Brigadier’s Wife

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(Vikram Kak, though years’ younger, became very close to me when he worked under me for two years. He is a Kashmiri, born and brought up in Delhi, lost his parents at a very young age, raised by his maternal uncle, an IITian from Delhi IIT. Being Kashmiri he has enviable flair complexion. He is tall, well built. In short he is a real ‘hunk’. Many say, had he tried his luck in Bollywood as a filn star, he would have been more successful in life. But he preferred to be a Software Engineer with a MBA degree. He is right now a Vice President of a premier Indian Software House, posted in Mumbai. As I collected from him, being hunk and flamboyant he has been always a lady’s man from his school days. Old, young no matter, he is a cynosure of fair sex. That had given him the license of sexual intimation with many women, married or unmarried. Over time he became a playboy and never got married. Once I asked him having such a bright academic background why he didn’t migrate to USA, he gave an incredible answer. He was so addicted to his playboy lifestyle, he never felt forfeiting it going to US. After he moved to Mumbai, we hardly met. But we kept our contact with occasional exchange of emails, or tele conversation. But whenever we met, I felt overenthusiastic to know his other life and he was also eager to share his experiences with me. I know, some of his stories are real, some maybe his fantasies. But whatever they maybe, listening to him is a heart throbbing experience. But recently when I met him in Bangalore, I found him little nervous in telling his experience with a Brigadier’s wife who caught him wrong foot. Though he enjoyed it physically, it didn’t at all give him the mental pleasure that he always looked for. I tried to assimilate his experience to a story where I might have used some of my own fantasies to spice it up.)

From my abundant sex odyssey with lovely women, I was convinced that the married women in their thirties were the best bed partners, horny, exciting and stimulating. Should I have a choice, I would prefer to go along with a married in her thirties, drowned in ‘Seven-year-itch’ syndrome, a male syndrome equally valid for fair sex and fed up with stereo-typed sex with her hubby, than an unmarried in her twenties booming in sex fantasies. In my earlier days I enjoyed sex more physically than mentally. But of late I realized, mental satisfaction was the ultimate. Once attained, it zoomed your physical attainment to multiply. When my sex mate groaned, moaned, shrieked in extreme ecstasy, attained repeated orgasms, it gave me more satisfaction than my own physical pleasure when my cock burst to dump huge load on her love box. Particularly, when she put her parting kiss on my cheek as a token of her gratification, I felt, I achieved the most memorable and satisfactory moment of my life.

So, of late I preferred sex with only married women in their thirties, unsatisfied with their stagnating sex life with their life partners, flabbergasted with the uncertainty looming large on their lust, passion and sexual desire. Surprisingly, I found plenty of them around me, particularly in the elitist society. When I analyzed its reason, I obseved, this dissatisfaction wss rampant when the males were too much involved in their business or professional activities forgetting and neglecting their private life. Sometime, having sex with wife for many years, the husbands began to feel monotony and lose interest in it. Such apathy, be it due to too much involvement in profession or be it due to growing loss of charm in sex made their wives easy victim. Somehow I could identify these ladies from their sad look with a kind of desperation in their eyes. Rarely my calculation misfired and I had rollicking experiences with my identified ladies. Any way my big asset in attracting fair sex was my look and then my God gifted well-endowed, long and thick manhood. Last but not the least was my flair of eating my women thoroughly and decisively. Surprisingly, but fortunately for me, the women having a rollicking sex experiences with me promoted me to their close friends, maybe unknowingly and I got invitation from some of them. So was the case with the Brigadier’s wife.

