Business Trip Surprise

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I’ve done a lot of trips for a lot of reasons, and to be honest kind of enjoy traveling, unless of course it is driving through blizzard conditions, like I am now. The snow is blowing straight across the interstate so hard I can barely see in front of the hood. I’m not too worried about traction, having a good all wheel drive SUV, but my passenger seems to be much more nervous at not being able to see more than a few feet.

Amanda has hired me many times to provide technical testimony and expert opinions. It’s pretty good money, and to be honest, I like working for her. Hell what guy wouldn’t? At forty three she is still hot by anyone’s account, and she isn’t afraid to use her 42 DD chest and slim waist to her advantage in the courtroom. Hell, sitting in the passenger seat of my truck wearing a pair of black spandex slacks and a black turtleneck sweater was almost a distraction. But I managed to keep most of my attention off her close cropped blond hair and strikingly bright blue eyes and on the road.

“This sucks!” she growled. “Do you think we’re going to make it?”

“We’ll get there.” I said as I stared at the driving snow. “I just won’t guarantee how fast.”

“Damn storm. We’d be there already if we could have flown. Hell we’re moving what, twenty miles an hour?”

“Oh, maybe twenty five when it clears.” I joked.

“Smart ass.” She said giving me a gentle push on the shoulder.

“Hey, I didn’t schedule this hearing. Seems to me that the law stuff is your area. I just tell you how stuff works, remember?”

“Yeah I remember.” She said smiling at the private joke.

It had been several years since the project where we spent most of the night trying to duplicate how a particular piece of hardware failed. Somewhere along the way I remarked that if it were a fucking vibrator it would be a hell of a lot more fun to test. The joke was more than a bit off color, and to be honest I regretted making it, thinking that it was unprofessional. To her credit she responded that if we didn’t get it to work pretty soon she was going to buy that vibrator just to prove I really knew how to make things work. Unfortunately, we managed to prove the hardware failure soon after and she never did carry out her threat to get that vibrator. Although “how stuff works” had been a constant joke between the two of us ever since.

The snow continued to worsen, if that were possible, but I wasn’t too worried about hitting anyone, since we appeared to be the only car on the road. Hell, we hadn’t even seen a snow plow in nearly twenty miles and the drifts were starting to get pretty bad. I almost drove right past the exit for Sweet Springs, and I was starting to get hungry. I rolled up the snow covered ramp in the deepening gloom hoping for a place to eat.

“Looks like we get Sonic or nothing.” I said as I approached the top of the ramp and could just make out the sonic sign down the road to my left.

“Better than nothing.” Amanda responded with a frown.

“Ok.” I said turning that direction and making my way over the bridge. It only took a few seconds to find the entrance and roll into one of the empty slots by the building. I was almost glad I didn’t have to get out to go inside, but on the other hand I was stiff and really wanted a stretch.

We ordered some food and I leaned my seat back to stretch myself for a while before the car hop, skate-less and bundled in a heavy coat, brought out our meal.

“Here you go!” she said a lot more cheerfully than I would have expected, given the weather she was working in.

“I’m surprised you’re even open.” I said to her as I took the bag and cups.

“Gotta be. With the highway closed we’re about the only place to eat.”

“Huh? The highway closed?” I asked, startled.

“Yeah, they closed I-70 almost an hour ago. The plows can’t keep the drifts down.”

“No, they can’t!” I answered. “So they closed it?”

“Uh huh. You headed east or west?”


“Uh uh. Closed all the way to KC. Might as well try to find a room if you can. ‘Bout the only place is Peoples Choice. I hear the Super Eight is full up.”

“Peoples Choice?”

“Uh huh. Just over there. It’s little but the rooms are nice.”

“Ok thanks! I appreciate the info.” I called as she turned and ran back toward the building in the blowing snow. “Well, that explains the lack of traffic. I guess we better see if we can get some rooms.”

“This isn’t good. We’re supposed to be in court at eight.”

“So we’ll get up early and head in. Once they get the road cleared we can be there in about another hour and a half.”

“Ok.” She said with a disgusted look on her face.

I let her hold the bag of food while I backed out and headed for the small hotel she pointed us toward. We pulled up in front of the long brick building and stopped under the overhang. We bundled up in our coats against the blowing snow that was almost obscuring the building we were parked next to. “Ready?” I asked mersin escort before jumping out and making my way around my truck to the front door. I pulled it open as Amanda approached it and ducked in behind her.

