Brown Sugar Needs

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On Friday, last week, Marcus had me come to his house, saying that there would be a party. Once there, he introduced me to three of his friends, one of them, that I had met previously, Kenny, and two others, Deshawn and Jaxon. The four of them told me that they were part of the local Mandingo bunch, and that they were going to give me enough big cock that I would become “Mandingo Meat”, needing them for my pleasure from then on.

In the five days that followed, I felt it, and could not get their huge cocks out of my mind. I ached to be taken, wanted to be fucked hard and deep by Marcus, wanted to feel him deep inside me. To say that I was horny was an understatement.

I phoned Marcus on Thursday evening, telling him that I wanted him. He asked if I needed his cock, and when I said that I did, he made me tell him that I needed my Mandingo man and his cock. I nearly begged him to come fuck me, and then he told me that he was in California, on business, and wouldn’t be back home for two weeks.

I asked what I could do, that I needed to be fucked. He said that one of the brothers would be calling me, and that he would take care of me.

Late Friday afternoon I got a call from Jaxon. It sounded good to hear his voice as he asked: “What do you need, baby? Marcus said that you were hurting.”

I said: “Jaxon, I have been missing what I got last Friday. I need more of it. I want you in me, on me, giving what you gave me last week. Baby, you gave me the best and I haven’t thought of anything else since then. I need some Mandingo love, baby. Please find some time for me. I want to please you, and feel you deep in me again. I need you so much.”

He told me: “I will be free Saturday afternoon and night. You can come to my place. Call me around three and I will tell you how to get here. And clean your pussy out so I can get all up in it. I liked what I got from you.”

I told him that I would call, and as I ended the call, I was feeling much better. I cleaned myself Friday night, and again Saturday, and then shaved and showered, getting ready for my date. I was thinking, nonstop, about the fourteen inches of thick cock that he had pried me open and deepened my hole with, and how it had hurt at first but then became so good. Fucking him on Friday had been quite clinical, having an audience, and just being the recipient, making me hope that with just the two of us, that it would be more emotional too.

When I called Jaxon on Saturday, and he told me of where he lived, I was surprised that it was so close to where Henri lived, in the same subdivision, but a few streets away. We planned that I would get there around 5 PM.

Arriving at his place, he let me in, and once inside, pulled me to him and put his hands on my ass cheeks as I took his face in my hands and pulled our lips together. I panted, and said: “Jaxon baby, I have missed having you on me. You took me where no one has taken me before. You made me feel more feminine than I have ever felt, even with your Mandingo brothers watching you screw me. I am glad that tonight it is just you and I. I want to give you all that I have.”

He answered with: “Let’s start with getting you undressed. Do that while I get something to take the edge off.”

I undressed, and got out the tube of Astrolube that I had brought over, and Jaxon came into the room with a tray with a couple of joints on it. He set it on the coffee table and laid a lighter beside it, and then began undressing. I couldn’t help but catch my breath as he pulled his boxers off and his flaccid cock flopped out. Soft, it was at least 9 inches long, and quite thick.

As he sat down, he patted the cushion beside him. I sat down and turned to him, saying: “Baby, I would rather kneel on the floor and look you over.”

He lit a joint, took a toke and handed it to me. I had his cock in one hand, and the joint in the other and took a strong toke and held it in as I kissed his cock. I licked the head, working his foreskin back, and then began to stuff my mouth with it. This was my Mandingo dream come true. I had a soft cock in my mouth that I wanted to feel come to life as I worked on it.

I kept my nose against his crotch hair as I worked his cock, feeling it begin to stiffen. By keeping my face close to his pelvis, the only place his cock had to go as it grew, was deeper into my throat. And grow it did, filling my throat with its length and considerable girth. Breathing through my nose, I hoped to be able to get its full length into my throat.

Jaxon was nearly fully erect before I had to pull off of his cock to breathe properly. Doing that, I took in a fresh breath and went back at it, swallowing his length, closing my lips around the base of his cock. I was enjoying the fruits of a night of hard sex. I knew now, for sure, just what I wanted, and I was getting it.

Raising off his cock again, I asked: “Baby, if I get you off, will you be able to fuck me longer without cumming?”

