But We’re Family Ch. 04

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Jack composed himself, tucking his shirt back into his pants before leaving the stall. He splashed some water on his face to cool him off so he didn’t look so flushed when he rejoined his family. He had no idea how to treat this situation. Does he tell his family the truth; that they met in Arizona? Does he keep it a total secret and risk everything coming out later on? He took a deep breath and left the bathroom.

Returning to his family, he found his stack of pancakes, bacon and eggs waiting with a steaming cup of coffee. He sat down across from Anna but couldn’t bring himself to look her in the eye. His breakfast was enough to keep him distracted until his mother leaned towards him.

“Don’t be so obvious,” she whispered her warning.

Jack snapped his head up and looked at his mother who was busy cutting into her omelet with her fork. She didn’t look at him when she continued to speak quietly. His siblings and their spouses were busy taking care of their kids and their meals to pay any attention. Even Uncle George seemed to enjoy helping them out.

“She’s the Arizona girl, isn’t she?” his mother asked casually, though still with her voice low.

He tried not to stare at her in stunned silence, but he had no idea how she’d figured that out.

“Jack, you can’t hide anything from me,” she said, finally looking at him. “The way you looked at her when she walked in, and then the fact you two were texting each other, though trying to pretend like you weren’t, was obvious. Nobody else noticed, so don’t worry about that, just act normal, it’s not a big deal,” she told him.

“But…” he started to say.

“But what?” she asked, setting her fork down and folding her hands together near her face with her elbows on the table. She rested her cheek against her interlocked fingers as she looked at him. “She’s your uncles no longer adopted daughter? Not even a cousin anymore. There’s nothing wrong with anything you’ve done. Sure, she’s reconnected with him because he had adopted her, so she’s still technically family, but there is no blood relation. You’ve done nothing wrong; it’s just a weird coincidence you didn’t know about until now.”

Jack’s phone buzzed in his pocket again, causing him to look at Anna, but she wasn’t looking at him. He pulled out his phone and saw she had texted him but was a little more discrete this time.

“Unless you’d like to fuck a real cousin,” her message said.

He glared at her, but she wasn’t looking at him.

“Fuck you,” he texted back.

She casually pulled out her phone and read his message. A smile spread across her face as she typed her response.

“Anytime, anywhere ;)”

He felt his face flush again, so he put his phone away and concentrated on his meal until his uncle grabbed his attention.

“Jack, how’s the construction business going?” Uncle George asked, setting his cup of coffee down in front of him.

Jack looked up the table, nodding at him as he finished chewing on his pancake.

“Really well, actually. We have quite a few projects going on right now. Two in L.A., three in Orange County, another in Kingman, and I’m bidding on one in Salt Lake City,” he rattled off.

Jack looked at his siblings and they had shocked but impressed looks on their faces. He hoped he was finally gaining some respect from them.

“That’s excellent!” Uncle George praised him. “Big jobs?”

Jack nodded. “A couple of them are new constructions of office buildings. The others are remodeling jobs. The Salt Lake job will be my biggest project yet; I’m really hoping to get that bid.”

“I pray you do,” he said, lifting his coffee mug to him in a toast.

“Thanks, Uncle George,” Jack said, nodding back at him.

“What’s the job in Salt Lake?” Bryan asked.

Jack looked at his older brother, surprised at his interest in his business. “It’s a, uh, a mall. We’d be remodeling the entire thing piece-by-piece.”

Bryan nodded with an impressed frown. “Good for you, bro,” he said. He hadn’t called him “bro” in years.

“Thanks,” Jack said, pleasantly surprised.

Just then, Nathan walked into the restaurant. He walked up and hugged Uncle George and then sat down next to Anna. Jack’s Uncle Roger had all but disowned Nathan when he was only fifteen. Nathan and Stacy had grown extremely close over the years and had developed some unnatural feelings for each other. They were only half-siblings, but there was still some blood relation there that kept Roger from approving of their secret relationship. He’d walked in on them making out one day and kicked him out of the house. Nathan called Uncle George and he took him in. Uncle George hadn’t had any other children, having been so hurt by his now ex-wife when she took off with the daughter he’d adopted and had grown to love over their three years together. When Anna tried to track George down, Nathan was the first person she’d connected with.

