Bus Trip Missed Stops

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This story is fiction. It concerns two older people who wind up as seatmates on a tour bus, and get into a “hold it” situation. There is no hard sex, and the activity is all consenual. Watersports, including “hold-it,” and a bit of exhibitionism. M/F, ws, exhib

The characters are older people, reflecting that watersports activities can be enjoyed by those who are no longer young.

* * * * *

Alan Wetherbee was a businessman who enjoyed travel. He may not have been particularly handsome, but at 57 he was certainly not unattractive. He was healthy, slender, gray haired and looked the international businessman he was. Not that he was particularly affluent, for he traveled as a representative for his company, but his schedule often gave him weekends or days without obligations when he could make his own side trips, and he loved these opportunities.

This day was one of those. He had a few days in this part of Scandinavia, and had booked a bus tour into the wild northern parts of the country. The trip left his hotel at seven A.M., and was not scheduled to return until late that evening. He and his fellow tourists would be taken through the rocky scenery of the rugged north country. After an early breakfast at his hotel, he waited for the tour bus with a number of others, none of whom he had met before.

He looked around at those waiting. There were several couples, and a number of older women. He saw no other men alone. Altogether, there seemed to be around thirty people.

As the bus arrived, they were briefed by their tour guide. They were to be given box lunches, as there would be few places to stop for food. The first stop was to be a small town, after about two hours of driving.

Alan entered the bus. As he was alone, he selected a window seat on the left hand side. A rather shy man socially, he really hoped that he would have the double seat to himself, as the bus would obviously not be full. However, as the last passengers boarded, a an older lady stepped to his seat and inquired, “Is this seat taken?” Alan, in gentlemanly manner, replied “Not at all. Please join me.” The lady seated herself beside him.

He studied her, trying not to be obvious. She was a tall but slender woman, not at all heavy, with a bit of a tanned complexion and modest breasts She wore a calf length skirt, suited to walking, he thought, and sturdy walking shoes. She had a colorful blouse and carried a canvas bag out of which a sweater protruded, apparently a provision for cooler weather. It was summer, but in the northern climates it might indeed get cool. She wore eyeglasses, and her gray hair was short and well groomed.

She introduced herself as Louise, from California, making a tour of Europe “Mostly on her own.” It seemed she had a group of female friends, but they had gone in other directions, so on this day she was by herself. Alan thought she seemed friendly enough, and though he was a bit shy with women, having been divorced several years earlier, and had few female friends.

They did strike up a conversation, and he found her an interesting seat mate. She was a widow of several years, slightly older than himself, but shared an interest in travel and the outdoors. Their conversation picked up, as the time passed rapidly.

After passing several historic sights pointed out by the guide, they came to their first rest stop at about nine fifteen. All left the bus, at a site which appeared to be a country inn. The stopping place had a small restaurant, a gift shop, and little else of interest. Most of the passengers immediately headed for the rest rooms. Alan went into the lobby, following several of the women travelers. There was a ladies’ toilet off the lobby, toward which most of the women gravitated. A sign in the lobby indicated that a convention of a women’s association was gathering there all day. When Alan approached the men’s toilet, he was greeted by a sign indicated it had been converted to a facility for women that day, apparently because of the number of women guests at the convention. There was an indication that a facility for men would be found in the garden.

Alan began to walk to the garden, then realized the walk was quite far, and at the time he was feeling no compelling need, so he opted to return to the bus. There would be another rest stop, he knew, before the lunch stop.

Returning to the bus, he was greeted by Louise. She engaged him in a discussion of the gift shop’s offerings which she had considered for her granddaughter; and shortly the bus was under way again.

About half past eleven, the bus pulled into a campsite (offering cabins, tents, and caravans), which was obviously the rest stop. Again, all got out. He and Louise parted company for the moment, as she headed to the local visitor center and shop. He headed for the building marked “toilets,” now feeling a definite need for relief. He found that the facility was a unisex complex, with both men and women queuing to use Maltepe Escort the same toilet stalls. One of the men in the party immediately called several other men aside, and suggested it would be courteous to allow the women to use the facility first, and the men would follow. Most seemed to accept this idea, and Alan, not wanting to stand in the queue, busied himself looking about the site while the women (including Louise, eventually, he noted), used the facility.

