Brother Comes Home

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He spent years apart from his family. His life was neat and orderly in the military.

Now he was home. The question running through his mind is, can he be able to pick up where he left off? Or will he need to leave again, and never return.

What was about to happen to him, can only be described as being life altering. He was to find out that family and friends don’t forget, and that life throws curve balls.


Author’s notes:

This story is fictitious. Any similarity to persons living or dead, is purely coincidental.

No one under the age of 18, engaged in any sexual activity. Whether implicitly or explicitly.

No animals were harmed in the writing of this story.

Need to cover all of the bases. We have some real nuts running around lately.


I am standing in front of the home of my childhood. It has been more than 12 years since I last stepped through the front door of this split level house. Four years at West Point, and then a little over 8 years on active duty, have kept me away.

Well, that was not the real reasons. Parental issues were more to blame for that. The memories of that time, ran through my head.


My father was a by the book military son of a bitch. He retired as a Major from the Marine Corp. It took him more than 15 years, of his career, to reach that rank. He thought that his children were his subordinates.

His usual method of scolding a child, was to whip their ass, until it bled. Needless to say, mine bled a lot. That was because I was always protecting my sister from him.

It did one thing though, it drove me to excel in school, but only for the reason to get away from him. I was a straight A student through out my school years.

I was nominated at the end of my junior year for West Point, by our congressman. I received my letter of acceptance, mid way through my senior year. I purposely picked the Army just to piss him off.

I told my mother once, with him in ear shot, that I also considered the Air Force. That set him off for a month. I would do anything to piss him off.

I was to report, upon graduation, by July 15th. I took the bus there on the 5th. I needed to get away as soon as possible.

My mother did not like it. She cried for days before I left. But then again, to my father, her feelings or opinions did not matter.

From the first day that I arrived at West Point, I did everything that was required of me, and more. From learning how to march, through learning how to kill. I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Management, with a minor in Economics, with honors, and received my commission as a 2nd lieutenant.

Only Mother and my sister Ally attended my graduation.

I then entered my commitment to serve on active duty.

After a year, I was promoted to 1st lieutenant. I immediately put the paperwork in to volunteer for Ranger school. I wanted to push myself. This was to be a whole new experience for me.

But I excelled and, shortly after graduation, I was assigned as a platoon leader. I made an extra effort to ensure that my performance reviews were always perfect.

After receiving a promotion to Captain just after my 3rd anniversary, I was put in charge of my own company. When the Regimental commander pinned my bars on me, he commented that I was on the fast track to becoming a senior officer.

All total, I spent 6 years, as a ranger, going where I was told to go. From the jungles of the Indochina area, to the desert of the middle east. I received a Purple Heart for a gun shot wound during a middle east deployment, and a Bronze Star for that action.

I was promoted to Major 2 years after I reenlisted. I was moved to Battalion HQ, and was acting commander for 6 months. I hated the paperwork and the bullshit there.

At the end of the 8 years, I had had enough of the bull shit. During the last year, that I was on active duty, the SOB did the one thing that I always hoped for. He dropped dead. Hence, I now was able to stand here today.


As the memories of the past floated through my brain, the front door flew open and a flame thrower came flying out. Jumped into my arms, wrapped their arms and legs around me and commenced to kiss me all over my face. All the while choking the life out of me.

It took me a few seconds to realize that it was my sister Ally. “Bobby you’re home. …You’re really home.” She cried into my shoulder.

After about a minute, I was beginning to have trouble breathing, so I plied her away from me to catch my breath and get a look at her. We are 10 years apart.

The reason why, is that my father did not want any more children after me. My sister was an accident. A beautiful one at that. My mother caught hell because it was her fault for becoming pregnant with her.

“Hey there Ally cat. You look absolutely stunning.” She had grown from a gangling 8 year old, just when I left, to a 5′ 8” statuesque 20 year old woman. My cock stirred.

She Giresun Escort had developed a set of tits that would knock your eyes out. If you so happen to bump into them when her nipples were hard. She takes after mom with her 36 D’s.

Her weight is only a mere 130 lbs. She has a slim waist, with hips that are ready to bear children. Her flame thrower red hair, hung loosely all the way to her waist.