Anna was a pretty resourceful girl. She’d tracked down her original medical records, nişantaşı escort learned her real name was Anna Price (George’s last name) and began to search for him. Nathan, having the same last name, answered the phone when she’d called. He’d told her his uncle was named George and then invited her to come and meet him and see if it was who she was looking for. She didn’t have much of a memory of him, since she’d only been three when her mother ran off with her, but when she met him, his eyes were so familiar, she knew it had to be the man that had adopted her. George recognized her almost immediately, though. He’d said she still had the same bright eyes and golden blonde hair she’d had as a child; she also looked exactly like her mother had when they’d met. This all happened a few years ago, but Jack never heard much about his uncles unless it was major news that they leaked out to the family; and this was something Uncle George had kept silent until now.

“Hey sis,” he said, kissing her on the cheek. They weren’t really siblings; obviously, they were cousins, sort of. They’d grown close the past three years, and when she’d said in her note that her brother had bought her a bus ticket, it was Nathan she’d been talking about.

They weren’t blood related, Jack knew, but they seemed close; he almost felt himself growing jealous of that small sign of affection they showed each other. He felt a little possessive of Anna, which only meant one thing: he was really falling for her. Before she’d just been an amazing girl to fuck, but after his semi-private conversation with his mother, his mindset had changed without warning him.

“Jack!” Nathan said happily. “It’s been a while, man. How have you been?”

Jack reached his hand across the table to meet Nathan’s. “I’m good, how about you?”

“I’m good, I’m good,” he said. “I had to take care of my sister at the mansion. She was pretty wasted last night.”

Jack knew Nathan was talking about Stacy. They were half-siblings. Nathan was born a couple years before his father met Stacy’s mother, which was good because her mother would have still been in high school. Uncle Roger has always been a bit of a playboy, marrying woman after woman. His current wife, Stacy’s mother (45) was only eighteen when they met in Jamaica. Robin, Stacy’s mom, was on a trip with friends as a graduation gift from all of their parents. They’d all gone out to a bar, which has no legal drinking age, and they all got drunk pretty quickly. All but Robin; she paced herself wisely and rode a good buzz the whole night, singing away in the karaoke contest. She won, and Uncle Roger bought her a drink to congratulate her. Only he had been able to get her drunk, though it hadn’t been his intention.

Roger hadn’t known her age, so, didn’t realize she’d just turned eighteen the week before. Robin had always been and looked more mature than her friends, so she rarely got carded at bars back home, and her fake I.D. was a real picture of herself that said that she was 21. She didn’t try and push it and say she was older, she just kept the I.D. and planned to until she actually turned 21. She wasn’t the safest girl during those years either, sleeping around the school, though she was able to keep it quiet for the most part, but she extended that to keeping security happy and from asking questions about her real age. If they’d known she was really a teenager in high school, they would have freaked out. But, her skills of seduction won over even the toughest and most cunning of security guards at clubs.

There was one instance where a female guard, very butch and a little overweight, had called her out on it being a fake, but did it in private. Robin seduced even her! She and her friends were never carded again at that club. That night in Jamaica, though, she wasn’t the one using her skills of seduction; it was Roger. He bought her drinks, pushing her just a little past buzzed, but not trashed; he complimented her singing; told her how beautiful and sexy she was. It didn’t take long before they were back at his place (he lived there at the time) and fucking like animals. At the end of her trip, he gave her a card to call him any time she was planning to be in the area.

A month and a half later, she called him saying she was pregnant. Roger didn’t freak out; he’d been in this position before. He asked her what her plans were and when she said she didn’t like the idea of abortion, he said that was fine and offered to take care of her. Their week of passion had really stirred feelings deep inside of both of them, but mostly in Robin since she was so young, and she suggested they get married. Roger was hesitant at first but when he wouldn’t commit, that was when her father stepped in and chewed him out. Roger, being the persuasive business man he was, calmed the situation, promised to take care of Robin and marry her. However, it’d been in that first conversation with her father that Roger had learned she was only eighteen. If he’d known she was so young….yeah, he would have still fucked şişli escort her. He may have used more protection, but he would have fucked her brains out.

