Brother-in-Law Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

I could feel Shep’s eyes on me as he watched me strip down to my underwear and t-shirt. I pulled back the blankets and crawled into bed.

Shep stripped down to his boxers. He paused for a second and stripped them off and tossed them into the basket. I couldn’t help but sneak a quick look at his dick, laying soft between his thighs, the foreskin completely covering the head. My eyes drifted up to his furry belly and chest and then his face. He was watching me as he climbed into bed and got under the blankets. He scooted close and laid on his side next to me.

“Why so many clothes?” he asked quietly as he tugged at my t-shirt.

“I’m kind of tired,” I said with a shrug, averting my eyes away from him. The way he looked at me made me feel guilty for using such a lame excuse.

“Ah. Okay,” he said with sigh as he laid flat on his back. He stared up at the ceiling for a moment, then turned his head to me. “I’m signing the settlement agreement tomorrow, and then I have the hearing.”

“All right. I’ll come with you.”

“You don’t need to.”

“I want to. Especially since Wendy’s going to be there.”

Shep was quiet for a moment before he quietly asked, “You don’t trust me, do you?”

I sat up on my elbows and looked him in the eyes. “I do trust you, Shep.” My words didn’t sound too convincing, even to me. I was just afraid of pushing and needing that something more from him, something he might not be able to give me. Shep wasn’t stupid, he knew something was up.

“I’ve been back home for two days. I can tell that you’ve been a little distant. We haven’t even had sex. You let me kiss you, but you won’t let me touch you.”

He was right. I swallowed nervously and cleared my throat. “I, um, didn’t know you wanted to…”

“I’m in bed naked with you. My cock is half bone just from laying next to you. If there’s ever a question if I want it, you can always side on ‘yes’.”

Shep lifted the blankets and I looked down to where he was gazing. His dick was laying semi-erect on his hip, pointing towards me. I watched as it slowly filled and then flipped up against his belly. The sight caused my own body to respond and I felt a tingling in my groin and my dick slowly started to rise.

Shep moved closer to me and rubbed his furry chin on my shoulder. His voice was quiet and pleading slightly, “Tell me what to do, Billy. What do I have to do to make this better?”

I cleared my throat again and stared up at the ceiling. There was one question that I had been dying to ask him, but I was afraid to know the answer. “I have to know, Shep,” I whispered. “When we were apart… Did you… Did you have sex with Wendy?”

“What? No! Jesus, Billy. Is that what this is about? I swear to you, Billy. I didn’t. I couldn’t do it.”

“I don’t think I could handle it if you cheated on me.” That one sentence conveyed irony and fear in one shot. I know I got involved with Shep when he was “separated” from Wendy, but all ties weren’t completely cut. Would karma come back and lay me low, laughing at my dreams of a happily ever after?

Shep slid on top of me, half straddling me with his big body. One of his large hands moved up to my face and forced me to look him in the eye. “I’m so sorry, Billy. I know I keep saying it, but I am sorry for what I did. You have to believe me. I was scared and freaked out and I made a mistake… and I regret it. I’m a fucking asshole and I don’t deserve you. But I need to know that you forgive me, Billy. I mean, that you can really forgive me if we’re going to move on from this. I’m begging, here. Please, Billy.”

I let out a soft sigh. “I do forgive you, Shep. I want this to work, Shep. I wouldn’t have gone back to claim you if I didn’t. What we have is beyond me forgiving you, I have to forgive myself. We didn’t do this the easy way and some might even question how right it is but this, right here, is what we both need and deserve. My family might never accept us, but I am moving forward, together with you.”

“I love you, Billy. You know that, right?” he said as he twirled his fingers through the soft curls of hair at the back of my neck.

“I love you, too, Shep,” I said before I let out a sigh. “We’re gonna have to work on our communication, huh?”

Shep let out a snort of laughter. “Yeah.”

He leaned down and kissed me gently. I slid my hand behind his neck and pulled him down and I kissed him back, this man of mine that I would sacrifice so much for. Our kissing quickly turned passionate and needy and when his tongue swiped between my lips, I opened up for him. I pulled my leg from under him and slid it out, guiding his body between my legs, giving him the green light.

Trapped under Shep’s big body, his heavy weight pushed me down into the mattress. “I missed having you on top of me,” I whispered.

I swore I heard my big bear of a man growl in excitement. His eyes told me that he was about to make up for some lost time of loving. My toes curled in anticipation. My bear was hungry for me.

