Brianne’s Emergency Kit

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Brianne had always been the creative type, being a broke college student was handy like that. So when it came to sex toys, she was often looking at dollar store items or cheap beauty items that could be transformed into something handy to help get her off. Her trip to the store last week had been pretty fruitful, she had come across some items that she put together in what she liked to call her ’emergency kit’. She’d been browsing along in the beauty section when she came across some small hair clips. Her eyes lit up almost immediately as she thought of them clamping down on her sensitive nipples. She had grabbed them and put them in her basket before she could talk herself out of it. After grabbing the hairbrush she had came for she rounded the corner into the bath salts. She took her time looking over the different scents before she saw little test tubes full of salt. She picked one up and held it in her hand, it was about a half an inch thick and six inches long. Her full lips curled into a smile as she grabbed three tubes, a light blush rising to her cheeks. She went to check out.

She hated waiting in long lines, and of course, the register that had just opened up was by a guy. I can do this. She told herself as she straightened her shoulders, brushing her chestnut curls over her shoulders. She sauntered up and placed her seemingly innocent items on the counter before flashing the cashier a smile. When he smiled back, she couldn’t help but get wet, her nipples hardening and poking through the thin fabric of her shirt. She prayed that he didn’t notice her reaction. “Your total is $6.53.” He said with a grin, his eyes lowering to the front of her shirt before going back Anadolu Yakası escort to her face. She blushed brightly and swiped her card, “Thanks.” She mumbled as she grabbed her receipt and headed for the car, feeling his eyes on her back the whole way.

When she got home she cleaned everything up, removing stickers and tags before laying the new items on her bed and wondering where she was going to place them for the best access without being obvious to her roommate or anyone else should they be around. That’s when it hit her. She unscrewed the tops of the test tubes, removing the contents and properly cleaning it out before she selected two claw clips, half of a clothes pin and three bobby pins and put them all in the tube before screwing the lid back on. She held her creation in her hand with a grin, it was a perfect tease kit. She decided to put one in her purse, on in her car and one in her night stand.

Just then a familiar ‘bing’ came from her computer. It was James, her online tormentor and Master. They’d been talking and playing for the last few months.

“Hello Pet.”

“Hello Sir. How are you doing today?”

“I’m well, and yourself?”

“Horny, Sir. I just created an ‘Emergency Kit’.”

“Emergency Kit? Explain Pet.”

“Oh you know…” She paused, blushing brightly, “In case I am out doing errands or hanging with the girls and you message me and want to tease me but I don’t have anything with me… now I will.”

“Ahh, I see. Such a good pet. What is in this device of yours?”

“Well… it’s a test tube with a screw on lid that’s about six inches long and inside I’ve put two claw clips, three Anadolu Yakası escort bayan bobby pins and half of a clothes pin.”

“I see. And what exactly were you hoping for pet? Describe it.”

“I… but… Sir…”

“I’m waiting pet….”

“Yes Sir. Well, say that I went out grocery shopping and you happen to IM my phone.”


“You know me Sir, I always want to please you. So you want to tease me while I am out, to see if I will. To push my limits. Because you love to do that. So you IM me to go to the bathroom and take out the claw clips, telling me to place them against my nipples because you want them to be there for a long time, but you know I can’t handle the pain for much longer than a few minutes. And you want me to squirm…”

“Are you wet now pet?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Good. Continue.”

“As you wish Sir. So I go back to the bathroom and do as you tell me and ask if there is anything else I can do to please you. You ask me how many more stops I have to make today and I tell you one other. That’s when you tell me that right before I go to check out you want me to go to the bathroom again, place the half clothes pin against my clit.”

“You really are devious, aren’t you pet.”

“Only for you Sir.”

“Good girl. Go fetch your dildo and shove it in to that hot wet pussy then sit down and continue.”

“Y-Yes Sir! Afk.”

She hurried to her nightstand and pulled out her six inch pink dildo that was an inch and a half wide. She sat it on the chair before sinking herself down on it, her head going back with a moan. She squirmed on it for a moment before bringing escort bayan her head up, her fingers on the keyboard.

“T-thank you Sir. That felt fantastic.”

“I’m glad. Now continue.”

“Of course Sir! So I finish doing my grocery shopping, probably a good thirty minutes later, my nipples are hard and aching, but in a good way and so I head to the bathroom as ordered and part my pussy lips to make sure the wood is up against my clit nicely before I pull my thong and jeans back up then go to check out. As we both know, I would be a wet and horny mess by the time I make it to the cashier, whom you would request to be male if I could manage it. Then I’m off to my next stop, clothes shopping for a party that is coming up that my friends won’t let me get out of going to.”

“Of course and you know I would want something tasteful but revealing.”

“Of course Sir. I would be modeling for photos and sending them to see if you approved of the outfit or not.”


“Thank you Sir. And then you’d tell me to go into a changing stall and slip the tube into my wet pussy, thrusting it a few times before pulling up my panties and trying on whatever it was I brought in with me. And then after every few items of clothing you’d tell me to stop, trust the tube a few more times then continue trying on clothes. By the time you let me leave the store I am anxious to cum, but if you will or won’t is up to you. Would you make me wait until I get home? Or would you have me masturbate in the car?”

“One orgasm in the car and one when you got home. If you’d been well behaved.”

“Thank you Sir. So very generous.”

“You’re welcome pet. But unfortunately work is calling my attention away, you do not have permission to cum and you are to keep that dildo in you until I say otherwise unless it interferes with your sleep and then put it back in the morning.”

“Yes Sir. I will obey.”

“Such a good girl. Until tonight pet.”

“Goodnight Sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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