Brother, Sister, Husband, Wife Ch. 01

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Author’s Note: This is Part 1 of a story I attempted to write from the point of view of the three main characters, all speaking in the first person. I’m grateful to my editors, Angry Barcode and slutkimmi for their assistance. I’d be pleased to know if you, the reader, think I am successful in this endeavor.

This is a work of fiction, the events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons. All characters are over the age of eighteen, at every point depicted in the narrative. – Velvet Hammer


My name is Bill. I’m thirty-five, and I’ve been happily married to my wife Sherry for ten years now. Just recently, however, I’ve finally accepted that I’m totally in love/lust with my own sister, Erica.

This is the story of what transpired within our marriage when Erica came to stay with us over the holidays. I’m quite sure Sherry suspects something, but there’s no way she has any idea just how far Sis and I have gone in the past. In any case, all of us just avoid talking about it.

It really all started years ago when Erica and I were both still teenage kids. Although she was older than me, we were very close. Erica would change clothes with her bedroom door open. Our rooms were across from each other and when our doors were open I could see straight in her room. It seemed that Sis always waited till I was in my room to do this, and it was obvious that she knew I could see her.

At her young age Erica was slim and beautiful with long, blonde, silky straight hair. Almost fully developed at the time, she looked like Heidi Klum, complete with fabulous tits and a nice round ass. She was absolutely gorgeous and so of course I looked.

Sometimes when Erica changed her clothes she would just run around her room naked for a long time. Our parents always seemed to be out shopping or something Giresun Escort when she did this.

The thing with Sis soon transferred to the bathroom. She started having to use the bathroom when I was taking a shower or a bath. I would pull the shower curtain across but it was impossible to close it all the way. It was open just enough for Erica to look at me through the mirror while she brushed her teeth or did her hair.

It was totally obvious Erica liked looking at me naked in the shower, so eventually I started to put on a show for her while she watched. I would clean my cock and balls extra well. One morning she was topless, so I started stroking myself to the sight of her young breasts. Erica smiled her approval as I stroked my hard cock into a fistful of suds, so I went for it. I started making these grunting and moaning noises as I got close to cumming. It was fun to share this with my sister.

Things went on for about six months. Then, one day after doing her usual thing in her room, taking her clothes off and showing herself off to me, Erica walked into my room stark naked. This drove me crazy, and I jacked off after she left the room.

One time after letting me watch her undress in her room with her door wide open, Erica walked in my room again. This time I couldn’t wait for her to leave; I ripped my clothes off to show her how badly my huge, raging boner needed to cum right then and there.

Erica’s eye’s went wide when she saw my hard cock pointing right at her naked body. “Lie down, brother, let me help you with that,” she smiled. Then she sat on the side of the mattress right next to me and put her soft hand on my hard, hot tool.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful my sister looked just then. I couldn’t seem to take my eyes off her beautiful body; her perfectly formed breasts, the small triangle of golden fur at the juncture of her thighs, the curves of Giresun Escort Bayan her body from her impossibly narrow waist to the roundness of her wide hips.

For some reason I couldn’t stop looking at her lovely, round breasts; they poked almost straight out with the incredible firmness of a young woman’s breasts, they were perfect in every way. Erica’s lovely nipples seemed to be looking right back at me as I stared in wonder. It didn’t take long until I spurted loads of hot cum all over her wrist and hand.

After that it became an almost regular thing. Erica would sit there naked and smile while she stroked my cock. She had the most incredibly gracious look of giving on her face, like she somehow received pleasure herself, simply from the act of jacking me off.

One time Erica jacked me off every night for a week. She would always giggle and laugh when I came, spurting hot cum all over the place. Then she’d leave my room and go get dressed.

I didn’t feel guilty about any of this at the time, and I don’t now. We were kids, it was the kind of thing that goes on between kids. Besides, it’s not as if we were doing it or anything. That would have been wrong, and dangerous, besides. We were just fooling around.

My sister is still very beautiful, and right now she’s staying with us for the holidays. I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not, but she seems to keep giving me this nasty little grin.

It’s like she likes to tease me. Since Erica’s been at our home it’s like she’s has been giving me little “peeks”. She wears these short skirts and I’m always wondering if she’s wearing anything else, underneath.

My wife’s work schedule keeps her gone a lot and Sis and I end up by ourselves alone at home. Erica always seems to spend a lot of time lounging around in her pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. There’s this white silk mini kimono she wears, and it’s obvious Escort Giresun she doesn’t always wear a bra. I always look to catch a glimpse as she’s leaning over. That and the sight of her round butt under the short, short hem of her mini kimono when she’s walking around the house; of course it’s driving me nuts.

The other day I encountered Erica in the hall after she got out of the tub, she walked past me in just her towel. Moments later Erica appeared in the living room wearing her slinky, silky mini-kimono robe.

Erica sat down on the couch across from me and began painting her toenails, so it was completely natural that she had one leg up. I couldn’t help but notice the tiny, tight pair of panties she had on; those tiny, short type they call ‘boy shorts’ that are so popular these days.

Sissy was basically offering me a perfect cameltoe shot of her cooter, completely outlined in the thin material of her almost sheer panties. I couldn’t help getting a hard-on just sitting across the room talking to her. I mean, her panties were so tight and translucent they looked like they were just painted on. After Erica got up and went to her room I had to go and jack off.

I knew Erica was listening at the door while I did this, I could see her feet in the light coming beneath the door. I know she is my sister but it’s like she has this power over me. It’s like she can make me do that any time she likes.

All I want now is for the situation to open up. I would like Erica to let my wife “accidentally” see her naked. In my fantasies my sister is lying out naked and fingerfucking herself for me while Sherry sucks my cock. Hell, I’d be satisfied with just jacking off while my sister and my wife played with themselves and each other. Oh, how I would love that.

I’m quite sure Sherry suspects something, but there’s no way she has any idea just how far Sis and I have gone in the past. In any case all of us just avoid talking about it.

I know that I’ll love everything about my sister and lust for her for the rest of my life, and for this reason I don’t feel there’s anything wrong about the way I feel, these forbidden wants and desires . . .

To be continued . . .

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