Burned Ch. 10

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It was painfully erect. Swollen, hard and so stiff it was going to split open. My cock contracted. God I was about to cum. I wanted desperately to be inside her. I needed release. I was between her legs. The curve of each swollen labia met and formed a dark line marking the opening only inches away from the increasing discomfort growing between my legs. Her knees were bent and spread before me. She rested on her elbows, body held at an angle with her breasts full on the slope of her chest. The darkness of her nipples stood in stark contrast to the surrounding skin.

I drew the large nipple into my mouth as I fondled the softness of her breasts with both hands. My cock contracted again, I was going to explode. I felt the tip of my cock meet warm wetness. I leaned back and watched my cock with growing anxiety as it approached and touched her fat labia. The smooth wet slide of my penis’ head through the slot was nearly unbearable. I was on the precipice of no return.

“I can’t do this,” I thought as I watched my penis push through the moist folds of her labia. The tip of my cock engaged and nestled against the entrance of her vagina. I was going to cum. My cock involuntarily twitched. I craved the release of the terrible tension I felt. I fought and held it back.

“No, I can’t do this,” I chastised myself again.

With great effort I resisted the impending orgasm as I surfaced to consciousness and realized with conflicting relief and desire that it was a dream. My cock was still hard. It contracted again and almost came. The near overwhelming urge subsided as my panicked heart rate slowed. I took a deep breath. The anxiety slowly receded.

I hadn’t had a dream about fucking my mother for several years. This was the most real it had ever been. Jesus it felt so good. I caught myself wondering just how good it could be as I flashed back on masturbating myself while watching Mom masturbate. Surely, this is what brought on my dream.

The urge to orgasm had passed. Now, I merely had to pee. Something hard and cold pressed into my side as I rolled to get out of bed. My laptop. I suddenly remembered Leah and I had fallen asleep with each other naked on our screens, hundreds of miles apart.

“Leah,” I whispered. A knot of guilt tightened in my gut.

I tried to force the images of my mother from my brain.

The screen of my computer was dark. The battery was dead.

“Jesus, what’s wrong with me?” I thought as I walked to the bathroom. I have online sex with Leah and then dream of fucking my mother. “Sick,” I mumbled as I pulled my erect cock out to pee.

The image of my naked mother crept back into my head. I could still feel the tight warmth of her pussy as it enveloped the head of my dick. I relived the terrible urgency of my near orgasm in my still painfully erect penis.

I imagined her plump nipple pressing against my probing tongue. It seemed so real.

I shook my cock as I finished peeing; the morning erection softened, but was still heavy in my hand. The motion drew my attention to a stiff crinkly feeling on my chest. I looked down and saw the crust of dried sperm caked on my skin.

“Oh, Leah,” I thought as guilt washed over me once more. I thought of her small perky breasts, and couldn’t help comparing them to the fullness and size of my mother’s breasts. I wondered if Mom’s felt as good in real life as in my dream. I wondered how she tasted.

“Fuck!” I heard myself exclaim. I couldn’t clear my head of fucking my mother in that goddam dream.

“Time for a shower,” I thought. “I have to wash away the cum on my body that was from my fun with Leah, and wash away the disturbingly erotic memories of Mom that were from the dream.”

After my shower, I pulled on shorts and t-shirt, took a deep breath and went up stairs. Mom sat with both arms bent and her elbows supported on the surface of her desk. Her left hand held a cup of coffee ready for a sip, but her attention was fully focused on the cell phone in her right hand. So rapt was Escort Bayan her attention, she didn’t hear me approach.

“Good morning Mom.”

Startled, she jerked and coffee spilled down the front of her pajamas.

“Chris you startled me,” she exclaimed as she kind of hid her phone from my sight.

“Sorry. Did I interrupt?” I asked.

Mom actually blushed and turned red. “No, I, uh, was just checking my email,” she stuttered.

She stood and walked to the sink. The white fabric stained brown from the spilled coffee clung wetly to her chest. Her left breast and nipple were visible through the soaked nightshirt.

My mind flashed again to the image of my mother in my dream and felt her nipple in my mouth. My penis stirred.

She set the coffee cup and her phone on the counter and picked up a towel. She dabbed at the wet cloth over her breast. The flat nipple tightened and rose in response to the friction.

“Um, that’s not helping much. I guess I need to go get cleaned up and change.”

“Did it burn you?” I asked with concern as I watched my hand of its own volition reach out and touch the wet fabric.

She flinched, but did not pull away, as my fingertips made light contact with her breast.

“No, it was barely even warm.”

