Brotherly Love

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Sometimes it seemed like a dream to me. Two weeks ago I’d wound up at my brother Scott’s apartment and gotten stoned and next thing I knew he was sucking my dick. All kinds of things happened from there. It was kind of a wild night. The next day, however, he’d all but pushed me out of his apartment. I wasn’t sure if what had happened had been my fault. Maybe I’d embarrassed him. I did know that night I’d gone through a million and one sensations, having him suck me and then later on have sex with me, it was the some of the most amazing feelings and one of the most intense experiences I’d ever had. I thought about it all the time and every time I let my thoughts head that way I’d inevitably get a hard on. Then feel guilty because it was my older brother I was fantasizing about.

With no explanation he showed up outside my school one lunchtime a couple of weeks later. I recognised his car and wandered over. He was leaning back against it, wearing his versace jeans and a skin tight white teeshirt. He smiled at me over black ray bans and I felt an incredible sense of relief to see him but all the same when I reached him I felt shy.

“Hey,” I said. “What are you doing here?”

“Waiting for you,” he said. “Got any classes this afternoon.”

I nodded.

“Smart kid like you, you can afford to cut school for one afternoon,” he said. I hesitated. It was my senior year and while I wasn’t flunking my academic record wasn’t exactly stunning. “Sure, you can,” said Scott, opening the door not thinking for a moment I was going to say no to him. And he was right. “I need your help with something.”

“Okay,” I said. “Sure.” I got into the car wondering what it was he had planned. I have to admit I was also wondering if things were going to get as hot as last time.

Scott slid into the drivers seat, he was so good looking. We look a little alike but not much. Its like I’m some kind of smudged copy of the original. His face is angular and strong and when he smiles it lights up his face like he is planning the most outrageous mischief. And generally he is.

“You haven’t been over lately,” hesaid breaking into the silence as we pulled out onto the road.

“Been busy,” I said. He glanced at me and his eyes were laughing and I started to relax. I’d been out of my mind to think he might be weird about what happened. Scott loved weird. That’s the exact lifestyle he wishes to cultivate. “I didn’t know if you wanted me coming over.” I said being a little more honest.

“You’re my kid brother,” he said. He’d pulled up to a red light. He looked at me and his expression was serious, maybe even a little sad. “That’s a truth that isn’t ever going to change. No matter what happens. I’m always going to be glad to see you. I know what its like living with Dad remember,” he grinned. Scott had been kicked out of home. No big surprise, huh. “I know you need to get away from him sometimes, you can come over to me any time. I’m always going to be there for you, promise.”

“Okay,” I said because it wasn’t like Scott to make speeches like that and I didn’t know exactly how to respond. “So what do you want my help with?”

Usually its money. Scott has a serious drug habit. He thinks its not a problem because he’s not begging on the streets or anything like that. But he likes getting stoned. A lot. All the time. He likes the people around him to get stoned too. He’s forever borrowing money off me. My Dad would kill me if he knew I gave Scott money. Actually he would kill me if he knew I even saw Scotty. My Dad thinks he is a bad influence and dangerous. That’s what he told me once. He made me promise never to see him. But he’s my brother. What does my Dad expect.

“I’ll tell you when we get to the apartment,” said Scott. And despite everything I felt a rush of excited anticipation. We were going to his apartment, I wasn’t sure what he might have planned or even if I wanted anything to happen but it had felt so good the things we’d done. I kept remembering over and over how it had felt having his lips close on my cock. How hot and warm and wet it had felt being sucked off by him. I’d been wanting to happen again and again.

When we got to his apartment it looked as though it had been trashed. Scott went straight in to the kitchen to get us beers and seemed to genuinely not notice the incredible mess he was living in. I was looking around in amazement, if not a little disgust, sometimes I can’t believe how Scott can live sometimes, this was one of his nicer apartments. He followed my eyes.

“Oh,” he said. “Raoul split a few days ago. We had kind of a fight before he left.”

Raoul was Scott’s boyfriend. I started picking up some of the stuff they’d evidently been throwing at each other or breaking in their fight.

“What’d you fight about?” I asked.

“He found those photographs I took of you,” said Scott calmly watching me over his beer. I felt myself blushing. Although it struck me he had polaroids of a lot of boys, I wasn’t sex hikayeleri sure why it was me specifically Raoul was mad about. As if he were reading my mind Scott said, “He thought it was wrong because we’re brothers. I explained we’re half brothers, but Raoul suddenly decided to get moralistic about it. He thinks I forced you into it or something.”