I made a hurricane trip to Chennai for signing a huge Software contract with a car manufacturer that my company won competing tooth and nail with other big Software houses of the country. This incident happened during this trip. I reached Chennai on Thursday and had a plan to sign the contract by Friday afternoon. Since I had to organize a presentation to a French delegation on Saturday, I planned to fly back to Mumbai the same evening. In fact, I had my confirmed return ticket on a late evening flight of Friday. But my plan got upset on Thursday afternoon itself when the Chief of Systems of the car manufacturer Mr. S Venkatraman, popularly known as Venky in his friend circle, requested me to attend a cocktail party arranged by one of his very close friends Brigadier Shyam Dhawan. When I expressed my inability to stay back, he refused to listen to me and took all responsibilities of rescheduling my Friday return to an early morning flight of Saturday. Since Venky would be the main contact person in this huge software project from their side, it put me in great dilemma. Could I afford to disappoint him at this stage? So, with my fingers crossed I gulped his dictate.

As soon as contract signing formalities were over, I rushed to my hotel to freshen up and prepare for the party. In this regard I was very particular, never go to a party straight from my work place with its stains and tiredness. I took a long shower, dressed up elegantly and prepared a cup of coffee. Switching TV on, I sat on the sofa and finished my coffee. As arranged Venky arrived in my hotel dot at seven and called me from the reception. Switching TV off I went down to the reception. Venky took me to his car where his wife was waiting. He introduced me to his charming wife and drove us to the Brigadier’s bungalow. It was a beautiful bungalow surrounded by a well-maintained garden.

The Brigadier couple gave us a warm welcome and led us to their huge living room where another five couples were waiting for us to join. Now a days it was very difficult to guess age of a person by his look. But with his Brigadier-like thick moustache he looked like at his mid forties, while his wife at her late thirties considering a normal difference of five to six years for most of the Indian couples. Still his wife Shilpa looked like at her early thirties with her very enticing rob, a sleeveless black satin top matched with a golden A-shaped long skirt and a golden high-heel, strapped sandal. Her beautiful bouncy hair added further elegance to her heart throbbing look. Though other ladies in the room were all attractively dressed, a few in expensive Saris with choli-type blouses, a few in designer Salwar-kameez, the Brigadier’s wife looked exclusive among them.

After initial introduction, drinks were served. When Scotch was available, I didn’t look at other options. I took a glass of Chivas Regal on rock. Being a party animal and enjoying playboy lifestyle I had no problem in mixing with people, particularly with fair sexes. In no time I became cynosure of all of them. I could see some jealous looks on their life mates’ faces. Frankly speaking, whenever I discovered such jealousy, my virility started flying in a new horizon. And then among so many sophisticated, well-dressed, flirtatious and chirping women a feel-good factor would surely storm anyone’s mind and soul. How could I be an exception?

After first drink dance started. With my growing fascination on Brigadier’s wife, I didn’t hesitate proposing her to be my first partner of the evening. She gorgeously accepted my appeal as if she was awaiting it for years. We started dancing.

“You must be knowing Sunita Sethuraman” she said raising her eyebrows. Her voice shuddered with her dancing steps.

“Who is she?” I pretended as if I didn’t know her. But I knew, how many rollicking intimate moments I enjoyed with her whenever I was in Bangalore.

“She is from Bangalore. She is your great fan” she raised her eyebrows and slurred, “Come on. Don’t pretend”

“Oh ho, that Sunita of Bangalore” I stammered willfully, “She is a lovely lady. Gorgeous, fascinating”.

“Only that!” she burst into giggles, “Isn’t she great in bed?”

Her unwarranted comment took me aback. I realized, she knew about our intimacy. It would be no use pretending further.

“So, you know about our odyssey” I surrendered.

“Oh yeah” she exhaled with a sigh of relief, “She tells everything to me. Oh my God, she enjoyed your pumping so much, you can’t believe”.

Earlier any kind of flirtation used to warm me up rapidly. But now a days I stayed cool, even hearing worst flirtation. But Brigadier’s wife floored me with her reins less talk. I could not even believe, a lady could be so outspoken and unpretentious in her first meeting with a stranger. But I felt elated discovering another prospect of my sex odyssey. I knew, the gorgeous lady in my hand would love to get my manhood in her love box and thoroughly eaten.

