Bus Trip Like No Other Ch. 02

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Big thanks to bronzeagle for all his help with this chapter x

It’s been two weeks since my family reunion. God was that an eye opener. I just finished my last shift at the hospital for two whole weeks of blood free bliss. I was looking forward to the break. I was intending to go to Italy with my roommate but I pulled out after my Uncle Steve asked me to spend the two weeks in his villa in France to give me a chance to meet my 18 year old twin cousins John and James.

It was the night before my flight I was so nervous I couldn’t eat a thing. I wasn’t nervous about meeting my cousins. I just wondered if my uncle Steve and I would have any alone time. God, I missed that cock. My roommate had already left for Italy so I was home alone. I drew a nice hot bath, while that was running I started packing my suitcase. I stripped off and was just stepping into the bath when my buzzer went.

I thought. Who the fuck is that at this hour. I was alone, so I just ran through the flat naked, pressed the intercom and said, “who the fuck is it?”

A voice I hadn’t heard in two weeks answered “It’s me princess, your Dad.”

My stomach flipped. I let him in and left the door open. I ran round tidying the place up. He’d never been to my flat before. I was bent over the coffee table. Moving my plate and empty mug. He came over and rubbed his big strong hands over my ass.

“That’s what I like to see,” he giggled.

I looked round “Oh! Sorry Dad, let me put some clothes,” but before I could finish my sentence he was kissing down my neck towards my nipples.

My pussy was getting wetter with every lick. I pushed his head further down towards my moist hole. I needed eating out badly. Good job I waxed me kitty yesterday. He teased my navel darting his tongue in and out. I moved up the table and begged for him to eat me.

“Please daddy, eat my juicy pussy good. Fuck me like you’ve never fucked me before”

His tongue finding the folds of my cunt, licking up and down tasting the sweet juice of his eldest daughter. My dad wiggled inside me I thought I was going to die. I’d never been eating out by someone so sexy. His big bright blue eyes transfixed on mine. As the first orgasm passed through me I threw my head back, my hips jumping up to meet his every stroke. Finally, after what felt like an explosion, my orgasm ended.

I was like jelly and I couldn’t stand. I saw the massive bulge in his pants. As if he had read my mind he walked towards my head and Küçükköy Escort in one quick stroke shoved his large organ down my waiting and willing throat. I gagged as his organ quickly grew, Once I was used to the size, it went down my throat with ease. I sucked him hard and fast licking the shaft, while playing with his nicely shaven balls.

Within a few minutes he put all his seed down my throat. I was now drinking the same stuff that made me. God, it felt amazing.

We cuddled on the sofa to rest. I asked him why he came and he said.”I knew you were leaving tomorrow and I don’t think I could have waited another two weeks to get deep inside you.”

I smiled and snuggled in his chest. We fell asleep like that.

When we woke it was about half five. I had to catch my plane at eight. I phoned the airport to see if there was a later flight I could get on. Luckily for me there was. Dad was lying all naked and hard I decided to wake him up in a very special way. I wrapped my legs round his neck and put my head between his legs. Before I could even touch his dick I felt his warm lips sucking at my clit

I giggled “good morning, Dad.”

He took his lips off me and answered “With a wake up like this it’s definitely a good morning!”

He continued his assault on my pussy while I started nibbling the head of his nine inch cock. God it looks so tasty. I was moaning loud and wiggling under his experienced tongue. I had most of his cock down my mouth when the phone rang. I reluctantly took my mouth of the juicy pole and answered the phone.


“Susan its Uncle Steve, you all set for your flight”

Trying not moan, I told him I was running late and was getting the later flight and hoped to arrive by tonight. He asked if I was ok and I mumbled “Yes,” fighting back a scream of pleasure. When out of the blue my Dad shouted,

“Oi Steve mate, she’ll be with you when I’m done.”

Steve laughed “let out the scream I know you’re holding it in” When I did I heard Steven let out a moan of his own. “I’ll see you tonight.” I said as I hung up the phone. Dad had flipped me over now and had his cock buried to the hilt in my dripping pussy.

Each stroke sent my body flying up to meet him. He started licking my nipples taking one at time the he nibbled them that sent me right over the edge. Dad held my hips and screamed he was cumming. I was cumming too but couldn’t speak as the orgasm flowed through my body like a lightning Küçükköy Escort Bayan bolt. Dad fell on top of me. As we were catching our breath, Dad’s softening cock was slipping out my warm wet hole. Dad picked me up and carried me towards the bathroom.

