BTS: Geis Ch. 06

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“Are those…?” Kendall doesn’t finish the sentence as she stares in disbelief at what she sees her mother and James doing on the set, in full view of the cameras.

Paige draws a deep breathe, holds it, and then breathes out smoke and laughter. “Blunts? Marijuana cigarettes? Yes, they are,” she says, passing one rounded, smoldering hand rolled cigarette to James, who sits between the two women in a dirty wifebeater and a pair of loose, torn blue jeans. He is barefoot and has a smile on his face as he takes a deep draw of the marijuana, and then he offers it to Kendall, who refuses it with a polite shake of her head.

“Oh, come on, live a little,” says Paige, taking it back and taking another drag. She holds her breathe again and then releases. “I mean, you live in a story–two stories, really–where you are a sex slave to your big-dicked, asshole ex.” Smiling down at James, she pats his head. “No offense.”

James shrugs in response, looking between both women, eying their tits as they speak.

Kendall rolls her eyes. “I’m not his sex slave, mom.” She is standing with her hands on her wide-womanly hips and glaring at the two of them. Today, she is wearing a pair of black yoga pants which hug the shape her round bottom and thick thighs, preventing the chaffing that would normally occur without. She is standing with her ass to you, her slender back displayed as she is wearing only a plain grey sports bra. The edges of her breasts show around her back. Her hair is up in a high ponytail that swings with her movements. “At least, I’m not in this story. And even if I was, it doesn’t mean I want to get high!”

A smoky haze fills the space between the two women as Paige and James continue taking turns, and Paige shrugs. “More for us, then,” she says, handing off to James and nudging him as they share a laugh. The blunt burns bright between them as they take turns drawing from it.

Paige is wearing a black dress with a pattern of dark green leaves across its surface. The bottom is crinkled with deep curves, while the top is straight and low-cut, displaying deep, porcelain cleavage. She has her full lips painted ruby red and wears her auburn hair down. “James and I can have all the fun while you answer all of KC’s boring questions.”

“Actually, most of my questions today will regard you.”

“Oh.” Paige puffs and hands off to James, who takes his turn. “Well, that’s lame.”

“So, what’s your name? For the record.”

Paige looks at James, who shrugs, and then rolls her eyes. “I don’t know who cares, but my name is Paige Jones.” She makes quotation marks with her fingers and adds, “For the record.”

“And what do you do for a living?”

She frowns. “I do a few odd jobs. I have a PHD that I am trying to pay off, but the only work I can find in the small town where I live is at a nearby community college location–not even the main campus–and I’ve recently started working at a local grocery chain location.”

“And that’s the best you can do with a PhD?”

“With the one I have,” she says with a glassy-eyed frown. “I got my doctorate in the integration of technology into education. Which is not something a small school district can afford or even has any idea how to use.”

“So why not move?”

“To where,” she asks, a storm cloud growing on her face.

“Fair enough. Do you still drink?”

She sighs. “Not anymore,” she says. “Not since this story started. When I gave it up for James in the story, I gave it up in ‘real life’. I’ve been sober for almost a year now. Yay!” Her tone indicates that she is less than enthusiastic about it. Smiling, she takes the blunt from James and draws from it. “This, however, makes it bearable.”

“Okay. What bra size do you wear?”

“Men,” Paige rolls her eyes. “34DD.” She smiles at Kendall and says, “Only a bit bigger than my baby here.”

“And how do you feel about seeing Kendall made into a slut?”

“It’s hot,” she says, and she shrugs. “Kendall’s always been a bit uptight. She could use a big dick to loosen her up a little bit.”

Kendall frowns at that, and Paige laughs.

“What, baby? You won’t even take a hit. You’re telling me you don’t need to loosen up.”

“Loosen up,” Kendall mutters, and she reaches out and snatches the joint from James. “Fine! I’ll ‘loosen up’!” Holding it like she has seen James and Paige doing so far, Kendall puts the joint to her pursed lips and draws a deep breath from it. The end lights and burns down, and then she comes away coughing and sputtering in a haze of smoke around her. “Ugh. I don’t like this.”

Paige laughs. “That was too much, Kendall, sweetie.” She takes the joint from her and hands it off to James, who is watching with a laugh while adjusting himself through his pants. Hugging Kendall while she coughs, Paige rubs her daughter’s back. “Oh, dear, for someone so smart, you do so many stupid things.”

“Like him,” Kendall asks, nodding toward James.

Paige grins. “Yes, like him.”

