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7.2. Candid 1

This time there is no couch. There is only darkness and the sound of a VHS tape playing in a VCR. Then, slowly, the chapter starts with fuzz and hiss, clarifying into familiar words arranged in an unfamiliar way. Kendall is walking, being recorded from above and over her shoulder to the right. She turns, smiles up at you, and you see a glimpse of her right hand holding a larger, beefy hand that is rough at the palms.

You jump. Now, you’re behind Kendall, James’ big arm being pulled ahead. They are still holding hands, and you see her round bottom filling out tight blue jeans. She is wearing a green jacket and, below that, a tank-top and a white bra underneath. Her hair is up in a ponytail, and she smiles at you.

You see two children briefly, playing in a sandbox. Kendall is with them, her jacket off, her slender arms displayed, and she is building a sand castle with them. They are all three laughing, and she looks at you over her shoulder, now the left, and smiles at you, a blush on her face.

You see Kendall by the swings but you don’t see who she is pushing. Her arms flex as she plants her feet to meet them and redirect their weight. Her breasts jiggle, and she smiles at you and waves you over.

You see a big man now, fat, with thinning hair. He is wearing baggy jeans that hang low below his big belly and looks almost like a human wrecking ball wearing a football shirt. Children are laughing, and he smiles at you. “Admit it, you’re having fun,” Kendall says, her voice disembodied as she holds the camera.

James shrugs.

You see a sunset in the front seat of a car. Kendall is reclined staring out the window, and she turns to face you. Her jacket is still off and her cleavage shows in her tank top as she smiles at you. “Hey,” she whispers. “Don’t do that while driving. It’s dangerous.”

“I’m fine,” James grouses.

“Shh.” Kendall looks into the back seat. “They’re sleeping.”

“Bout damn dime,” James whispers back, the camera shaking.

Kendall giggles quietly. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I’m horny. Been following your big butt all day, staring at your shaking tits the entire time.”

“Staring?” Kendall smiles and cups her breasts. “All day?” She flashes you a grin and, very quickly, tugs her tank top down to give you a peek at one of her stiff, pink nipples.

“Holy shit,” James growls from behind the camera, and Kendall giggles again, her cheeks red. “God damn. When we get home, I’m going to ruin you.”

Kendall bites her bottom lip and says, “Good. I’ve been looking forward to it all day.”

Show Jackson’s Elvankent Escort house and Kendall in front of it. “Kendall,” James calls, and Kendall turns to look at you. She has her jacket wrapped around her waist and a smile on her face.

“All alone at last,” she says. She slips her hands into her back pockets, pinning her arms back and shoving her chest out as she saunters toward you. “What’s up?”

James lifts the camera, showing his thinning hair and his big belly. “Let’s kiss for the video.”

Kendall giggles and comes onto screen blushing. You can see down her blouse as James takes her by the hand and pulls her to him. She stands on her tiptoes to kiss him. Their lips meet, and she moans, cupping his head, her breasts crushed against his big body. As their lips part, Kendall tilts her head and lets James lick and slobber across her neck, cooing as she moves her hand down to feel him. “Oh, God!”

Now, you are in an unused garage set. The room is dark save for the glimpse of twilight through an opened door and a dim overhead light hanging. Kendall has her back to you, her pants down and her bare bottom shaking as you. Her legs are slightly parted as her jeans are bunched around her knees. Lower, James’ dick comes into view as he strokes himself up against her wet cleft.

“You sure Jackson won’t mind?”

Kendall, leaned against the table, laughs. “He thinks we’re rehearsing.”

James swats her across the ass and strokes himself again. Kendall mewls. “We kind of are,” he says, and he pressed his crown up against her. “Ready or not,” he says, and holding her by the hips with one hand, he enters her with a single smooth stroke. His impossibly thick shaft disappears into her with improbably ease, and Kendall’s fat bottom flattens against his pelvis on contact. Kendall moans and squeals as he falls into a quick rhythm, her bottom jiggling as he fucks her.

“Oh, fuck, James! I’ve needed this from you all day!”

James laughs from behind the camera. Kendall, braced against the table, meets his movements, finding her own rhythm and synching against him. James swats her bottom. “Yeah? Did it turn you on to see me acting like a daddy to the girls?”

You pan up to find Kendall smiling at James over her shoulder. She giggles and holds, partly hanging from the work bench in front of her so that her big breasts swing and sway with the force of her movements while she pants. “I know firsthand what a good daddy you can be!”

James growls and, reaching out with his free hand, takes her by the Beşevler Escort ponytail. He knots her hair around his fist and yanks her head back as he picks up speed behind her. You see his fat shaft gliding smoothly through her, gleaming with her pleasure as she gushes along him. “Fuck, you’re fucking tight!”

