Brian and Tori’s Escort Service

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My wife of twenty years (Terri) walked out on me three months ago, leaving me alone at home with our 18-year-old son (Brian), and a 20-year-old daughter (Lola) to support in college on the East coast. All that was left of Terri was the note she left: “Dear Wayne. I can’t do this anymore. I am not in love with you, the kids are grown. Don’t look for me. My cell phone, keys, and checkbook are on the table. Terri.”

So, what had been a two-parent income became a father-only income, and a pretty sparse one at that. After two decades in the construction business, the 2008 housing market collapse put me out of work for over a year. Having married Terri at the age of 16 after getting her pregnant with our daughter, I never finished any sort of formal education outside of completing my GED; but the construction business here in San Diego brought me a very decent income, and I was proud of the fact that I was able to support my family on the money I brought home.

However, without a college degree, it was extremely hard finding a job in the current economy. Eventually, my best friend was able to hire me as office manager of his paint company. I would have rather been on the road painting with his crew, but the position he offered was slightly more money, so I took it.

Terri was a receptionist at a doctor’s office here in town, and 100% of her paychecks went toward Lola’s college tuition. But without that income, I would not be able to pay for Lola to finish her last two years of school. Paying rent, bills, and groceries ate up just about all of my income. At the end of each month, I had about $40 left over, which I put in a savings account for a rainy day.

When I called to explain things to Lola, she insisted that I need not worry about her college tuition. She told me that she was able to get a customer service job right after her mom left, and that between the job and her very small scholarship, she would be able to pay her tuition. Knowing how much her tuition was, I asked her what her job was paying. Her only response: “More than enough. Don’t worry about it, Dad. I got this. You just worry about you and Brian.” I was proud of the self-confident, intelligent woman Lola had become.

Here on the West coast, Brian had no desire to go to college. As much as that disappointed me (I wanted both of our kids to have the lives their mom and I didn’t), after Terri left us, I was relieved that I didn’t have to come up with any sort of college tuition for him. Instead, Brian worked full time at a local coffee chain and had just become shift leader, with the goal of becoming manager at some point down the line.

Brian is a chip of the ol’ block…a carbon copy of me when I was 18. Hell, at 36 – and looking 26 – most people are floored when they hear that we’re father and son and not brothers. Both of us have thick, dark hair; I wear a full, close-clipped beard, while Brian wears a goatee; construction work and three days a week at the gym have kept me in solid shape, and Brian works out everyday, whether on the weights at the gym, or a quick morning run before work; within the last year the fur on his chest has come in thick like mine, and he’s had muscular, hairy legs since he started high school.

With Terri gone and his sister in Boston, Brian and I had become comfortable with morning nudity around the house. We wouldn’t think twice about making our way to the john to take a piss in the morning without getting dressed, morning wood or not. It was then that I noticed that Brian’s dick was a carbon copy of his dad’s. Nicely shaped, slight curve to the left, 8″, thick, with a big ol’ set of balls.

Like me, Brian has been a real hit with the girls. He’s had his share of girlfriends, and I am completely aware that he’s been sexually active for a year or so now. One of his ex-girlfriend’s father is a good friend of mine. About a year ago he told me he came home early from work to find Brian and his daughter having sex on the back porch. He wasn’t pissed and didn’t say anything right then, but did give his daughter a strong lecture on birth control. I did the same with Brian. The last thing I wanted was for him to repeat my mistake.

I don’t know who he’s dating these days. He says he doesn’t have a steady girlfriend, that he’s sort of playing the field and not ready to be steady with anyone yet. Who can blame him? Eighteen years old, handsome as all get out…why tie yourself down?

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water. Despite my middle-of-the-night semi-boner, I made my way to the kitchen. As I walked by his room I heard the unmistakable sounds of a woman moaning in pleasure. The door was ajar and I found myself peeking in. I hadn’t had sex in so fuckin’ long, just the sound of it had my heart racing and my dick hardening. Brian’s bed was in direct sight, and there he was, on his belly, that bubble butt of his hanging over the edge, his face buried in some woman’s pussy, two fingers fucking her furiously while he licked her clit. I’d never seen her before, Eyüp Escort but she was stunningly gorgeous. About his age, blonde, slender, gorgeous breasts (not too big, not too small), and in great shape. She was moaning louder and louder with each passing second, grabbing Brian’s head and grinding her crotch into his face. Before I knew it, she was gasping for air, her eyes were rolling back in her head, and her body was shaking.