After the women had all finished, the men began to enter, and Alan joined at the end of the queue. Just as he was about two places from the head of the line, a second tour bus arrived and began discharging passengers. Most of these were women, and they immediately headed for the toilets. Alan, trained as a gentlemen, stood aside as a new group of women queued up ahead of him.

As he waited his turn, he heard the horn of his bus sound. Several passengers were looking at him through the windows, motioning for him to join them. Apparently all had boarded, and the bus was ready to depart. Alan, much aware of his unrelieved needs, returned to the bus, hoping the lunch stop would offer a better opportunity for relief.

On board, Louise greeted him warmly. “We thought we had lost you! You must have found something really interesting to visit. Tell me about it?” she inquired.

Alan chose not to explain his delay, but Louise, ever the conversationalist, continued. “I realize what happened, and I want you to know the ladies all appreciated it. It was nice of you men to let us use the bathroom first. But I think it made you late. And I think you are embarrassed about it! You were still around the bathroom, so I suppose you didn’t get to go until just about when we were ready to leave. I’ll bet that’s what happened, isn’t it?”

Alan tried to be friendly, but he didn’t want to tell Louise a falsehood. He was a bit too honest for that. He kept silence for a minute or so, and Louise smilingly thanked him again, “Anyway it was nice of you, and….” suddenly she hesitated, “but, you know, you looked like you were in the line again. Well, there’s nothing like being prepared. It may be a while before out next bathroom stop!”

Alan was a little embarrassed, and it showed. Gradually Louise began to suspect what had happened. “Alan, I didn’t get it right, did I? You were really still in line, and you didn’t get to go at all back there, did you? “

Alan shyly nodded his head. Then, very quietly, he told her about the second bus. She laughed, “Well, you were a real gentleman, but it was not too long after our stop at the hotel. You can probably afford to skip one stop. I probably could, if I had to.”

He blurted out, “I didn’t get to go at the hotel, either. The men’s room in the lobby had been converted for women, and I thought it was too far to go to walk out to the other one in the garden, so I just skipped it, then.”

Louise looked surprised. “You poor guy! You mean you haven’t been to the bathroom since we left the hotel? You must really need to go!”

Alan wasn’t accustomed to discussing his bodily functions with women, and really wished Louise hadn’t asked so much. But, yes, he did need to go, and his body was constantly reminding him of it. Louise tried to be helpful, “Why don’t we ask the driver to make a short stop for you somewhere? You could slip out, well, I suppose, behind a tree or something..”

“No!” Alan responded. “Look, really, I didn’t mean to tell you about it. I’d just be embarrassed if anyone knew about it. I just have to wait to the next stop.”

“But I know about it – I could ask for you. Maybe I could ask them to stop for me. They would stop for a woman, surely.”

“And would you go behind the tree for me, too?” he asked.

She laughed at the absurdity of his suggestion. “No, I guess I couldn’t. And, anyway, I’d really be embarrassed, too. I understand your feelings.”

For a while they changed the subject, and talked about the sub-arctic scenery they were passing. Louise was friendly and well-travelled, and she was keeping Alan occupied with their conversation.

Drinks were distributed, and Louise took a can of soda for herself and one for Alan. As she passed him one, he remarked, ” Really, I’d better not. It would make things worse!” She kept the second can, patting his arm gently in a show of compassion. His remark drew her attention to his growing discomfort.

Alan was indeed getting very uncomfortable. He squirmed just a bit. Louise noticed, and tried to comfort him. “I wish I could do something for you,” she commented, “Is it really uncomfortable?” He nodded, and she continued, “I can remember times when I needed to go to the bathroom and I couldn’t, so I know how it feels when your bladder is really full and you can’t do anything about it. I expect yours is giving you a lot of discomfort. It must be at least six hours since you emptied it, hasn’t it?”

He was a little shocked Ümraniye Escort by her frankness in discussing his anatomy, but it was a little comforting to know that she could relate to the problem from her own experience. But then, almost anyone could, he reflected, but most people wouldn’t talk about it.