“Hi folks, what can I do for you?” A cheery heavy set lady behind the counter asked.

“We need a couple rooms.” I answered.

“Well, we got one left.” She said. “I’m afraid that’s all there is. Last time I called over to Super Eight they were booked.”

“We’ll take it.” Amanda said quickly. “I don’t plan on sleeping in the car!” she said to me somewhat crossly.

“It’s no smoking.” The lady said quietly as she put the papers on the counter for Amanda to sign.

“That’s ok. We don’t smoke. Unless you count her bad temper.” I joked, receiving a cross look from Amanda as she signed the paper and gave the lady her credit card.

“You sure think this is funny.” Amanda said. “I hope you still think its funny when you’re sleeping on the sofa.”

“Oh there’s no sofa.” The lady behind the counter said innocently.

“Damn.” Amanda muttered as she took back her credit card and stuffed it into her wallet.

“Here you go. Room 108. Just down the side here.” The lady said as she handed the key to Amanda.

“Thank you.” Amanda said politely before turning and glaring at me. I really wondered what I had done wrong. I followed her back out into the snow and opened the car door for her before running around to my side and jumping in. It only took a moment to find the room and park in front of it. Amanda grabbed the food bag and I grabbed the drinks and followed her to the small door while she unlocked it.

We stepped into a quiet warm room with a single queen size bed a small dresser and a TV. Yep, there was no sofa. “Well, looks better than nothing!” I said as I surveyed the small room. “We might as well eat while it’s hot.”

“I suppose.” Amanda said, setting the bag down on the dresser and pulling the food out. We ate in silence, both of us lost in our own thoughts. “I guess it could be a lot worse. I could be sharing the room with someone a whole lot less interesting.” She finally said.

“Yep, or you could be sleeping in the car. That would be fun. NOT!” I said with a smile.

“I guess that’s right.” She answered, finally smiling again.

“Good. I’ll get the bags and then we can relax. I don’t know about you but I’m stiff as a board.” I said as I got up.

“I’m not surprised. You’ve been hunched over that wheel for what, three hours now, staring into that snow? I don’t know how you do it.”

“I’ll tell you when I get back.” I said as I dashed out into the snow. It only took a minute or so to get the bags out of the back of the SUV and run back to the door, which Amanda opened wide when she saw me coming. “Damn it’s nasty out there!” I practically shouted as I stepped into the room and shuddered from the cold.

“That I would agree with. But considerably nicer in here.” She answered, taking her suitcase from me.

With dinner done and little else to do, the two of us settled back on the bed to watch some TV. Since she was paying the bills I let her have the run of the remote, and she settled on some comedy movie called “Club Dread”. At first it seemed like any other B comedy, until the first half naked woman came running through the bushes. I wasn’t sure if it was the balmy temperatures in the room or the movie or a bit of both, but long before the movie was over I was perspiring heavily. Even having tossed off my long sleeved shirt so I was only in a T-shirt, I was still sweating, and I had to admit, damn horny. I had to imagine that Amanda was even warmer, still wearing the turtleneck sweater.

As the movie progressed we laughed at the antics and were soon sitting so we were half leaning against each other as well as the few pillows that the room afforded. At least once I saw her hand move toward her lap, but then guessed it was my imagination and hormones.

“Well, that was interesting!” Amanda said as the credits started to roll. “Is it hot in here to you, or is it just me?”

“Actually I was wondering the same thing. It feels like it’s a hundred degrees in here.” I replied.

“Well, If you don’t mind I’m going to go take a shower and get into some pj’s.” She said.

“No problem. I hope you don’t mind if I get into something less hot.” I countered.

“Sweet heart, you can get into anything that you want, hot or not!” She said with a devious smile as she turned to dig into her suitcase. I had to admit I was busy watching her firm ass in her tight black pants while she was bent over. I also had to admit that I was a bit embarrassed at being caught staring at her ass when she got done.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to….” I stammered apologetically.

