Bringing the New Year in With a Bang

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Bringing In The New Year With A Bang

If you’ve ever been to a swinger’s party, this story will not seem so unusual, although there was something very special and sexy about it, even in that context. If you’ve never been to such a party, you can only imagine what you have missed. I only wish it had started earlier in my life.

My wife, Evette, is as hot as they come. She’s just over 5’1″ inch of sexual energy, encased in an athletic and firm body. Her tits are the artistic work of a plastic surgeon, and while large, seem to fit her body and personality perfectly. When she wears something sheer at a lifestyle gathering, it’s all I can do to keep from focusing only on her.

Our New Year’s celebration in fact started the night before, as we spent the night at a close couple friend’s house, where we played for a few hours before trying to get a good night’s sleep. While I was fully on my game that night, the Mr. of other couple had a problem fully performing. We both agreed that he could “take another shot” the next morning before we headed out to breakfast. He and I were the first ones up and had a cup of coffee while discussing the likely events of the night to come. Before too long, he asked whether it would be ok with Evette if we woke her up with a little “love.” Well, it turns out that sleepy sex in the morning is about her favorite thing. I asked if he would mind my joining as well, starting our day with a threesome. He liked the idea as much as I did, so we quietly slipped into the room that we had slept in the night before and laid on either side of Evette with him to her back and me facing her still lightly sleeping face.

He started to awaken her by gently rubbing her shoulders with his left hand while his right hand move down to her naked ass. I saw her eyes open slowly and a smile start to form as she realized that it was not me caressing her from behind. I kissed her and said good morning, even as I began to gently stroke her beautiful breasts and moved my hand between her legs. Daniel increased the pace of his stroking of her back and ass and I saw him position himself to enter her from behind.

I felt her stiffen as he put his cock inside her and then felt her start to move rhythmically against me as he rocked her, slowly at first and then with more intensity. Early morning sex always works well for Evette as her low moans became more urgent. It didn’t take long — never does with my love. After a few minutes I could tell she was going to cum and that Daniel was himself on the edge. I pulled her chin up to look me in the eyes and told her to cum hard and that I would be in her next. “You are the sexiest woman in the world,” I said, even as I heard both Daniel and Evette starting their mutual song of climax.

It was so sexy, and of course, I could barely control my own desire for her. Daniel had barely finished, when I rolled her over, turned her hips toward me, and spread her legs. I told her then, as I have in the past, that there is nothing sexier to me than fucking her after someone else has come in her. The feeling of warm wetness, different than the usual wetness, is so sexy and drives me crazy. As I entered her, I felt his cum around my cock and her pussy open to me and welcoming my hard cock. It took me an embarrassingly short amount of time to reach the point of nearly no return. I muttered that I probably shouldn’t come so soon this day, given the evening’s planned party. But I had gotten to the point of literally no regard for anything but my approaching orgasm. Both Daniel and Evette fed my temptation, both telling me to come and to come hard. I obliged and came with an early morning intensity. Not as intense as it can be but extremely pleasurable and deeply fulfilling.

We cleaned up, told our other hostess what we’d been up to while she showered. In true lifestyle fashion, she was entirely ok with it, though she said she would like to have seen the fun. “Much more tonight,” Daniel promised. I squeezed her freshly cleaned butt and promised I would take care of her later.

We left for the main event after a late morning breakfast. The lifestyle party, hosted by a couple we didn’t know, was a several hour drive away, so we caravanned and made our way there in the early afternoon.

We taksim escort stopped first at our hotel to get our rooms for the night, since we were now far from anyone’s home. After a quick check in, we grabbed a bite to eat and tracked down a few of our other friends who were attending the same party. Everyone was excited and ready to party. We had the foresight to rent a limo/van to take us to the party house. No one wanted to drive after a NYE bash, or at least to be the ones that had to behave in order to drive home. That turned out to be a wise decision!

The ride to the party house was itself an adventure, taking almost 30 minutes and in a nice large van with 5 couples all alive with anticipation. When we arrived, we were ushered into a beautiful home with amazing art and wine and snacks in abundance. To the untrained eye, the gathering had all the appearances of an upscale New Year’s Eve cocktail party. But a closer look showed people sizing up people they didn’t know, even as they reacquainted with those they did. I knew it was going to be a special night when Evette whispered in my ears, “Do you see the silver fox over there. I’m definitely going to fuck him before the night is over.” If I was not already in the mood, my excitement level moved to a new level.

The house was set up for a lifestyle bash. In one room, for instance, all the furniture had been pulled out and the floor was covered instead by comfortable padding and white sheets, making for a perfect and large play area. And there were many other bedrooms as well that had been prepared for the evening’s events. The lighting was soft and seductive, and our first tour of the rooms reinforced the fact that this would be a great party.