Now bursa escort that the dam between us was broken, Shep wasn’t holding back. He kissed me hard, pushing his tongue into my mouth and stroking it against mine suggestively. He ravaged my mouth fully before turning to my neck. As he sucked and nipped with his teeth, he ground his hips against me, pushing his hard length against mine, still inside my underwear. I moaned and dug my fingers into his back and thrust back against him.

Shep lifted up and pulled my t-shirt off and tossed it onto the floor. His warm rough hands rubbed all over my body, leaving my skin sensitive and tingling. His mouth and tongue attacked one my nipples, sucking and licking it until it was hard and aching. After he moved to the other one and gave it the same treatment, he laved his tongue up my chest and neck to my chin.

“I wanna taste you, Shep,” I whispered.

“Oh, fuck yeah, Billy,” he husked.

Shep nipped at my chin with his teeth and kissed me one more time before granting me my wish. He crawled up my body, pushing his knees into my armpits. He pushed his hips forward and the wet head of his dick slid up my chin and across my lips. Shep pressed his thumb at the base of his cock to push it down and aim it for my mouth. I let out a moan and flicked my tongue into his piss slit, tasting the sweet nectar that was leaking copiously. God, I loved sucking Shep’s dick.

I wrapped my lips around the head and pushed his foreskin back. I swirled my tongue all around the glans and traced the crown. His taste was a sweaty and tangy flavor mixed with his sweet pre-come. I let out a soft moan as I cleaned the spongy head. I lifted my neck up and took Shep deeper into my mouth.

Shep groaned and he grabbed the headboard and jerked his hips forward, pushing his thick length deeper into my mouth. I gripped the back of his thighs and urged him to thrust.

“Aw fuck,” he grunted. His hips snapped forward and back. The head of his cock jabbed at the entrance to my throat, bringing tears to my eyes. He grunted harshly as he fucked my mouth. I could tell by his breathing that he was already getting close, so I was surprised when he pulled back with a hiss. I looked up at him questioningly.

Shep looked down at me. He rubbed his thumb along my swollen bottom lip. “I wanna be inside you when I come.”

I let out a shuddering breath and my dick jerked and dribbled more pre-come into my already damp briefs. He wasn’t getting any arguments from me.

Shep moved down so that he was on his knees between my legs. He pulled off my underwear and threw them across the room. He grabbed my legs and gave a strong tug, bringing me closer to him.

“Yes, Shep,” I whispered. “Fuck me.”

“Gonna make love to you, Billy. Gonna make you scream.”

Shep reached over and grabbed the lube from the nightstand. He poured it onto his fingers, spreading it around with this thumb to warm it up a little. I gasped as Shep breached me with two fingers without warning. I stared into Shep’s eyes and panted, trying to bring my breathing under control. The initial pain of surprise quickly faded as Shep moved his fingers in and out, around and around. He quickly found my sweet spot and stroked it until I cried out in pleasure and bucked back against his hand. Oh, god, my man was bringing his “A” game tonight, I thought as I fucked myself on his fingers.

Shep pulled his fingers out and poured lube along the length of his cock and slathered it around with his hand. He bent forward as he lined the tip up with my tight puckered hole. When I felt the hot flesh press against my body, I pulled my hips back, bringing my knees towards my chest, offering myself up to my man. I gripped my knees onto Shep’s sides and pushed his ass with my heels, urging him forward.

Shep slowly pushed into me, inch by inch until he was completely buried inside me, and his furry pubic bush rested against my smooth skin. Shep let out a loud moan and shook his head. “You are so fucking tight.”

He leaned down and held me in his arms and kissed me. Our tongues rolled and stroked over each other, his wrestling to dominate mine.

I pulled away to tell him, “Move, Shep. Please.”

Shep pulled back an inch at a time, then thrust forward just as slow. The head of his cock slid across my gland, sending a wave of pleasure up my spine.

“There, Shep,” I gasped.

Shep pumped into me with a slow and steady rhythm, pegging my prostate with every delicious thrust. He stared down at me, never moving his gaze from my eyes.

I pushed back against him with my hips and tugged forward on his ass, wanting him to move faster, to thrust harder. “Shep, please… faster, harder.”

“Shh.” He pressed his mouth against mine to shut me up. Shep didn’t pick up his pace. He ignored all of my attempts and kept moving in that excruciatingly slow rhythm. It was clearly taking a toll on his control because his body was trembling. He was sweating heavily and his breathing came in shallow pants.

Just bursa escort when I thought I couldn’t stand it any further, Shep reached between our bodies. He grabbed my cock and started pulling. He leaned down into my face and growled, “Gonna make you come, Billy.”