“Had it been someone else I might have been upset, but from you, well… I’ll consider it a compliment!” She responded with a huge smile as she turned back to face the suitcase. I sat in stunned silence as she pulled the bottom of her turtleneck up her body and over her head, leaving her in only a bra above the waist. She bent over and pulled her low heels off and then, still bent, skimmed her spandex pants off, pulling her legs out of the stretched material. Even from where I sat it was easy to see the discoloration of her tiny black panties where her pussy had made them damp. She stood back up and turned to walk toward the bathroom, looking at my stunned face. “Don’t worry. I have bikini’s that show more skin than this.” She giggled as she stepped around the end of the bed.

“Yeah. I’m just not used to seeing you in them.” I answered.

“Well, maybe we need to fix that!” she said as she stepped to the door of the little bathroom near the bed. I watched her hand reach behind her back and unclip the small clasp of her bra as she stopped inches from disappearing from my view. With another wicked grin, she let her fingers flick the clasp. The elastic material of the bra straps popped around her body, exposing her bare side and the beginnings of her ample size breast. She moved her arm, allowing the strap to fall down, and the black material to slide down until only the cups were loosely covering her breasts. She smiled at me and allowed the material to fall and expose her breasts to me for only a fraction of a second, as she took the final step into the bathroom and out of view. A few seconds later, her tiny black panties flew out of the open door and landed on my lap just before the bathroom door clicked closed.

“Damn!” I muttered to myself. I heard the water running and quickly slipped off the bed and stripped naked, taking time to stroke my rock hard dick a few times while I took a brief sniff of her panties. God I wanted to fuck her right then, just walk into the shower and climb in. But that would be less than professional, as if standing naked in her hotel room stroking myself to the scent of her panties was? I quickly pulled on a pair of workout shorts I planned on sleeping in and climbed back on the bed.

I heard the shower still running, and flipped through the channels; pausing on some skin flick with a guy banging away on some big breasted gal on a yard swing. As he stood there, holding onto the upper bar of the A frame, the gal used her legs to pull herself toward him, driving her pussy over his shaft while he bucked his hips into her. The loud slap of his thighs and balls on her ass propelled her away again, stopping when her legs tightened around him and drew her in again. The whole thing was repeated time after time to a considerable amount of moaning on both their parts. In my already aroused state, I was quickly mesmerized, one hand pulling the waist band of my shorts down and the other stroking my raging hardon. It wasn’t until he pulled out of her wet pussy and started squirting cum all over her body and tits, that I realized Amanda had come out of the bathroom, and was standing there wrapped in a towel from armpit to thigh. She was staring half at the screen and half at my hand, slowly stroking myself closer to climax by the second.

“Oh God, don’t stop on my account.” She said with a grin as I quickly tried to stuff myself unsuccessfully into my shorts. “In fact. Why don’t you let me help you?” She said as she climbed onto the bed and began pulling on the legs of my shorts to pull them down. If I had thought more about it, I probably would have resisted, but instead I lifted by butt off the bed and allowed her to pull my shorts down to my knees.

“Very nice.” She cooed as she leaned down and slowly engulfed my dick with her hot mouth. Her short cropped blond hair bouncing merrily as she began jacking her mouth and hand up and down my engorged shaft.

“Oh fuck. You do that too long and I’m going to cum.” I groaned.

“Fuck yes!” She said as she lifted her face from my crotch for a second. “That’s the idea! I do you, you do me!” Her face turned back down and eagerly engulfed my raging hardon.

“Oh god.” I moaned softly as I momentarily lay my head back and allowed her slurping mouth and hand to carry me closer to climax. Her free hand pushed on my shorts, forcing them down my legs until I lifted my knees, pulling my legs from the shorts. She tossed them aside as I lay a leg on each side of hers, which she scooted up under her to support her weight better. I reached for the towel and pulled, pleased that she didn’t resist my efforts.

I couldn’t see her body as well as I wanted, much of it blocked by her bobbing head, but my right hand easily reached her large breast and gently roamed over it, teasing the nipple and tweaking it with my fingers. My attentions were rewarded by a moan around my hard shaft as she increased her pace. I felt her tongue swirl around the head of my cock as her other hand slipped down to my balls. Her head bobbed up and down my shaft while saliva leaked from her mouth and down my shaft. I felt her cup my balls and squeeze them for a few seconds before her fingers traveled lower.