I shook my head but I didn’t look at him. He didn’t force me into it. I was curious. I was also a complete mess. I was so stoned I hardly knew what I was doing when it happened. That’s not to say I didn’t like it. I just wasn’t sure it was an experience I’d have tried sober. And it wasn’t anything I wanted to try with any other guy but Scott. I felt safe with him.

“You liked it right,” Scott was suddenly standing next to me. really close. I felt myself getting hot and bothered and it occurred to me that even though I was here and glad to see him, things weren’t ever going to be the same between us. “Hey,” he gently turned my head to him so I looked at him. “You liked it, I know you did.” His voice had got soft and I felt my stomach twist, his hands were on my shoulders and I thought for a second he was going to kiss me. “I’ll go you one better,” he moved really close to me now and I felt myself leaning in towards him as his hands moved down my back and I could feel his breath on my neck, his lips brushing my skin as he whispered in my ear, “I bet you want to do it again.”

“Uh,” I stuttered trying to say I wasn’t sure but instead the only sound that came out was closer to a moan at feeling him so close,. His hand made its way to my crotch and my moan changed to a sigh as he found the bulge in my jeans and caressed it.

“I can feel you do,” he whispered, his hand expertly unbuttoning my jeans, finding my cock. I moaned and leaned against him feeling his fingers lightly touch my cock. He played with it, touching it and then not touching me making me want him, my legs felt shakey, and somehow with his other hand he was helping me pull my teeshirt off. I felt dizzy, I’d only been in apartment two minutes and already this was happening. I’d wanted it to happen. I think. It felt so good. Oh God, it felt good, and even though my eyes were shut I seemed to know where his mouth was and turned towards him and felt his tongue in my mouth exploring, while his experienced fingers teased and played with my cock.

He moved me towards the sofa, managing to help me out of my boxers and jeans on the way. I practically collapsed on it, my legs were so weak. He licked and kissed his way down my chest to my stomach. I was shaking with anticipation. I wanted so bad to feel his mouth on my cock again. I pushed his head down greedily and when he took his cock in his mouth I moaned, leaned back and nothing else in the world mattered except the sensation of his mouth working my cock.

Then suddenly he stopped, it nearly drove me crazy feeling him pull away, like that. My eyes snapped open and I wondered what I’d done but he was smiling at me.

“Yeah you liked that,” he said. “Say it.”

I nodded, I didn’t think I could talk, my cock was throbbing and I wanted to pull him back over and beg him to finish the job.

“Say it, “ said Scott again. He liked to do this. Make me say things. “Say you like getting your cock sucked.”

“I like it,” I whispered. “I like…”

“Say it,” said Scott. “Say you like being sucked off by me.”

“I like being sucked off,” I said but my voice shook and for a second I felt like crying which was weird because it was obvious I liked it, but saying it out loud, I felt like I was announcing I was gay or something.

“I knew you did,” said Scott but he didn’t start up again, instead he tossed my boxers and jeans over to me and I knew he meant for me to get dressed again. I wondered if that was why he’d pulled me out of school. Just to prove that Raoul had it wrong. That was a distinct possibly.

I started to pull my boxers on, I felt ashamed and sort of slutty for wanting him so much. Scott was ignoring me now, he’d turned his attention to rummaging through the overturned book case. I decided to start picking up the mess around his apartment again. When I looked back at Scott it was clear he wasn’t tidying, he was specifically looking for something that had been on the book case, because now he was putting down a couple of lines of white powder on the back of a book. I looked away while he snorted it. Then abruptly he stalked into the bathroom slamming the door.

I carried on tidying because by now I wasn’t sure what was coming next. That had been the last of his stash. I replaced the book case and the empty box his drugs had been in. When he came out again I’d finished tidying and was sweeping up the last of the broken glass from the living room. Scott bounced out in a hyper coked up mood. He kind of grabbed me in a wrestling hold and I shook him off angrily. I was mad at him. I didn’t know what he was doing. Probably just screwing around with me out of seks hikayeleri some perverse amusement.

“There’s broken glass, leave me alone,” I snapped and took the trashpan through to the kitchen to empty it. When I came back out, Scott had retrieved his beer can and smiled at me looking a little sheepish. He held out my untouched beer can.