I looked down to see my fat boner leaking massive amounts of pre-cum. I reach down to rub it around my shaft before it dripped on the floor and then heard Brian exclaim, “God DAMN! You’re gushing!” I looked up and saw him sitting up on the bed. Before I got caught, I bee-lined it back to my room (fuck the water, I thought), and spent the next hour masturbating while listening to those two go at it.

When I woke up the next morning, my dick was rock hard again. I couldn’t believe what I had heard last night, and was amazed at how good a fuck Brian had become (at least based on how he had that girl screaming in there the night before). I grabbed hold of my boner and busted another nut before washing up, throwing on a pair of shorts and heading out to get the coffee brewing. When I arrived in the kitchen, I found Brian had already brewed a pot and was at the table in his running shorts, reading the paper.

I couldn’t help but grin, give him a sturdy pat on the shoulder, and ask how his night was. As I grabbed a cup and began to pour my coffee, I glanced over and saw him grinning mischievously, rubbing a hand through his hairy chest and down his belly before saying, “Pretty damn good, actually.”

I grinned at him and just said, “Mmm hmmm.” He looked right at me, saw my shit-eating grin, smiled in embarrassment and said, “Sorry if we woke you.”

The ice was broken.

“That’s ok. Sounds like you two had a fuckin’ great time.”

Brian turned a little red and said, “Shit. Sorry if we were too loud. I tried to get her to quiet down, but she was just too riled up.”

“Not a problem, Brian. You didn’t bother me.” I didn’t want him to think I was upset with him. I wasn’t – and in fact was glad he was getting some. “I’m just glad someone in this house is getting a little pussy.”

We sat at the table and drank our coffee and read the morning paper together for a while before Brian got up and went for his morning run. While he was gone, I found myself doing something I never ever thought I’d do. I glanced out the window, and as soon as I saw Brian turn the corner down the street, I made my way to his bedroom. When I pushed the door open, the smell of sex permeated the air. That combination of testosterone and cum mixed with pussy juices – damn – I was rock hard yet again. It had been well over a year since I had been laid and the smell of sex in Brian’s room had me going.

I walked over to his bed and could see the stains. I sat down and took in the scent. He was right. Between the stains on his sheets and the smell in the air, she was obviously a gusher. I unbuttoned my shorts, pulled out my dick, and started stroking. I was so rock hard it hurt. I stood up to pull down my shorts just a bit when I noticed last night’s used condom on the floor.

That’s all it took. I was cumming all over Brian’s bedroom floor. Damn!, I thought. Fuck! I zipped up, ran to the kitchen to get a towel, and started wiping up my mess. When I was sure there were no tell-tale signs, I showered, dressed, and made my way to work.

Needless to say, I was worthless at the office. I spent the entire morning replaying the previous night in my mind: The hot girl, her over-the-top orgasm, Brian’s head buried in her wet cunt while he fingered her g-spot. All I could think of was how hot it was watching a hot couple have sex.

When we were in our twenties, Terri and I had a few group sex sessions with a buddy of mine. It was so hot watching another guy fuck Terri while she blew me, and then fucking her with my buddy’s jiz inside her cunt. I hadn’t thought about those days in a long time, but after seeing Brian and his girl the night before…well…I couldn’t stop replaying those days in my mind.

I was unable to leave my desk all morning. My hard on would have been more than noticeable through my khakis. I wanted nothing more than to walk to the john and bust out another load but that would have meant walking past old ladies in the front office with a tent in my pants.

By the end of the day, I was so horny, I was ready to fuck the first piece of ass that came my way. After seeing Brian and his girl go at it, I was obsessed with getting laid myself. Another jerk off session wasn’t gonna do it for me. I needed real, in-the-flesh, moist pussy.

It had been way too long since I picked up a woman the old fashioned way. I didn’t want to play the games and didn’t want to jump through the hoops. I just wanted to have a chick over, slam her good, then send her on her way. What I needed was a hooker.