He glanced at Louise, now having finished her drink, began gulping down the one she had offered to Alan. “You must have been thirsty,” he commented.

“Well, I can’t help you with your problem, Alan, but I do feel for you. You were a real gentleman back there, Alan, and if I can’t help you, the least I can do is get myself in the same condition so I can share your misery!” With that, she leaned out, and asked the tour guide for another can of soda.

Alan was amazed. Here was a woman, not only willing to talk about an intimate function with him, but deliberately creating a problem for herself, for no other reason than to be in the same uncomfortable condition he was in.

Within a few minutes, Louise had downed four cans of soda. Alan’s distress was unrelieved, but her actions were at least a distraction for him.

The tour guide had told them the lunch stop would be at a grassy bit of park land, where they would have a picnic lunch, but that there would be no facilities or shelters of any kind. The news hit both of them with a bit of surprise.

Louise commented first, “We’ll have to find you a private place there. Maybe we can do it so no one will notice.” Alan agreed, adding, “If you had known that, I bet you wouldn’t have drunk all that soda. You’re going to be hurting as much as I am, and my bladder is aching pretty bad already.”

Louise returned her usual smile, “No. I would have drunk it anyway. I’m going to keep you company in this, because I can’t do anything else for you. And in case you want to know, I’ve now got a full bladder too – but it isn’t aching yet. I expect it will be!” Her hand slipped to her abdomen, and she felt herself, pressing slightly to check the sensation.

The bus ran on, the tour guide giving a running commentary on the passing countryside. Both Alan and Louise were oblivious to the guide’s remarks, now absorbed in their own internal feelings. Alan was becoming desperately uncomfortable, and was seriously concerned about how long he could restrain his now painful bladder. Louise, at first almost nonchalant in her expressed desire to share his discomfort, was now losing her smile as her own bladder became distended more and more.

“Can you hold it just a bit longer? ,” she asked, as the guide indicated the lunch stop was now about ten minutes away. She added, “I can hold out, but I’m starting to ache, too. How are you doing? ” Alan was squirming in his seat, trying somehow to find a spot that that just a bit more comfortable. “Ten minutes is going to be about my limit, and I hope we can find a place once we get off!”

The bus stopped, and the passengers climbed off. The guide briefed them on the area, checked to insure that each had a box lunch, then invited them to explore the nearby area and find a place for lunch, reminding them that had an hour to be back to the bus.

The stopping place was grassy, with only a few small, sub-arctic bushes. There were no real trees, and the only signs of shelter were the rock formations which rose around them in clusters.

Alan and Louise, carrying their lunches, followed the group as they headed off along a path. Both were scanning for a place offering a bit of privacy. Little was to be found. At one point, Louise said something about a rock reminding her of a geologic formation she had read of, and loudly invited Alan to join her in inspecting it. They moved away from the group, and along a short path that led a bit downhill, into an area between two large boulders. As they moved between the rocks, the path abruptly turned to the left, and a deep gully yawned in front of them. Louise whispered to Alan, “Will this do for you? I can stand guard, and tell you if anyone follows us!”

Alan quickly moved along the turn in the path a few feet, until he was standing in the shadow of the large rock. Louise stepped back along the path, but he stopped her. “You’d better stand there,” he said, indicating a point on the right hand side of the path, somewhat in front of the sheltered spot where he was standing. “If you’re there, I can see you, and you can signal me if anyone comes… please, I really can’t wait!”

Louise took the position indicated, from which she could see back down the path, and view other passengers walking about some distance away. She was also in a position to view Alan, but tried to avert her eyes. Alan at first tried turning his back to her, but he was too close to the rock, and then spun around, facing the gully in front. Almost ignoring Louise, he reached down, opened his fly, and began to draw out his penis. Suddenly, he stopped, blushing, and looked directly at Louise. “I’m sorry – I’m İstanbul Escort sorry– I don’t do this in front of ladies. Forgive me, I forgot for a moment, but, gosh, I’ve gotta go!” She smiled and looked directly at him, “That’s all right. Don’t mind me – I know how much you need to. Just go ahead, it’s all right. ”

Alan, need overcoming embarrassment, aimed his penis into the gully and released his urine stream. It shot out under great pressure, jetting out several feet and falling into the gully. His eyes shifted to Louise. He caught her staring at his exposed organ, and she quickly raised her gaze to meet his eyes. “I am keeping watch,” she said, “no one’s coming. Go ahead. Gee, you really needed to go. It’s going out so far!”