Jaxon said: “If you have me interested, bursa eskort bayan it won’t matter if I cum or not, I will stay hard for as long as you can keep me interested. Suck this Mandingo cock and let me put some black seed in your mouth, and then I will fuck you like you need it.”

He took my head in his hands and began working me up and down on his cock. I cupped his nutsack in my hand and gently squeezed his nuts as I reached up to find one of his nipples and begin to roll it between my thumb and forefinger. I was thankful that I had worked toys into my mouth, because now I was able to take him into my throat quite easily.

I must have been doing some good, because I felt him stiffen his legs, and groan as he tried to hold my head down on his cock. I pulled hard, able to pull up enough that only the head was in my mouth, and then jacked him, making him begin to spurt into my mouth.

He began to cum, and filled my mouth with his love juice. I sucked hard, jacking him, until I was sure that I had drained him. I rolled my tongue around his cockhead, licking it clean before releasing it to him. I swallowed his seed, knowing that I had satisfied my man with my mouth and throat.

Sitting up beside him, he put an arm around me and pulled me close as he picked up the remains of the joint that we had been smoking and relit it so we could have another toke.

Exhaling my smoke, I asked: “Did I do you good, baby?”

He said: “I needed to get that first one off, and now I want to lay you down and give you what I can. Hit this again and we will go to my bed and I will give you the Mandingo meat that made you beg for more.”

Feeling a nice buzz, I was horny, and really wanted him to take me. I got up and took the clasp from my hair, letting it down, and helped him to get up. I got the Astrolube from the table, and we walked to the bedroom. He turned the bedding down, and I got into the bed, moving to the center, as he lay down beside me.

Cupping my small breast in his hand, he sucked the nipple into his mouth, and began to “nurse” on it. I held his head to it, and moaned, feeling so femme. I said: “Take me baby, take me and give me what I need. I have been wanting you so bad.”

His cock was hard, and throbbing as I worked the astrolube around on it, wiping my fingers across my opening to lube it too. Jaxon took the lube from me, and raising my leg, put the tube at my ass and pushed into the hole, and squeezed some into me, and said: “We need this in there too, so I can get right to your pussy baby.”

I spread my legs wide, and brought my knees up, opening myself to his thick cock. As he got between my legs, I aimed his cock at my hole and he pressed the head inside. Feeling his thickness, I doubted that my ass pussy would ever take him easily on the first stroke.

He pulled back slightly and pushed more of it into me, and was past my sphincter with his shaft. “Stretched” barely describes the feeling, my pussy was pushed open, filled with the most width I had ever had, and he was sliding deeper into me. With about ten of his fourteen inches into me, he started fucking me. He wasn’t trying to get more into me, but was giving my pussy the workout that it needed.

As he stroked, I was able to begin rolling my ass, moving to stimulate him more, and giving back some of what I was getting. I was taking his size easier now that he had been stroking for a few minutes, able to enjoy the feel of his cock in me. I began thinking that there was a fine line between playing the female, and being the submissive. The male should be able to “dominate” the pussy of the person under him, and Jaxon was doing just that, but he was not dominating me in the sense of “making” me do things. We were in bed together purely because I wanted this, and there was no force to it.

I was glad that he took his time getting the full length into me, but when he finally had it all in, I wanted him to fuck me hard. This big cock wasn’t meant to make slow, tender love to my pussy. I needed to feel it, and to get it hard enough that I would feel it long after he had left. I had a Mandingo master deep inside me, owning my pussy, and I was loving it.

I moaned: “Fuck me baby. I love the feel of you being in me. Fuck me as deep as I can take you. I missed you after I got home from the party, baby. I wanted you every day since then. This pussy wants you whenever you can come to it. My thighs need yours between them, and my body needs you on me. Just fuck me hard, Jaxon, baby.”

He smiled at me and said: “Are you ready for me? I have a good ride for you. I am going to pound your pussy, and let it know that the Mandingo that it craves is back inside it. I am going to the bottom and a little bit more.”

He pushed my legs back to my shoulders and began to give me the full length with every stroke, slamming to the bottom, beating my poor pussy senseless. My sphincter was either totally relaxed or totally broken, but it wasn’t holding bursa merkez escort him back at all. As he fucked me, I wondered if there was a surgeon that could put pussy lips, thick, multi fold, labia, at my asshole. I wanted my ass pussy to be as inviting as possible for my Mandingo cocks.