As I took in all of my sister, my cock hardened even more. I scolded myself for feeling that way.

I picked my duffle bag up, she wrapped her arm through mine, and we walked into the house.

“Where’s mom?” I asked, as I looked around the house. There was new furniture in the living room.

“She’s still at work. Won’t be home for another 2 hours.” Ally continued to hang onto my arm. She continuously cooed about me being home.

I went up to my old room, dragging Ally with me. It was still the same, as the day that I had left it. I just put my duffle bag on the bed.

“Mom would not let dad change it. He even hit her once because of it.” My blood began to boil with that. Ally noticed my anger.

“Settle down bro. She planted a knee right in his nuts right afterwards.” That a girl mom. At least you were able to do what I was not.

We went down to the kitchen, so Ally could get preparations going to make a stew for dinner. She grabbed the vegetables, I grabbed the knife and cutting board, and we went to sit at the table to talk about what was going on in her life. She got up, then went back into the kitchen as she continued to talk.

I noted that she did not mention anything about a boyfriend. “OK sis, why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?” I wanted to see when I was going to be an uncle.

She placed a glass of water in front of me, then sat back down at the table.

“That’s because I already have one. In fact, I have had the same one for years.” She looked dreamily into my eyes.

“Well, …I would like to meet him.” I said excitedly. She just giggled.

“Well then, all you need to do… is look in the mirror.” I sat back in my chair and gave her a very surprised look.

“Me?” That shocked me.

“Yes you. …I have considered you my boyfriend since I was a little girl. …I saw no reason to break it off when you went away. …I always knew that you would come back …and take me away from him.” She had gotten back up and was standing behind me, with her arms around my neck.

She sat back down after kissing my cheek, smiling at me with those green dreamy, doe like eyes. “I have had a little girl crush on you since I could walk. …You protected me from dad, and you have always been my idol and hero because of it.

“…You have been my one true love. …I cried when you left, …but I always knew you would be back. …I now possess a woman’s size love for you.” She reached across and took my hand. She said that with a soft, sexy whisper.

“You do realize that we are related?” She gave a huff.

“Of course I do, you jerk. …But it makes no difference to me.” She continued to cut the carrots up. “I don’t care what others may think about it. …You are mine!” As she pointed the knife at me menacingly.

“You need to be with a guy that is your own age. I am 30, you’re 20.” I put forth the argument.

“I like older men. …Besides, …I will be your slave if you want me to be.” Now that set me back on my heels.

“In other words, …if I accept your offer, …you would do what I tell you to do? …When I tell you to do it?” She sat there and smiled.

“Absolutely.” She stated in a esurient voice.

“Then we will go to a bar, …and you will suck at least one guy at his table.” I thought I had her.

“Casey’s is open tonight. …Let’s go about 10, …the place should be fairly crowded.” Her smile was like the Cheshire cat. She had me, and she knew it.

“I need to do some research on how to be a proper Master first. We will do that at a later time. Now let’s get dinner ready for mom.” I said to stall for time.

“Yes Master.” I like the sound of that. But her totally carefree attitude, really concerns me.

We had dinner ready just as mom came home. She ran into my arms and balled for nearly 10 minutes. I held her tight the whole time. I found myself close to crying myself. My shoulder was soaked from her tears.

While we ate, she had me tell her everything that I had seen, places I had been and people that I had met. I left the killing, and being shot out. When we were finished eating, I helped her wash the dishes.

I had Ally go and clean my room up. I just wanted to spend a little more time with mom alone. At one point, she turned to me with a troubled look on her face. She was quiet up until then.

“Bobby, I have a request for you. …This is going to sound strange, …but it is the truth.” I touched her face with the fingers of my right hand.

“You can ask me whatever you wish mom. …I love you more than I can ever show you.” I had a tear gently running Giresun Escort Bayan down my cheek.

She smiled and kissed my fingers. “I need you to take your sister away from here. … She needs a strong hand to guide her. …At times I am having trouble controlling her. …I am at my wits end.” She started to cry.

I pulled her to me and just held on, and just let her cry it out. “I tell you what. …If you hear her yelling to have me stop, …ignore her. …I am going to give her some of dads old treatment.” I said jokingly.