They married quickly and moved her to Jamaica until the baby was born. A couple years later, Robin desperately missed her parents and wanted them to have a closer relationship with her daughter, Stacy. So, Roger sold his place and moved to Texas with Robin, their daughter, Stacy, and his son, Nathan. They’d been a family ever since.

Jack remembered the details of the story pretty quick, but obviously didn’t bring anything up with Nathan. He looked at Anna knowingly and she gave a smile with a flash of warning with her eyes.

“She did mention meeting some girl at a bar last night,” Nathan said. “I didn’t even know she was into girls.”

Jack looked at him quickly. “Did she describe the girl?” he asked.

Nathan nodded, perusing the menu. “She said it was a hot blonde with green eyes.”

Anna grinned at Jack as they shared a secret. Or, so they thought it was a secret…okay, Jack thought it was a secret.

“Did you fuck my sister, Anna?” he asked quietly but nonchalantly.

“Nope, didn’t get the chance. She’s a lightweight, you know that.”

Nathan nodded. “True, but you would have, wouldn’t you have?”

Anna giggled. “In a heartbeat!”

“Who did you fuck last night, then?” Nathan asked.

Jack choked on his water. Nathan looked up concerned but saw the nervous look on Jack’s face as he cleaned up his spilled water.

“Are you okay, Jack?” his mother asked, rubbing his back gently.

“I’m fine, Mom, thanks,” Jack told her and then she returned to her conversation with her daughter-in-law.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” Nathan said, staring Jack down. He then looked at Anna. “This is the guy from Arizona?” he whispered.

She nodded and then Nathan looked at Jack; he looked angry for a moment and then a smile spread across his face. He then reached across the table with his fist and Jack bumped it with his own.

“Good job, man! I’ve been trying to bang this girl for three years to no avail. But, you rescue her from a storm and now you’ve fucked, how many times?” he asked.

“Twice,” Jack said. “Once two nights ago and then again last night when she dropped your sister off in her room.”

“I bet you were a little jealous she’d brought Stacy home, huh?”

“I honestly hadn’t gotten a good look at her, so I didn’t know it was her at first. But, after Anna told me this morning,” then Jack remembered the encounter in the bathroom, “after blowing me in the bathroom, yeah, I got a little jealous.”

Nathan knew about Jack’s crush on Stacy; he’d known it ever since they were teenagers. He and Nathan were never close, but they talked every so often. On one trip to visit Stacy, Nathan happened to be in town and caught him checking Stacy out when they were all out bowling one night. Nathan kept his secret since he still was in love with her himself.

They continued to catch up with each other as they finished their meal. Jack was surprised at how quickly things seemed to feel normal again the more time that went by. Soon, they were finishing up their meal, Uncle George paid for everything and then they went to their respective temporary homes to change for the funeral.

Jack had assumed at some point there would be a formal dinner where he’d need a full suit, so he changed into that. It was a simple suit of black pants and matching coat with thin, gray stripes. He chose a dark blue shirt and a black tie to go with it. Once his dark socks and shiny black shoes were on, he checked himself in the mirror. He looked pretty good, he thought. Maybe not male model good-looking, but he had a rugged look about himself with the stubble he allowed to grow on his face.

His attention was diverted to the knocking at his bedroom door. He walked out of the bathroom, crossed the room and opened the door to find his cousin, Stacy, standing there. A grin spread across his face as he stared at the beautiful woman he hadn’t seen in a few years for a few seconds.

“Hey, Jack,” she said in a scratchy voice. She sounded a little groggy from her night out last night.

“Hey, Stacy, how are you feeling?” he asked.

“Not great,” she chuckled. “But, I’ll be okay once I get moving.”

“Wanna come in?” he asked.

She shook her head. “I was just stopping by to say hi. I think we’re about to leave, though. You look like you’re ready to go,” she pointed out.

He looked himself over again. “I am. I’ll walk with you up front,” he offered and then grabbed his wallet, cell phone and keys. He always took his keys with him, even if he wasn’t planning on driving; it was just a habit he’d formed.

Stacy smiled at him; she looked great. She wasn’t in the traditional black dress, but she looked gorgeous and classy in her dark, purple one. It hugged her curves nicely. Jack pulled his door shut behind him as he joined Stacy in the hallway. She was a few mecidiyeköy escort steps ahead of him, so he was able to get a better look at her. Her dark hair fell in subtle waves halfway down her back, so he knew he’d have plenty to grab onto if…he shook his head.

