Busted! Ch. 02

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Susan had just been blackmailed into sucking her brothers cock on cam. She thought it would only be seen by her blackmailer, but it turned out he’d given the password to every bloke in the chatroom. She should be feeling angry & upset. Strangely, though, she felt a sort of pride that such a great performance was seen by so many. It deserved to be shared.

‘Are you going to leave me alone now?’, she asked her blackmailer, English_Hunk.

‘For today, I think, so,’ he replied.

Her shoulders slumped. This hadn’t ended at all.

‘See you at the same time tomorrow on here.’

‘But I have plans,’ she said.

‘I’m sure you can make arrangements.’

It was a feeble attempt. She hadn’t really had any plans.

The next day seemed to pass incredibly slowly. She avoided her brother in the morning, leaving early before he got up. She kept wondering if anyone from school had seen her on cam last night. Either time. (She’d previously fingered herself to orgasm in front of the whole chatroom.)

The day passed without event, though. Part of her was dreading what was going to happen that night, but another part of her got incredibly turned on at the thought of doing something wicked & naughty. She was secretly enjoying the fact that she was being forced to do something against her will. In a bizarre kind of way, she felt it took away the responsibility of it from her. She felt herself getting gradually more & more turned on all day. God, she really was a fuckslut, she realised. She should be feeling guilty.

She even thought about giving Geoff another blowjob, or even asking him to fuck her. No! That was wrong. It wouldn’t happen again. But another part of her brain was telling her that he didn’t seem to mind. It was just sez, after all. She was a conflict of emotions.

Finally the time came for her next session with her blackmailer. She’d taken a long relaxing bath. She also fingered herself to a small orgasm. Fingers were no substitute for the real thing, though. Hopefully she might have more of the real thing soon. She found herself checking her make up & hair in the mirror. Well, she might as well look her best. She dressed in a short, sexy skirt, without knickers.

As soon as she logged in, she had a private message (PM), from English_Hunk. ‘Glad to see you could make it.’

‘Well, I didn’t have much choice.’ Even if she was secretly enjoying this, she couldn’t let him know that.

‘There’s no need to feel like that. I’m just helping you do things you secretly wanted to do, but didn’t have the guts to.’


‘I hear that your Mum has been feeling frustrated lately.’ How did he know that?

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ That Escort was a lie. Her Mum had confessed to her recently that her Dad seemed to be paying a lot less attention to her lately. They hadn’t had sex more than 5 times in the last 6 months. ‘What do you want me to do about it anyway?’ As soon as she pressed enter, she knew she’d made a mistake. Not that it would make any difference in the long run.

‘I’m glad to see you’re thinking along those lines. Since you asked, I want you to lick her til she cums. On cam obviously.’

‘How the fuck am I supposed to do that?’ She realised she wasn’t even protesting.

‘I’m sure you’re more than capable of coming up with something. You seemed to manage just fine last night.’

‘But my mother! I don’t even like women!’

‘Now, now. No-one is completely straight. There’s a first time for everything.’ This wasn’t fun anymore. Just when she was beginning to enjoy being told what to do, he came up with this idea.

‘I hate you, you bastard.’

‘There’s no need to be like that. I just want you to help your mother out. It’ll all work out, you’ll see.’ How could he be so relaxed about it? How could she get out of it, more to the point? She thought fast, but could see no way around it. She was going to have to comply with the sick bastard again.

How was she going to achieve it? Drink would be a good start. ‘Maybe if I get drunk with Mum, this time,’ she thought to herself.

Her Dad was in his office with the door closed as usual. He was always working late these days. She found Mum in the lounge. ‘Hey Mum, fancy a drink with me?’

Her Mum looked up at her. She looked like she was close to tears. She could clearly do with the company. She was already drinking, by the looks of things. ‘Oh, sure dear. I’ve got a few bottles of red wine in the cupboard.’

‘I may have borrowed one of those last night,’ Susan blushed & bit her lip. Her Mum just smiled at her. Susan said, ‘come on, let’s grab a couple & go up to my room. We can have a girl chat.’ She didn’t want her to suggest drinking downstairs.

‘Sounds great.’ Her Mum seemed to be glad for the company.

Susan had left her cam on, but in private. Hopefully this one wouldn’t be shared this time.

They talked for maybe an hour, with both of them getting quite drunk. When her Mum started crying, Susan had comforted her. With a little prompting, she told Susan how much she missed sex with Peter, (her husband & Susan’s Dad). When she started going into graphic details, Susan said she didn’t need to know that much. They both smiled & looked into each other’s eyes.

‘Mum, I want to help you.’

‘You already have, dear.’

‘No, not like that.’ Her Mum was confused. ‘Just relax & lie back. I want to make you feel good.’