I gripped a handful of his thick hair on the back of his head and stared deep into his eyes. His hand stroked faster and faster and I thrust up into his fist. “Shep!” I cried out and spilled my load all over our stomachs and Shep’s fingers.

Shep grunted and growled as my ass milked his fat cock. “Fuck yeah. Oh, I’m gonna fucking come inside you, baby.”

Shep lost his careful control and he started to thrust rapidly into me. He screamed out my name as he pumped hard into me and blasted weeks of pent up spunk deep inside my body. He grunted and cursed obscenities as he lost his balance and collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my hands around his back and gripped him tightly. I could feel his cock jerking and pulsing, filling me with his wet heat. I relaxed back into the bed with a soft sigh, enjoying the feeling of Shep’s heavy body on top of me.

With a long groan, Shep slid out of me and fell onto his back next to me.

“C’mere, baby,” he panted, tugging on my hand.

I rolled over and pushed my leg between his and draped an arm across his body. I laid my head on his shoulder and let out a yawn. “Was so good, Shep.”

Shep yawned in reply. “Mm-hmm.”

“I love you, Shep.”

“Love you, Billy.”

“We’re a sticky mess. We need to shower,” I said as my eyes started to drift shut.

“M’kay. Lemme rest a minute.”

“I’m glad you’re home.”

Shep let out a happy little grunt and then started to snore. I yawned and relaxed into Shep and fell right asleep. We were finally home. Together.


“That was painless,” Shep said quietly as he pushed open the court room door. “Mostly.”

I found the whole process of Shep’s divorce exhausting, but I was happy that his tie to Wendy was officially cut. “Yeah. I’m glad it’s done,” I said as I fell in step next to him.

Shep leaned into my ear and whispered, “And now I’m yours.”

The fast-paced clicking of heels on the floor behind me had me cringing. Acrylic nails dug into my bicep and pulled me to a stop. I turned to face my older sister, Wendy.

“What do you want?” I asked impatiently.

“I hope you’re happy with yourself.”

“As a matter of fact, I am quite happy. Thanks for asking.”

Wendy put her hand on her hip and rolled her eyes. “You think you’re so damn clever.”

“Come on, Billy,” Shep said. “Let’s go.”

Wendy shot Shep a dirty look. “This is between me and my brother, so back off, you fat bastard. You’re no longer part of this family. Oh, and you can have your name back. I’m changing my name back to Harper.”

I let out an exasperated breath. “Wendy, knock it off,” I said. Secretly, I was glad she was no longer going to be Wendy Bannister. I didn’t want any reminders that she used to be Shep’s. Shep was mine now.

Wendy gave a little snort of laughter and her lip curled up in a smirk as she looked at me. “When we were growing up, you were the perfect little angel. You could do no wrong, but now… How the mighty have fallen.”

That hit me really hard, harder than when she slapped me across the face. It was totally true. Wendy was the spoiled brat. Wilson was the hyperactive trouble-maker. I was quiet and well-behaved. I never got in trouble and always did well in school. After I came out, none of that really mattered anymore. I was now the disappointment… the embarrassment… the queer.

“It’s bad enough that you’re queer,” she continued. “But now you’re a homewrecker, too… stealing your own sister’s husband. Poor Mom and Dad. They just can’t believe that something so evil grew up in their loving home.”

“Ignore her, Billy,” Shep said. “She’s just a bitter old hag.”

Shep put his hand on my back and urged me to start moving.

Wendy got in one last dig before we got to the door, “By the way, Billy… I wouldn’t expect an invite from the family for Christmas.”

Shep pushed through the doors of the court house and we zipped our coats up. Shep pulled a wool cap from his pocket and pulled it down over the top of his head. We walked in silence side-by-side through the parking lot to his bright red Chevy truck. The restored 1960s pickup truck really stood out and was easy to spot among the other vehicles.

Once we got into Shep’s truck, he took my hand and squeezed it. “You okay?”

“She’s right, you know,” I said.

“About what?”

“I was the angel. And now I’m the devil.”

Shep sighed. “I don’t want to badmouth the in-laws, but I’ll just say that they aren’t the most open-minded people. And ‘a loving home’? Now, that’s just pure bullshit.”

“I know. But it still sucks.”

“I know, baby. Fuck what they think. You’ll always be my angel.”

I looked over at Shep’s serious face and bursa eskort couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

Shep scrunched his nose. “Too much?”