“Speaking of him, İstanbul Escort how do you feel about James, Paige?”

Paige, still rubbing Kendall’s back while the younger woman coughs, looks at James primly. “I think he’s a crude idiot. A caveman. He has a nice dick, though, and he fucks well, and that’s enough for me.”

“So, you aren’t as smitten with him as Kendall is?”

“In the story I am. In real life, it’s just about sex,” she says.

James rolls his eyes at her while taking his hit.

“And how did you feel when Kendall brought him home?”

“Disappointed,” says Paige, staring straight at you. She shows no hint of hesitation as she says it, and Kendall, now recovering, looks sadly up at her. “Kendall is such a smart girl, but she has made so many stupid decisions.”

Still staring at her mother, Kendall curls up on the couch beside her. “Mom…”

“What, dear, isn’t true?” Paige smooths Kendall’s hair, pulling it gently over her shoulder where it has fallen and draping it along her back. “You work so hard, but you never get anywhere. You’re always spinning your wheels, and even when you got away from him, you come crawling right back to him.”

“She’s not the only one who’s crawling,” breathes James, a lazy grin on his face as he hands the blunt to Paige. Paige, lifting her eyebrows, shrugs and laughs before taking a hit.

“Maybe not,” she says, exhaling a stream of smoke like a dragon. “But she was the first one to do you to begin with, and she did it without the big dick that we both like so much now.”

Kendall sits up straight and frowns at her mother. “Well, you’ve made a lot of mistakes, too.”

“I have,” Paige admits, nodding sagely at her daughter. “I’m also an alcoholic. You can’t even smoke weed, Kendall, and you never drink. So, what’s your excuse?”

Slowly, Kendall’s frown turns to a glare, and she yanks the blunt from her mother’s hands. Holding it how she has seen James and her mother holding it. Kendall puts it to her mouth and sucks deep. It is all but gone now, and when she hands it off, she is coughing again as her mother pats her back.

Paige takes it from James after he takes his last hit, and she sucks the last out of it before disposing of it in a nearby ashtray. Kendall, meanwhile, is patting her own chest in a haze of smoke. “Oh.” She holds her stomach first, and then blinks and holds her head. “Oh no. I don’t think I’m good for this.”

Kendall begins to laugh as her eyes go glassy. She looks at James beside her and leans into him. “Oh, I feel so, I don’t know.” She giggles, smiling up at him. “Strange. Different. Light?” She bites her bottom lip as her hand alights across his thigh and squeezes him. “Mm. And suddenly, I just feel really, really fucking horny.”

Paige laughs and leans over onto her daughter, kissing her lightly across the cheek and then on the lips. Kendall kisses her back as James, reaching around both of them, cups Paige’s ass. Turning her attention from Kendall, Paige kisses James and lets him move her, dragging her around her daughter and settling her beside him on the couch. She lands against him, her breasts crushed against his chest as she finds his cock and feels him through his pants. “Oh, so strong,” she coos, kissing him again.

“He is strong,” Kendall says through a fit of laughter. She showers James’ neck with kisses, making a trail up to his chin and whispers against him as her hand drifts. She feels him through his pants like her mother and smiles as she stares him in the eyes. “And even kind of handsome, too.”

James stops kissing Paige and turns to smile at Kendall. They stare into each other’s eyes for a moment before kissing with their lips parted and their tongues dancing. Kendall moans into his mouth, squeezes him through his pants. She holds herself against him like her mother is and lets her mother caress her cheek. Then, looking down at his bulging pants, she purrs. “And he has such a strong, handsome dick, too.

“He really does, doesn’t he,” says Paige. She is taking her turn showering his neck and collar bone with kisses and undoes his pants. Then, reaching in, she finds him and fishes him out. Both women gasps as he comes out massive, and Paige takes to stroking him from crown to root, laughing as she does. “Oh my! Would you look at that!”

Kendall giggles and chews her bottom lip while slipping her hand into his pants. “Hard not to look at it, mom. It’s so fucking big!” She finds his balls and cups them while her mother strokes him. James now has a hand on each of their asses and is groping them, forcing his fingers hard into their crotches. Kendall meets his fingers with a moan and says, “Oh, God, James, you feel so fucking good right now.” She kisses his neck again, panting into him as she says, “I’ve never felt like this before!”

James trades kisses between them while Paige strokes him. Kendall holds his heavy balls and sucks his tongue in open hunger whenever getting the chance. She drinks Escort Bayan his saliva and grinds against him. Then, after almost two minutes of this, she stands and removes her sports bra. Her big breasts swing as she discards it, and her puffy nipples swing, too, bright pink and fully erect.