My fingertip grazed the prominence of her erect nipple through the wet cloth as I let my hand drop to my side. Mom shivered. She put her hand to where my finger had touched as she turned and walked out of the kitchen.

Mom’s phone chirped on the counter. I glanced at the screen and noticed a banner briefly come up that looked like flight numbers and times. I excitedly pressed the home button to see if it was Leah’s flight information.

The screen came to life and under the banner Leah and I were frozen in our nakedness from last night. How?

I pushed the play button and watched as my mother’s purloined video replayed our cybersex of the night before. She spied on us. She had secretly videoed us. I should be angry. I felt exposed. I felt violated. I saw us through my mother’s eyes. I enjoyed watching. I was aroused.

I watched it again, and then again.

“It turns me on too. No, no, don’t stop,” Mom said quietly as her arms circled around me. Her breasts pressed firmly against my back as her hands caressed my chest. We now watched together Leah’s little boobs ripple back and forth on her chest as her hands worked between her legs. As the perspective of the video focused on my penis, Mom’s hands reached down and touched the hardness of my erection through my shorts.

“Mom. No.” I said with little conviction. I pressed start again.

“You like to watch,” she said as her fingers traced the roundness of my shaft through the fabric.

I groaned when she found and toyed with my glans.

“Oh god Mom, what are you doing? This is so wrong.”

“Look at the video my darling,” she chided very quietly.

Leah’s voice was saying, “I showed you mine, show me yours.”

Mom’s fingers first unfastened the button, and then I felt the tug of the zipper of my shorts. She reached in and pulled my cock free of its confinement. Mom’s hand slowly stroked my erect penis as we watched me masturbate on the screen. I could feel the orgasm build as her hand milked my shaft.

“Mom, I’m going to cum, please stop. We can’t do this.”

“You and your cousin…” she let the unspoken accusation hang.

She pumped me in time to my hand on my other cock on the screen. I felt my shaft expand against the tight grip of her fist. I watched with rapt attention as my other cock began to spurt its liquid strings of white spunk.

I groaned as my hips reflexively thrust my penis over and over through the encircling tunnel of her hand. “Oh Mom don’t,” I cried out as the tension exploded. She held on tight as I fucked her palm. Cum arched out from my penis and hit the floor as the forceful contractions drained my pelvis of the pent up pleasurable pain.

I turned in her arms thinking to scold her. She was naked. My still dribbling cock swung between us and left tracks of wet sperm on her stomach just below her breasts. Without thinking, I reached out and cupped the heavy softness of her breasts in my palms. Her finger caught some sperm that still oozed from the tip of my cock and she rubbed it on her exposed nipple. I watched as the soft tissue wrinkled and tightened.

“I did you, now you do me?” She asked with a questioning tone.

“They feel better than I thought,” I whispered to myself.

“What?” my mother asked, “What do you mean?”

“Sorry,” I said embarrassedly, “I had a dream.”

“What kind of dream. Tell me.”

“I almost fucked you last night, in my dream I mean.”

“Tell me. No wait. We need to get comfortable for this. Pull up your shorts and hand me my phone.”

She took my hand after I handed her the phone and led me into her bedroom.

After pulling back the covers she lay down and surprisingly covered herself. Patting the bed she said with a sly smile, “Come on, lay down here beside me and tell me your dream. This should be delicious. Did you enjoy fucking me?”

“God Mom, no. Yes. I don’t know. In the dream I was desperate too, yes, I wanted to fuck you, but knew I couldn’t,” I stammered.

“Did you?”

“No, well, kind of, almost.”

“What do you mean?”

“I can’t do this. It’s too embarrassing.”

“Chris please, you have to tell me. I’m dying to know. Was I naked? What position were we in? Were you naked? Dreams can be so weird. Please, share it with me. I want to know.”

“Mom, it’s too personal. I can’t.”

“Chris, remember, I have this video,” she said with a wicked smile as she held up her phone as a threat.

“Mom, that’s not fair. You’re being a bitch about all of this.”

She chuckled and said, “Yep. I am. So describe to me every lurid detail of your dream. I insist. Were we in bed together?”

“Yes, but I don’t know which one. Just a bed.”

“This one will do then. Was I naked?”


Mom then threw off her sheet.

“That didn’t last long,” I said sarcastically.

She smiled her coy little smile.

“Were you naked?”

I could see where this was headed. But I had the seed of a very naughty idea that began to grow in the back of my guy’s head.


“Then you better peal off those clothes. We have to pay attention to details.”

“Mom, this just doesn’t feel right,” I said what propriety would normally demand.

“Take those clothes off mister. I guarantee as the night progresses, you’re going to feel more than all right.”

