Brotherly Lust Pt. 02

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A continuation of the last Brotherly Lust story, very much delayed! Hope you enjoy!


As her breathing slowed, Nick released her drool covered toes from his mouth and started instead to gently kiss the soles and tops of her feet.

‘You know,’ he said between kisses, ‘It seems to me that I’m not the only one with a foot fetish in this house.’

Katie laughed, and with a small grunt of effort lifted herself onto her elbows so she could look at him. ‘Well, maybe I’ve just caught it off of you.’

‘Is that a bad thing?’ Nick asked, still kissing at the pads of her toes.

Katie let out a long, deep breath of contentment. ‘No way, that was fucking amazing. Clearly feet are made for this sort of thing.’

Nick grinned. ‘Well, I’m glad you enjoyed it. After all, you know I’d do anything for my baby sister.’

‘You can definitely do that again,’ Katie said with a pleasured sigh. ‘And now I think I remember before that mind-blowing orgasm Casibom I was saying something about making my pervert brother spunk in his shorts…’

Nick let out a small moan at her words, and kissed her feet a little more forcefully. ‘I’m sure you said something like that.’

‘Well, I’ve changed my mind,’ Katie said with a haughty expression on her face. ‘No way I’m going to make you cum in your shorts, Nick.’

Nick was about to protest, disappointment registering on his face, when Katie continued. ‘At least, not when I can make you cum on my naughty little toes instead.’ She wriggled her toes on his lip.

Nick gasped and nearly choked. When he’d finished coughing, he spluttered, ‘Oh fuck, really?’

‘Really,’ Katie nodded. ‘So you’d best get those shorts off so we can get my toes nice and creamy.’

Nick had never removed an item of clothing so quickly before in his life. In seconds his shorts were across the room and Katie’s soft, wet toes were Casibom Giriş massaging the firm flesh of his cock. She started with gentle pressure, then started to stroke up and down the length. He reached up to take her feet in his hands, but she quickly pulled away. ‘Ah, ah. Keep those hands to yourself, Nick.’ He put his hands behind his back and arched a little, allowing her feet more room to work on his aching member. As her toes moved, pressing harder and moving faster with every stroke, Nick’s breathing became heavier and heavier until he was moaning loudly along with Katie’s movements. Spurred on by this, Katie started to encourage him again.

‘Oh, look at that eager dick between my soft little toes! Looks like it’s going to explode any second! Are you going to coat my toes, Nick?’

Nick could barely speak, but managed a groaned ‘God yes!’

‘Mm, I can’t wait to feel your thick creamy cum running between my virgin toes! I want to see it so badly! Casibom Yeni Giriş Please make a mess of my toes! Coat your baby sister’s pale toes with your lovely warm load!’

Nick gasped, arching his back, his breaths now ragged and shallow. ‘Katie! I’m… so close!’

‘Mm! Fuck! Watch with me, pervert! I want you to watch as you defile my feet with your sticky mess! That’s it!’

As Nick looked down at her toes fucking his throbbing cock he spasmed and he felt the dam about to burst. Katie was watching with undisguised lust on her features, and as he let out a loud gasp Katie quickly moved her toes to the head of his cock just in time for the first huge spurt of cum to squirt up and between them. She gasped with pleasure as Nick bucked and a second and then a third spurt erupted, squishing between her toes and coating them in the sticky white goo. Nick groaned as a final small stream trickled from him and ran down Katie’s sole. Katie watched as Nick collapsed backward.

The moment seemed perfect.

‘What the fuck is are you doing?’

There in the doorway, Nick and Katie’s mother stood with an expression of pure anger and disgust on her features.


To Be Continued!

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