Brotherly Lust

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My name’s Jacob and I have a twin sister, Jessica. We were born only eight minutes apart. We are very close and this is our story. We hope you will enjoy it.

We were born into money. By the time we were ready to start school, we were shipped off to different parts of the states. I to the northeast, to military school so that I would be a proper gentleman and Jessica to the south where she would become the lady our parents expected her to be.

We barely knew one another until our nineteenth birthday when we returned home before starting college. We had seen one another during holiday vacations…Christmas, Easter and Parent’s birthdays. But other than those few spread out weeks that we visited we were virtually strangers with the same look and last name.

When at last we came together, after graduating high school and awaiting our induction into the same college, we realized that we barely knew one another and that it might be fun to get better aquatinted once we were out of the reigns of our parents home.

At night we planned our escape from the reign of their money and our desire to live a fun and exciting life. We knew once on our own in a school all the way on the other side of the states we would be free to do whatever we desired.

But we really couldn’t wait to get there so we started a little early on Christmas Eve. Our parents had gone to a party and we had our own in the bedroom they shared.

The satin sheets felt so sweet as our bodies collided in the throes of lust of two twenty-year olds explored their lust and sexuality for the first time. Both of were virgins.

Exhilarating hardly described my first taste of her sweet, furry pussy as my tongue dove deep between the folds of her labia and found the sweet fluids that flowed there.

Her mouth explored my penis as if it were a snake to be swallowed as deeply as possible for both her and my pleasures.

Lying together in a sixty-nine fashion we discovered passions that were beyond our years. We lusted for that other part of each of us that had been stolen by the other.

Falling apart after my cock had spewed its seed onto the silk we lie on, Jessica covered my mouth and her tongue tantalized mine as w kissed and discovered the intense love we shared.

Then again, our lives fell apart. We were separated once again going to our perspective colleges and knowing we would again be apart until the next school break. We vowed to keep in touch and to plan our trips home at the same times.

We wrote back and forth at least three or four times a month and told one another of the people we met and had sex with. Our letters were full of details.

Jessica dated a guy named William and she told me how they kissed and how he liked to caress her breast when he kissed her. I remember reaching out and cupping her full breast in my hand and squeezing it. She only laughed.

I dreamed of the way that her nipples stood erect when I ran my thumb over it. I told her, “You know that when we were babies, mom use to hold us to her nipples and we drank milk form them.”

Our first vacation back home with our parents was Thanksgiving and I was thankful to be there with Jessica. She had grown into a lovely woman and I so wanted to feel her full breasts in my mouth and taste the sweet juices that filled her now smooth shaven pussy.

The first chance we had to be alone was the second night back. Our parents had planned a dinner with their friends and they left us home together.

As soon as we heard them drive off we converged in their bedroom and rolled around on those silk sheets. Our lust hotter than before.

We had both dated others while we were apart, but our genes kept bringing us back together with hotter lust than the last.

Jessica’s breasts had grown into those of a woman. They were pretty and the nipples stood hard and erect. She slipped off her thin top and released the clasp of the cotton bra that held them tight.

I felt my dick get hard against my jeans and I leaned to her offering and suckled her breast.

Jessica moaned and her breathing became heavy. She placed her hands on my head and held them there while I sucked her. Within minutes, my seed spilled into my shorts and I became embarrassed.

I spit out the silky tit and ran to the bathroom to clean myself up.

When I had cleaned myself up and put on clean underwear, I went into her bedroom and she was crying on the bed.

“I’m sorry, Jessica. I didn’t mean to make you sad; I just didn’t want you to see what happened to me after Bayan Escort I sucked you titty. I was embarrassed.” She gave me a hug and kissed me on the lips. “That’s okay, I was just worried about you”.

That was our second encounter. And nothing else happened for another six years.

In that time we both married. I went to her wedding first. A few years later, she attended mine.

Finally, at twenty-five she allowed me a full night in her bed. She put on her sexiest lingerie, her most fragrant perfume and dimmed the lights in her bedroom.

Her long blond hair spread across the red pillowcase that matched her lipstick. As I leaned over to kiss here she pulled my face to hers and her tongue darted deep into my mouth.

I suckled it for a moment then headed for her luscious breast that I had been addicted to from that very first suck. They were much fuller now and she knew what to do with them.

As I suckled, I slid my hand down her taunt stomach and felt the fur of her pussy. It was soft and silky. I could feel the moisture of her passion growing between those full lips that protected the gift I desired.

I ran my finger over her erect clit and she sighed deeply and spread her legs wide to give me access to that sweet juice I wanted to enjoy.

When I slipped my tongue into her slit her breath caught and I reached for her thick titty. I pinched it hard and she moaned. “Give me what only you can Jacob! Give me the other part of myself and I’ll give you yours!”

Those words drove me crazy. It was like she was reading my mind. We were twins and neither of us felt whole without the other.