She picked her head up off of my chest, sniffled some, then very seriously said, “That is exactly what she needs.”

I thought that I would never hear that from her.

We finished washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Gave mom a kiss and a hug before I went upstairs to speak with Ally.

When I walked into her room, Ally was lying on her bed, facing away from the door. Ear buds in place, it was so loud, I could still hear the music she was listening to on her phone. I slapped her ass as hard as I could. She screamed and jumped up. Her ear buds went flying.

“What the fuck …did you do that for?” She yelled at me. Her hand immediately was rubbing the spot.

“I treat all of my slaves like that when they misbehave.” I stood there with a stoic expression.

“What do you mean? …I’ve done nothing wrong.” She continued to rub her ass.

“Mom said that you have been a handful since dad died. …You should have been a lot more considerate.” I stated minaciously.

“I felt like an outcast. …Dad did not want me, …so I thought that mom …also did not as well.” A tear formed in the corner of one of her green eyes. “He always referred to me …as a mistake.” She started to sob.

I enveloped Ally into my arms, and just let her cry it out. “Hey there …Ally cat. You are no mistake. You can’t be, …because you are my sister …and a very important person …in my life. …You always have my arms to show you.” I whispered softly into her ear.

Just then, mom walked into the room. “Alright you two, …I have something very important …to tell you. This is going to… shock you both.” Mom said nervously, then took a deep breath to calm and steady herself.

“Ally, you have …a different father …than Bobby. … I had an affair …and got pregnant by him. …That is the reason why …your father always …referred to you …as a mistake.” Mom sat down on the bed. She was sobbing throughout her confession.

We both got up and hugged her. Ally started to cry again. The scene was beginning to be something from out of a soap opera.

As we all sat on the bed, I was holding the 2 most important women in my life. Slowly, we all calmed down. “Alright you two, …I need to take a shower and get some sleep. …So if you don’t mind, …I will leave you and bid you both good night.” I kissed each on the top of their heads. My 6′ 3” towering over them.

I returned to my room and unpacked my duffle bag. I will need to go clothes shopping soon. I

grabbed my soap and shaving gear, and took a long hot shower. Sleep came quickly.

I woke suddenly and sat up quickly, sweat soaking the sheets. I felt a presence nearby. It was Ally. “Are you …OK Bobby?”

It took a moment for me to regain my bearings. “Yes. …You OK Ally? …Why are you here?” I said groggily.

“I heard you moaning …and then you yelled out …for someone to look out.” She came and stood next to me. “What happened?” She picked the covers up, then slipped in next to me. She wrapped her arms around me, pulling me back down onto the bed.

“It was just something …that happened. …It’s no big deal.” I tried to dissuade her from digging any further.

“You will need to tell me, …but not tonight. …Just hold me …I will keep you safe. So just go back to sleep.” Her head rested on my arm, and her arms went across my chest. She snuggled into my chest, and after a few minutes, I could sense her contentment.

I was just beginning to calm down when, she picked her head up and kissed me on the lips with a kiss that was not one from a sister. I responded by wrapping her in my arms, and returned it. A passion that I did not know I had for her, took over.

My hand traveled all over her back. When it reached her ass, I pulled her mid thigh length night gown up. Soon I was rubbing her bare ass cheeks. She was not wearing any panties. I pulled her cheeks apart, and ran my fingers through her crack.

Ally ran her hand down my stomach, until she reached my cock. She started to slowly stroke it through my shorts. It began to come to life.

She broke the kiss, sliding down my body, licking my nipples, then running her tongue around my belly button. She struggled to pull my shorts off, then just threw them to the floor. She then pulled her night gown off over her head and did the same.

She leaned down, took my cock into her mouth, licking the head, then flicking her tongue over the head and sucking Escort Giresun on it gently. She sucked each of my balls into her mouth.

I turned her around, pulled one of her legs over my head, my tongue then was licking a very sweet, wet pussy. I rubbed a finger over her rosebud. That caused Ally to push her pussy down further into my mouth. Her hips were moving all over my face.

As soon as my tongue went over her clit, her head went down to engulf most of my thick, 8 and a half inch cock. She took it in as far as it could go.

