Broken Ch. 04

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Author’s Note:

All characters engaged in sexual situations are eighteen years of age or older. All characters and events are fictional. Any similarities with actual events or persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental.

This is a work of fiction, and as such, certain events or situations may be improbable, and certain details may not correspond to real life. If you’re looking for strictly likely situations and exact reality, I suggest you skip this.

This can be the last chapter in this story, but it doesn’t need to be. Leave a comment if you think this story should end here, or continue, and what questions you might like if I do continue.


Her palm felt hot against the back of my neck as she leaned forward. Her hot, moist lips pressed to mine. It only took a fraction of a second for my lips to return her kiss.

“Oh god, I’m sorry, Clyde,” Haley moaned as she pulled away from me.

“Don’t be, Haley,” I whispered hoarsely.

“That’s exactly what Bonnie said, too.”

Haley leaned back and looked at the television.

“‘Cept she told me she loves me.”

I wasn’t surprised, but I didn’t know how to respond.

“I didn’t know the second I met her, but I knew then, when I kissed her. I love her too, Clyde.”

She looked back at me. Her lips were quivering a little, and she looked like she was going to cry.

“Don’t worry none. I’m not trying to take her away from you. She loves you more than life itself, and so do I. I knew that for a fact the second I laid eyes on you.”


I didn’t know what to say. Not even close.

“Get a room already.”

Bonnie was awake.

She sat up and kissed me, our tongues moving together in a gentle dance. When she broke our kiss, she looked at me and smiled then nodded her head toward her sister.

Haley kissed me, not like the confident and unhurried kiss Bonnie gave me. Haley’s kiss was filled with hunger, like she wanted to consume me. She barely moved when she went from kissing me to kissing Bonnie with the same hunger and passion.

I had never seen women kiss each other. I had never even imagined it. I was as hard as a rock inside my denims as I watched my two sisters kissing, just inches from my face.

Bonnie slowly stood without breaking her kiss with Haley, and Haley followed. Bonnie pulled me by the hand away from the couch and toward the bedroom. I scooped up Bonnie in my arms as the two girls continued kissing.

Bonnie pushed the bedroom door open behind us, and Haley suddenly stood up straight. Bonnie and I looked at her. Her face was pale, her wet lips open.

“I’m…” Haley gasped between ragged breaths, “scared.”

“Haley?” Bonnie whispered. “Are you a virgin?”

Haley nodded, and tears began to flow over her freckled cheeks.

“I don’t…want…” Haley gasped out, “to be anymore.”

“Haley, my husband is gentle, generous, and most definitely gorgeous. It’s going to hurt, but it made me the happiest girl in the world when I gave him my virginity. Now we get to share our happiness.”

“I love you, Bonnie,” Haley whispered.

I set Bonnie on her feet inside the bedroom, and Haley was on her in a flash, pulling her top off over her head and pulling her pants down for her to step out of. I noticed Bonnie’s toe nails were painted to match her new pink outfit, now making a puddle on the floor and glanced at Haley’s bare feet. Her toes sported a dark red smudge that matched her outfit.

As Haley stood back upright, Bonnie raised her top up off her body, but I had to help pull it up and off her arms since Bonnie couldn’t reach. Haley and Bonnie both giggled as Bonnie bent down and pulled the bottoms off her sister.

They turned and looked at me, each of them almost smiling. There was no denying it; they were definitely sisters, and I loved both of them.

Bonnie went to my denims as Haley pulled my sweatshirt up and over my head, then tossed it over her shoulder. Bonnie had my denims down around my ankles and Haley pushed me backwards onto the bed.

“Oh my…” Haley gasped.

“It’s pretty, isn’t it, Haley.”

“Might be the prettiest thing I ever seen, but will it fit?”

“He’s going to feel like he belongs inside you.”

Bonnie pushed me onto my back and climbed up onto the bed beside me.

Haley climbed up on the other side of me. I looked her up and down, for the first time since she was naked. Her breasts were as perfect as her sister’s, with pearl white areola surrounding her hard, pink nipples. The muscles under the skin of her tan, taut belly rippled as she moved, and there was a bright white patch of skin between her legs with a thatch of red hair in the center.

“I tan,” Haley giggled. “But the drapes match the carpet, kind of.”

I looked in her face, and she was blushing around her grin.

“I have no clue why my head don’t match my crotch.”

“Move up on the bed, little b… a little bit.”

My breath caught in my throat for a split second. Bonnie had almost called me little brother.

