Brooklyn , the Voyuers

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My wife and I were voyeurs. We loved filming anything and everything. Sometimes we would film ourselves having sex and even masturbating by ourselves. At 5‘7″, long blond hair, and a 48DD cup, my wife is a very kinky woman. She actually brought up the idea of filming me and a student of mine having sex. I told her that it might be impossible for that to happen, but she insisted that I bring one of my female students over for dinner one day. Then suddenly, the perfect dinner guest came to mind.

Brooklyn Edwards was a good student of mine and recently turned 18. She was African American and very attractive, slightly heavily built at 5’4 with shoulder length black hair and dark eyes. Brooklyn came to my mind because of her chest. She had a massive set of 42EE tits. Her tits were so enormous that she had to wear two sport bras and a regular bra to confine them. Word around school is, no one has had the privilege to see or touch her beauties.

I had Brooklyn in my Math class when she was 17 and even then her tits were huge. I would dream in class that my head was between her enormous jugs, and she would squeeze them around my head and play pin-pong with me. I know I’m not the first or last male teacher to fantasize about her tits. I now have Brooklyn in my study hall class and I was glad. She would always come to me for help in math. She was my favorite student, and I would make her my assistant from time to time. I would say that we have a good student-teacher relationship. I even knew her parents personally and blessed them for having such an endowed daughter.

The next day at school I was grading papers, and, to my surprise, Brooklyn came up to me.

“Sir, I’ve been meaning to talk to you for a while now. Can we talk?” Brooklyn asked in a shy and worried tone.

“Sure, Brooklyn, You can always talk to me,” I replied as my eyes drifted from her gorgeous face to her bulging out enormous melons.

“Well, sir, I must say you look handsome today like always,” Brooklyn said while smiling at me.

“Thank you, Brooklyn. You always look great, too,” I replied, trying not to cross the teacher/student relationship.

“Will I don’t know if you know this but… I have a crush on you,” Brooklyn mumbled out. “Oh God, I can’t believe I said that.”

Brooklyn turned her head away like she was in shame.

“Brooklyn, it’s ok. You wouldn’t be the first student who had told me that. I’m glad you came clean and are honest with me.”


“Yes, Brooklyn, you have always been my favorite student. I’m glad that we have gotten to know each other over the last couple of years, and, to show my thankfulness, I would like to invite you to have dinner with my wife and me tonight at our home. Do you think you can come?”

“Oh, dinner with your wife and you? Sounds interesting. I’ll be there,” Brooklyn said hesitantly.

Her voice sounded disappointed as if she regretted that it wasn’t just the two of us. That gave me some hope that seducing her could actually work.

“6:30, Brooklyn, and don’t be late. The wife hates it when our guests are late,” I said laughing.

“Don’t worry, sir. I’ll be there on time.”

As Brooklyn was leaving, I couldn’t help but stare at her full rear end as it bobbed up and down. Besides having enormous tits, she had an awesome ass to match. I knew I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her assets.

6:30 couldn’t have arrived soon enough. Brooklyn was knocking at the door. I answered it, and she was standing there wearing a very tight black blouse with her two gigantic jugs jutting out at me. Her tight fitting jeans made her ass look even bigger, and the open toed sandals tastefully set off her outfit. Even her feet looked gorgeous.

“Hello, sir. I came early and waited for it to hit 6:30 exactly and here I am,” Brooklyn said with a laugh afterwards.

“Yes, you are. Please come in. Dinner is ready. We’ve just been waiting for you to arrive.”

Brooklyn walked in and I took her to the dining room where my wife was already at the table.

“Hello Mrs. Martin,” Brooklyn said to my wife Gloria.

“Why, hello Ms. Edwards. My husband has told me so much about you. I’m glad that we have finally had a chance to meet,” my wife responded.

“Please have a seat,” I told Brooklyn while pulling the chair out for her.

“Thank you,” she replied sitting down.

I stood behind Brooklyn long enough to get a good look down her blouse. Her huge chocolate orbs looked so delicious for dessert. I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into them.

As dinner progressed, Brooklyn had way too much to drink. My wife and I thought it would be nice to have wine with our dinner but didn’t realize the effect it would have on young Brooklyn. Then again, it wasn’t such a bad thing. It just made it easier to get her on tape.

“Well, Mr. and Mrs. Martin, it’s been nice having dinner with the two of you. You guys are great people. We need more people like you in the world, a warm and caring husband and wife. You guys are the mersin escort best,” Brooklyn mumbled on while drunk.