We had barely finished our “guided tour”, when Evette grabbed our play friend Susan, with whom we had arrived, and pulled her and me into the large playroom. The three of us quickly shed our clothes and laid down on the still fresh linens of the large floor coverings. Feigning a dominating approach she really doesn’t have. Evette firmly pushed Susan to the bottom of her and started to kiss her and grope her, uttering various aggressive and dirty phrases. Susan responded by pulling her head down toward her pussy and said, “Show me how you can make me cum.” While Evette began to respond to the challenge, I moved into position for Susan to suck my now quite hard cock, a skill she possesses with extraordinary skill. We played this way for a few minutes, during which a few others from the larger party eventually trickled in and started their own play sessions.

Evette, though, was restless – and very horny. She rose from the three of us and departed back to the main room, leaving me, not unpleasantly, still engaged with Susan. In fact, just as Evette left, Susan’s husband Jason came into the darkened room and spotted Susan and I and quickly joined us. Susan engulfed his quite honestly huge cock while I began to fuck her from behind. Susan had a small body with small tits and a very cute ass. What made her particularly sexy was the way she responded to any sort of sexual engagement. She was very verbal, expressing her pleasure in words and moans. She left little doubt that she enjoyed sex as much as anyone. With her husband and me working on her, she had one orgasm after another.

But as we continued our spontaneous threesome, I began to wonder what Evette was doing. One of my own peculiarities in this world is that I have a hard time totally releasing myself without also knowing where she is and what she is doing. In fact, I would rather watch her or at least be in the same room with her so I can occasionally observe her moments of passion and hear her as she reaches her frequent orgasms.

I slowly disengaged from Susan and Jason and put my pants back on so that I could wander out to the main living/gathering area. As I grabbed a quick glass of wine, I saw Evette across the room, talking with two guys, neither of whom I knew. I struck up my own conversation with a former female playfriend and quickly got caught up on her evening. It was clear that for many at the party, the action had not yet begun. Just as I was getting edgy and wanting to get back to the action in the playroom, topkapı escort Evette starting walking toward me with one of the guys she was talking to. “Hi, sweetie. Meet Ron. He and I are going to get more acquainted. See you later…” And with that she was off to the back rooms.

About that time, Susan (sexy Susan) came back out and we talked for awhile. She is so sexy — even while we were talking cocktail chatter, she was reaching between my barely clad legs and rubbing my nearly always alert cock. Conversation with her always takes place at multiple levels. We decided to move toward the play area again. As we walked, and we must have talked for some time, we saw Evette leaving one of the bedrooms with her play friend in tow. “Hi, you guys. Oh my god,” she said, “he was such a great lover…” I could tell that she had reached that point of the night she sometimes achieves — a sexual high — that would propel her through the night. And for me, it was a shot of sexual adrenalin that is hard to describe…

When Susan and I had played for a half an hour or so, we again joined the main “lobby” to see what was going on. There were fewer folks as much of the play area was now filled as were the rooms. I spoke to one of our hostesses, a woman I had played with on other occasions, and we quickly got into a discussion about some of the people at the party. As we talked, my eyes spotted Evette across the room, wearing some small little black item and chatting very physically, touching and feeling, with someone I didn’t know. I asked Jan, the woman I was speaking with, who he was. She said, “Oh, that’s Robert. He’s notorious. I’m surprised you haven’t met him before. He’s highly, highly regarded by the woman he has been with,” she sort of smirked.

I asked, “So, Evette will be ok with him”?

“Ok? Ha! She’ll be far better than that. She’s in for a treat,” Jan answered. And as she was about to start her next sentence, we noticed Robert and Evette heading past us for the playrooms. “In fact,” Jan said somewhat dismayed, “I thought I was supposed to get some time with him now.”

“But,” she quickly recovered, “maybe that means you are free. Shall we find a room?” And so off we went. The two of us played for maybe half an hour, mostly with me licking her pussy, while all around us another 4 or 5 couples and groups added their moans and motions to the steamy scene.

It was pretty hot, but I kept again wondering what Evette was up to with Robert. So, when a natural pause came to our entanglement, I excused myself and walked to another of the rooms. It had now gotten dark enough in each of the rooms that it was difficult to see very clearly who was where and what was going on. What made it possible for me to locate Evette, however, was the distinct sound of her lovemaking. While she is not very loud, her sounds of enjoyment and encouragement are distinctive and have always driven me wild. And hearing her in the throes with another man is just more fuel for my fire.

