Bus trip to remember

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My name is Link and my boyfriend’s name is Mark. We’re fresh out of college and are headed to Boston to visit my family before heading off to California to start our careers in the tech industry. We didn’t have much money so we were taking the bus to Boston from Penn State. It was very early in the morning when we and the other passenger loaded unto the Greyhound. It was a packed bus but we were able to find a couple seats towards the back, unfortunately it was by the restroom.

We quickly settled in and were planning to sleep immediately. My body temp tends to run more on the chilly side so I wore my hoodie the other way as if it was a blanket or those Snuggie things. I was so tired I didn’t even check if Mark was settled in, I fell right asleep. I don’t know how many minutes or hours passed, but my eyes slowly lifted open. The sun still hadn’t come up yet but then I felt something. Mark’s hand was under my hoodie and stroking my cock through my sweatpants.

I looked over and he whispered in my ear, “Everyone’s asleep around us and I’m horny.” I was still pretty tired but my cock was at full attention. Mark saw there were no objections from me so he slid his hand in my waistband pulled down my sweatpants. I did it just enough to free myself but not too conspicuous for anyone peeking over at us. I closed my eyes and enjoyed his warm hand on my cock. I was already leaking precum and he used it to help wit the hand job. Doing such a lewd thing in public wasn’t enough for him. He started whispering dirty things to me as he continued to stroke me.

“You like that don’t you. My naughty whore. Allowing me to molest you with a bus full of people. Fucking slut. You like that? You like me stroking your dirty cock in front of these people? Yeah you do. I bet you wish I’d put it in my mouth, huh? Tell me you want me to put it in my mouth. Say it or I’ll stop.”

Of course I wanted my cock in his mouth. I looked around to see if anyone was paying us any attention. I simply slid my hand around the back of his neck and push him towards my crotch. He lifted the hoodie and got under it. I felt his hot mouth slide over my manhood and his tongue getting to work. It took a lot for me to not make any sounds. I kept my eyes peeled for anyone that was walking Sakarya Escort towards the restroom. I wanted him to hurry so I held his head in place and bucked my hips.

I fucked his mouth but the hoodie could barely muffle the wet sloppy sounds of my cock hitting the back his Mark’s throat. I tensed up and shot my load into my boyfriend’s hungry mouth. He gingerly sucked a couple more times to clean me off. With a last suck off the tip that made me shiver, he was done. We kissed and I tasted the cum off his tongue. I grabbed a bottle of Gatorade from my backpack and drank some before handing it to him. I was now back to being sleepy so we fell asleep again.

At the halfway point, the bus pulled over to a truck stop. The driver said we had about 30 minutes to stretch our legs and get something to eat. After using the restroom, I noticed there was leftover cum between my thighs and told Mark I’d better go take a shower to clean up before getting back on the bus. I went to pay for a shower stall and Mark was going to stay outside the stall. He’s a little bit protective. As I was getting ready to get in, a big burly trucker walked in and eyed us a little bit. I felt a little uncomfortable at the way he was looking at me so we quickly headed towards my assigned shower when the trucker spoke up, “Hey, are you two gonna shower together?”

“No, he is. I’m just here to make sure no one bothers him,” Mark said confidently. I was pretty sure that big trucker could toss each of us with one hand. But then the trucker replied, “That’s too bad. I’d pay some good money to see you two shower together.” That got Mark’s attention. As you can already tell from earlier, Mark is a bit of a thrill seeker and a bit a voyeur.

“How much we talking,” Mark inquired. The big guy pulled out two one-hundred dollar bills. Mark continued, “You only get to watch.” The trucker just nodded. Mark nodded also and the next thing I knew, all 3 of us were now in the shower room. The trucker locked the door and stripped just as we did. We folded and placed our clothes on the long bench. The trucker sat at the end of the bench closest to the shower. He had an average sized cock that was already hard. He slowly stroked it as we turned on the shower.