I crawled up by here head and straddled her neck. My hard cock throbbing wanting to explode. Slowly, she sucked the throbbing head into her mouth and suckled me like I was her baby bottle.

Watching her savoring the taste of my manhood caused me to cum much quicker than I ever had with any of the sluts I had dated. My heart beat so hard against my chest I thought it would explode.

In and out of her mouth she suckled me and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I spewed all of my seed into her pretty red lips. Then I leaned over her and slipped my tongue into her mouth and shared the thick cum she had consumed.

It was the first time I had ever tasted my own seed. But as it slipped into my mouth I spewed more onto her bosom. Quickly, I lapped it up. Then I headed for her furry muff. My tongue darted in and out of her fluids, sweet and salty at the same time.

My dick was like a bone and it throbbed at the excitement I was experiencing. I had to put it in her cunt! I had to release my seed in her and know that we were one once again.

Jessica’s back arched as I opened her legs and ran my finger the length of her wet slit. She cooed as I licked at the erect clit begging for my attention. As I ran my tongue across it, she cried, “Oh yes baby, that feels so good. Suck it for me. Make me cum!” she breathed heavily.

That night seemed an eternity we fucked and fucked until my dick gave out. We fell asleep in one another’s arms and were rudely awakened the following morning by the hotel maid.

In the sobering morning light, we vowed never to let this happen again. That was ten years ago.

We both married and had children. She moved north, I stayed in the south. This is the first time I’ve seen her in four years. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about being in my sister’s presence again. I still get hard thinking of that night. She was the best sex I have ever had.

A family reunion, everyone in one place. How much fun is this going to be?

When my wife and I entered the hotel, Jessica was the first person I saw. It was like radar. She was just as beautiful as she had been in our youth. She had matured wonderfully. She had a glow. She was a good mother.

She ran and hugged me then gave my wife, Amanda a kiss on the cheek.

Her husband, Charles came over and shook my hand. I smiled politely and made small talk. I never did like him for taking her so far from me.

Amanda said hello to everyone and led me to the check-in desk to get our room.

We had adjacent rooms with Jessica and Charles. The kids were in another room, all three of them; one was mine and two were Jessica’s… twins. But they were both girls.

I watched her from the registration desk as she talked to Amanda. I still thought she was the most beautiful woman I have ever known and the best sex partner I have ever enjoyed.

I put our luggage into our room and we all went to the restaurant for lunch. Jessica was telling Amanda about their home in New Hampshire.

I was listening to Charles drown on about his Yacht Club, but I as looking at my sister and remembering.

After lunch, we walked on the beach, Jessica and I talking about what had happened in the past and of the fond memories of our sexual encounter. We both still thought of that special time. We laughed at how naive we were and wondered what we would have done had she become pregnant.

“But alas we didn’t.” she smile and sighed.

“I still dream of that time, Jessica. I loved being in you and tasting your lusty pussy. I want to do it again! I want to feel you on my cock I want to taste your sweet juices. Tell me we can do it one more time!”

She glanced around the beach and then back at me. “When I’m having sex with Charles, it’s your words I hear. It’s you dick that slips in and out of my wet pussy. Your lips that suckle my hard nipples.”

“It’s the same with me; Amanda becomes you. It’s not her lips on my cock. Not her cunt I’m slipping in and out of. Not her lips that I kiss. It’s always been you since that first night. I have to be with you again while I’m here this close to you. Please tell me we can!” I pleaded.

I’m sending Charles to the beach with all of the kids tomorrow. You can feel a little ill from the trip and suggest that Amanda go along to help with the kids. Then while they’re all gone… well,” her head titled to the side and I saw a devilish grin.

My prick pressed against my zipper; I felt the wetness in my shorts. Looking around to make sure no one was watching, I leaned in and kissed her passionately. My tongue darted in and out of her mouth. My hardness grew.

“Daddy! Mommy wants you to get the luggage!” My daughter called to me breaking the spell. I took her hand, headed to the lobby and turned to blow Jessica a kiss. She ran her tongue over her red lips.

The following morning, she sent Charles out with all three kids to go beach combing and spend some time at the amusement park.

Amanda wanted to go shopping and begged Jessica to go with her. When she declined with a headache she tried to get to go. I told her that I was on vacation and didn’t have to go shopping.

“Have fun honey!” I gave her three hundred dollars figuring that would keep her busy for a while at the mall.

When everyone had gone, Jessica went back to her room. I was to follow shortly but first I was to go have a drink and relax for about fifteen minutes. It was the longest fifteen minutes of my life.

When I knocked on the door, she called out, “Come in!”

She lay there on the king-sized bed with nothing on but a G-string. She was just as beautiful as she has been all of those years ago. My heart beat madly. My dick was rock hard just seeing her face.

I cleared my throat and said, “You are more beautiful than I remembered.”

“Thank you! You don’t look bad yourself!” she smiled.

I approached the bed as slowly as I could but I wanted to just jump into that bed and ravage her beautiful body. She had really taken good care of herself. She still looked twenty-five.