I heard her before I saw her. She was cumming, and cumming hard, with Robert. I paused at the threshold of the room to take in the scene. There she was beneath Robert, who appeared to be finishing as well. Next to her, in roughly the same position was “the Silver Fox”, engaged in fully fucking an attractive woman I had not previously noticed. I walked over to Evette’s side of the bed, just as Robert was getting up. He looked at me and smiled and said, “That was fucking good and some really good fucking…” With that he started to make his way out of the room.

Evette had the look of a woman well fucked, with eyes that were partly glazed and partly “come fuck me some more.” I laid next to her and kissed her deeply. I moved on top of her and put my arms beneath her legs to raise her pussy to a better angle. With that, I put my cock inside of her and felt that warmth that was more than just her own juices. I moved in her slowly, pulling away to see her eyes, which looked equally deeply back at me. We moved together for just a minute or two, a reclamation of sorts for both of us. At that point, Evette looked over to the Silver Fox, who was untangling himself as well. As he looked over, I said to him, “Help tuyap escort yourself. She’s been intrigued by you all night…”

We literally switched places. He moved over to Evette, while I joined the beautiful brunette he was with. By now, I was having trouble staying “focused” and spent my time with this lady mostly touching and talking softly. Really, being with her was just an excuse to be next to Evette who by now was once again in the act of full on sex with her new- found friend. Whenever I could do so without being too obvious, I glanced over at them. He had her legs up above her shoulder, and his cock buried deep inside of her. As he thrust into her, she let out her familiar short, rhythmic squeals, followed by an acquiescent “oh yeah, fuck me like that, keep fucking me like that.” It never fails to turn me on to hear her sounds of sex, so before you know it, I was hard again and spread the brunette’s legs once again and entered her easily. She too had been fucked many times and was ready to go again. Both couples found a similar beat and the sounds of our sexual chorus filled the room. The girls came repeatedly during this time, even though both guys continued to hold back.

The situation came down from the crescendo we got to quickly and before long, the four of us moved again to the main room for refills on drinks and a few snacks. Even though I had not cum yet (other than this morning), I felt as though I was winding down. I stayed and chatted with various folks, including our hosts from the night before. At some point I looked around again for Evette, but once again couldn’t see her in the room. Always curious to watch what may be happening, I looked for her again in the back rooms.

This time she had gone into a new room. I saw several people leaving the room, finished with their time together. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I spotted Evette with Jason, a replay of sorts of our earlier session. They were giggling when I entered but I could tell Jason was grinding her reasonably hard. I knew it was only a matter of time before the chatter and laughs would stop and the groans and moans would begin. Jason is a great lover and is “gifted” in size. He is truly one of Evette’s favorites.

I watched as Jason fucked Evette with increasing intensity. I had the feeling that he had been saving his night’s orgasm for this moment. Sure enough, in a matter of a few more minutes, as Evette began to cum, so did he. The sounds of mutual orgasm never get old, and these two were clearly having an awesome finish.

When they wound down, they rolled apart and Evette saw me next to her on the bed. “Hi, Lover. You next?” And I was.

All night I had sex with several women, sometimes extensively and sometimes briefly. I can’t really remember all that I played with. But for me, the real treat was to be with my wife at the end of the night like this. I laughed softly and said, “You have no idea how good that sounds. Shall we?”

I pulled her over to me, scooching her butt closer to me and away from our friend Jason. I looked at her and saw that she was near the end of her night. Her eyes were a bit glazed and, as I put myself into her, I discovered that her pussy was full with the sex of the night. Our bodies immediately came together like Lego pieces meant to pair. My cock entered her while I faced her and looked into her eyes and told her how sexy she was and how much I loved her…

She didn’t respond except with her body moving rhythmically with mine and her quiet murmurs turning to moans. It didn’t take me long — afterall I’d been having sex myself much of the night and this was my time for release. And I did…long and powerfully, with the impact of my orgasm literally taking my breath away and making my legs wobbly. I filled her pussy yet again with cum, this time my own. As we came to rest, I looked at her and whispered, “You need to find your clothes. I think we have to catch the van home soon.”

She slowly came back to the real world and got up from the bed to roam room to room in search of the clothes she had shed at various points. We were nearly the last of our group to get on the van for the ride home. Everyone looked as tired as we felt, and while quiet, all seemed satisfied that they had the night they had imagined.

Evette and I were not done though. I couldn’t resist one last session with her alone in our hotel room. I bent her over the bed, entered her still cum filled pussy from behind and had one last intense orgasm, making it three in one day — not a bad sign for an older guy that the night had been as sexy as one can hope for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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