“I don’t think she should be out driving in the condition she is in,” Gloria told me with a grin.

I was feeling kind of bad that I was about to fuck her while she was drunk, but then again, all I could do was think about her chest and ass and my focus was back on our main goal.

“Let’s get her upstairs and into some better clothes,” my wife suggested.

We both took one of Brooklyn’s arms and wrapped it around our necks, carrying her upstairs to our bedroom. My eyes were drawn to her massive tit that bulged out on the side of me and brushed up against my ribcage.

My wife saw the desire and lust I had in my eyes. She also saw the way the front of my jeans was getting larger and larger.

We made it to our bedroom, and we sat Brooklyn down on the bed. My wife went over to our video camera and hit the switch.

“While you go change in the bedroom, I’m going to get Ms. Brooklyn all nice for you,” my wife teased.

I went into the bathroom and couldn’t come out until my wife said I could.

“You can come out now,” I heard Gloria say.

I came out of the bathroom in just my superman boxers and socks. My cock was rock hard at just thinking about Brooklyn’s naked body against mine.

I looked on the bed and saw Brooklyn wearing one of my wife’s teddies and a pair of cotton panties. The teddy couldn’t cover up all of her massive mounds, and being that the teddy was see-thru, I saw her giant chocolate areolas and small nipples. Her wearing that just set my big dick off in a burning rage for something to cool it off. That something would be her pussy.

“She’s all yours,” my wife said licking her lips. “Don’t worry, honey. I’ll join her and you after I get some good footage of you fucking her first.”

Brooklyn was still conscience and directed me with her finger to come over there. When I got there, her lips immediately locked onto mine. I could feel her tongue moving through my mouth. Her mammoth breasts were pressed hard against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her, pressing her harder against me.

She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I felt my big dick pressing hard against her crotch.

“Oh, Mr. Martin, I have been waiting for this day forever,” Brooklyn said in between kisses.

“So have I,” I replied moving my hands up and down her backside.

I cupped her big ass in my hands and started massaging it, squeezing and kneading her delicious ass. I have been waiting to do that since I first laid eyes on it. Now my dreams have come true.

Brooklyn pushed me back a few inches and took hold of the straps to the teddy. She slowly pulled them down, revealing inch by inch of her enormous tits. They looked like massive basketballs that got stuck inside her chest. They hung a little bit because of the weight but still looked beautiful on her young body. Her nipples were hard and stood out about an inch, surrounded by massive dark areolas the size of saucers. My eyes traveled up every inch of her tits as she cupped them and offered them to me.

My wife had one hand inside her panties while the other held the camera. She was capturing me having my way with Brooklyn’s huge titties. I pawed and kneaded every inch of her mountainous cans. She was breathing heavily as she closed her eyes and let me squeeze her tits like bread dough.

I leaned my head down and took one of her big chocolate nipples into my mouth. I sucked on it hard, sucking the massive areolas between my lips as well. Brooklyn was doing some heavy moaning. She lifted one of her huge tits in both hands and fed it to me, fucking my mouth with her hard bud. She grabbed the back of my head and pressed my face deep into the tit I was sucking. I opened my mouth wide enough to get as much of her tit inside as possible. My tongue beat over her big nipple repeatedly, sending chills throughout her body.

Brooklyn dropped that massive tit and fed me her other one. Shoving it in my mouth and hearing me suck and slurp on it like a starving man. Her moaning and groaning filled the entire room. My wife even had her massive DD’s hanging outside her teddy, filming me munching on my favorite student’s EE cups.

“Oh God, Mr. Martin! Hmmm. Suck my big tits. Feed on them. They’re all yours. Do what you like,” Brooklyn moaned as she cupped her big titties and squished them in my face.

My tongue ravaged her enormous breasts along with my hands. No part of her big tits was left untouched by my mouth. She entrapped my head between her wobbling jugs, smoothing the sides of my face with the soft texture of her breasts.

Brooklyn’s breathing got heavier and heavier as she came. I wanted to cum just as bad but decided to hold out a little bit longer.

I pushed Brooklyn back against the bed, causing her gigantic titties to expand across her chest like pancakes. I pulled her panties down and over her feet. kocaeli escort I kept her feet together and started licking the soles. Moving my tongue up and down the ridged bottoms of her quite large feet, sucking on the arches and outlining from the arches to her pinky toes with my tongue and mouth. I then slid my tongue in between each of her toes and started sucking on each one afterwards.