Kneeling, Kendall removes his pants with a firm yank before rejoining them on the couch. She takes hold of him shaft by the root and whines. “James, please! I think I need it! I think I need you!”

James grins at me behind the camera. “Well, can we, bossman?”


Laughing, James swats Kendall’s big, round bottom after she stands next to him. He swats it again while she tightens her ponytail, watching it bounce back and forth before she steps out of her pants in front of him. “Go ahead and climb aboard,” he says, sitting back and holding his dick steady by positioning both of his big hands at the root.

Kendall smiles as she stares at his dick, and Paige smiles, too, stroking him. The two women make eye contact, and Paige says, “Hurry up or I’m taking your place.”

“You don’t seem to hate him now,” Kendall teases through a fit giggles as she removes her panties. She is wearing a thong and her bottom jiggles as she moves. Taking hold of James by the crown, she holds onto him while mounting him. Her mother continues to stroke him between the two separate sets of hands. “But you can’t have him right now. Right now, this big, fat cock is all mine.”

Kendall holds him to her wetted cleft and eases herself onto him. Opening around him, Kendall grunts and whines with her eyes closed. She takes him to half his length while Paige’s hands retreat from her approaching gash. Then, repositioning her feet, Kendall takes him to the root, holding him by the shoulders while she stares him in the eyes. She comes, visibly, as she settles on him, her body shivering all over before she begins bouncing on him.

Paige, meanwhile, watches from the side and smacks her daughter across the ass. Kendall’s ass cheeks clap on each downward stroke until Paige takes hold of one and shakes it for your pleasure. “Would you look at that ass?”

James, face buried in Kendall’s breasts, reaches out and cups Paige’s ass, too. He gives it a hearty squeeze while speaking into Kendall’s cleavage. “Yours is pretty good, too.”

Paige, still holding Kendall by her gyrating bottom, smiles. “Why, thank you, handsome.” Leaning over, she steals a kiss from James, and the two of them share the feeling of Kendall’s heavy bosom bouncing and slapping across their faces. Kendall sees this and whines, cupping James’ cheeks and pulling him away from her mouth with a look of determined hurt.

“No, no, no,” Kendall whines, and she slows to ride him with agonizing, careful strokes. “You look at me,” she says, pouting and panting. Still cupping his cheeks, Kendall pulls him into a deep kiss as she rides him. Paige watches from the side, smiling as her daughter picks up speed again. Soon, Kendall’s ass is clapping and jiggling with each movement of her body, and she quiets herself with kisses. He takes her about the midsection, however, and moves her, and she parts from him, whining again. “Oh, fuck! That’s it, James! Fuck me! Fuck me!!”

Seeing her chance, Paige swats Kendall across the ass again and this time leans into whisper to her. “Enjoy it while you can, Kendall, because he’s fucking me next time.”

Kendall shakes her head, her ponytail swinging. “No!”

Paige laughs and stands from the couch. Stopping behind Kendall, she reaches around and cups her daughter’s breasts, teasing them and feeding her nipples to James, who sucks them with toothy enthusiasm.

“Fuck,” Kendall growls. “This big dick is mine, mom. It’s all mine!”

“Oh, is it,” asks Paige, grinning and twisting Kendall’s nipples. “And what about Jackson?”

Kendall shakes her head again, her hair swinging wildly with her movements, her ponytail going loose. “What about him,” she asks, and James holds her by the hips to slow her movements so that he can more easily hammer up into her. A sudden wave of pleasure washes over her as she scrambles to remember herself. “Jackson doesn’t matter,” she told them. “This dick. Only this dick. I only want this dick from now on. So, fuck me, James. Fuck. Me!”

Still hammering her hard, James growls from around her tits, “You saying you don’t fuck Jackson no more?”

Holding James by the shoulder, Kendall falls onto him, taking him to the root and quivering as she settles them. She cups his chin and pulls him up to look her in the eyes. They kiss, and she rolls her hips on him, moaning, before she lifts herself to take him slow again. “We haven’t since the story started,” she says. “Inside the story and outside of it, the only person I fuck anymore is you, James. At this point, I don’t want anyone else. I don’t want any other dick. Just you. I just want you to fuck me. Fuck me!”