“Can I go back to school now,” I asked.

“Aw,” Scott said. “Don’t get mad. Drink your beer, okay. I need to talk to you about a favour I need.”

And cleaning up his trashed apartment didn’t count as a favour. I took the can and sat down, warily measuring out some distance between us. Scott watched me drink the beer and waited.

“Well,” I snapped.

“Finish your beer,” said Scott.

I wasn’t much of a beer drinker and this beer tasted weird but I drank it as fast as I could, I wanted to get out of here. He was in one of his moods and I knew from experience when Scott was hurting he wasn’t happy until everybody was as unhappy and screwed up as he was.

“I’m in trouble,” said Scott. I looked up. “I owe a lot of money that I don’t have. And the guys I owe it to don’t fool around. Understand?”

“I have some money,” I said wearily. I reached for my wallet. “I can get more if you want. I have a hundred or so in the bank. I’ve been mowing lawns…”

Scott rolled his eyes. “I don’t want your lawn mowing money, jeez.” His tone was just about as ungrateful as you’d expect. I scowled at him. That beer had gone straight to my head. I was feeling a little uncoordinated and I wanted to go home and wait for it to wear off. “Besides I need five hundred dollars by tomorrow. I can get a couple of hundred together myself and I need your help to get the rest.”

“How?” I went to put my beer can on the table and missed. I blinked. I wasn’t much of a drinker but I wasn’t normally that bad.

Scott came over to sit beside me. “Listen, this is important. Will you help me, please?”

His tone was serious, not like I’d heard before. I nodded. “Whatever you want me to do,” I said.

“Seriously,” said Scott and I started. There was something in his expression. I knew he was going to ask me some big favour. “There’s this guy, I’ve been telling him about you and he wants to meet you.”

“Oh no way,” I stood up, Scott caught my arm and pulled me down again.
“Listen to me, this is serious. I wouldn’t ask but I’m desperate. Look, he’s really into the fact we’re brothers. He just wants to watch, I swear, and you like it anyway. Where’s the harm?”

“He wants to watch what?” I said slow on the uptake, then I realised what he meant. “No way!” I said still not sure I’d got it.

“I need your help. If I don’t get this money I’m in serious trouble understand,” Scott said. “All he wants is to watch me suck your dick. You let me do it just now, all that’s different is he’s going to watch.”

“Some guy is going to pay you $500 to watch you suck my dick,” I said. I blinked. I don’t know what kind of beer Scott had given me but suddenly things were a little out of focus.

“I swear that’s all he wants to do,” said Scott. “You don’t know him. He doesn’t even live in this town. Where’s the harm.” As he was saying that his hand had found its way to my crotch and he grinned. “Why, Clinton, if I didn’t know you better I would think that the thought of somebody watching you get your dick sucked by your big brother is turning you on.”

I pushed his hand away. He was right, I was hard. But not from what he said about the guy watching. My cock just seemed to jerk into action at the mere mention of Scott sucking my cock, regardless of the audience.

“Come on,” Scott whispered, he moved closer to me, “Do it for me,” he kissed my ear and I shivered as his hand worked its way into my jeans again. This time I didn’t push him away. “Please help me out, okay.”

“Okay,” I whispered, because now his fingers were squeezing my cock and the beer was hitting my blood stream all I could think about was how much I wanted to feel his mouth on me again. And in a way the idea of somebody watching us was a turn on.

Scott had timed it perfectly. Literally thirty seconds after I said okay the doorbell went and Scott jumped up to answer it after telling me to take my teeshirt off. I kept it on while he got the door. The guy who came in wasn’t what I expected at all. I guess I was imagining some sleezy looking guy. This guy looked like a bank manager. Touching fifty but in a sharp suit with some artful frosting on his hair. Scott introduced me but he gave me a different name. The guy shook my hand but he looked straight into my eyes and held my hand a little too long. It unnerved me a little.

Scott was still hyper from the coke. He was jumping around, which made this guy seem all the more focused, he didn’t take his eyes off me. Scott told me to take my shirt off. I hesitated and he nudged me and taking a deep breath I pulled my teeshirt. The guy was just sitting there watching me. porno hikayeler I glanced at Scott nervously, he moved closer to me and took my face in his hands. I closed my eyes. This felt exciting and bad and sickening all wrapped up together. I felt Scott kiss me lightly, then gently move his tongue into my mouth. I stayed tensed up as he moved his hands over me. I tried to forget about the guy watching me but I couldn’t.