Alan tried to appear calm. Here he was, urinating a strong stream with a woman watching him, and he was trying to carry on a conversation with her. All he could think to say was “I’m really sorry about this – I don’t do this in front of women. I didn’t mean to embarrass you by making you watch–” She cut him off, reassuring him, “Really, now, I don’t mind at all. I haven’t watched a man do that in a very long time. I’m glad you’re shy. I think it’s harder for you than me. But go ahead and finish. ” Now she was shifting her glance between looking down the path, and watching his penis discharging its liquid stream.

At length he was finished. He concealed his private parts again and zipped his fly. He started to turn to go back down the path, but he was stopped short.

“Not so fast, Alan,” Louise called to him. “Now it’s your turn to keep guard.” She motioned for him to take the position she had held before. “I need you to watch while I get rid of those four cans of soda. And I can’t wait to find another place, so this will have to do. ” She positioned herself facing the gully, in the spot Alan had stood. She tried to squat, but on the narrow path there wasn’t room to do so easily. She told Alan, “You probably made me blush, watching a man pee, and I’m going to pay you back. Will you be embarrassed to watch a woman pee? Because you’re going to, and I don’t think I can squat properly, so you are going to have to watch me try to do it standing up – and I’m determined not to get this skirt wet!” She reached up under her skirt, pulled down her white panties, then stepped out of them. With both hands, she raised her skirt to waist height, displaying her lower body with its triangular patch of dark pubic hair. She spread her legs, and released her urination. It sprayed out from her, some running down her legs, but mostly jetting in a thick torrent dropping in front of her.

Her face in a noticeable blush, she looked Alan in the eye. “I never did this in front of a man, but after seeing how shy you were doing it in front of me, I just had to make you watch! It’s my time to apologize, I suppose, but I’m glad you’re such a good sport.” The water continued to pour out of her, while Alan stared, almost in shock.

Finally, her stream ceased. She looked about for something to wipe herself with, but seeing nothing, dropped her skirt and then stepped back into her panties and pulled them up.

“Feel better?” she asked Alan “I know I do!”

Alan hardly knew what to say. They walked back to the group, together, not only relieved but somehow now a bit bonded, having shared a rather intimate experience. Together, they sat on the grass and shared their lunch. They were like two children, who had somehow got away with a slightly naughty activity.

Back on the bus, the tour continued for another hour or so until they reached another rest stop. This one was a small store, with some public toilets outside. Louise eyed the facilities, then nudged Alan gently, saying, somewhat jokingly, “I don’t need to – and I don’t think you do either!”

Neither of them used the facilities. They simply went together around the store, sharing their enjoyment of everything they saw. Alan, who had been shy around women, was feeling more comfortable around Louise than he would have thought possible a day earlier.

Just before leaving the store, Louise gave him a mischievous look, then said she wanted to make a small purchase, while he returned to the bus.

When she slipped into her seat beside him, she had a bag containing a dozen cans of soft drinks of several varieties. Alan looked at her, quizzically. “Wait till we leave” was all she would say.

The tour had two more stops to make, before the final return to the hotel. In northern Scandinavia in summertime, night is only a brief period, so the bus would continue the tour well into the evening.

A while after leaving the rest stop, Louise handed him a canned drink. “I think you need it,” was her comment, as she also opened one for herself. He was a bit puzzled, but knew she was up to something, so he played along. Once he had downed the can’s contents, Louise promptly produced another and handed it to him.

“Are you just trying to get me so I need to find a bathroom?,” he asked her, knowing she was working on some such plan. “No,” she replied, “and I don’t intend for you to find a bathroom, either. Nor do I. And I expect you to skip the next bathroom stop, too; just like I’m going to.”

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