As Adapazarı Escort we started to soap up, the trucker said, “Yeah soap him up real good for me.” With that, Mark started to lather me up from head to toe. Mark got right up behind me and I could feel his hard cock press against the small of my back. He whispered, “You owe from this morning. Be a good slut and assume the position.” He placed a hand on my upper back and pressed me to bend forward. I braced myself with my hands ahead of me.

The trucker moaned in appreciation when Mark moved to give him a better view. He could see all of me from behind. Mark grinned as he lathered up his hands and started to work my cheeks. He would spread them and then let go to give a little bounce. He spanked me a couple times and could see it was really affecting our paying viewer. Mark slid one finger from my balls up to my awaiting hole. He played with it, circling it and making me moan with anticipation.

“Tell us what you want slut,” Mark asked me. I replied, “Please, give it to me.” Mark laughed, “Give you what whore?” I groaned, “Give me your cock. Fuck me, please.” He slid his finger into me twisting, pulling, and pleasuring me. The trucker breathed heavily, enjoying the two youngins in front of him.

“Come on! Fuck me!” I urged. Marked looked over at the trucker, “Should I?” And he replied, “Yeah, Fuck him real good.” With that, Mark stepped behind me and slap my ass with his cock a couple times before plunging into me. The first couple thrusts were slow but then he really started to give it to me. He started to fuck me real good. Again and again, Mark assault my ass with his cock. He pulled on my hair as he pounded away. I could hear the trucker still sitting behind us, “Ohhh yeah. Fuck that ass. Fuck him real good. That’s it boy. Give it to him. Take that cock boy!” he said as he furiously beat his meat.

My legs were starting to give. I was in total ecstasy. The pleasure of my lover fucking me. The excitement of fucking in front of a strnger for money. I gave into the lust and moaned with the thrusts. My knees buckled but Mark caught me. We lowered ourselves onto the tiled floor and he continued to pound away. My eyes rolled back in my head from the Serdivan Escort sensation of everything, the hot water cascading over us, the cock sliding in and out of me, the sounds of skin slapping on skin. I looked over with glazed lust filled eyes over at the trucker. He was sitting there still stroking his cock. I saw that he has shot one load already and was on his second wind. I licked my lips and he got the hint.

The burly trucker walked over and they both helped me up. I clenched a little and a moan came from behind me as I bent forward to take the trucker’s cock in my mouth. I’d always wanted to be spit roasted like this. I felt Mark reach under and tug at my cock. That meant he was getting close. I hungrily sucked the new cock in front of me. I felt like such a slut. I think if more guys came in, I’d give them all a turn. I moaned and groaned with an ass and mouth full of cock. The trucker held on my head and started to fuck my face.

I could tell both guys were about to be done. Mark drilled into me a hand full more times before shooting his cum deep in me. The trucker was the same, the salty cum filled my mouth and he quickly softened up. Exhausted, we all rinsed off a final time before collapsing on the bench to slowly dry off with the towels. As we got dressed, the trucker handed over $300. A little extra for tip. As we left the building to go to the bus, the trucker called to us and asked us where we were headed. We told him and he offered, “I’m heading to California in a few days. If y’all wanna ride with me, there’s plenty of room. Plenty of money in it for ya too.”

We exchanged numbers and got back on the bus. As we settled back into our seats, I smacked Mark, “Since when did I give you permission to whore me out like that?” He smiled, “Since when did you accept being such a whore?” My ass was sensitive still and asked, “Did you have to fuck me that hard?”

“I just did what our customer asked of me. He told me to give it to you real good.” Mark answered with a grin. He continued, “When we get to your folk’s house, I’ll be sure to give it a kiss to make it feel better.” I rolled my eyes and laughed, “You better. Are we really gonna ride to California with that guy?” And Mark replied, “Why not. Free ride plus he’s willing to pay for a little more action from my little whore.” I lightly smacked him again. Then he whispered, “Maybe this time we’ll let him fuck you. Maybe you can ride his cock while he’s driving.” as he started to feel my growing cock again. This was gonna be a long trip….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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