Brighton Cumslut Ch. 04

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The next day Kirsty was awakened by a phone call from her brother. He asked her if she would go round to his place and tidy up for him. Kirsty did this for him on a regular basis as lived on his own and worked away. His place was the other side of town so Kirsty left early.

When Kirsty got round to his place there was a note informing her he would not be back until the next day, this left her plenty of time to tidy up.

Kirsty plugged her laptop in and went on the adult site, she asked Adam huge cock if he wanted to come round to her friends flat she was at for some fun. After a while Adam responded and they exchanged mobile numbers and Adam was on his way round.

Kirsty went into the bedroom, it was a typical single mans bedroom, it had magazine pictures of half naked ladies around the room. After a while the doorbell went, Kirsty opened the front door and there was a guy around twenty years old at the door, he seemed average looks Kirsty thought.

“Hi are you Kirsty” asked Adam.

“Yes come in” replied Kirsty.

Kirsty took Adam by the hand and walked him to the bedroom she was thinking he was actually quite cute. When they got into the bedroom Adam kissed her immediately. He probed his tongue into her mouth just the way she liked it. Kirsty responded by kissing him back, she was really turned on now. She pushed Adam down on the bed and undone his belt, Adam just laid back on the bed and Kirsty then undone his buttons on his jeans.

Adam laid still letting this horny woman do whatever she wanted to him. Kirsty pulled down his jeans, he had grey boxer shorts on but that’s not all what Kirsty noticed, this guys bulge was fucking huge. Kirsty pulled down his boxer shorts.

“Fucking hell that’s a fucking monster of a cock” said Kirsty in a surprised.

“Suck it” said Adam

Adams cock was fully erect, it was so thick and long, its size reminded Kirsty of one of those cans of lager that had extra in. Kirsty started to lick the end of it, Adam, seemed to enjoy it. Kirsty started to use one hand on the base of his monster cock and another on the shaft. Kirsty tried to open her mouth wide enough to fit it in, she could only get an inch in her mouth as his penis was really to big, especially in thickness.

“Suck it then bitch, deep throat me” commanded Adam.

“Its way to big for my mouth, how about I ride you” Asked Kirsty.

“Yes” Said Adam.

Kirsty opened up a condom and took her bottoms off, she quickly inhaled her knickers without Adam seeing and it turned her on even more. Kirsty started to roll the condom down Adams shaft.

“Condoms hurt me” Said Adam.

“I like to play safe” Replied Kirsty.

She managed to get the condom on over his penis but it looked quite strange. Adams helmet seemed to be the colour purple in the condom. Kirsty then climbed on top of Adam, she held his huge member with one hand and gently lowered herself onto the head of his gigantic prick. Fuck I’m turned on and wet, yet this is hurting me like hell and it’s only the first inch that’s gone in, Kirsty Thought.

Kirsty sat down a bit more on Adams cock when she felt the condom rip from his cock, the rubber ring was still around his base but the shaft part slapped her lips.

“Fuck that hurt” Said Kirsty.

“Alright then, lie back and let me eat your pussy out” ordered Adam

Kirsty got on her back on the bed. Adam got between her legs and spread them apart. He moved his mouth to her opened cunt and fingered her with two fingers. Adam used his tongue on her lips and started to lick her up and down. Kirsty was waiting for Adam to settle himself down and get into a rhythm with his tongue and fingers but he could not seem to concentrate on what he was doing so she was losing interest.

“I’m wet enough, put you dick inside my pussy” Kirsty asked.

Adam spread her legs wide apart and moved his body up the bed so his dick was facing Kirsty’s pussy, Kirsty noticed his prick didn’t have a condom on but she wondered how he was going to get the monster into her little hole and she let him carry on. konyaaltı escort Adam used his hand on his cock to move it up and down Kirsty’s wet slit. He then gently pushed his cock an inch into her pussy. Kirsty was finding this gentle fucking very painful, it was the thickness of his huge cock that was causing this pain more. She concentrated on her breathing and let him continue. Adam pushed his cock a couple more inched into her pussy.

“Fucking hell you’re really tight, my dick feels like the circulation is being cut off” Said Adam.

“Hurry up and cum then” Kirsty said through gritted teeth, this cock was just too big for her and it was hurting her.

Adam thrust another inch inside her then he pulled out of her pussy.

“Neither of us are enjoying this are we” said Adam.

“Put your cock between my breasts and fuck them” Kirsty said.

Adam moved up the bed a bit more, he placed his penis between Kirsty’s breasts. His ball bags felt like they were on her belly button and the end of his gigantic cock was at her lips. Adam started to fuck her breasts, Kirsty was holding them together for him.

“Talk dirty to me” Adam asked her.

Whilst Adam fucked her breasts Kirsty started to talk.

“I’m going to tell you a story” said Kirsty.