“Oh god.” I moaned as I felt her finger stroke down below my balls and find my puckered anus. Without warning I felt her push her saliva coated fingertip against the puckered rose and then inside slightly.

“OH FUCK!” I cried as my body arched and my dick spouted a huge shot of cum up into her throat. She gulped like a pro, sucking each shot of cum from my dick as I bucked time and again under her and into her eager mouth. It felt like hours before my body slowly regained control of itself and I lay panting, her mouth eagerly sucking and licking the last drops of cum from my quickly shrinking dick.

“Damn that was good. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” She said as she looked up at me while still gently playing with my balls and deflating cock.

“I’ve wished you would more times than I can count. I always wondered just how good you would look naked.”

“Well, now’s your chance!” she said with a smile; sitting up on her knees and showing me her upper body completely revealed. “You like my breasts?” She asked, lifting both large tits with her hands for me to inspect. Her body was practically perfect, now that I could see most of it naked. Her large breasts were easily that 42 DD that her bra indicated and maybe a bit more. Each perfectly shaped breast was topped with a large pink nipple, centered in the middle of a slightly darker areola that was at least two inches across, and slightly oblong shaped and heavily puckered at the moment.

“They are incredible.” I practically whispered as I stared at them.

“How about the rest of me?” She asked as she climbed to her feet on the bed, letting her huge tits swing free so she could use her hands to brace herself on the ceiling. She spread her legs, stepping them outside of mine, giving me my first look at her completely naked body. Her delicate inner lips were exposed between her meaty outer lips, her wetness glistening on the tips of them. Her bush had been trimmed to just a tiny arrow pointing at what was quickly becoming my desired target.

“Damn! You are fantastic looking!” I replied.

“I’m glad you approve. I’ve been hoping for a long time that I would get a chance to show it all off for you.” She said.

“Well, if you would like to show me a little closer, I would be happy to inspect you a bit more thoroughly.” I said as I sat up and reached for her body. I grasped my hands on her firm ass and pulled her down toward me as I leaned back. She stepped forward around my body lowered herself down until her knees were resting on either side of my head. She spread them farther to lower her wet pussy to my waiting tongue. I licked gently between her wet and spread lips, tasting her nectar and teasing my tongue deep into her.

“Ohhhhh good lord. You do that sooooo well!” She moaned as I stroked her lips with my tongue. I continued to work my tongue between her lips, stroking time and again up her wet pussy, tasting and enjoying her juices while my tongue flicked across her hard clit and pushed her farther and farther up the slope toward climax.

Her hips began to rock, grinding her pussy against my chin as I concentrated more and more on her clit. I alternated between sucking her hard nub between my lips and then flicking my tongue rapid fire across it. She was obviously enjoying the attention of my tongue, her moaning turning to pants as her hips bucked harder against my face. I squeezed her ass, kneading it with one hand while I allowed my other to trace between her cheeks and tease the tiny rose bud of her anus. I pressed my finger against it and allowed her practically gushing pussy juices to lubricate it. Pressing slightly harder, I pushed the tip of my finger into her, drawing a sharp gasp from her, followed by a cry of pleasure. Her bucking hips drove my finger deeper into her as her climax washed over her. I felt her juices flowing from her as she jerked and twitched, her breathing part gasps and part cries of pleasure.

I held her ass and stroked my finger in and out of her slowly as her body slowly relaxed, finally removing it as she started to slump against the wall. I moved my hands to her hips and slowly pushed down on them, urging her to slide down my body. I felt her wet pussy make its way down my chest, as she pushed down my body. I smiled at her as she continued to slide down, her wet pussy lips meeting my again hard cock. She rocked her hips slightly, settling my head into her tunnel before she worked her hips and slid down eight more inches, sinking herself over me.

“Ohhhhh god that feels good!” she half moaned as her hips rocked, working my dick around inside her pussy.

“Oh shit yes.” I moaned as she pushed herself up on my chest and worked her knees under herself. It only took her a few moments to begin sliding herself up and down my shaft, her wet pussy caressing it delightfully.

She reached down and pulled my hands to her ample chest, encouraging me to squeeze them. “Ahhhh yes. That’s it. I love having my tits squeezed…Just like that!”

“I’ll keep squeezing them as long as you keep riding me like that!” I moaned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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