. It gave Jack the time he needed to unclip her bra, and slide it through her arms. It didn’t really matter how sexy she dressed; his sister was best when naked.

“Whenever you’re ready,” he hinted.

She did almost everything a man could desire. Kissed him, massaged his chest, fondled his balls. Every time he slid his fingers from her pussy, he hoped she’d take him. Growing impatient, he rolled on top to assume the dominant position. Pressed between her open legs, the tip of his cock was all but inside her moistened pussy. Becca winced in pain as she tossed away a small action figure from under her.

“I don’t…I don’t suppose you have condoms?” she said.

“Nah,” Jack said, pushing deep inside.

Becca’s fingers slid on the big man’s greasy back. Any qualms vanished at the wonderfully solid feel of his invading cock. He’d had a point though. With a condom she would never have been able to feel the subtle ridges and bumps of the dick inside her. Turning her head, she felt his lips nuzzle her neck. She wrapped her legs around him and arched her back. Angry testicles crashed into her ready hind.

“This is how you like it. Isn’t it, Jack? Raw inside your fertile sister.”

Straining mattress springs and throaty grunts were the only response. She tightened her arms around his neck. Beads of sweat dotted their foreheads. The gnarly chest hairs chaffing her nipples sent her wild.

“Oh, my bull! Have your fucking way with me!”

A dark fringe dangled over Becca’s eye as Jack quickened his humps. It was once again occurring to him how miserable life would have been, if it wasn’t for their unique relationship. Sure, he’d had some luck with other girls, but thanks to Becca, dry spells didn’t really exist for him. Jack was fast realising that she wasn’t just a substitute for other women. As far as he was concerned, she was the only woman. Ripe titties jiggled to his thrusts. He brushed hair out of her eyes.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Becca.”

Her mouth fell open and long nails dug into his skin. Sibling eyes locked at the knowing moment.

“Fuck! Yes! She screamed. “I can feel you!”


Rolling off the panting woman, their glimmering bodies lay side by side.

Jack folded his arms under his head, and stared at the ceiling. Becca started to laugh.

“Was I that good?” he joked.

Becca let her chuckles disperse.

“I’m just thinking how crazy my life is. Two kids, still living at home, and regularly letting my brother finish inside me. What are we doing, Jack?”

“Do escort gaziantep yabancı you want to stop all this?”

Becca rested her hand on his thigh.

“I didn’t say that, did I? Just…I dunno. I guess I want something more. More for us.”

Silence descended until Jack broke it.

“Bec. About Kevin-“

“I know.”

“He’s getting bigger.”

“And looking more like you every day. Christ! We only did it once.”

“Turns out once was enough. Ah Alcohol!”

Becca let out a long sigh.

“Jack, do you regret it?”

An alarm started to bleat on the locker next to Becca.

“Shit!” she said, rolling over to turn it off. “They’ll be back soon. We should probably get dressed.”

Jack watched a flimsy bedsheet slide off her body as she fidgeted with the clock. Her ponytail had come partially undone. Her smooth legs and bubble butt were too much for him. He rolled to spoon the female beside him – and to strategically wedge his semi between her inviting cheeks. His hands slid around her waist.

“I’m gonna take care of you. I’ll get us a place so we can be together — as a family.”

Becca didn’t reply with words, choosing instead to use her ass.

The ink on her body was in plain view. Jack placed his fingertips at the base of her thorny stem and followed it up to the red petals covering her ribs. Her moist spot glanced agonisingly off his throbbing cockhead. Sliding his other arm under her, he played with a new found diamond belly button stud. He whispered in her ear;

“I’m glad you pierced there again.”

“You wouldn’t lie to me, would you, Jack? You think we can really live together?”

“Yes, sis, I do. I take care of my family.”

A warm, moist wave of relief came as his cock finally caught on spongy lips. On suddenly penetrating, he couldn’t figure out if it was by blind chance, or if she’d somehow decided to let him in at that exact moment. His previous deposit provided ample lubrication. Damp fingers slid over his and pressed them tight to her belly. Loud fleshy slaps filled the room as they slammed into each other.

“I’m sorry,” Jack whispered.


“You’re probably gonna have to lose that piercing when your belly starts to swell again.”

A chorus of high-pitched moans escaped Becca.

“Oh Shit! Jack! Let me make you a daddy again!”

Jack threw a powerful thigh over her to gain more leverage. He cupped a breast as he fucked. Having being drained twice already, he had to work much harder to climax. His mate was much happier for it; her orgasmic shuddering the evidence. Sinking deep into her meaty tunnel, he held position. He slowly dragged his tongue along his sister’s flushed face as simmering balls stirred and hurled their final wave. He was wiped and drenched in sweat by the time he’d given her the last of his seed.


“It doesn’t have to be a big house. Just somewhere we can be a family,” Becca said, resting her chin on his hairy chest.

An exhausted Jack nodded and caressed her flowing hair.

“Or were you just saying that to get inside my knickers?”

“Of course not. I’m just tired is all.”

Becca stared at him. Her smile rose and fell as she thought.

“Part of me still thinks you’re just promising all of this because I touch your penis from time to time. Have you thought this through? You’re going from being a single man to being the head of a family — all in secret. There’ll be kids, crying, noise. It won’t just be us in bed all day.

“Head of the family. I like the sound of that,” Jack said.

“Bro, be serious!”

Jack threw his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling.

“Becca, look. I was always going to settle down eventually. Why not with you. You’re the only girl who’s really been there for me. Not only that, you’re my best friend. If I don’t know you by now, then I never will. So yes. I’m sure this is what I want. Besides, it’s not like you can divorce me and take half my shit!”

Jack received a knee in the thigh for that.

“Very funny,” she said sarcastically. But thanks. That makes me feel a little better. I don’t know how we’ll make it work, but we will. Somehow.”

“Just keep doing what you’re doing,” he said.

Becca rose up and kissed him. She squeezed his flaccid cock and smiled.

“I think I’ve finally defeated him.”

She slid out of bed and waited. She wore nothing except for her choker, piercings and tattoos.

“Seriously though. Mom and the boys will be back soon.”

“Can’t we just stay here forever?”

She extended her slender arm towards Jack.

“We’re gonna have to shower together to save time,” she said.

Jack opened his eyes and returned her mischievous smile. He dragged himself out of bed, and followed his sibling lover to the bathroom.

“No, Becca,” he announced. “I don’t regret a fucking thing.”

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