“After clubbing with my fella and his friends, we were in a taxi rank and we jumped into a London cab with two of his friends. He started kissing me and I felt a hand on my breasts and another hand going up my skirt” Told Kirsty as she was looking at the monster cock between her breasts.

“Spit on my fucking dick and get to the point faster, I’m nearly going to shoot my muck on you face” Said Adam in a heavy breathing voice.

“My boyfriend got his cock out and so did his two friends, they had me sucking them all off” carried on Kirsty.

She spat on his cock and carried on.

“Then the taxi stopped, the driver then said if they let him fuck me the fare was free, we got out the taxi and they bent me over the bonnet and the driver said he wanted my arse.” Kirsty said.

It was all too much for Adam, his huge cock started to spurt and Kirsty was getting excited. The first blob of cum went on her cheek, Adam sat up a bit more and used his right hand on his cock, he started wanking like there was no tomorrow.

“Dirty arse fucked cunt you want my spunk you want it” screamed Adam in the heightened of his orgasm.

He carried on wanking and screaming obscenities at Kirsty, however Kirsty was waiting for more sperm to cum out of his cock, but none did, she thought ‘weird’

“Where’s the cum?” asked Kirsty.

“Oh I had a few wanks this morning” Adam informed her

“Kirsty would you like me to do anything to you?” Adam asked her

Kirsty rolled over so she was on her stomach.

“If you could lick my arse and finger it whilst I wank my clit with my hand it would be good, oh and you can talk dirty to me as well” Said Kirsty

Kirsty’s right hand started to go round her clit, she waited for Adam to start licking her arse and yes he did. It’s a shame is tongue isn’t big in proportion like his dick she thought. Adam put his tongue right up her arse, good boy she thought as she started rubbing around her clit. Adam then pulled his tongue out and put a finger up her arse and went in and out quite quickly. This went on for a few moments but no dirty talk started. Kirsty’s mind led her to her park antics and she was building up her own orgasm thinking of dirty Martin.

“Stick you tongue back in my arse and don’t take it out until I’ve cum” Kirsty ordered him.

Adam put his tongue back in her arse and kept it there, Kirsty started thrusting on his tongue back and forth whilst she frigged herself. She built up an average orgasm, nothing special just like this guy with this huge cock, nothing special, she thought.

After her orgasm, she and Adam chatted a bit.

“Can I wank that big cock of yours” She asked Adam.

Adam sat on the bed and Kirsty knelt on the floor in front of him, she started kepez escort to masturbate his cock and was transfixed on the largeness of it.

“Carry on with your story please” asked Adam.

“As we got out the taxi my boyfriend pushed me over the bonnet of the car, he told the taxi driver that he and his friends were going to use my cunt first and he could fuck my arse after” Told Kirsty still wanking his cock, she was very turned on and with her left hand she started to strum her pussy lips.

“My boyfriend pushed his cock inside my pussy and was going faster and faster in and out of my cunt, his friends were telling him to fill his whore girlfriend up and they were going to fill me up to. He started coming inside me and was calling me names whilst he filled my cunt up with his spunk then he moved to the side of me and opened up my arse cheeks and he said to his friends to let the taxi driver have her dirty arse” Carried on Kirsty.

Adam was screaming loud calling her a dirty whore right as his orgasm came. Kirsty pumped her hand faster on his cock, she noticed a small dribble of sperm leak from his cock and she moved her tongue on it and lapped up the small blob of sperm.

“You’re a dirty whore and you can wank me off and tell me your stories anytime” Adam told her.

They kissed for a few minutes and Adam left.

That’s the last time I try and fuck a super sized dick, thought Kirsty.

Kirsty logged back onto the adult site, she made arrangements to meet the couple that night at 9pm.

Pretty soon Kirsty was walking to the swing park and she saw a couple sat on her bench. She recognized them from their profile picture. Kirsty walked over to them. Andy was about 6ft whilst Shelly looked normal looking. Without saying a word Kirsty got between Andy’s legs, she released his penis from his trousers and sucked on his cock. It was cut and maybe just above average she thought. Kirsty decided she preferred this sized cock to larger cocks. Kirsty looked up whilst going up and down on his shaft and saw the couple kissing.

Kirsty squeezed her left hand around the base of his shaft and sucked his lovely cock really hard, she had only been in the park for a matter of minutes and this guy was going to ejaculate pretty soon. Shelly was turned on by this and French kissed her man without stopping or giving him much breathing space. Andy wanted to shoot his load as soon as possible as he was thinking he wished Shelly was this good at giving head.

Kirsty felt spurt after spurt of fresh sperm shooting into her mouth, she was swallowing it greedily thinking what a nice taste it was. Kirsty kept his cock in her mouth without moving it and every now and then she gave it a suck in between licking her tongue around it until he was hard again.