I drove directly home and found a note from Brian saying Eyüp Escort Bayan he had picked up an extra shift at the coffee house. Bingo! I was alone for the next several hours. I logged on to the computer, searched for a local escort service, and began looking through my choices. San Diego is a big military town, so the female escorts were plenty. I had $400 in my “rainy day fund,” and was finding that that would be just enough, including tip, for an hours worth of fun with the hot escort of my choice.

I was at it for all of five minutes when one ad caught my eye: “Horny Couple for Your Pleasure. Young college couple trying to make ends meet. All are welcome: single men, single ladies, couples, groups. No holds barred, safe, sane fun. In-calls only. $300.00 for one hour. Tuesday special: $250.00 for single men and single women. Hit us up. Ask us about our all-night and weekend rates.”

The pictures were faceless, but the woman had a body from heaven: Perky breasts, tight stomach, thin, and a beautiful hairless pussy. There were only two pictures of the guy, and both only showed his treasure trail and a big boner trying to fight its way out of his boxer briefs.

After having Brian and his girl on my mind all day, and my memories of those swinger days of 15 years ago, I decided to contact the couple in the ad. I called the number and a girl answered. I introduced myself and explained that it had been way too long since I’d been laid and that the idea of three-way really appealed to me. After some small talk and a few questions, she said they were available that night and would be more than happy to see me. She reminded me of the Tuesday special, gave me her address, and we arranged for me to arrive there in an hour.

I showered, popped a Viagra, got dressed, and left a note for Brian letting him know I was out. After stopping at the bank and withdrawing my rainy day money, I arrived at the designated address right on time.

What happened over the next hour-and-a-half still seems surreal. When the woman answered the door, the first thing I noted was that she looked familiar. I couldn’t place where, exactly. Probably at the store or the gas station or…who knows? Blonde, 5′, about 110 lbs, wearing nothing but panties and a sexy bra. She introduced herself as Tori and invited me in. I was offered a beer which I accepted, took care of the necessary financial transaction, and then we made our way to the bedroom.

She pointed out where the bathroom was, pointed to a choice of condoms on the night stand, asked me to get comfortable and undress. She walked back toward the hallway and said she’d be right back. As she walked out of the room, she turned around and said, “I’ll be back with Brian in about 2 minutes,” and shut the door.

I froze. Paralyzed by what she just said: “I’ll be back with Brian in about two minutes.” The rush of blood to my head was too much to take. I sat down, closed my eyes, and confronted the visions spilling their way through my mind.



I immediately remembered where I’d seen the girl before. Just last night she was grinding her pussy into my son’s face as I watched from the crack in his bedroom door.

FUCK! I just unknowingly hired my son and his girlfriend to be my hour long escorts! I didn’t know what to do. Part of me wanted to stay and explain. Another part of me just wanted to bolt. In fact, I was refastening my belt to do just that when the door opened again and in walked Tori, with Brian right behind her.

He stopped dead in his tracks. He was dressed in nothing but a pair of tight briefs, his jaw on the floor, eyes bugging out of his head. He told me later his thought process went something like this: Confusion, revulsion, embarrassment, excitement. All in the matter of two seconds.

“Holy fuck,” he said, mouth still wide open in shock.

“Close your mouth, Brian, before something flies in there,” I said, as calmly as I could muster.

Tori caught on immediately. “Uhhh…do you two know each other?”

“You could say that,” I said, grinning, my eyes on Brian the entire time. He had finally closed his mouth, but the look on his face screamed confusion.

“You a customer at the coffee shop or something?” Tori asked, smiling.

There was an awkward, 10-second silence before Tori elbowed Brian in the side and said, “Brian! How do you know this guy?”

Before Brian could gather his thoughts, I spilled. “Tori. My name is Wayne. I am not a customer at the coffee shop. Well…I am…but that’s not how we know each other.”

I took a deep breath and continued.

“I am Brian’s father.”

As soon as I said it, Brian cleared his throat, ran his fingers through his hair, and said, “Uhh…I’ll be right back.” He walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

Shit. I did not want that to happen. We need to confront this.

Tori stood there smiling, eyes wide open. She exclaimed, “No fuckin’ way!” Paused again, then looked at me and said, “Really!? You’re his DAD!? Escort Eyüp But…but…you’re too young to be his dad.”