“You know” she started talking more enthusiastically, “Sunita told me, you were coming to Chennai to meet Venky. Venky is our very old family friend. Immediately I called him up and requested to bring you to this party. In fact, this party is arranged only for you”.

“I am greatly honored, Mam” I nodded with a gratifying smile.

“Thanks” she gushed, “But I need another favor from you. Tomorrow whenever you are free, let’s go to a nearby resort. We’ll have fun. By the way when will you be free from your work tomorrow?”

“Sorry Mam” an apologetic smile spread on my lips, “I’m going back to Mumbai tomorrow morning”.

“Come on, dear” she said in very commanding voice, “Sky will not fall if you go back on Sunday”.

“I am really helpless, Mam” my voice shuddered, “I know, it’ll a great fun spending a day with a sexy, gorgeous, unpretentious lady like you. But I have to be in Mumbai tomorrow without fail. Feeling really bad”.

I could see an instant disappointment in her eyes. She fumbled with her dancing steps. I prevented her from falling.

“Okay’ she recovered from her disappointment quickly, “Listen to me. When I’ll go to kitchen to arrange dinner, I’ll wink you. You just follow me, as if you are going to toilet”.

“I could not understand, Mam!” I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

“You need not” she shrieked, “What I said, do it”.

The first round of dancing got over. Men finished their drinks quickly. We took our second drink. Ladies were not that quick. But Brigadier’s wife almost gulped her drink and took the second peg. Most probably she was taking vodka with sprite.

Venky’s wife Savitri was my partner in the next round of dance. She was equally charming. Particularly her perfume could turn any male on. But she was not so outspoken as Brigadier’s wife. She talked about her hubby’s fascination on my expertise and profound knowledge in Software development. Her voice was very sweet, as sweet as the sound of ripples falling on a shore. Her intimacy could arouse your soul, but could never inflame your lust. She was a lady with whom you would love to dance for hours, smelling her perfume, looking at her charming eyes, listening to her sweet conversation. So I was enjoying every moment of dancing with her. Suddenly I heard the voice of Brigadier’s wife.

“Friends, I beg your pardon. I’m going to kitchen to arrange dinner. Please continue enjoying the party” Brigadier’s wife said loudly.

I looked at her. She winked at me. I knew, I had to follow her. Moment she left the room, I guided Savitri to the sofa.

“Mam, thanks for dancing with me. I wanna go to toilet” I told her politely.

She sat on the sofa and flashed a million-watt smile at me in reciprocation. Almost immediately another middle-aged guy took control of her. I felt relieved, finished my drink and hurriedly vanished from the hall.

I didn’t know, just outside the hall, Brigadier’s wife was waiting for me in the passage. She grabbed me, entered the left side toilet and locked it. I was stunned. What was she going to do? But she didn’t give me the chance to think.

“Oh dear, I’m extremely horny. I need a fuck” she hugged me and kissed me passionately. Her face was hot. Her lustful eyes fixed on me.

My heartbeat almost stopped. Was she crazy? I always felt exhilarated giving women their wildest sexual pleasure, but not in this unwarranted situation. My rational thinking got a severe jolt. I stopped thinking.

Meanwhile, I could feel, she reached my trousers’ zip. She pulled it down with incredible promptness. Taking a few drinks and dancing with two gorgeous women, my cock got enough instigation to be hot and excited. It was steaming inside my underwear. She was in a great hurry. She put her fingers inside my trousers and pulled out my steaming meat from the bondage of my underwear. Getting freedom my cock jumped out furiously. In a lightening speed she knelt down, took my cock’s head in her mouth and sucked it passionately for a few seconds and then swirled her tongue over it greedily.

It gave me the kick. Physically it aroused me instantly. But still my mind couldn’t come out of initial bewilderment. She stood up, turned back, leaned on the commode and hoisted her posteriors as high as possible. Then in a flash she lifted her skirt.