Being comfortable with his fucking, I began to talk to him: “Baby, when you and the brothers made me love Mandingo, I didn’t realize just how much I would need you. I thought that I could wait awhile before getting more of your loving, and then I found that I need you so much. Every time I washed the tattoo I thought of you and your brothers. Every time I felt something deep inside me, I thought of you. Every time I touched my ass, I wanted to feel you and your brothers inside me again. I love you guys, all of you.”

He said: “Baby, you are Mandingo meat now. You will get plenty of us. We will want to fuck you one at a time, and we will have you to our parties when we will all fuck you. You are going to have to do some things for us. Things to show us how much you love the fucking that we give you. Things to make us want you to be with us more often.”

I asked: “What can I do for you, baby? What do the brothers need me to do?”

He replied: “Marcus said that you have a white girl that needs some Mandingo cock. Bring her by one of the parties and we can show her a good time, while she gives us a ride. Sometimes we will have a brother Mandingo from out of town visiting us. We might need you to fuck him, and give him your slim, white ass.”

I said: “If Sherry does still want to find out what a black lover can give her, she will want to take it slow, and try one first, probably with me there. If she likes that, I can see if she wants to party with you. I will ask her. I would love to see her taking what I am getting now. She has been quite shy, but knows that she loves sex, and has told me that she likes what I have described to her when I told her that I had been under some good black lovers.”

As we had our conversation, Jaxon had been fucking me steadily, and the distraction of our talking had taken my mind off the passion of the moment. Feeling him pounding me, I was beginning to respond from within, moving under him, and getting myself ready for an orgasm.

Looking into his eyes, I begged: “Baby, I feel good inside. Make me cum, fuck me hard. Hit me where I can feel it. You are so deep in me, and it feels so good. Fuck me, I am cumming!”

Helping me to my orgasm, he increased the pressure, fucking deeper, hitting bottom harder, holding my ass cheeks with his hands, pulling me onto his cock as he made me ride my orgasm. I could only think that no normal sized cock, white or black, could do what was being done to me now. These beautiful men had taken possession of more than my asshole. They were the only ones that I wanted to bring me the feelings that I was feeling now. I loved that these Mandingo men had made me theirs.

As I got over my orgasm, and Jaxon got back to fucking me, he put a finger in my mouth, and I sucked it in, looking him in the eye. I was getting the fucking that most can only dream about, and I would be getting it often. This was not a casual, one time, stranger getting his load off, but was someone who would be in me often.

I was taking more cock than I thought my body could stand, but was adapting to it, and enjoying the feeling that it was bringing me. Jaxon tightened up, and then buried his cock in me, and began to cum. His cumming made me cum again, and I locked my legs over his, holding him deep in me while we rode out the feeling.

As we recovered, he pulled out of me, and I felt so empty. We got off the bed, took a shower, and went into his living room, and relit the joint that we had started earlier. I noticed that he had set the lube on the arm of the sofa, and wondered if he would fuck me again tonight. He went into the kitchen and got us each a bottle of water, and we sat and got ourselves together.

We made small talk, mostly about what we had done in the military, and why we found this area so nice to live in. As we took another toke, I asked him: “Baby, when you are with a woman, like you and I have just done, do you like feeling her up, playing with her tits, fingering her?”

He said: “Yes I do. I love to see what the woman feels when I work her over. I have often made them cum, just playing with and sucking on their tits and nipples. Get on my lap, facing me, on your knees and I will show you something.”

As I climbed on him, his cock was semi soft, laying between his thick thighs, letting me lower myself to feel his crotch hair at my asshole. As well fucked as I was, I was super sensitive there, feeling each of his hairs that were touching me. Relaxing, and resting my ass on him, he began to feel my tits, then sucked one of my huge nipples into his mouth.

Holding his head close to my chest, I said: “Baby, I am so sensitive, so tender bursa sınırsız escort bayan there, and you are making me feel very good. Oh fuck, I am starting to want you again, already. Jaxon, you are such a good lover, I want you again. Please tell me that you will have me back again. I need to have you on me, fucking me, making me know that I love being your Mandingo Meat. My body is yours for whatever you want to do with it, baby.”