I explained the situation to Tori…how I was 18 when Brian was born, how his mom left months ago, then assured her that I had no idea who she or her partner were when I called to arrange the night’s meeting. She was quite understanding, walked over to the bathroom, knocked, told Brian it was her, then walked in and shut the door behind her.

I sat down, exhausted by what had just transpired. I waited for several minutes and was ready to let them know I was leaving when the bathroom door opened and they both came out and sat on the bed.

“Dad, I’m sorry you had to find about this this way. I never in a million years thought you’d hire an escort. I’m just…well…you know…the money is good. Tori here tricks solo, but a few times a week I join her and we split the money. Usually with fuck around with other couples from the military base, but sometimes a single guy or a single woman want to pay for a three-way.” His voice trailed off, his eyes were locked on the floor.

He couldn’t make eye contact with me, and that bothered me to no end. I took a deep breath. First I wanted to know what got him in the business of escorting.

“I promised I wouldn’t tell,” he said. I was confused.

“You promised WHO you wouldn’t tell?”

He looked at Tori, then looked at me. I knew that look. It was the look he always got when he was a kid and didn’t want to rat out Lola when she did something wrong.

The blood drained from my face. I closed my eyes and heard Lola’s voice: “Don’t worry, Dad, I got this.”

I sighed. “Is this how Lola is making money for tuition?”

Poor Brian looked like a lost puppy. “I told her I wouldn’t tell you, Dad. PLEASE don’t say anything to her. It’s just that when she told me how much money she made, I thought it was a great way to make some extra cash. Lola only does high class business men, so she’s…”

I stopped him. I couldn’t bare to hear anymore.

“But…Dad…you’re a stud….why an escort? Why a male/female escort team??” Brian asked.

I slowly explained to both of them how I had seen them through the crack in Brian’s door last night; how it had been a while since I’d got my dick wet, how seeing them had reminded me of when his mom and I had three-ways with my buddy; how I had spent the entire day thinking about getting laid and that hiring an escort was the fastest, easiest way to do it; and how thinking of those three ways with his mom had led me to pick their on-line ad and call them for a hook up.

As I finished up my story, I glanced down and noticed that Brian had a raging hard on, the head of his fat dick poking out the top of his briefs. He grabbed a pillow to try and cover it, but Tori took the pillow from him and placed her hand on his crotch and gave it a playful tug.

“Let’s…well, let’s just wait a minute here,” she said. She looked at me and said, “Look…you’ve already made your plans, AND you’ve already paid. It’s too late for me to schedule another client and I’m not really open to giving all of your money back.” I couldn’t deny her that. This was a professional transaction and she’d lose money if I demanded a refund.

Brian gave her a nasty look, but she persisted.

“The way I see it, you have two choices: Brian can split and you and I can spend the hour together…ooorrr” She paused.

Brian and I both looked at each other, our eyebrows raised, and at the same exact time looked at her and said, “Or?”

Tori broke out in the biggest bad girl grin I had ever seen. “Orrrr…we could go ahead with the three-way date as planned.”

The shock at her suggestion shocked us both into silence.

“Hear me out, hear me out!! I have had a father/son fantasy for-fucking-ever. I always figured it would play out with an older guy and a younger guy who weren’t really father and son. Well…guys…you two have fallen right into my lap tonight, so I’d love to give it a try.”

It was both of us with our jaws on the floor at this point. I kept silent on purpose, because I was afraid to betray my thoughts. The idea, shockingly, had appeal to me. Brian looked so much like me, and from what I witnessed the night before, he was a stud in the sack. The narcissist in me sort of liked the idea of seeing my own doppleganger son go at Tori right there as I joined in.

The part of me that was telling me how wrong this was was fading away fast as my dick started filling up with blood, the effects of the Viagra kicking in before I could control it. Brian, it seems, was thinking similarly, as the tent in his briefs was bigger than it was earlier. Tori then put her hand down her panties, rubbed her cunt, then put her dripping finger in Brian’s mouth. For me, all inhibitions ended right then.

From that point on, Tori’s father-son fantasies seemed to take control of the entire night. Neither one of us said a thing as Tori started kissing Brian, running her fingers through his chest hair, down his stomach, and into his shorts. She pulled out his cock and started stroking it slowly. His whole body stiffened at first, as if the last lingering doubts in his mind tried to take over, but then he relaxed and started getting into the groove with Tori.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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