Andy got off the bench as he told Shelly to lift her skirt up and ordered Kirsty to lick her out. Kirsty bent over the bench. She started to use her tongue on Shelly’s clit and she fingered her with two fingers, Shelly was loose so Kirsty put four fingers inside Shelly’s wet pussy. Andy started to undo Kirsty’s jeans so they fell to her ankles whilst she was bent over the bench length ways.

“She’s licked cunt before, she is a fucking expert at it” Said Shelly.

“She sucks cock good as well” Andy told her.

“Put a condom on and fuck her pussy, I want to drink it after” Shelly told him,

Andy already had the condom on as he was thinking faster than his partner and he rammed his cock into Kirsty’s wet pussy. He started pumping in and out of her.

“She’s well tight” Said Andy.

“Her fingers are so smooth” Informed Shelly.

“Her pussy feels so tight I’m gonna cum again pretty soon” Said Andy.

“Her tits are nice and big, finger her arse as well” Commanded Shelly.

“Yeah that’s tight as well, I’ve got two fingers in the sluts arse, I want to double fuck this bitch” Moaned Andy in pleasure.

“Next time we meet up with the cunt I’m bringing my strap on” Said Shelly in a hoarse voice.

“Yeah we can both kemer escort fuck her nasty little holes together, I’m gonna cum” Screamed Andy.

“I’m cummin” Screamed Shelly

Fucking charming, thought Kirsty as she carried on licking Shelly’s pussy and rocking on Andy’s cock. Both the couple came within seconds of each other, Shelly didn’t really gush cum out, Kirsty could feel Shelly’s pussy pulsating around her fingers. Andy took the condom off and gave it to Shelly.

Shelly showed off by emptying the condom into her mouth and sucked out Andy’s cum. She then moved her mouth to Kirsty’s and pushed her tongue and Andy’s cum into Kirsty’s mouth. The two girls kissed each other and Andy started to take pictures on his phone camera.

Kirsty noticed this and thought this was a bit silly as it was dark and the phone never flashed but she carried on snogging Shelly. When they finished kissing Andy said they were making a move and he pushed Kirsty down on the bench, her knickers and trousers were down to her ankles and her bra and top had been lifted up exposing her breasts.

“You have to stay in that position until we have left the park” Andy informed her.

Both Shelly and Andy walked out the park, Kirsty heard them giggling. She was still sat on the bench when she heard someone say “Our turn”.

Kirsty looked up and saw two lads, eighteen years old maybe.

“The bloke here a minute ago motioned to use that you would let us have ago” One of the guys said.

“Blow jobs ok” She said.

The first guy got closer to her and released his hard cock from his trousers and stuck it in her mouth, Kirsty sucked on it as she felt the other guy gently pulled on her legs so she was closer to the edge of the bench and he started to finger her.

This went on for a few minutes and Kirsty was so turned on, the lad standing in front of her with his penis in her mouth put his hand to the back of her head and started to face fuck her.

“If I make you cum can I do anything to you” Asked the lad who was fingering her.

“Yeah” Mumbled Kirsty in between the cock going in and out of her mouth.

The guy receiving the blowjob started to cum, he ejaculated in Kirsty’s mouth and moved in and out of her mouth, this was to much for Kirsty, she started to suck hard and cum herself. The lad who was fingering her had three of his fingers as far as they could go, his thumb was banging against her clit and it was a good sensation for her to cum to. Kirsty swallowed the load in her mouth and asked the lad who fingered her to a good orgasm what wanted.

“Can you bend over the bench” He asked

Kirsty bent over the bench, her knees were nearly touching the floor. He started opening her pussy lips with his hand.

“Have you got a condom?” She asked.

“No luv” He replied.

“I’m not on the pill, get your cock wet and fuck my arse” she said.

The guy couldn’t believe his luck, he rubbed his dick around her pussy, getting it wet he then pushed it towards her bum and was trying to force his hard penis inside her brown hole.

“Come on fuck her arse and spunk inside it” Said the lad who just fucked her mouth.

“I can’t get it in its so tight” replied his mate.

“I new you were a virgin” teased his friend.

He tried a few more times and it just slid inside Kirsty’s pussy each time, he fingered her arse roughly and tried it again but couldn’t to get his cock in her bum. Kirsty had enough of this novice and she turned herself around and grabbed his penis, she started to wank it and suck it wishing the guy was slightly more experienced. She wanked him hard and fast as she sucked his cock and he soon filled her hungry mouth with his ward cum.

“Thanks guys” Kirsty said

“Can I have your number” One of the lads asked.

The two lads seemed nice and friendly and exchanged phone numbers with Kirsty, they kissed her and left. Kirsty got dressed and was wondering where the dirty pervert was.

“Bravo my dirty whore, I liked the double show” Came Martins voice.

“Hi Martin, what are you in the mood for” Asked Kirsty with a sly grin.

“Come back to my place for the night and let’s see what happens” Offered Martin.

Kirsty was dying to cum again so she agreed, grabbed his arm and they both left the swing park and walked along the road to Martins place.

To Be continued…..

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