Brooklyn started moaning and gasping as I had my way with her feet, sucking on her big toes and giving them both mini-blowjobs. Her feet were now glistening with my saliva. I sat her legs down to my sides and moved my face up between her thick thighs.

My wife Gloria zoomed in on me kissing and sucking her thighs. Then I buried my face deep into her drenching womb. Brooklyn was nicely trimmed between her legs. It was easy for my tongue to make its way in and out of her cunt. I started licking at her pussy folds furiously, tasting her previous cum as I sucked on her folds.

Brooklyn lifted her legs up from behind her calves and kept her legs spread as I devoured her young tender pussy. I wiggled my tongue deep into her cunt, tasting her juices that were just about ready to come out. I moved my tongue along her clitoris and took it between my teeth. My tongue lashed out at it, bringing Brooklyn to an orgasm. She started to cum and my mouth took in her sweet fluids, swallowing every drip of cum that poured out of her creamy snatch.

“I think she’s ready for that big dick of yours, honey,” my wife urged.

I stood up and pulled my boxers down. My huge white cock was pulsing with rage to get inside her wet pussy. But first, Brooklyn sat up, causing her huge knockers to sway back and forth and took my big dick into her hands. She started stroking it from the base to the swollen head. I couldn’t help but take both of her breasts into my hands and fondle them while she fondled my cock.

“You have such a big dick for a white guy, Mr. Martin,” Brooklyn said still in her drunken state.

She took my big cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down.

My wife got up close to Brooklyn and watched her mouth slither up and down my dick with power. Her tongue would scale my shaft while her mouth thrusted up and down it. I pulled and pinched her huge nipples as my cock filled her mouth.

Her mouth had completely swallowed my huge dick, right down to the base. My balls bounced off her chin and cheeks while she sucked. I felt her hands gripping at my buttocks. Her enormous tits were swinging in my palms while she was bobbing.

“Look at her go, honey. She knows how to suck a dick,” my wife teased as she was capturing it all on tape.

Massive flows of saliva, poured out of Brooklyn’s mouth and down her chin to her chest. My hands rubbed some of her saliva into her tits, making them glisten and shine. She took my cock out of her mouth for a breather and watched my big dick glistening in her saliva. I watched too as saliva dripped off my cock and down between her cleavage. I cupped her massive meaty jugs in my hands and started slapping them against my cock, watching them swing from side to side against my wet dick.

“Tit-fuck those mammoths, honey,” my wife said.

I squeezed her huge titties around my drooling cock. I started sliding her huge melons up and down my cock. Brooklyn kept her hands tightly on my ass while I banged my crotch against her breasts. I thrusted my dick up between her tits while moving them up and down as well in unison.

Both of us were moaning hard and heavy. Sweat poured down our bodies as I gave Brooklyn the tit fucking of a lift time. And my lift time too.

Gloria moved the camera all around the two of us, getting good angles of my hands wrapped around her sweaty jugs and plunging my cock up and down between them. My balls slithered up and down her moist cleavage. My thighs felt the impact of her wobbling breasts from my thrusting.

I looked down at Brooklyn and her face was flushed and eyes closed. Then I looked up into the camera as my wife was getting me fucking Brooklyn’s giant tits.

I tit-fucked Brooklyn for five more minutes until she came again. I pulled out my cock from between her huge sweaty tits and started slapping my cock hard against them, rubbing my pre-cum into the surface of her tits. Then I took my cock and started slapping her face with it. She held her tongue out, licking the sides of my cock whenever it smacked up against her cheeks.

“Fuck that moist pussy now,” my wife practically demanded.

I position Brooklyn back on her back and pushed her knees up to her chest. I made sure her huge ballooned titties were jutting up from that position so I could get at them while fucking her. I thrusted my big cock between her tight pussy walls and held onto her ankles tight. I started pounding my body up and down, drilling my rod deep inside her cunt.

Brooklyn’s head was trapped between her own gigantic breasts. They bounced and jiggled against samsun escort her head and that caused me to thrust harder and faster. Watching her own tits beat her head was driving me crazy.

“Oh yes, honey, fuck her. Fuck her hard,” my wife urged as she was squeezing one of her DD’s.

I watched my wife play with her tits as I let go of Brooklyn’s ankles. I placed her feet on my shoulders, and I immediately started licking the sides of her feet and smelling the stinky aroma they were now giving off. My thrusting got faster and deeper, stuffing Brooklyn’s juicy cunt with my entire cock.