“A lot, Clyde. Last thing I need is one of Fındıkzade Escort us falling off the bed when I’m fixing to give you my virginity,” Haley giggled. “That might scar me for life.”

I knew that, without any doubt, we could never reveal to Haley that we were her brother and sister. Even if we didn’t finish what we had started, it would certainly, actually, scar her for life.

I pushed myself up on the bed until my feet were on the bed. Bonnie and Haley had started kissing over me, and when I stopped moving, they were directly above my hard, throbbing cock.

Bonnie slowly led her sister downward until their mouths were inches from my rigid cock. My wife lifted me to her mouth and licked the length.

Haley looked at me, then at Bonnie.

“I ain’t never touched a…a man’s…anybody’s dick before. Bonnie, are you certain this is fine with you?”

“If you love my husband like I love him, then I’m not just fine with it. I want you to have him like I have him.”

Haley looked at me, then whispered “I ain’t never told a man this, but I love you. Do you…”

I didn’t even let her finish her question. There was no doubt in my mind how I felt.

“I love you Haley.”

I felt Haley’s hand shaking as she grasped me in it, and gently move up and down my length.

“God, it’s even prettier from this angle, and up close. I just want to eat it up.”

“Nothing’s stopping you, Haley,” Bonnie urged her.

Haley’s mouth felt like molten silk as she took me inside. I felt Bonnie move across me, and looked from Haley’s head in my crotch to my wife. She was beside Haley, an arm around her back, her boobs against her side, and an arm under her, massaging a tit.

Haley began moaning and moving her head up and down my cock.

“You’re so wet, Haley. Are you ready?”

Haley nodded without releasing me from her lip lock. Bonnie gently moved her away and onto her back next to me, and I rolled above her.

“Haley, are you sure about this?” I gently asked the beautiful woman, my sister, under me.

“More than anything.”

“Use your hand, put me where you want me,” I instructed her gently.

Haley’s eyes widened and her mouth opened as she found her target with me.


Haley bit her bottom lip, and nodded. I pushed forward, past the resistance. Haley squealed, and turned her face away from me. I could see her eye closed tightly and a drop of blood rise from her lip where her teeth had been as she moaned “Stopstopstop”.

I couldn’t stop, or move. I was as far inside her as I could go, and her strong, long legs had wrapped around me and were firmly holding me in place inside her.

Neither of us moved for a few seconds, but then Haley slowly opened her eyes and turned to look in my face. She was almost smiling.

“Fucking perfect, you…your cock inside me, so perfect, fuck me…”

I withdrew, slowly, from inside her, and as I began to push inside her again, she pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard. Her eyes never left mine, and barely even blinked as I bottomed out.

With each thrust in, she mumbled something. As our rhythm increased, so did her volume. Soon I could make out the one word she was repeated with each thrust of my cock into her velvety, tight pussy.

“Fuck…” Haley moaned, and tightened her hold on me, not just with her arms and legs, but with her pussy.

Soon, her body was rigid as she moaned, then suddenly screamed.


Her back arched, then bucked beneath me, then she thrashed wildly.

“fuckfuckfuckfuck” she moaned, barely even a whisper now. She tried to keep her eyes on mine, but her head was moving side to side too much.

Her back arched again and she froze there for a second before falling back, limp, onto the bed under me.

“Haley?” Bonnie’s voice rose.

Haley panted, but didn’t move otherwise.

“Haley!” Bonnie almost shouted.

“Fuck…” Haley moaned, and opened her eyes a little bit to look back at me, then her sister.

“My god, Haley, are you OK?” Bonnie whined.

“I wanna do that again,” she croaked out between gasps.

My intention was to pull out of her completely, but as my dick approached that point, Haley wrapped her legs around me and thrust herself up as she pulled me down inside her again.

“Fuck,” she moaned.

Her pussy felt like a fist around me now, pulling me inside her and trying to hold me there.


I didn’t want her to actually pass out, so I skipped the slow build up and began pumping in and out as fast as I could. I wanted to finish without killing her.

I managed to succeed, but just barely I think.

My balls tightened and exploded when her pussy clamped down on me and her back arched again.

She thrashed beneath me as I filled her with cum. Each jet of cum seemed to spur her to clamp down tighter with her pussy, until her thrashing stopped suddenly and her body went limp again.

Bonnie and I looked at each other. Bonnie looked worried, but only for a few seconds.

“No wonder people Fındıkzade Escort Bayan love sex so much,” Haley wheezed. “I could feel every drop of your cum hitting the inside of my pussy.”

