Bridesmaid Gets a DP

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It was a glorious June day, my Aunt Maggie was getting married. There were lots of relatives and in-laws, some I knew, some I did not.

Maggie was 40, this was her second marriage, and her daughter, my cousin Livy was her bridesmaid. I admired Livy’s sexy 18-year-old body. She was a petite 5’1”, looked to be about 110 pounds, a nice B cup chest, Mmmm, she looked very hot. I was 10 years older than Livy, and I was wondering if she’d be up for some real kissing cousin action?

Livy was there early, she came over when she saw me, my 25-year-old cousin Mike was with her.

Livy said, ”Hey Jon, nice to see you I’m glad you could make it. Jon, I want to ask you something? Ever had a threeway?”

I gaped at her, and she looked back with a clear steady gaze. I had in fact, my last girlfriend had favored me with several nights of her and her girlfriend. God, the feel of 2 women getting a guy into a hot sexual clinch, I’ll remember that all my life.

I replied that I had, and gave a brief synopsis on my threeways with my girlfriend and her female friend.

Livy said, ”How about 2 guys and a girl, ever done that?”

I had not, and when I told her, she said softly, “Like to try it, right here and now?”

I could see that Mike was up for it, and the idea of shafting Livy, yeah, I’d try that. Right behind the church, there was a park with a hedge maze, and Livy said, ”Over there, I know the way through. My Mom will take a while before she gets Bakırköy Escort here.”

As she led us in, I had the feeling that she’d planned this out, going so far as to figure out the hedge maze beforehand, no unsure turns on our way through.

When we were about dead center, she turned to us. Livy slipped off her panties, tossing them on the ground. We paused for just a bit, then we came together. Our pants and briefs hit the ground as we lifted Livy up, and got her ready. I lowered her onto my waiting cock, and enjoyed her cry of pleasure as she sank down my prick. I discovered she was a virgin when I came up against her hymen, she wiggled hard, and let out a cry as her hymen was torn open, all 8 inches stuffed up her tight little snatch.

Livy purred, “Hold me up, pull my cheeks apart, now you Mike.”

Mike moved in behind her, he spat in his palm and rubbed it over the head of his dick. He spits again and rubbed the fingers all over Livy’s tight little rosette.

Livy grunted, “Do it, I want both my virgin holes filled!”

Mike moved up, and Livy’s shriek filled the air. I felt Mike’s cock sliding into her ass, rubbing against mine as we lowered her down onto Mike’s cock.

Once we were buried, Livy growled, ”Now fuck me, use my fuckholes hard!”

We did as she wished, aiming to achieve maximum pleasure. Her shoes were slapping against the soles of her feet as we pounded ourselves Başakşehir Escort in and out. Her body was starting to move with us, two men grinding in tandem in her hot holes. Her bridesmaid’s dress was hiked up, one of her shoes fell off, laying on the ground close to her snow-white panties.

Livy growled, ”Yes, yes, keep fucking me I want it all hard!”

Her legs were kicking as we worked our little 18-year-old cousin into a sticky frenzy. The heat was incredible, using her as a live fuck doll, acting like animals as we grunted and thrust into our bridesmaid sandwich.

Now that we’ve stretched her out nicely, she’s really enjoying it, loud moans and cries of pleasure issuing from her lips as she feels both of our pricks rubbing against each other deep inside her sweet fuckholes.

”Keep fucking me, yes, yes, fuck me harder, faster, more more!”

We speed up our thrusts, she’s now lost to the lust. I wonder if she’d ever going to be satisfied with just one guy, or whether she’ll need a DP every time. She’s been turned into a cock crazy live fuck doll. Her head is lolling back, a look of bliss on her face as her orgasm starts to gather speed, when she goes off, our cocks are going to get the ultimate milking. Mike and I grunt and try to time our loads…wanting to blast her simultaneously. Yeah, we gotta flood her at the same time, the man she’s a real sweet fuck, she needs both Bebek Escort holes hosed down together.

Livy shrieks out, ”Fuck. cumming, fuck, flood MEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

I can feel Mike’s cock start to throb as our cocks rub together inside her, as her fuck holes tighten down on us. Keeping Livy’s quivering body sandwiched tightly between us, we both jam our throbbing cocks in as deep as possible, and I went over with them. Our cocks gush over and over, sticky loads firing, gushes of hot, wet sperm being pumped into her asshole and her pussy. Livy was cumming like crazy, the tightness of her holes milking at our two stiff cock, sucking both loads out eagerly, until she got every drop.

We kept her between us as we all started to sail down from our orgasm high. Livy’s eyes were glowing, she looked like the cat that ate the canary. Man, what a way to lose your virginity. I admired her spirit, jumping right into the deep end.

When we let her down, she grinned and quickly pulled her panties back on, then stepped into the shoe that had fallen off.

Livy cooed, “Mmmmm, that was the virgin busting every tight little virgin should get!”

Just after we set her down, her smartphone went off.

“Yeah, she’s here now? Sorry, got a little sidetracked, I’ll be right there!”

She grinned and said, “Follow me and be quick! My Mom is waiting for me.”

We hung back a bit from the entrance, so if anyone was watching, Livy would appear to be alone. We followed after a couple of minutes and made our way into the church.

As Livy walked down the aisle, she gave a little smile directed at Mike and me. I savored the knowledge that she was filled with our cum, bet her panties are soaked, and it’s probably overflowed and dripping down her thighs.

An 18-year-old virgin? Not Livy, not anymore!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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