“Relax,” Scott whispered. “Pretend its Dad watching us.”

That suggestion was so shocking I nearly jumped. Scott grinned at me and I realised that was his way of injecting humour into it.

The guy told us he wanted me to stay standing and for Scott to kneel down. I felt like I was tingling, from fear or sexual excitement I don’t know. The guy was perfectly calm about the whole thing, like he did this kind of thing all the time. Just instructed us step by step what he wanted to see and thankfully most of it involved me just standing there while Scott did all the work. Sometimes he asked us to move so he could see something better. He kept asking Scott if we were brothers and Scott mumbled yes, and he asked me to tell my brother to suck me and I managed to whisper it as I felt Scott start to unhook my belt buckle. I closed my eyes and got ready for it to start.

Scott undid my jeans roughly, quickly like he couldn’t wait and nearly ripped them pulling them off. The guy wanted to see him do it that way. He wasn’t gentle or slow, he pulled them off and pressed his hands on my arse and pulled me to his mouth. I stumbled forward and felt his lips close on my cock. I groaned. Even in this bizarre situation it felt good. I heard the guy murmur, good, and for Scott to suck me hard. I glanced at him and I could see he was unzipping his trousers, playing with his cock, while Scott licked my cock and sucked it. I felt his hands kneading my buttocks as his mouth worked me and I moaned. It felt so good. I could hear Scott breathing hard and the guy in the chair breathing. I moaned again. I felt so slutty and wanton and whispered to Scott to suck me, suck me good.

Then suddenly I heard the guy say, “Okay, he’s ready.” And Scott took his mouth away. My eyes snapped open and I saw the guy had walked over and he was on his knees. Scott moved around behind me and I felt his hands on my shoulders, like he was trying to reassure me, but his grip was so tight he was making sure I wasn’t running.

“Its okay, “he whispered. “I’m not leaving. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”

“Oh God, “I whispered. My head was buzzing and I didn’t know if I could do this. My legs were shaking but Scott was holding me steady while this guy, this stranger got down and took my cock. “Scott,” I whispered. I wanted him to make it stop. Scott’s hand clamped over my mouth and I felt the guy take my cock in his mouth and start to move up and down my shaft. Scott held his hand tightly over my mouth and whispered in my ear it was okay he was going to make it up to me he promised. He had his arm wrapped around me tightly in a parody of a brotherly hug but really he was holding me still for this guy to suck me and lick me and slip his finger into me, like some kind of inanimate sex toy. I felt tears slip down my cheeks but Scott held me and wouldn’t let go. The guy moved his mouth up and down over my cock, his finger was jammed into my arse and he was working a second finger in, that started to hurt.

“I know you like this, “ I heard Scott whisper, “You can stop crying, you wouldn’t have let this happen if you didn’t want it.”

He wasn’t strictly speaking correct. The guy seemed to drool a lot and sometimes he squeezed tight on my cock when he sucked and it hurt. The pain of having his fingers in my ass was not exactly pleasurable either but after a while I was getting used to his slobbering and Scott let his hand move from my mouth and started playing with my nipples and kissing my ear. In a way that turned me on far more than this guy sucking my cock, I started to respond and I heard Scott whisper good. He turned my head towards him and kissed me and the effect was so amazing, feeling Scott’s tongue in my mouth and this other guys tongue on my cock. I heard myself moan and Scott whispered for me to go ahead and cum and I thrust into the guys throat and felt my cum shoot out. Scott caught me as I went weak kneed. The guy stood up wiping his lips and for a second I felt sick at what I’d done and how it had turned me on, then relief that it was over. But then I realised the guy was unbuttoning his pants and Scott was forcing me down and I heard the guy say, “My turn.”

Scott pushed my head forward towards the guy’s crotch. I nearly gagged but the guys hands clamped on the back of my head and pulled me onto his cock. I felt Scott move away and heard the creak as he sat down on the sofa. The guy was groaning and moving my head over his cock faster and faster.

It didn’t feel like Scott’s. It wasn’t as big for one thing and the guy wasn’t interested in taking it slow, he was just wanting me to suck him and suck hard and fast. I realised he was only semi hard but he was getting harder as he moved his cock in and out of my mouth. Then suddenly he pulled it out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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