I made a show of reluctantly removing my shorts and shirt.

“Lose the undies too,” she insisted.

My flaccid cock flopped free as I took off my underwear. I was now naked in bed with my mom.

“Describe in detail what position your dream mother was in.”

She fluffed up her pillows and leaned them against the head of her bed. Her body reclined quite comfortably against the pile of down filled pillows. Her tits rested nicely on the recumbent slope of her chest when she approximated the position I described from my minds eye.

“How’s this?”

“Draw your knees up a bit more and let them fall further apart.”

“Like this?” she asked as she exposed her most private area without a hint of shame.

She enjoyed exposing herself. I realized she was correct. I was already feeling more than all right. The seed of the plan was now well germinated. I would nurture its growth. I realized I liked watching as my cock began to stir.

“Yes, but you don’t look quite right.”

“What, my hair, my boobs, what?

“No, there,” I nodded toward her crotch mimicking the way she had nodded at me.

“Here?” She touched her most private area that was not at all private any more.

“Yes, there.”


“It’s your lips, your pussy lips,” I spoke shyly.

“What about them?”

“They were pulled apart in my dream. I could see, you know, the opening of your, uh, you know, your vagina.”

She looked at herself and gently pulled at the thin labia that protruded so generously between the fat outer folds of her pussy. Leah’s labia are very delicate in comparison. I could only see Leah’s tiny inner lips when I pushed her outer lips apart. Mom’s inner lips are pendulous and dangled freely outside. She spread her legs wider and teased the long lips to the side. There, I could see the entrance to her sex; it was glistening and wet.

Her smile preceded her question as she looked up proudly and asked, “Is this what I looked like?”

“Yes. That is perfect. That is exactly what I remember. However, your nipples are kind of flat. In my dream, they poked up and were erect.”

Without her invitation, I reached out and gently pinched each nipple. They quickly tightened and stood tall on her chest.

“Um, I love this dream. What happens next?” she asked expectantly.

I sat back as my penis stirred between my legs. I was turned on by the power I suddenly possessed. I liked looking at my mother’s naked body. I liked that I had gained some control of the situation.

“Mom, you know how dreams are. They switch and meander without sense. The next thing I remember is you were touching yourself there,” and I nodded again at her exposed dark hole.

She touched herself as suggested and whispered, “Oh, I am so wet.”

Yes, now move your finger into your pussy, then play with your lips, and finally you masturbated your clit.

My cock was becoming more engorged and full as I watched Mom finger fuck herself a then slowly message her clit. Her clit grew and pushed free of its fat hood. She was obviously very aroused. Her eyes closed languidly as her head fell back.

I picked up her phone and quickly activated the camera. I switched on the video panned from her face down across her flushed chest to capture the image of her hand masturbating her clit.

I paused the video and set the phone by my side and said quietly, “Mom, next you were on your knees.”

Her eyes opened wide with excitement as she turned and moved to her knees. My cock was now fully erect as I viewed her ass and gaping pussy.

“Mom you were very still. The movement was all on my part. Will that be alright?”

“Yes. Yes I will try.”

I picked up the camera and resumed the recording. I recorded the erotic image of her breasts swaying below her chest. I slowly panned up her torso and the image of her ass came into view. Her dark anus was exposed above her wet pussy. I knelt closely behind my mother. My dick came into the frame. It pointed so lewdly at her very wet pussy.

Taking my heavy cock in my hand, I guided it to her slit. She gasped as my dick very slowly parted the lips that guarded the opening of her vagina. The sensation was what I remembered from my dream. The pain of my tension was building. I wanted to impale her, but I held back. I continued to rub up and down her gash with the knob of my penis.

“Oh god Chris. I feel your penis. You’re going to make me cum? Did you, are you going to fuck me?”

“No mom I didn’t. I woke before I entered you. I knew in my dream that I should not fuck my mother.”

I rubbed her pussy faster and faster and then as she came, I put the head of my cock against her entrance and held still. I felt her pussy contract over and over with her climax.

The stimulation, both physical and visual, of my cock dragging up and down between her sopping wet labia was too much. I could not hold it back. I came. I watched my cock through the phone’s screen. My dick pumped spurt after spurt of cum on her pussy and ass. My white semen rolled down her crack and puddled in the dimple of her dark anus. I touched its wrinkled surface and smeared the thick cum in tight little circles. Mom groaned as her little muscle contracted in response to the surprising contact of my finger.

I let my dick drop. The end of the video was of my cock hanging next to her cum covered pussy.

I had come very close, but I still had not fucked my mother.

Now I had power too.

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