When I got close enough, I could smell that familiar fragrance from that first night together my dick immediately became erect. It stood there like a flagpole waving in the wind.

We stared for a minute, neither or us saying a word, no need to. We both knew what we wanted and how much we needed it. Then I climbed onto the firm bed and straddled her legs.

Slowly, I placed my fingers under the G-string. When I felt her wetness there, my prick went crazy. I could hardly hold in my seed. Quickly I slipped the panties off her velvety skin. I buried my face in her now smoothly shaven pussy.

It smelled so sweet and felt so hot. I bit my lip to keep from spilling my seed before I had the pleasure of dipping it into her sweet loins.

I stripped off my shoes and shorts and straddled her perfect body. I saw the scar where she had delivered the babies. I ran my finger across it and then slipped it into the wetness between her legs.

She sighed, “Oh baby, I’ve never forgotten that first night. Please make me feel that way once again”

She became more aroused and began to jack my cock up and down and rubbing her thumb over my pee hole where my heavy cum was oozing out.

I looked at her now naked pussy and was so astonished to see how beautiful it was. I rubbed her pussy lips, which were now really swollen, and she began to moan and move her hips up and down. I pulled back from her hand and moved my body in between her legs. She stretched them wider for me and I put my hands under her hips and pulled her pussy tight to my face. I began to suck and lick on her pussy lips. They were so big by this time; it would have been like sucking a cock for sure.

I found her clit with my fingers and it must have been extended almost 2 inches and was very hard. It looked like a miniature cock.

I put my mouth on it and started sucking and licking and inserted two fingers inside her now very wet pussy. Gaud she tasted so good. Her pussy was as tight and wet as any I felt when I was fourteen.

I kept sucking her clit and fingering her pussy. Time was endless it felt like an hour but was only minutes.

Jessica said, “Brother I’m gonna cum! Gaud I am gonna cum!”

I grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy tight against my face and buried my tongue inside of her Venus pool and tongue fucked her hard and deep.

She had the first orgasm and the warm cum just shot into my mouth! It shocked me at first. Then the flavor was so appealing. I wanted more. Then again and again she just kept cumming and squirting her cum in my mouth.

Shocked, I wondered when and where she developed this delicious orgasm. There was a lot of cum flowing from her pussy and it tasted as good; the sweetest nectar I had ever tasted.

As I licked at her sweet pussy, her legs shivered with the multiple orgasms she was experiencing. She must have had five orgasms. What a joy that was for me.

She was the first and only female I have had sexual relationships with who could actually squirt her cum. It was totally amazing!

She began closing her legs, so I moved up next to her face and kissed her with her pussy juices still on my lips.

We lay there and just snuggled and she said, “That was the best pussy-eating job I have ever had since the last time we were together.”

“I have a confession,” she whispered. She said “You use to always got my panties from the clothesbasket; the ones that I had cum in and rubbed them on my pussy again and I would cum all over them again; do you remember?”

I smiled and shook my head yes.

She was starting to catch her breath again then said, “Dear brother; it is now time to do what I always fantasized about.”

She sat up and got on her knees beside the bed and patted for me to come and sit on the side of the bed.

She began stroking my cock looking into my eyes. She said, “I have always wanted to do this for us”

. She dipped her head down and licked the head of my cock taking all of the precum into her mouth.

Then she looked up at me, a smile on her face and said, “You taste so delicious and I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to see you shoot your cum and cum in my mouth.”

She began to put her mouth around my cock and kept taking it deeper until she had all seven inches in her mouth.

The feeling, sensations and seeing her suck my cock got the best of me.

Within a few minutes I told her I was going to cum and quick!

She pulled back and kept jacking me off. She put her head next to my dick. She could feel my prick jerking so she knew I was near.

She said, “Cum on my face sweet brother! I want to watch that cum shoot from your cock!

And gaud I did! The first stream of cum hit her on the forehead. Then she moved closer and opened her mouth. The second and third stream hit her in her mouth.

Then she moved forward and took my cock back in her mouth as the rest of my heavy cum was oozing out.

She kept my cock in her mouth sucking it until it got soft and then she pushed me back on the bed and leaned up against me. She kissed me deep with my warm cum still in her mouth. We shared that salty cum. It was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to me.

We fell asleep for a short while and before we knew it the others were coming back. We had to hurry and take a shower. Then go meet them for dinner.

I smiled all through dinner. I loved the secret that I held in my heart.

That night, I slept the sleep of the dead. It was the most relaxing sleep I had had in many years. What a wonderful feeling we had for each other after that. And now whenever we get together, which isn’t often enough, we sneak off and have a good fuck. Then we can enjoy everyone else that is around.

Well, that was the second time we had sex. It was so enjoyable and it only got better after that.

I can’t wait to tell her I have shared our hidden experiences together with another female and I know it is going to make her so HOT she will just fuck me to death. I hope you enjoyed it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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