Her screams were so pleasurable. I switched positions and laid Brooklyn on her side and me behind her. My crotch bumped against her huge ass as I slipped my cock back up between her pussy lips. I grabbed her big breasts and squeezed them hard, loving the feeling of her soft, sweaty jugs sinking between my fingers.

The sounds of her thighs quivering, my crotch banging her ass, and my dick sliding in and out of her cunt filled the room. My wife moved up to capture my dick, rapidly thrusting in Brooklyn. Her juices started to spurt out, leaking down my heavy balls and thighs.

“OH FUCK! MR. MARTIN! HARDER! FASTER!” cried Brooklyn as she positioned her arms behind herself and wrapped them around my neck.

I looked over her shoulders and watched her huge titties bounce wildly up and down. My hands squeezed them and pulled at her nipples. I pulled my leg up to lift hers up as my cock continued to drill her soaked cunt.

“HERE I CUM!” cried Brooklyn.

Her hot cum spurted out all cover my cock and balls. I quickly switched positions again and had Brooklyn on all fours. I grabbed her by the waist and started thrusting harder and faster. Her ass bounced on my thighs and jiggled out of control. Her enormous sweaty tits slapped violently against each other, and all of it was too much for me to endure any longer.

“Fuck. I’m going to cum,” I cried as I gripped her monstrous titties and squeezed the life out of them as my cum heavy balls unloaded my hot, gooey liquid into her creamy dark pussy.

I gave her some long and hard thrusting to make sure my balls had unloaded deep within her cunt.

My wife set the camera down on the drawer, which still had a good view of all the action. She took my cum-covered cock out of Brooklyn and stuck it inside her warm mouth. She sucked my cock while fingering Brooklyn’s hot cunt.

My hands grabbed my wife’s big titties and squeezed them, slapping them into one another and watching them swing beneath her.

Gloria took my cock out of her mouth and started jerking it. She lowered her head beneath Brooklyn’s juicy womb and started eating it, furiously sliding her tongue up and down and in and out of it.

“Eat her ass while I eat her pussy,” Gloria demanded.

I had never eaten anyone’s ass before, but Brooklyn’s ass was looking very delicious. I buried my face between her ass cheeks and started licking her anus. My wife kept my hard cock in her hands while licking and sucking Brooklyn’s pussy.

Brooklyn was face down in a pillow, not able to bear the intense slaughter her pussy and ass were receiving.

My wife started fingering Brooklyn’s cunt and joined me at licking Brooklyn’s asshole. Our tongues battled inside her asshole, probing deeper and deeper into her dirty hole.

My wife took my cock and aimed at Brooklyn’s anal. We slowly pushed my cock deep into Brooklyn’s asshole and I started thrusting. Her huge ass bounced off my crotch and my wife was kissing and slapping her ass. Her fingers were still inserted inside Brooklyn’s drenched pussy. She used her other hand to cup my heavy balls as they bounced off Brooklyn’s cunt.

“AHHHHH! OHHHHH SHIT!” cried Brooklyn. “Ram your big dick in my ass. Fuck my asshole! Empty your cum in my anus.”

My throbbing cock didn’t disappoint her as I drilled it deeper and harder inside her small hole, stretching her asshole to the breaking point as all of Brooklyn’s cries were screams of pain and agony.

My wife shut Brooklyn up by sticking her head between her legs and having Brooklyn eat her pussy. I looked to the sides and saw Brooklyn licking at my wife’s cunt furiously. My wife planted her dirty feet up on Brooklyn’s back while my cock pounded her ass harder and harder.

“Oh yeeees. Eat my pussy, you little slut. Take my husband’s big dick like a whore,” my wife shouted out.

I was ready to cum after hearing my wife talking dirty to another woman. My balls started to tighten up and I could feel the cum boiling inside them. I felt Brooklyn’s cum, pouring down my balls and thighs.

“AHHHHH!” I cried as I unloaded a massive load inside Brooklyn’s asshole.

“Oh, honey, cum inside her asshole. Cum hard,” my wife teased.

I came long and harder between Brooklyn’s big ass cheeks. I squeezed her ass around my cock as I emptied all my cum inside her anus.

I pulled my cock out and Brooklyn laid face front in my wife’s cunt. My wife was bucking her hips up and down, moving her pelvis all over Brooklyn’s sweaty face. I felt sorry for her having to eat my wife’s filthy pussy. I bent down and started helping Brooklyn eat out my wife. The both of us used our tongues to probe my wife’s cunt. My wife’s breathing got heavier and her moans filled the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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