As he sucked first one, then the other of my nipples, he was playing with my growing breasts, working me up, making me want to feel him inside me again. He had me so hot that I wanted to just impale myself on his cock. Riding his pelvis, I began to move my ass on his hair patch, then I could feel his cock, rising, tapping my backside as I moved.

I reached to the arm and picked up the tube of lube, and showed it to Jaxson, saying: “Baby, I want to put you in me again.”

He smiled and asked: “Didn’t I give you enough when we were in the bed? You want more already?”

I moaned, and said: “Baby, you fucked me good in there, but I want as much of you as I can get. Please let me put you inside.”

He reached behind me, putting a finger against my hole, pressing, and said: “Your ass takes cock good. If I did put it back in you, it would go straight to the bottom. Are you ready for that?”

“Yes, please baby, I want you deep inside me. I want you to stretch me with your cock. You make me so horny. I need you.” I moaned, bending to his ear and kissing it.

I wanted him so badly, but he just kept playing with my tits, smiling up at me, and teasing me with his finger at my hole. I was rubbing myself on his pelvis, trying to feel his cock, wanting more of him.

I bent my head to his shoulder, and with my lips at his ear, said: “Baby, I can’t help it. I need you to fuck me now. Please don’t make me wait. I need your big cock in me. Please baby, fuck me. Give me what I need from you.”

He took the lube from me, and reached around me, putting some on his cock, and then pushed me up, off his pelvis, and put his cockhead at my hole and pulled me down onto him.

He had been out of me long enough for my pussy to swell, and when he went back in, it felt like he was stretching me all over again. Being well lubed, he didn’t stop lowering me onto his cock until my balls were resting on his pelvis. Once there, as if to emphasize his depth, he nudged up as he pulled me tighter onto him. I had fourteen inches of very thick Mandingo cock deep in my ass pussy, feeling more filled than ever before.

Once he had me fully onto him, I tried to raise, to stroke his cock, but he held me there, keeping the full length of his shaft buried in me.

Looking at me, he said: “This is what you crave. This cock is what you needed when you came to my door. This is the black snake that you dream about at night, isn’t it?”

I moaned, softly: “Yes, baby. This is the best. This is what I need. I love your cock, and want it so bad. You make me feel so good when you are in me, and I love to help you to cum.”

He replied: “With the Mandingo mark that we have put on you, there will always be some cock that needs your ass to satisfy it. Wherever you go, you can get what you know you need. If you are out of town, call one of us and we will tell you where you can reach a brother that is closer to you. When we hook you up with a brother, give him the best you have and don’t let us down. We only marked you because you are good ass, because your ass can give us what we need. Marcus told us that you would be a good fuck, and we told him that if you were good, we would claim you. Don’t be putting any strange cock in this pussy. It is ours.”

I laid my chest against his, and moved my ass from side to side as I said: “Baby, no one could match this. And when you and the brothers had me at the party, I gave myself to you. Fucking me in on that table, in the stirrups, wasn’t as good as what you did to me in the bed, but it showed me that I was with the partners that I want. No one will get this cock but you guys, Henri, and his woman’s big dildo. You all make me feel so good when I am being fucked, and I love to be like a woman to you. Please fuck me, baby. “

He relaxed his hold on me, and I raised my ass up, sliding up his cock and then dropped it back down onto him. Just that one stroke, and having had him soaking in me, started another orgasm.

I said: “Baby, I am cumming. I love this cock. I love being yours to fuck, I love taking you deep inside me.”

He picked me up, keeping his cock in me, and turned, putting us on the sofa, and began to fuck me hard. He said: “This pussy is good, but I need to hit it hard, get bent over the arm of the sofa, bitch. We gonna fuck.”

Jaxon pulled out of me, and I stood, and bent over the arm of the sofa. He got behind me, and drove his cock deep inside, grabbed my hips and started fucking me harder than he had ever done before. This was a new feeling, hard, hitting bottom hard, stretching me wide open, and giving me both pleasure and pain.

Nearly in tears, I wailed: “Fuck me baby. Fuck me hard. Ohhh my god, I love this. Take me, baby. Use my white ass. Shove that black cock up into me. You are hurting me, but I love it. Don’t stop. My ass is yours, Jaxson, use it to feel good.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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