Business Trip Surprise Pt. 02

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The dining room was empty, the remains of their meal left on the table. Up in the master bedroom, he stood naked at the end of the bed staring at her. She lay before him, dressed in the nightie she had worn in her video to him the day before,

“What?” she asked, confused at his staring at her and why he wasn’t in bed.

“Do it.” he replied starting to breath heavily. “Do what you did yesterday.”

Right then, she realised what he wanted and a rush of excitement coursed through her. She tingled between the legs. He wanted to watch her again. She saw his arousal, so obvious, his swelling cock, his hand already slowly stroking it in anticipation.

Quivering with excitement to be doing it again in the flesh, she reached between her legs and pulled up her nightie, slowly baring herself, revealing her soft inner thighs and what lay between them. Slowly, she opened her legs wide, wet glistening pussy lips parted, her swelling clit and flooding opening displayed before him..

“You want this?” she asked breathlessly, not taking her eyes of his, her fingertip rubbing between her lips, rubbing her now hard throbbing clit.

“Yes.” he croaked, stroking his cock, feeling it grow even more inside his fingers as he watched her.

Moist and aroused, she rubbed herself faster, her fingers alternating between her hard clit and her wet opening, pushing them inside, all the while watching him stroke his cock, so turned on at the Konya Escort sight of him arousing himself, Caught up in her excitement and the sight of her with her orgasm building, he pulled himself faster, fucking himself with his hand, looking at her pussy and wanting to cum all over it, Bucking wildly on the bed in front of him, she throttled her cunt with her fingers, pleading with him to cum for her, she wanted to see him cumming, watch his hard cock squirt with pleasure..

“Oh, fuck.” she cried out, arching her back and cumming hard, her whole body stiff and jerking on the bed, her fingers, jammed hard up her wet cunt. He gasped and yanked his cock frantically as he watched her cum on her fingers as she thrust them hard inside herself, just like a stiff hard cock.

Despite the sight before him and his own excitement, he didn’t want to cum just yet. He groaned, trying to block out the sight of her gasping on the bed, her legs pushed wide open and between them, her wet swollen pussy contracting madly. Desperate to stop himself cumming, he squeezed the shaft of his cock hard, precum already oozing from its tip as it jerked in his hand in denied orgasm.

Still breathless, she rose up and clambered towards him across the bed on all fours. Reaching him, she slid her mouth over him. No options for him this time, she was determined she was going to taste his cum. As her mouth enveloped him, he started to fuck it in Konya Escort Bayan animal reflex lust, thrusting against her face, every nerve in his cock screaming out to cum. Taking him deep into her throat, she massaged his balls, pushing against him, gagging on the massive swollen shaft he was trying to push down into her belly. She felt his cock swell and with a loud roar he came, forcing her head onto him, pushing every inch of him inside her mouth as he shot his thick warm cum down her throat and into her stomach.

Sitting on the bed in front of him, her mouth and hand working hard to keep his spent cock rigid, she reached down between her legs and rubbed her herself. Aroused beyond belief and dripping wet, she was on fire, she wanted him badly, wanted every inch of his hard cock fucking the shit out of her wet throbbing cunt.

Once again, filled with lust for her, pushed her backwards onto the bed, grabbed her around her thighs and pulled towards him. Spreading her legs open, he placed his cock on her pussy and pushed it back and forth, the swollen head and underside of its thick shaft rubbing between her parted lips and over her swollen clit. She moaned with pleasure, her opening bulging and contracting with excitement as his cock covered in her silky wetness massaged her towards climax.

“Put it in.” she panted, close to cumming and desperate to feel her pussy filled. Sliding his cock down her pussy, Escort Konya he pressed on the top of it and sunk the head into her waiting entrance. She sucked in her breath at the feel of her cunt being stretched open and the anticipation of that hard shaft sliding inside her had her quivering. He pushed into her hard, ramming his cock deep. “Oh fuck!” she cried out, in both pain and ecstasy, her cunt filled so quickly and so completely. Raw passion took him over and he thrust into her hard, again and again, her cries driving him on to make her cum, to make her scream and to feel her jerking on the end of his cock as her pussy gripped him in orgasm.

“Yes!” she panted, frantically thrusting her cunt up to meet him, her mind and body consumed with her need to climax. She started to shudder and came with a scream, , numbness surging through her body, her stiff outstretched legs gripping his waist as her pussy clenched his cock inside her. Her cries, her frantic fucking and her shuddering orgasm sent him over the edge. With one final hard thrust into her, his cock exploded, filling her with what cum was left in his balls. Collapsing on her, they lay locked together, her contractions milking every last drop of cum from the cock inside her.

“I never thought my little clip would have such an effect.” she said later as they lay curled up together. “Although, I can see why, it made me horny making it for you.”

“I love watching you doing yourself, it’s so erotic” he replied, his cock tingling at the thought of it.

“Maybe we could both make little clips next time you’re away.” she suggested playfully.

“Hmmmmmmm.” he said, thinking about the built in camera on his laptop and all the possibilities.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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