Kendall whines, rolling her hips into him, meeting his thrusts more slowly. They find a simple rhythm again, their bodies moving with familiarity, their crotches making a wet slapping sound on each powerful impact. “Oh! That’s because your dick is so fucking big!”

Moving the camera, James holds you above him as he pulls Kendall back. Her body bends and twists as he guides her by the hair. Her eyes are glassy blue and a lazy smile sits on her face. They kiss, James’ big, bald head moving into view as Kendall moans beneath him. Her eyes are closed as she pants into her mouth, and she whines as they part, James fucking her even harder. “Yes! Yes! Fuck me, James! Fuck me! Yes!” She licks her lips, moaning. “Oh, fuck, James, even your kisses are so good!”

You are moved again to watch Kendall’s swinging hips and shaking bottom. She is released, and her back flexes as she rolls against him. James still holds her hair, but his grip is loose by comparison. Kendall can be seen smiling back at him as an orgasm tears through her, and you see her bottom flex again as she wets his shaft. “FUCK! James, this is too fucking good! You’re good fucking good! Goddammit! You don’t have the right to be this fucking good!”

James releases her hair and moves his hand to the small of her back. He rests there, stopping completely and letting Kendall move. Then, gathering his breath, takes hold of her by her left ass cheek and slows her. Holding her in place, James gives her a slow, deep thrust, hammering her insides as he does, and again he gives a slow build up to quick, deep strokes.

Clutching the table, Kendall whines and stands on her tip toes. “Fuck! Ah! Fuck! That’s deep!” She smiles at him again and, reaching back, holds her ass cheek with him, their fingers resting against each other as James goes deep. “Oh! Yes! That’s it, James! That’s it! Fuck me! Use me! Drill me, Goddammit!”

James keeps moving until he grows tired and then stops again. Kendall, realizing what happened, groans, and keeps the pace. She slams herself back against him with slow, steady strokes, taking him deep and with enough force that their bottom is clapping against his pelvis on each backward stroke. “Big! Fucking! DICK!”

Wheezing behind Cebeci Escort her, James cups her big ass and then swats it. “I’ma bout to nut!”

“Good,” Kendall purrs, and smiling, she reaches back and pulls James to her for another kiss. The camera shows only James’ face, but as they part, Kendall is bent sideways and rolling her hips into him with a small on her face. She has her eyes closed as she mewls. “Do it, James! Fuck me! Seed me! Use me! My pussy is yours!”

James moves her by the hips again as his thrusts grow erratic. “What about Jackson,” he pants.

Kendall laughs. “Forget him! You have a better dick!!”

“Fuck,” James grunts. “You’re nasty in real life, too.”

“Mmhmm,” Kendall purrs. “I’m nasty for you, James. So, fuck my nasty cunt. Seed it! Use your dick to steal me from my fiancé in two stories!” James gives a hard thrust that knocks her into the table, and she laughs. “Oh! Someone seems to like that! You’re getting closer, James! You’re so thick! Do it! Finish in me! Come!!!”

James leans over her and grunts, holding himself deep inside of her while she whines. You can see Kendall panting, held in place with her breasts crushed beneath her while she moans. “Oh! There it is! There you go! It’s all in me now! Come in me, baby! Come in my hungry pussy! Fuck. FUCK!”

“Fuck, that was good,” James whispered, holding himself inside her while hugging her around the midsection. He stands and holds the camera to show her sweaty back. She is stretched out, a small, dizzy smile on her face as she twitches. Her hips dance until he withdraws his dick, and then she rests against the workbench as James slaps his spent cock down across her big, round bottom. Semen oozes out of her ripe, pink pussy. “So, how was it, Kendall? Worth the wait?”

“Su-fucking-perb,” Kendall laughs, and she sits up on one arm and wipes the sweat from her forehead. Her breasts hang, sweaty and glistening, and her stiff nipples almost glow like beacons. She coos. “It was so good, James! Maybe even the best! I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to take you out on a date with the girls and me.” Standing straight, Kendall leans into his chest and traces her fingers along his chin. “You’re such a good daddy, James.”

James cups her ass and stares her in the eyes. “Better than Jackson?”

“So much better,” she purrs, chewing her bottom lip. They kiss, and she mewls into his mouth. Then, as they part, she looks between their bodies at his limp cock pressed up against her leaking pussy. “God, you’re so big.” She holds him, grinds against him. “Mm. I could go again, if you want.”

James laughs. “Don’t get used to this shit.”

Kendall looks up at him, bright-eyed, smiling. “Get used to what?”

“Nevermind.” Turning the camera, James looks at you but gives you a view of him and Kendall together. He cups her ass, and she smiles and waves at you as he says, “See you next time, guys.”

Then, the chapter ends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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