“Think we need to clean you up for your trip?” he whispered in my ears

I giggled, I forgot I had drawn a bath and now it was stone cold. Dad emptied the bath of all the water and then he turned on the shower we stood close as he ran the shower head over my body. He washed me all over.

“Haven’t done this since you were a baby,” he laughed

I just moaned enjoying the sensation of the water on my skin.

When we were dry and dressed, Dad offered to drive me to the airport. To thank him, I gave him a nice long blow job on the drive there. When we got to the airport and I had checked in just in time, my flight was being called. I turned to Dad and gave him a big long passionate kiss. I still had cum on my tongue.

He laughed and said “I taste good, don’t I.”

I looked at him and replied “See you in two weeks, Dad.”

I got a funny look for an old biddy across the room.

“What” I said in a sarcastic manner “He’s my sugar daddy.” With that, I boarded my plane.

I sat next to a very sexy guy. I say he was bout ten years younger than me, so would make him twenty, twenty one. I smiled at him and then turned to look out the window. I put my headphones in and thought I’d catch some zeds as I didn’t get much sleep the night before. I was just dozing off when someone poked my arm; I opened my eyes to see it was my neighbour, the hunk. I took off my headphones and asked

“What’s up?”

“I noticed you were drifting of and wondered if you want to use my pillow”

I was shocked to say the least. But said “It’s ok.”

I drifted off but, only managed to get about half an hour sleep. I was so excited to meet the family I never knew.

When I stood up I noticed my skirt had rode up quite a bit and being in a rush I forgot to put panties on but then again I hardly wore them. My bare ass was exposed to the poor lad next to me.

I sorted myself and squeezed past him to go to the toilet. I could have sworn I heard him take a big sniff as I went past. I got to the toilet, sorted my makeup and brushed my hair. God, I looked awful. To look at me you would have thought I had done three double shifts in the emergency room.

When I came out the Escort Küçükköy toilet the hunk was there. He had amazing blue eyes like my dad and Uncle Steve. That strong jaw, that looked as if he could eat a pussy for hours. Hi lips were full and luscious. I could kiss him all day.

“Hi my names Dan” he said as he shook my now trembling hand.

“Susan” I replied “sorry I didn’t introduce myself before.”

As he squeezed passed me I could feel something hard press against my thigh. I couldn’t help but moan and he asked if I was okay. I blushed and nodded and ran to my seat. When he came back I noticed he still had a raging hardon. I couldn’t look away. I was glued to his groin.

He laughed and asked if I liked what I saw. I blushed and nodded. He sat down and put his jacket over his lap. I was looking out the window over the English Channel when I felt him take my hand. I looked round as he was guiding my hand to his now open fly. I was stunned but I was loving it. He was huge, about 8 inches of uncut meat. I started stroking it slowly; he kissed me, and then worked his hands up my thighs.

I was in utter ecstasy. He pulled the jacket over both our laps. His fingers now found my little bud and he was working it hard. I was close as he was when the seatbelt sign flashed we were landing. We sorted ourselves and he kissed me as we landed.

He whispered “We have to meet up and finish this sometime. You’re so hot.”

I giggled as I gave him my number. When we left the plane we headed to the baggage claim to collect our suitcases.

I got mine first and waved him goodbye. I headed to meet Steven. As soon as I saw him I dropped my case and ran straight for him, giving him the biggest cuddle ever. He put me down and I noticed the cute guy next to him.

Steve introduced him as my cousin John he was as cute as his dad. I asked were James was he told me he was in London on business and was meeting us here.

“Here he is now”” Steve said

I turned round and saw a couple of guys coming through the gate, including Dan. He looked so hot. I waved and smiled. He had a puzzled look on his face. He started walking over when he was about three foot away; Stave said “this is James, John’s twin brother.”

I fainted as I came round to see three sexy faces were hovering above me. Steve helped me up. I looked at James I could feel my face heat up with embarrassment I tried to run to the bathroom but Uncle Steve stopped me.

“Why did you lie about your name?”

“I didn’t,” he replied.” Dan’s my middle name. I use it when I’m on business because there’s two James Dolton’s in our company.”

I looked at Steve he said “it’s ok. James has explained everything. You really don’t have to worry babe.”

I laughed nervously.

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