Ally was gagging, moaning and humming continuously, as she continued to suck my cock with a very hard vacuum. Her tongue would try and lick my balls on the down stroke. Her juices were flowing so fast, that I was having trouble swallowing it all.

I pushed Ally over onto her side. As I was doing that, I saw mom in the doorway. She watched as Ally was still sucking my cock, her moaning and the slurping noises filled the room. Her saliva was running down my cock, soaking my balls.

Mom put her hand to her mouth, and blew me a kiss. She had just blessed us. She closed the door, and I thought she had left.

“Fuck me Bobby, …please…fuck me.” Ally pleaded.

I got up onto my knees between her legs, and placed my cock at her entrance. My cock was as hard as it had ever been.

“Are you sure this is what you want?” I needed to be sure, for I was about to fuck my sister.

“Yes. …I am still a virgin. …I have saved it …just for you. …Please fuck me …and make me yours.” She said breathlessly, as she was rotating her hips, so that she could try and get my cock into her.

I pushed slowly past her outer lips with ease. Her juices began to puddle onto the head of my cock. Then I was past her inner lips, into the hottest pussy I have ever felt. I was at her barrier immediately. I held still to allow her to become accustom to my large cock.

Shortly, her hips were flying back and forth in an effort to fuck herself. I pulled back, until just the head was in, then forcefully pushed in, breaking her hymen.

Ally let out a muffled scream, but her hips continued to move. Her chorus of ‘yes…fuck me…make me cum’ continued. I held still again to allow her to become accustomed to my size.

“Yes Bobby…yes my love. …You have now made …me your woman. …Fuck me and cum in my pussy. …I’m protected …for now.” The continued chorus of ‘fuck me, cum in me, and yes, yes’ came from her. I was never with a woman that talked so much.

Ally wrapped her legs around my thighs, and pulled me into her as far as we could be together. “Yes Bobby. …Pump that cock in me. …Cum in me. …Just like when you …give me your baby.” This talk excited me more, and made me pump harder and faster.

Her legs went from around my waist, to over her head, to fully stretched out to the side. Her hips continuously pumped off of the bed, in an effort to get my dick as deep as possible. All the while encouraging me to fuck her, and pump my cum into her.

After a few minutes, of giving her a hard pounding, I felt my impending orgasm. “I’m …going …to cum.” I breathlessly spoke.

“Give me …all …of it. … Cum…in …my…pussy.” Ally breathed out, with much difficulty, into my ear.

I put her legs over my shoulders, leaned forward, bending Ally in half. I then started to pile drive into her. I was only able to last for just a few more strokes, until I pumped a very large load of cum into my sister’s pussy.

“Oh Ally, …I love you.” I went stiff, as my cock and balls spasmed continuously, as it shot my load into her receptive, protected fertile pussy.

“Oh , …yes…yes, Bobby…I’m cumming…fuck…me…fuck…me…AHGGGGG.” Her pussy became very wet, and was overflowing, with her cum mixed with mine.

I fell on top of Ally, still bent in half, trying to regain my breathing. She did the same, under me. After about a minute, I put my arms around her and picked us up, turning us around so we were laying on the pillows. I placed us on our sides, dropping her legs.

While doing so, I noticed a shadow move from the doorway. Mom had been listening to our lovemaking.

Ally had her arms around my neck and pulled me into her for a very soft and loving kiss. “I knew you were the one …to take my innocence. …You are the only man that I have, …and always will, …truly love.” Ally happily said. We kissed again.

“I was afraid to return …because of my problems with dad. …You have made that all go away.” We kissed more deeply. I felt my cock stir. “We need to …get some sleep. …We can talk in the morning.” Ally kissed me between words. I pulled the covers over us.

Ally reached under the covers, and grabbed my cock. “You can safely bet, …that we are definitely going to talk.” I slapped her hand away, but she just grabbed it again. I closed my eyes, and Ally just held onto my wet cock, as we both went to sleep.

The sun was bright, as it shone through the window. I felt a hand shaking me. Then a gentle kiss on my cheek. “Hey there …sleepyhead. …It’s 9 am. …You going to sleep the day away?” Mom’s soft voice whispered in my ear.

I opened my eyes, even though the light hurt, to see that I was alone in bed. I had slept soundly for the first time in several years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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