Don’t think like that about your cousin! He scolded himself. Despite his mental scolding, he continued to check out the rest of her body. She was slender, but had curves in all the right places. Her waist narrowed perfectly before her hips widened out into a beautifully round ass. Her thighs were full but muscular, though not overly so. She had dancers’ legs, which he knew she’d developed from her pole-dancing aerobics class. She’d had a boyfriend who had a stripper fetish and insisted she take lessons, so she did. The relationship didn’t last, but she fell in love with the classes and continued to go for herself. He wondered if that class had any effect on her sexual orientation or not. He delighted in the thought that it did.

Her high heels that matched the dress she wore accentuated her calves; she looked perfect from behind according to Jack. She looked back at him over her shoulder, wondering why he was taking so long, but she gave him a knowing smile.

“How do I look?” she asked.

“You look amazing as always, Stacy,” he complimented her and then offered her arm as he stepped up to her. She slid her arm into his and then pulled him in close to kiss him on the cheek.

“You’re always so nice to me,” she said and then released her grip on his arm so he could stand up straight again. She rested her head on his shoulder as she held onto his upper left arm with both hands. “I can’t believe Great Grandma died,” she said sadly.

“Yeah,” he said, trying to match how she sounded. He’d only met his great grandmother twice in his life, so he’d never had much of a relationship with her. And even then, they weren’t the fondest of memories. She always seemed so mean to him and his brother and sister; it was the only time the three of them got along for an extended period of time without fighting.

Stacy, on the other hand, seemed to be favored by their great grandmother. She was a bit of a suck-up, though, Jack would admit, but he didn’t care. As long as Stacy was around, Great Grandma was easier to be around.

“I know you guys never really liked her,” she told him. “And, believe me, I understand. I saw how she would always pick on something about each of you before she would notice me walking up.”

“She loved you, though,” Jack said.

Stacy lifted her head of his shoulder. “That’s because Dad was her favorite grandson. For some reason, your dad and she never saw eye-to-eye.”

“That’s true,” Jack admitted, thinking back to the times his dad would make a joke about his grandmother behind her back. He would always pretend he hadn’t said anything when she heard him. Jack grinned at the memories; his dad was such a great man. Sometimes he was still angry at the fact he’d died so young.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to bring him up,” Stacy said, fearing she’d upset him.

“You’re fine, Stacy, don’t worry. I miss him still, but it doesn’t hurt like it used to,” he assured her.

She put her head back on his shoulder and squeezed his arm. “You were always my favorite cousin, Jack,” she said.

“And you’ve always been mine,” he confessed, though they’d told each other that plenty of times growing up.

The family loaded into the line of black limousines that took them to the church where the memorial service was held. Stacy had stuck with him in their limo that was also shared by Nathan and, of course, Anna; how the four of them had ended up in their own limo, Jack had no clue. Perhaps it was because they were the leftover, single children left in the family who didn’t have their own families to take care of; either way, Jack wasn’t complaining. He liked his cousin, Nathan, and he was with two of the most beautiful women he knew.

Jack couldn’t help but stare at his new lover in her tiny black dress. It had a squared off front that showed plenty of her cleavage, though she didn’t look trashy, held up by about inch-wide shoulder straps; the dress hugged her every curve, much like Stacy’s, ending just past her perfect ass. The entire car ride to the church, Jack’s eyes roamed from Stacy, who was still clinging to his arm, to Anna, who sat directly across from him in one of the bucket seats separated by a small refrigerator.

“They must have stuck the four most attractive family members together,” Nathan joked, giving Stacy a wink.

Jack looked down and saw her grin back at him; he also got a nice view of her full tits down her purple dress. He looked across from him and saw Anna giving him a knowing smile. The sexual tension that was building in the back of the car was almost unbearable. Jack could feel his cock stirring as Stacy clung to his arm, but there was nothing he could do about it. Even if they’d wanted to act on it, there was no way they had enough time between the mansion and the church.

Suddenly Stacy’s hand fell onto Jack’s left thigh, fairly close to his cock. She lightly rubbed his upper leg through his pin striped pants. Then she lifted her head to whisper in his ear.

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