Luckily her Mum was quite hammered by this point & would agree to do anything. She just had to make sure she didn’t pass out before she made her cum.

Susan looked at her Mum lying on the edge of the bed. She looked up at the camera. The angle should be ok. She lifted her Mum’s skirt. Her Mum was wearing very unsexy granny pants. She’d have to change that if she was going to persuade her husband to want to have sex with her. She sighed. Poor Mum. English_Hunk was right. She did deserve to cum.

She reached under her Mum’s small bum, (petiteness seemed to run in the female side of the family, thank god, she thought.) After a struggle with little help from her Mum, Susan managed to get her knickers off & pooled around her feet. It was the first time she’d seen another woman naked, (other than the girl’s cloakroom), since, well, her Mum, when she was young. It became clear immediately that her Mum didn’t shave much down there!

She found herself comparing her own pussy to her Mum’s. If she wasn’t being watched, she’d be tempted to get naked herself, to have a better comparison. Back to the job in hand, though.

She was down on her knees between her Mum’s thighs, now. Her Mum hadn’t said anything since she’d stripped her down & probably wasn’t even aware of it. Susan leaned in with both hands & gently parted her Mum’s pubic hairs. Now visible, her Mum had a beautiful pussy, she decided.

She found her Mum’s clit with her right thumb & started rubbing it gently. She soon got a reaction, as her Mum started grinding her hips & groaning softly. Might as well kiss it, then, she thought to herself. As she leaned in, she could smell her Mum’s musk. She must have already been horny, she thought to herself. She smells different, somehow to me, Susan thought.

She gently kissed her Mum’s outer lips. This was such a new sensation for her. She’d always thought that she was completely straight. Dicks were so much fun. Why would I ever need a pussy? Now she was forced to face her fears, it wasn’t so bad after all.

She licked from bottom to top with the whole of her tongue. Yeah, definitely not so bad. Her Mum tasted kind of nice, too. This was weird. In the space of 24 hours, she’d tasted her brother & her Mum! She would’ve expected herself to panic, but instead, she just wanted more.

With her Mum’s hips humping up into her face, she stuck her tongue as deeply as it would go into her pussy. She started lapping up her Mum’s already copious juices. ‘Mmmm’, she said aloud. She no longer cared if her Mum knew she was enjoying this. She decided she wanted to make her Mum cum hard, so she moved up to her clit, & clamped her lips on it, sucking hard. This got a reaction from her Mum. She felt her hands pushing her face down on her pussy. That was ok, though. She was enjoying being forced to suck, much the same as she had with her brother.

Susan was feeling really horny herself, too, by this point. So she reached underneath herself with her left hand, to start rubbing her clit. She’d not worn any knickers today & now she remembered why: so much easier to play with yourself. She wasn’t much behind her Mum. She could tell her Mum was going to cum soon.

All of a sudden, she felt something rubbing against her bum. She hadn’t noticed, but someone had lifted her skirt, leaving it to rest on her back & exposing her completely. She wanted to see what was going on, as she was starting to get worried now. But her Mum wouldn’t release her head from her grasp.

Then she felt a blunt instrument penetrate her deeply. She grunted from the sudden intrusion & had to catch her breath. It was clearly a cock & a huge one at that. Under normal circumstances, she would be loving having a huge cock in her pussy. Lord knows it had been too long by far! This was hardly a normal situation, though. She didn’t know who it was & was panicking. She still couldn’t turn her head, though.

The cock was now ploughing into her furrow at a rate of knots. She could feel a huge pair of balls slapping against her on each stroke. That felt nice. She went back to the job in hand, or in mouth, rather. She started sucking her Mum’s clit harder than before. She was determined to make her cum, so she could be released from her grip & look to see who was giving her such a delicious fucking. After all, she’d want to thank them for it!

She couldn’t remember ever being fucked like this. This monster cock was reaching new depths even she didn’t realise existed! She could get very used to this. Well, maybe not the pussy licking, but definitely being ripped in two by such a wonderful pussy fucker.

The motion in her pussy was speeding up. Then it slowed to a stop. She could feel the cock expanding. Then she felt the white hot explosion coating her insides. So fucking sexy! It was too much for her now. She came wildly. She couldn’t move much, though, as she was pinned down at both ends, like a trapped butterfly. She still shuddered her way through it. The cock in her pussy carried on spurting for at least a minute. Each pulse triggering another mini-orgasm. While she was cumming, she was dimly aware of her mother’s cum as well. Her face was getting soaked by all the juices. Susan didn’t care right now, though, as she closed her eyes, savouring the moment.

When she re-opened them, slowly, the pressure on her head was gone, as was the cock from her pussy. She turned round, but there was no-one there. Who had given her such wild pleasure?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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