I laughed and nodded my head. “Yeah.”

Shep smiled and shrugged his shoulders. “It’s the truth. None of us is perfect, you know. That’s how I knew you were the one for me. Baby, you accepted and loved me for my perfect imperfections. There was no returning me for an upgrade or a newer model. You took me in as is. Now. How ’bout we grab an early lunch before I have to head in to work? I told Mac I’d be in before noon.”

I rested my head back against the seat and turned and looked at him. As I lovingly ran my hands down the back of his neck and his arms, I marveled at how this man never ceased to amaze me. “Yeah. That’d be nice. I’d like that. I told my boss I didn’t know when I’d be in, so I got time.”

Shep leaned over and kissed the side of my head before starting his truck.

While we were eating lunch, I caught Shep staring off into space with a smile on his face, looking like the cat who ate the canary.

I nudged him under the table with my foot. “What are you grinning at?”

He turned and looked at me and I saw the sparkle in his blue eyes. “I feel free.”

He let out a light laugh and I laughed with him. I just watched him and grinned, overjoyed to see him truly happy.

When we got back into the truck, Shep looked at the clock and sighed. “I guess I gotta drop you off and get to work.”

Shep started up the truck and turned on the radio. He turned on the heat and let the truck idle to warm up a bit.

I took that opportunity to slide on the bench seat towards Shep. I rubbed my hand back and forth along the inside of his thigh. I kissed his neck, rubbed my nose along his sideburn, then whispered in his ear, “Find some place to pull over on the way.” I slowly slid my hand up the inside of his thigh towards his crotch. I bumped into a thick lump hanging towards his right leg. I slid my hand over it and gave the long, flaccid shaft a light squeeze.

“Fuck,” Shep muttered.

He started up the truck and put it in gear and drove quickly. I unzipped his Dickies and reached into the fly. I found the opening of his boxers and slid my hand inside. His meaty dick was already responding to my touch. “Nice,” I whispered as I stroked his foreskin back and forth across the head. “Mmm… Big…”

Shep pulled over onto a deserted side street. He unbuckled his seat belt and slid closer to me. I unbuckled his pants and bent down and took his dick straight into my mouth without a second thought. He put his arms on the back of the seat and threw his head back with a groan. “Fuck, baby…”

Shep was so damned turned on, his cock was hard as steel. His body was already trembling as he pumped up into my mouth. I held it firmly by the base and bobbed my head up and down, taking him as deep as I could in the confined space while he was still wearing his pants.

He grunted and rubbed his hand on my head. “You love sucking dick, don’t you? Yeah, I love it too, baby. Suck me off, baby…”

I was moaning and slobbering all over his dick. I pulled off and swallowed the excess spit, then licked up and down his drooling shaft. His balls were already pulled up to his body. I ran my tongue over the tight skin and kissed each of his balls.

I sat up and kissed Shep. Our mouths opened and we swirled our tongues over each other. I told him in a quiet, seductive voice, “I wanna make you come, Shep. I’m gonna make you come in my mouth.”

I put my head back in his lap. Shep’s hand moved to the back of my head and he guided me up and down at a fast pace. “Billy… Suck my cock… Fuck yeah…”

I used my thumb and fingers in a twisting, stroking motion while I sucked him harder. I felt Shep’s body tensing up and I knew that I was about to get my reward for a job well done.

“Keep going,” he hissed. “Just like that… Don’t stop…” His hand gripped my hair in a tight fist. “You’re gonna make me come. Oh god, I’m gonna fucking come!”

Shep’s cock stiffened even harder. I felt it expand and jerk against my tongue and my mouth was suddenly flooded with a burst of hot spunk. He pulsed thick jets of jizz into my mouth over and over and I swallowed down every drop. After he started to go soft, I cleaned him up with my tongue, then sat back up. I wiped my mouth with my hand while Shep put himself away and zipped up his pants.

His face was red and he was breathing hard. He blinked a couple of times and then looked at me. “Jesus Christ, Billy.”

I snickered and he grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me in for a steamy kiss. When we broke apart, he groped my crotch and squeezed my hard-on.

“I promise I’ll take care of you tonight,” he said with a leering grin.

I smiled back. “Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.”


After I got off work that Friday, I drove to meet up with Shep. I pulled into the Midtown Auto parking lot and parked my car. I let out a nervous breath and got out of the car. This was going to be my first time hanging out with Shep and his work buddies, so I was a little bit nervous. But they wanted to go out drinking and celebrate his divorce. Shep wanted me there and I couldn’t say no.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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