Cupping her supple bottom, James moves her again, guiding Eskort her on his dick. He moves her like she is weightless on him, throwing himself up into her on each downward stroke. Eventually, her legs give out, and she collapses onto him, moaning as he uses her. Paige watches from the side, rubbing herself as she watches James batter her daughter.

James kisses her again. It is a sloppy, animal kiss, his tongue delving into her parted mouth and pouring saliva inside. Kendall moans, drinking it, and hugs him around the neck as he whispers to her, “Who owns your pussy, Kendall?”

When Kendall hears the question, she smiles and cups his head to her bosom with almost maternal affection. She kisses his forehead then and coos a soft response. “Oh, James, are you jealous?” She laughs, riding him with fluid, wanting movements, taking him deep on each downward stroke of her body as she rolls into him. “Do you want me to tell you that it’s your pussy, James? Do you want me to tell you that I’m your slut? That it feels so good when you fuck me? That I love having your dick buried deep into my womb? That this is the best sex I will ever have?”

Kendall tilts James’ head and kisses him again, moaning into his mouth as he moves her by the hips. Her legs flex as she takes over, riding him with dramatic swings of her hips. James had been stroking himself with her body, now she directs their movements with strong, steady strokes of her own. “Mm. Well, it’s all true, James. I love your cock, and I only want to fuck you from now on. You DO own my pussy, James. On screen and off. I am all yours.” She grins as she stares it, and she sees James mirror her expression with a crooked smile of his own.

Paige smiles, too, and quivers in climax as she rubs her clit hard. “Fuck,” she growls. “Well now, James, that’s quite the confession from my daughter, isn’t it?”

James growls in response. “Fuck!” His hands remain on Kendall’s hips, but he doesn’t have the power to move her. His cock looks to be swelling thicker inside of her as each swipe of her hips reveals him on the upstroke.

Paige laughs beside them, her legs and gash parted for your pleasure. “And that is just about the response I’d expect from a big man close to the edge.” She stands from the couch and leans over, crushing her breasts against Kendall’s slender, sweaty back. Reaching around her daughter’s slender midsection, she cups Kendall’s breasts and teases her nipples while whispering to her. “He must be getting close after that, sweetie? Why not finish him?”

There is a delay between her mother’s words and Kendall’s response. A slow turn of the clock as Kendall continues to ride James with automatic, desperate movements. Then, a smile as she leans forward to kiss James again. She rests her hands on his broad shoulders and slows the movements of her body, taking him in slow, six-inch strokes from root to mid-length, tightening visibly around him as her glistening snatch glides along his engorged shaft for you to see. “Did you hear me, James? I said you own my pussy. So, go ahead and flood me. Burn me up with your semen. Mark me as your bitch.” She bites him earlobe and sucks it gently. “Flood me, James. Give me the cum of the man I love!”

James, unable to resist, grabs her by the ass and yanks her down onto him. They grunt together, and Kendall screams while holding James, slobbering, into her cleavage. She caresses his thinning hair while wailing in climax. “Oh, that’s it, sweetie! Come in me! Fill me up! Fill me with your cum! Yes!!”

While Kendall is holding James, and Paige is holding Kendall, Kendall looks surprised when her mother leans over for a kiss but accepts anyway. Their lips meet and their tongues dance between their mouths in full view of you. Paige is smiling as they part while Kendall is almost catatonic in pleasure with her head back and her ponytail hanging to the sweat-gleaming globes of her ass. Paige retreats then, giving a clear view of Kendall’s breathless smile as she stares down at James, running her fingers through his hair again. “Oh, fuck, I think you’ve made a mess of me again, James?”

James pulls his face from her cleavage and stares up into her eyes. “You really only want my dick now, slut?”

Kendall giggles. “What,” she asks, cupping his cheeks. “You jealous?” She laughs harder now. “Pot must make you sensitive,” she says, and she kissed him. This time, the kiss is gentle, and she holds him inside of her, sitting on his lap. As the kiss continues, James moves his arms and hands, wrapping himself around her midsection and holding her to him. She purrs and, as they part, she says, “And I think it makes me honest because, yes, James. My pussy. Me. All yours. Use me as often as you like. Even if I’m complaining, I want it.”

They stay together like this, Kendall sitting on James and flexing while he cups her rear. He seems to be thrusting up into her with small movements of his hips, as if trying still to burrow deeper. She smiles, coos, and holds his hands to her rear, guiding his fingers into squeezing her. “Fuck, you left me full.”

James, still staring her in the eyes, removes one hand and swats her ass hard. Kendall giggles and mewls while James says, “You was the one who milked me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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