I rolled off Haley onto my back, and met Bonnie’s eyes. She smiled, and lay down on the other side of Haley.

My breathing was back to normal before anyone broke the silence.

“Is it lying to not tell something important?”

I lifted myself up on an elbow, and looked at Bonnie. She had lifted herself also, and was looking at me.

We shrugged our shoulders in unison.

“What do you mean, Haley?” Bonnie asked her.

Haley pushed herself up to lean her back against the headboard of the bed, but didn’t look at either one of us.

“If I know something, something big, and important, and don’t tell somebody I know it, is that lying?”

I really wanted to touch Haley’s gorgeous breasts, but didn’t think this was the right time.

“Haley, love, what are you talking about?” Bonnie asked.

“I know,” Haley stated, sounding like that was the end.

She raised her head and looked at me, then at Bonnie. She looked a little scared.

“What? What do you know?” Bonnie asked, without looking very concerned, but just a little. She wasn’t looking at me, but just at Haley.

“I know you’re brother and sister,” Haley whispered, almost silently.

“Oh!” Bonnie gasped, and looked at me wide-eyed.

“I know you’re my brother and sister.”

Bonnie gasped again, but louder this time. I saw no way out of this. She knew, and it didn’t sound like she had any doubts.

“I know you’re my brother and sister, and we all just had amazing, mind-blowing sex. Can we do it again before I go home in the morning?”

The silence was almost deafening, until Haley giggled.

“Am I wrong? It was pretty fucking amazing, right?”

Bonnie giggled, then laughed.

“It looked pretty fucking amazing,” Bonnie confirmed.

“And we’re all brother and sisters, too. Right?”

I looked at Bonnie. She looked confused.

“Ma told me a long time ago that I had a brother and sister that lived with other parents. When I got older, and could understand more, she told me all of it, even the ‘don’t tell pa’ part, cause he loves me like I’m his, and it would hurt him if I found out he wasn’t. She explained it didn’t make no difference who my real pa is, cause my really real pa is Rusty. He loves me, and nothing will change that, so he doesn’t need to ever know I know the truth.

“I’ve always known I had a brother named Clyde and a sister named Bonnie. I just never knew anything else about you.”

“Except our last name,” I corrected her.

“Yeah, I knew that. Ma told me I might need that later, to find you if I wanted to.”

“I don’t see how people don’t know we’re brother and sisters. You and Bonnie look so much alike.”

“Except she’s a giant, and I’m not,” Bonnie giggled.

“Does my Pa know you two are brother and sister?”

Bonnie nodded her head.

“He says there’s worse things a person can do than love the wrong pretty girl.” I added.

“Our Dad doesn’t know you’re his though. Or he doesn’t care, like about us either.”


“It’s true Clyde. Has he tried to talk to either of us since we left home? Have either one of them tried to talk to us?”

“We don’t know that. They could be looking for us right now.”

“They don’t need to look for us. I told them I was going to the Bonomo Ranch to work.”

“Well, that’s disappointing.”

“I thought our parents should know where we are, or at least where I am. It was just the right thing to do, Clyde.”

“I meant disappointing they haven’t lifted a finger to talk to us in over three months, not that you told them.”


Bonnie looked up at me, and almost smiled.

“Was that our first fight, little brother?”

“Wait!” Haley interrupted us.


“We could all go visit them while I’m home.”

“You can’t tell him you’re his daughter, Haley. You just can’t.”

“I’m not going to, Bonnie. I’m not an idiot.”

“You don’t need to. I’m surprised nobody has figured it out already, as much as you two look alike.”

“Us two?” the women said in unison, looking at me.

“You two,” they said in unison again, but each pointed at the other two people in the room.

“Us two?” This time it was Bonnie and I speaking in unison.

“It’s so obvious you’re twins, but near everybody thinks you’re married.”

“Mom would know right away. She’d see Dad and me and you and Bonnie. We’d all look alike.”

“I don’t want to see them anyway. They don’t care. They might not even have noticed we’re gone. Clyde, I’m not going.”

“What’s he like?” Haley asked quietly.

“We don’t even know, Haley. He said three sentences to me the last two days I was there. ‘Muck out the stalls’, ‘we’re ready to eat dinner’, and ‘you got a job so pay rent’.”

I looked at Bonnie, and she was crying softly.

“Bonnie? What’s wrong?”

“I don’t even remember Escort Fındıkzade the last time he said a sentence to me directly.”


