Brother Turned Breeder Ch. 01

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Before you read this, here is a little warning. This story contains highly untraditional versions of kinks. What is written is purely fictional, and is the basics of what I write. Thank you for reading and, please, enjoy.


He was 27 and in college.

I was 19 and was looking for a college to apply for.

He was engaged.

I had just gotten dumped.

My big brother Sean had it well. He got a full scholarship to a college in D.C and I was stuck with crappy grades and a crushed heart. Jennifer had just left me. I guess she found someone who “Appealed more to her needs.” We only fooled around once and she acted aroused and pleased. This new guy she left me for was in the Marines. Dan, I think his name was. I’ve only met Dan once before at a store. Nice guy. Big and fit. Perfect for Jennifer.

Sean decided to come home for his break. He was in his room watching Netflix and messing with his phone. I was in the living room watching a documentary on the migration of butterflies. It was a quiet afternoon. Mom and dad were somewhere in the bahamas. The day trudged on with more shows about Animals and Sean coming out of his room every once in awhile to use the bathroom or get escort kayaşehir snacks.

Then the night rolled around.

I was in bed asleep when I woke up to take a piss. I pushed my feet out of the warm covers and ambled my way to the bathroom. Sean was asleep in the next room, and I quietly entered the bathroom and flicked on the light switch. Through blurred vision I looked at myself in the mirror before walking to the toilet.

I unzipped my jeans and managed to pull my flaccid penis and aim it at the toilet. The yellow stream of urine hit the water with a splash. After I was finished I put my now semi-erect penis back in my pants. I opened my door and entered, allowing my tired self to flop onto the bed.

An hour must have past when I groaned quietly and looked up. Above me was a great beast, its eyes a deep scarlet and its body covered in a shallow black fur. Its mouth lay open, letting its warm breath cascade onto my face. I couldnt scream. On instincts my knees tried to connect in fear but something was blocking them. My gaze fell down to eye the obstruction. Between my knees was the beast’s massive and throbbing cock. Its thickness exceeded mine greatly and its length escort anadolu yakası was double or even triple then my dick.

I never thought myself as being gay. Eyeing this beast’s meat made me…desire it. My own dick fluttered and rose to life in my thin pants. This wolf-like beast bent down and sniffed the growing bulge and formed a deep growl in the back of his throat. With a quick slash he removed my jeans and underwear leaving me exposed but allowing my hard cock to breathe. The beast attempted to thrust into my ballsack. There was a wide spread pain as he rammed his member into my aching balls. Eventually the beast realized he was humping the wrong sex. He made a loud growl and picked me up with ease, ripping off my shirt and making me completely naked.

The beast threw me back on the bed with me on my knees and facing him. In one quick motion the beast shoved his great cock down my throat. I gagged a lot and felt the feeling of bile building inside. His member stretched my throat and the taste of the meat made me suck harder. It seemed like only a few minutes till I felt the mass of cum shoot directly into my stomach.

After the beast pulled out, a strange feeling escort avrupa yakası erupted through out my body. It started in my chest. My perky nipples became increasingly erect, leaking a white liquid. I touched one and an explosion of pleasure engulfed me. Before I could figure out what was going on, my chest inflated two giant breasts. Both were almost dripping with the liquid.

After a few seconds I felt a burning sensation in my balls and my throbbing cock. My erection started to shrink and shrink, going past flaccid and receding into my body. My scrotum and my dick were replaced with a fleshy and very wet pussy. There was a feeling I couldnt express. Something needed to be in there. My fingers crept down to gingerly play with my new toy. Each touch sent shudders of pleasure through out my body.

The beast growled and without warning shoved his behemoth deep into my womb which I was sure I developed. The sensations of pain and pleasure made me finally explode, sending hot pussy juices onto the beast. He thrusted harder and finally let out a growl and released many hot ropes of cum into my insides.

I guess I passed out. I awoke in the dead of night. The soft freshly dewed grass felt cold on my skin. It smelled like nature, and I spotted trees around us. The sound of a crackling fire made me turn around. There sat my naked brother and a large group of husky and muscular males. “Well would you look at that.” My brother announced. “Our breeding bitch is finally awake.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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