I looked down and was stunned to discover that she had no panties and I could see her pink pussy juicing madly. The juices were dripping along her both thighs.

“Oh darling, put your cock in my burning pussy” she shrieked in despair, “Fuck me. I wann enjoy it”.

It was the greatest mesmerized moment of my life. Her invitation to fuck inflamed my lust. I closed to her and pushed my rock hard cock into her pinkish pussy. In one thrust it went deep inside her cunt. Just like a hot knife cut through a block of butter. Her pussy melted with the heat of my steaming shaft. She groaned aloud in extreme pleasure. It made me wild. I started ramming her pussy vigorously holding her shoulders tight with my two hands.

“Oh darling, fuck me hard. Tear my pussy. Ohhhhh… ” she groaned like a wild animal,

Though I was enjoying fucking her from the back, I could feel, a mounting tension was building at the back of my mind. I knew, anybody could knock at the door at any moment. They could hear her groaning and moaning. I couldn’t believe, I was fucking the hostess when the host was gossiping, dancing and enjoying every moment of the party with others just a stone throw distance. Generally women like my stamina. I fuck them for hours. My cock would explode only when my fuck mate got tired of repeated orgasms. But the mounting tension at the back of my mind coerced my stamina unwarrantedly.

“Oh dear, I am cummimg….” I screamed at the verge of my explosion.

“Ohhhhhh… fill my pussy with hot cum. I gonna cum… Ahhhh… ohhhhh…” she yelled in extreme pleasure.

My cock exploded inside her pussy and dumped a huge load on it. I could feel, unending stream of my hot thick semen gave her a volcanic orgasm. She groaned in extreme ecstasy. Her body quivered violently and she collapsed on the commode seat. I took out my cock and a huge cum rushed out of her pussy falling all over the floor. It was a total mess.

I moved away a bit. I pushed my sagging cock inside my underwear and trousers hurriedly and pulled up the zip. I could see a lot of stains all over my trousers. I didn’t wait. I came out from the toilet like a drunken man. I went inside the hall. Saw, couples were enjoying another round of dancing with loud music.

I spotted the Brigadier. He was not dancing. Rather sitting in a sofa he was sipping his drink with heavenly pleasure. With great élan he was narrating his encounter with two terrorists in Kashmir and how he killed both of them. The audience was spell bound to hear it. Brigadier looked at me in a strange manner and smiled mischievously.

I took a glass of whisky. While sitting in the same sofa where Brigadier was sitting, I willfully tumbled my glass so my drink would spill on my trousers to camouflage all stains of fucking.

Just after few minutes, Brigadier’s wife arrived in the hall.

“Hi guys, dinner is ready. Come and enjoy it” she announced at the peak of her voice.

I looked at her. Her face, her body, her behavior bore no trace of expected hangover of an exhausting sex session a few minutes ago. It was still a wonder to me, how she could manage to compose herself in such a short time.

The dinner was elaborate with both Indian and continental cuisines, though I couldn’t enjoy it, for I was unable to ride over my hangover of screwing a woman in most embarrassing moment of my life. I was still feeling dizzy.

While leaving their house, I didn’t expect Brigadier’s wife to kiss my cheek. But just like a modern, westernized host and hostess, Brigadier kissed all female guests while his wife kissed their male counterparts.

“Thanks for the lovely moment. Look forward to many more” kissing my cheek she whispered with her eyes sparkling in passion and gratification. I could feel, how happy she was.

Brigadier also thanked me and said, “Thanks a lot for coming at such a short notice. Do visit us whenever you visit Chennai. After all everyday we do not get the golden chance of meeting a handsome Casanova.”

I mumbled a suitable reply.

On the way back I kept on reflecting on his words and its implications. I resolved to be more careful in future. But in my heart I knew, like so many such resolutions in the past, this would also not last. Perhaps the thrill was worth the danger.

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