“Are we like our parents, Clyde?”

“We look like Dad.”

I almost smiled at my sister.

“I’m serious, Clyde. Are we like our parents?”

We didn’t ever decide we were going to be different than our parents, because we just were different. They didn’t talk, they just existed with each other, and Bonnie and I talked more than anything. Bonnie was never hurt because I ignored or belittled her thoughts, and I looked forward to the end of my work day so I could hurry home and kiss my loving wife. My favorite parts of life were when I could be with Bonnie.

“I’m serious too. I just named every way we’re like our parents.”

I believed that.

“How do you know? Clyde, how do you know we’re not just younger versions of them?”

“Bonnie, what are we doing right now?”


I chuckled.

“I mean besides that, but that by itself is different than them.”

Bonnie giggled back at me.

“We’re making lunch.”

“And what are we going to do with that lunch?”

“Pack it into your saddle bags and take it with us to eat after you ravage me on a blanket somewhere nobody can find us.”

“Can you imagine Dad and Mom doing anything like that?”

Bonnie’s belly laugh echoed in the kitchen as she shook her head.

“And what did you tell me this morning?”

“That I love you more than anybody, even your sister Haley?”

“Oh? She’s my sister now?”

Bonnie almost smiled at me under a devilish look in her eyes.

“You know she is, especially when I think about you two together, and I can watch my husband having sex with his sister. That’s about as naughty as three people can get, and it makes me so wet.”

“You think that’s more naughty than a man watching his wife have sex with her sister?”

“Clyde Steele, now you’re just trying to get me in bed again!”

“Yeah, is that a problem?”

Bonnie giggled.

“What else did you tell me at breakfast?”

Bonnie thought for a few seconds.

“That I was going to start a garden today?”

“Yeah, and what did I do?”

“You put on work clothes and got dirty with me in the garden.”

“Do you think Dad and Mom ever had days like our day today?”

She looked down at the floor, then found my eyes before she shook her head.

“Will we be better parents, or will we make broken kids like they made?”

“We’re…are we broken?”

“We never went to school. We never had friends. There are only three people in the world that know we’re brother and sister, and everybody else thinks we’re married.

“You’ve only ever had sex with your two sisters, and I’ve only had sex with my brother and my sister.” Bonnie whispered the last sentence.

I knew I was avoiding the other part of her question, and shouldn’t be. Having kids seemed like a pretty important part of it, but we had never talked about it.

“Our kids…” I started, but didn’t know where to go from there.

“I don’t want our kids to be broken, Clyde. Can we avoid that? Do we even know how?”

“We know how to make them broken.”

Bonnie nodded, and I could see her wide eyes filling.

“So we do the opposite. We send them to school in pretty clothes, have birthday parties for them, give them music lessons and sleepovers, buy them bicycles and toys, and kiss and hug them everyday, and tell them how wonderful they are.”

Bonnie smiled at me as her eyes overflowed down her beautiful freckled cheeks.

“But we don’t even know if we’re going to have kids, Bonnie.”

My beautiful sister wiped her eyes, then nodded her head.

“We are. In about six months.”


Haley was almost as much in our life as she had been when she wasn’t at school. We texted and talked on the phone every day, usually more than once. When I say we talked to her, Bonnie and I each talked to her, and sometimes together we talked to her.

Tonight was a night we wanted to talk to her together.

I thought she wasn’t going to answer and was about to hang up, but the video call connected.

“Hey guys,” Haley finally answered.

“Hi!” we replied in unison.

Bonnie started to giggle, but stopped short.

Haley looked tired. She was wearing a wrinkled tee shirt and her hair was disheveled.

“Are you OK, Haley?” Bonnie asked.

She looked directly into the phone and smiled a forced smile.

“I’m…fine. School’s just…I’m tired.”

“We wanted to call before you went out tonight. Saturday night and all,” Bonnie chirped at her sister.

“I’m staying in, so you’re all good.”

“We want you to be the first to know, Haley…” Bonnie almost sang at the phone. “We’re having a baby!”

Haley’s face crinkled up, then she burst into tears before her face disappeared behind her hair.

I looked at Bonnie. She looked worried. I was sure I did too.


Except for her sobs, Haley was silent for a few seconds before we heard her groan.

“I am too.”

Bonnie gasped beside me, but I was confused.

“Haley, you’re…” Bonnie started to ask something, but didn’t finish.

Haley raised her tear covered face to the camera. To me, she looked like she was in agony as she nodded her head.

“Pregnant,” she moaned.

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